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March-14-2018-/ New YouTube Sirians | Channeled | The Orion Project

March-13-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 17

March-12-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 16

March-11-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 15

March-10-2018-/ New Tall Whites

March-10-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 14

March-08-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 13

March-05-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 12

March-05-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 11

February-19-2018-/ New Agent Trellis And Bologna Sandwich

February-19-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 10

February-18-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 9

February-18-2018-/ New YouTube Triceratops Remote View Drawing

February-15-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 8

February-11-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 7

February-10-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 6

February-09-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 5

February-09-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 4

February-09-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 3

February-08-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 2

February-07-2018-/ New YouTube Remote View Test Target # 1

February-06-2018-/ New YouTube Sinosauropteryx Remote View Drawing

February-02-2018-/ New YouTube Ichthyornis Remote View Drawing

February-02-2018-/ New Integrity

January-30-2018-/ New UFO Locations

January-30-2018-/ New Carians

January-29-2018-/ New YouTube Carians | Remote View | The Orion Project

January-28-2018-/ Update Reticulan Work Methods - Zeta Robot, Music

January-27-2018-/ Update UFO Recording Equipment

January-25-2018-/ New UFO Log

January-25-2018-/ New UFO Recording Equipment

January-23-2018-/ New Valkyrion the Bunny Dragon

January-21-2018-/ New YouTube Neanderthal | Remote View | The Orion Project ONLY ADULTS CAN LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO

January-20-2018-/ New White Reptile

January-20-2018-/ New Compsognathus

January-16-2018-/ Update The Triangular Red Mark - Part 2!

January-14-2018-/ New Alain the secret British operative

January-13-2018-/ New The Triangular Red Mark

January-12-2018-/ New YouTube Smilodon Remote View Drawing

January-10-2018-/ Update UFOs - drawing and description of my past UFO sightings

January-09-2018-/ Update UFOs

January-09-2018-/ New YouTube Mantellisaurus Remote View Drawing

January-09-2018-/ New Prehistoric Dinosaurs

January-07-2018-/ New Alpha Orion and Summoning UFOs

January-06-2018-/ New YouTube Dilophosaurus | Remote View | The Orion Project

January-05-2018-/ New YouTube Stegosaurus | Remote View | The Orion Project

January-04-2018-/ New YouTube Tyrannosaurus rex | Remote View | The Orion Project

January-02-2018-/ New YouTube Illuminati Channeling | The Orion Project

December-31-2017-/ New Rorschach Test

December-31-2017-/ New Koala Bride

December-31-2017-/ Update The Mysterious Blonde Man - his name

December-31-2017-/ New YouTube Moon Base | Remote View | The Orion Project

December-29-2017-/ New UFOs

December-29-2017-/ New Reptilian Conquest

December-28-2017-/ New YouTube Sea People | Remote View | The Orion Project

December-11-2017-/ New Altair Encounters

December-11-2017-/ Rewrite Altair

December-10-2017-/ New Seeing Hamish on the train

December-10-2017-/ New YouTube Stonehenge | Remote View | The Orion Project

December-10-2017-/ New Stonehenge

November-30-2017-/ New Yes-No Richmond

November-28-2017-/ Update Pleiadians - Pleiadian subspecies 2. The pale blue Pleiadian woman

