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Hamish & Yellow Turtle

Hello this is me. Hamish calls me his "Buttercups". Find out who Hamish is, and why he thinks of me as botany, if you read our stories here.

Hey! Check this out! This is fan art made by one of our readers! This really made my day, it is so much fun and has just the right type of humor that I like. Hope you guys also enjoy! Such an awesome cartoon, posted on March 5, 2016:

In the top banner:
The Orion glyph second from last on the right is Shuurah and means eggs or ovum. The last one on the right is Kembrahh and means idiot. Find the first four in the book "Letters to SETI 1". The fifth one from the left I don't know what it means. And the writing on the top is Draconian Reptilian and is the name of Elmer, though it isn't pronounced Elmer. Elmer just thought it read like Elmer in the English alphabet.

I asked the Orion man why such a simple glyph was reserved for a noun such as "ovum". The Orion man told me about Shuurah, "It means new future, new beginning, and it is also used for egg." The Orions have several different meanings for each glyph. "Atek" can mean message, song, and also letter. "Pine" can mean remember, but it also means wise or wisdom. Reading a combination of glyphs, a sentence, requires fluid thinking.

Welcome to The Orion Project. On August 19 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. Soon after a Dinosaur and Reptilians. I was introduced to the fact that all these years I have been an egg donor in their genetics programs. The Orion Project was to document all this contact and to explore whether this contact was real or imaginary. Months into the contact I concluded with confidence that my alien friends are real.

This website features stories and telepathy from my everyday life with the aliens and associated human military. Featuring me, the human egg donor with twelve DNA strands. Hamish the red Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race. The Orion man. Dinosaurs. Basmet and Malik the Black Ones. Snake the Draconian. Thuban praying mantis dolphins. Human-Alien hybrids. Pleiadians. The Airship Admiral. And none other than the legendary North Port Devil, White Gargoyle Dragon. And military humans from the United States, Russia, and Japanese Dragon Dynasty.

Hamish guards my eggs from being stolen by other Aliens. He lives with me every day. He likes Harry Potter movies, yellow flowers, stomping his feet on soft bathroom rugs and grooming his scales. He doesn't like onions, red Santa, music, needles, or candles. Malik and Basmet are Black Ones, they are the ones in charge, and are Incubi that snack on life force. Dinosaurs and Orions are friendly and forced to work under the Draconian Agenda. Thuban praying mantis dolphins are rude, and like to say Hunch! which approximately means stop. The human military work with the Draconian Reptiles and are also here to watch over me and make sure the Aliens don't cause too much damage. Friendly Aliens of the Board of benevolent ETs are here defending me, including the Pleiadians, Airship Admiral, and Arcturians. "The Ummites are also here!", an Ummite shouts out now.

I talk with my Aliens every day. The conversations are telepathic. I write everything down as much as it is possible. There are thousands of pages which illustrate this well-documented case of Alien contact.

Much of the true story of this "Draconian Agenda" however is too violent, too shocking, too graphic and horrendous and with too much explicit sexual content and cultural taboos... that you will have to read about it in the books. It's not that I don't think you'd find it interesting, it's just that there are children reading on the internet.

Check back here often as I post frequent updates! There are alien encounters and fun stories every day!

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Guess whose Duck Kissy Feet?
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This is how my red Dragon Hamish sometimes stompety stomps his feet

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than
to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
- Carl Sagan

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I am an egg donor!

Hamish thinks this frog looks tasty
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I always interpret my Draconians as "cuddly" even though they want to be fierce. It makes me happy. Hamish said "No" to this picture and interpretation.


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