Integrity as the Author
written February 02 2018

This page discusses my choice to accept with integrity the full body of material which I have produced in The Orion Project, being this website, the books, and videos.

When I was a 14 year old girl, I was one night led outdoors by a feeling that appeared in my chest, and in the sky I saw several UFOs. Ever since then, I went outside to watch the UFOs almost every night for the following months or years. I began to speak telepathically to the pilots of the UFOs, and was able to give them instructions on flight patterns and they complied, which proved a telepathic link between me and the UFOs. The UFOs were also verified to be genuine physical objects since other persons saw the same things in the sky as I did, even when I did not tell them in advance what I was seeing. The beings that I talked to, would manifest a cold white fog into my room at nights, they could write alien writing in neon green light on the bedroom walls, and they were able to move my arms and legs and sweep me off the bed.

Ever since my first UFO sighting in 1997, I began to take diary notes of the UFOs, but those notes also ended up capturing the tremendous isolation that my unique alien experiences were putting me into, how my world was shattered and changed forever, and how every other human was now excluded from my world.

The aliens put me in telepathic contact with human military officers and men in black suits who were from the United States. These men would talk to me and I would also meet them in person in several of so-called military abductions, where I would wake up at night and be somewhere else, in the same place as they. These were my experiences, my nightmares, my suffering.

When I entered into college there was a several year break where I did not go outside to see UFOs - but still saw some UFOs from time to time if I happened to be out - there were still some alien visitations and conversations with aliens and with these men, but mostly I was occupied with other things in life. Then in 2011 when I was in my late 20's an alien who was a black lizard from Alpha Orion contacted me, together with his team of the green frog-like Dinosaur aliens, Zeta Reticulan Greys, hybrids who were made from my eggs, Hamish my Alpha Draconian Reptilian, and other member species, and just like when I had been 14 years old and started taking notes on my UFO sightings, alien abductions and encounters with the military and men in black suits, I started taking notes again, and this time I created this website The Orion Project, which in 2018 has been ongoing for seven years now.

For all these years I have strived to remain anonymous as an author. I have not wanted to share these experiences with those who know me in my life, furthermore I plan on a career in science and have worried if my material might harm my credibility or reputation as a scientist. I have suffered due to these worries for a long time, well, ever since I was 14 years old, and this suffering does not come from anything what the aliens or the associated military or surveillance people are or what those have done, but comes from human ignorance on these topics. Enough of feeling embarrassed for my writing on behalf of worrying what people who know me or people in my career might think of me. Enough of feeling embarrassed over the nature of the material I have produced.

I am proud of my work on documenting my experiences with my involvement with the scientific work of a group of extraterrestrials and my documentation on my experiences with the associated United States military (mostly Navy branch) and the others who work for them. My notes have been genuine, detailed, honest, uncensored and unedited, and span the whole of my experience from age 14 until now age 35. There is plenty to indicate that my experiences are rooted in physical reality.

My suffering ever since age 14 has already been vast and diverse, and I would sincerely hope to suffer no amount of ridicule, dislike, defamation, from the rest of humanity, which might respond negatively and choose to attack me due to the unconventional nature of the information which I have chosen to share.

What wealth of information and potential for the advancement of a wider understanding of the universe goes lost because of the mindset of ridicule and attack towards those that do not conform to the expectation of what falls under normalcy? What riches in the potential for humans to share thought, experiences, and ideas, have gone lost throughout history and will continue to be lost, because of a fear of ridicule, because of feeling ashamed to report something uncomfortable, because of doubt and hesitation on the nature of the experience? I believe that I have been in contact with real extraterrestrial beings and I have chosen to document those experiences and to share those with humanity. This should be seen as one of the most miraculous events which I am obliged to share. For those whose opinion it is, that experiences such as mine are better declared as non existent or better not shared at all, they disqualify themselves from regarding themselves as part of the progressive spirit of humanity which relies on the lack of censorship and on the freedom of sharing new experiences and new ideas with humanity, because they do not wish to take part in such a world.

If I had a choice of never having experienced any of these things, knowing now all that it was, I would still have gone through with it all because of my friendship with Hamish.

Over the years I have gotten to know some other persons who also experience alien contact with the group of aliens that I call Agenda aliens whose logotype of their organisation is the yellow pyramid. One of them has experienced Reptilian contact and interesting physical signs of their existence but as far as I know he has not created a website or any books, he reads other people's websites but does not seem to share his own experiences with the world. Another male alien abductee and me had several conversations with each other about our similar experiences with the alien abductions, we especially had several of the uncomfortable aspects in common, but as far as I know he does not write or share these experiences with the world. And then we have Ken Bakeman, which is not his real name. He has built a beautiful well-presented website with lots of detailed drawings of the aliens he has encountered and with the stories of his encounter experiences, but every now and then he takes his website offline and disappears from the public discussion without a trace, at the time of writing this his website kenbakeman.com is still offline again.

Is humanity so prone to ridicule, defame, and harrass anyone who experiences something unusual from the norm, that we end up with a world where alien beings from other worlds are visiting us yet those who experience it feel too afraid or embarrassed to share their experiences with the world? How many people like the three I have listed are hiding and keeping their experiences private? Many times over the years of writing The Orion Project, including also today, I have a strong urge to simply take all the material down, to discard everything and live as if it doesn't exist. So far I have resisted every urge to do so. Somehow, the beauty of these alien life forms and the miracle that they are, and the value and interest that is in my material, weighs more than the great inconvenience that I feel due to the world shattering nature of my experiences and the great inconvenience that other humans might feel if they encounter my material and with which they might choose to respond negatively toward me.

I expect humanity to hate me because of my material. I have not a single human friend in this world today, because how can I call someone a friend if I cannot even share with them what actually is happening in my life? I have already shunned humanity because the aliens have lifted me into a different world. And so in one part I do not care how humanity responds to my unconventional material. Hamish is my best friend in this world, we talk about life and about memories, we share laughter and fears and joys together. So I should not ever care about how other people react to my material. As long as it is me and Hamish I am doing just fine. The only person I care about is Hamish.

This website stays up, the books remain available no matter how shocking the material may be. And as always, nothing will become censored or edited or left out. The notes will continue to be as always detailed and complete. Whatever humiliation, ridicule, hatred, contempt, defamation, doubt, disbelief, may come from humanity and no matter what attacks, I have already left that camp. I feel much closer to Alpha Draconian Reptilians than I do to members of my own species.