November-28-2017-/ New Blue Reticuloid

November-28-2017-/ New Old Veda

November-28-2017-/ New YouTube Aulis Greenshaw | Remote View | The Orion Project

November-28-2017-/ New Aulis Greenshaw

November-26-2017-/ New Water Nymph

November-24-2017-/ New Finding them

November-07-2017-/ New YouTube Zeta Reticulans | Channeled | The Orion Project

November-06-2017-/ New Big Bat

November-06-2017-/ New Reticulan Ancestor

November-04-2017-/ New Turquoise Alien

November-01-2017-/ New Atlanteans

October-31-2017-/ New YouTube Atlantis | Remote View | The Orion Project

October-24-2017-/ Update Hamish and Eva watch some Animal Videos

October-23-2017-/ Update Stealthsky - drawing

October-21-2017-/ Update Pleiadians - drawing of Mollusc Pleiadian

October-15-2017-/ New Angelic

October-13-2017-/ New YouTube Snakepit | Channeled | The Orion Project

October-11-2017-/ New Cebes

October-11-2017-/ Update Salamander - drawing

October-09-2017-/ New Salamander

October-09-2017-/ New Strong Reptilians

October-07-2017-/ New Ayurveda

October-07-2017-/ New YouTube Moon and Ayurveda Arcturians | Remote View | The Orion Project

October-02-2017-/ New Earth Reptilians

September-27-2017-/ New YouTube Reptilians of Earth | Channeled | The Orion Project

September-25-2017-/ New Moon Landing

September-25-2017-/ New YouTube Apollo 11 Moon Landing | Remote View | The Orion Project

September-21-2017-/ New Basilisk

September-20-2017-/ New Greece

September-20-2017-/ New Druids

September-20-2017-/ Update Lyran - three new drawings

September-19-2017-/ New Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti

September-19-2017-/ New Little Helpers

September-19-2017-/ Update Reticulan Work Methods

September-19-2017-/ New Alien Abductions

September-19-2017-/ New Planet Earth

September-19-2017-/ Update Apeman

September-19-2017-/ New Atlantea

September-19-2017-/ New Azkeths

September-19-2017-/ Update Lyran

September-19-2017-/ New Black Chimpanzee

September-19-2017-/ New Older Australians

September-19-2017-/ New Nazca Lines

September-07-2017-/ New Nordics

September-07-2017-/ New Stealthsky

September-07-2017-/ Drawing Andromedans

September-06-2017-/ New YouTube Saturn and its Moons | Remote View | The Orion Project

September-06-2017-/ New Saturn and its Moons

September-04-2017-/ New YouTube Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project

September-04-2017-/ New Angels

September-02-2017-/ Update Andromedans

September-01-2017-/ New YouTube Alien Abductions | Remote View | The Orion Project

September-01-2017-/ Update Apeman - drawing

September-01-2017-/ Update Altair

September-01-2017-/ Rewrite Pleiadians

August-31-2017-/ New My Black Husband - filed under milabs.html

August-30-2017-/ New The Orion Project History - including also these pages found there:
Babylon, Cambodia, Peru, Lemuria, Juudah, Humans, Iroquois, Apeman, Yeti, Hominids, Sphinx people, Jews, Anumat, Referet, Jehovah, Sphinx

August-30-2017-/ New Blue Kings

August-30-2017-/ New Anunnaki

August-30-2017-/ New Starseeding

August-29-2017-/ Rewrite Vega

August-29-2017-/ New Contact With Vega

August-28-2017-/ New Ulia

August-27-2017-/ New Lemurians

August-27-2017-/ New YouTube Vega and Lemuria | Remote View | The Orion Project

August-26-2017-/ New YouTube Peru | Remote View | The Orion Project

August-26-2017-/ New YouTube The Sphinx People | Remote View | The Orion Project

August-25-2017-/ New YouTube Angkor Wat | Remote View | The Orion Project

August-24-2017-/ New Assistant Carlisle

August-23-2017-/ New The Secret Life of Assistant Carlisle - Is Assistant Carlisle my father? - filed under telepathy.html

August-23-2017-/ New Introduction

August-23-2017-/ Rewrite Evidence

August-23-2017-/ New The Rotschild Family

August-21-2017-/ New First Agenda Bachelor Captain Stephens

August-20-2017-/ New Prehistoric Dinosaurs

August-17-2017-/ New Agenda Explained

August-16-2017-/ New Disney Agenda Symbols

August-16-2017-/ New Agenda Symbols

August-15-2017-/ New Conversations About Second Bachelor

August-15-2017-/ New Benito Mussolini

August-14-2017-/ New Agenda Bloodlines

August-14-2017-/ New The Tsar My Agenda Bloodline Ancestor

August-14-2017-/ New Union Between Mussolini And Crazy Tsar

August-13-2017-/ New First Agenda Bachelor

August-13-2017-/ New Light vs. Dark

August-13-2017-/ New Dark Lord Individuals

August-08-2017-/ New Nubians

August-08-2017-/ New Modified Sirian

August-08-2017-/ New Pre-Nubian Reptilian

August-07-2017-/ New Soup's Up!

August-06-2017-/ New Alien Encounter Stories - Switzerland Reticulan Hybrid Kindergarten

August-05-2017-/ New Serpent God Anu

August-05-2017-/ New Earth Human Extraterrestrial Genetic Populations

August-05-2017-/ Rewrite Vega

August-04-2017-/ New Large Yellow Alpha Centaurian

August-03-2017-/ New Marsian Salamanders

August-03-2017-/ New YouTube Mars Anu Anunaki | Remote View | The Orion Project

August-03-2017-/ New Alien Species

August-01-2017-/ Update The U.S. Army Fort Doctor

August-01-2017-/ New Alien Encounter Stories - Energy Rape by the Zetas

August-01-2017-/ New Alien Encounter Stories

July-31-2017-/ New The U.S. Army Fort Doctor

July-31-2017-/ New Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri?

July-30-2017-/ New YouTube General Patton's Phone | Remote View | The Orion Project

July-29-2017-/ New Captain Stephens provides Answers and Recipes - filed under telepathy.html

July-28-2017-/ New Black Recruit at Fort - filed under telepathy.html

July-28-2017-/ New YouTube Army Fort | Remote View | The Orion Project

July-26-2017-/ New YouTube General Patton, Abductees taken to med lab, Reptilian Base | Remote View | The Orion Project

July-25-26-2017-/ New Talking with General Patton about his military career - filed under telepathy.html

July-26-2017-/ New Hamish and Eva watch some Animal Videos

July-25-2017-/ New General Patton or Marine General Harris "Gunman" Richards?

July-25-2017-/ New General Patton's Interests, reveals he has leukemia - filed under telepathy.html

July-25-2017-/ New Female Officer

July-22-2017-/ New Remote viewing General Patton and Assistant Carlisle - filed under telepathy.html

July-19-2017-/ New Fat Lizards

July-15-2017-/ Update Officer Agent Josh Bryant - his first name is Josh

July-14-2017-/ New Officer Agent Bryant

July-14-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added Agent Bryant and Paul

July-14-2017-/ New We Need Them For Germination

July-13-2017-/ New Cape Canaveral

July-11-2017-/ Update Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown - Was Cunningham almost found? And hearing more from Cunningham.

July-11-2017-/ New Cunningham General Patton Aliens Reader - telepathy, find it there!

July-09-2017-/ New Green Reticulans?

July-03-2017-/ New Rigel Reptilians

July-02-2017-/ New Dragon Turtles

July-01-2017-/ New and Rewrite Draconian Reptilians - this page used to be called reptilians.html

June-29-2017-/ New Why I Hate Pleiadians - Who is more cruel? Reptilians or Humans?

June-28-2017-/ New Alpha Draconis

June-26-2017-/ New Rio the Reptilian

June-26-2017-/ Update Alien Writing

June-21-2017-/ New Alien Writing

June-21-2017-/ New Mojave Desert

June-21-2017-/ New Russia

June-21-2017-/ New Komi Saki

June-16-2017-/ Update The Different Orion Species - added Alpha Thetons, and New Drawings

June-15-2017-/ New The Different Orion Species

June-14-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added Doctor Captain Bryant

June-08-2017-/ Update Major Cunningham a.k.a. Agent Donovan Brown - Can Major Cunningham be found?

June-08-2017-/ New Contacting the Wright-Patterson Base

June-06-2017-/ Update Major Cunningham a.k.a. Agent Donovan Brown - added "Special Forces Training" and drawing of Cunningham

June-04-2017-/ New Major Cunningham a.k.a. Agent Donovan Brown

June-03-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added Peter Hawkins

June-02-2017-/ New Patterson Base

June-01-2017-/ New Syracuse

May-31-2017-/ New Pages with more Details

April-08-2013-/ Forgotten Yellow Roses for Dragon Turtle - not new but had forgotten to add the link

May-29-2017-/ Update Illuminati Hybrids - added a drawing!

May-28-2017-/ Rewrite Agenda

May-28-2017-/ Rewrite Pleiadians

May-27-2017-/ New Ummo Conversation

May-27-2017-/ Update Ummites / Ummo

May-24-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added Alain

May-21-2017-/ New Alien - Unknown Origin

May-19-2017-/ Update The Mysterious Blonde Man - added the sections "At The Museum" and "And so..."

May-17-2017-/ Update Reticulan Work Methods - Wine Gum Reward

May-16-2017-/ Update Reticulan Work Methods - Zeta Zoo

May-16-2017-/ Update Alpha Remulan - White Alpha Remulans

May-16-2017-/ Update Zeta Remulan - White Alpha Remulans

May-16-2017-/ Update Goblins - More Contact

May-15-16-2017-/ New A Brown Draconian Reptilian

May-7-8-2017-/ New First Alien Contact Experience

May-02-2017-/ New Reticulan Work Methods

April-23-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added General Davies

April-23-2017-/ Update Arcturians

April-18-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added General Bryant

April-15-2017-/ Added to Mantids

March-13-14-2017-/ New My Incarnated Alien

March-09-2017-/ New There Is Another World - Abduction And Ear Implant

March-06-07-2017-/ New A Door Opening - Pre-Abduction Alien Interaction

March-06-2017-/ New Reticulan Writing

February-27-2017-/ New Strawberry The Little Red Reptilian

February-26-2017-/ Update MILABS Diary Excerpts 2001 - added another excerpt

February-26-2017-/ New MILABS Diary Excerpts 2001

February-25-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added Nolan, added to Assistant Langdon Carlisle and to Andrew

February-24-2017-/ New MILABS Diary Excerpts 2003

February-24-2017-/ New The Mysterious Man

February-24-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys - added more people

February-23-2017-/ Rewrite Military Abductions MILABS

February-23-2017-/ 2nd Update My MILABS Guys - added even more military and survey guys!

February-23-2017-/ Update My MILABS Guys

February-22-2017-/ New My MILABS Guys

February-22-2017-/ New Zeta Remulans

December-03-2016-/ New YouTube "The Orion Project - Getting to know Warren Allen - 29 November 2016"

December-01-2016-/ New YouTube "The Orion Project - Interview with Dark Lords - 29 November 2016"

November-28-2016-/ New Insect "Garden Play-With-Thingy"

November-28-2016-/ Update Insectoids

November-16-2016-/ New Relationships Can Hurt

November-13-2016-/ New Reticulan Writing - Sentences

November-13-2016-/ New Reticulan Writing - Words

November-12-2016-/ New Alien Conspiracy Story

October-26-2016-/ New This Whole Thing

September-03-2016-/ New Champ the Draconian Reptilian

September-02-2016-/ Rewrite Bird People + new drawing

August-27-2016-/ Update Ashtar

August-26-2016-/ Change: the page about the Alpha Remulan Scorpions used to be stowed on alphareticulan.html due to a previous confusion about the name of the Scorpion. The Alpha Remulan Scorpion now has been duly moved to alpharemulan.html, and alphareticulan.html now contains instead a page about the actual Alpha Reticulan Greys. Hence;

New: Alpha Reticulan
Moved: Alpha Remulan from alphareticulan.html to alpharemulan.html
Rewritten: Reticulans
Rewritten: Alpha Remulan

August-21-2016-/ New Sirians

July-21-2016-/ Updates Books

May-14-2016-/ Rewrite White Dragons

May-07-2016-/ New Nature Sprite - filed under Nature Folk

May-07-2016-/ Finished Vaughn the Leprechaun

May-06-2016-/ New Vaughn the Leprechaun - filed under Nature Folk

May-05-2016-/ New Nature Folk

April-25-2016-/ New Lyran

April-23-2016-/ New Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs)

April-22-2016-/ Update Possessions 2

March-27-2016-/ New Planetary Takeover

January-23-2016-/ New Alpha Reticulans Visit

December-15-2015-/ New Skink Babies

November-17-2015-/ New It Means Planetary Takeover

October-31-2015-/ Update The Future Is Great <-- John from the 1940's talks through time!

October-31-2015-/ New The Future Is Great

September-21-2015-/ New Military And Royalty

September-18-2015-/ New About Hamish's Sexuality

September-10-2015-/ Rewrite Reptilians

September-08-2015-/ New PDF - Zetas and Plague stored in telepathy.html

September-04-2015-/ Update Goblin Stories last two sections on the bottom are new

September-04-2015-/ New Goblin Stories

September-03-2015-/ Update Goblin Afterthought section


September-03-2015-/ New Goblin Encounter

September-03-2015-/ Rewrite Goblins

September-03-2015-/ New Goblins

August-29-2015-/ New MILABS Diary

August-28-2015-/ New Lion ETs

July-19-2015-/ Publication! Noah's Ark!

July-19-2015-/ Update Books

June-28-2015-/ New Gallery

June-24-2015-/ Update Finally Met The Zetas - song and mushrooms (see the bottom of this page)

June-22-2015-/ New Finally Met The Zetas

June-19-2015-/ New Dark Lords

June-13-2015-/ Update "Real? Or Imaginary?" now as eBook

June-13-2015-/ Update The Orion Project Books

June-10-2015-/ Update Hamish watches videos of dogs, lizards, and tortoise

June-08-2015-/ New The Airship Admiral Returns

June-03-2015-/ Update Book: The Orion Project 2: Noah's Ark

May-31-2015-/ Update The Orion Project Books

May-31-2015-/ Update Thubans

May-28-2015-/ New Two Needles And One Anal Probe

May-01-2015-/ New Not Fiction

February-02-2015-/ New MKULTRA Mystery

January-30-2015-/ New Reptilians Are Not Toys

January-24-2015-/ New Greatest Love

January-24-2015-/ New Yellow Centaurian

December-31-2014-/ New Agenda Is Weird

December-13-2014-/ New Anything and Everything

November-30-2014-/ New Hospital

November-28-2014-/ New The White Man

November-22-2014-/ New Alien Meeting

November-20-2014-/ New The Wars

October-27-2014-/ New Lemuria And Sex-Ed

October-23-2014-/ New Not Exactly What I Thought

October-19-2014-/ New Quality Time With The Aliens

October-17-2014-/ Update Meet Leather Photo Album

October-16-2014-/ New Meet Leather Photo Album

October-15-2014-/ New A Game Of Soccer

October-03-2014-/ New Closer to Hamish

May-19-2014-/ New 4 AM With Hamish

May-17-2014-/ New Inundated

May-15-2014-/ New I just want to be with him

May-12-2014-/ New Meeting Hamish at the Staircase

April-04-2014-/ New One Girl's Memoirs

March-07-2014-/ Added Showered and taken to the baby factory mansion -- Find it here

February-13-2014-/ New The Rockefellers and Hugging Hamish

January-30-2014-/ New Illuminati-Delicious

January-22-2014-/ New Sex with a Reptoid

January-17-2014-/ New Why I did this and Why I no longer will

January-13-2014-/ Rewrite Insectoids
Also change of page URLs:
mantids.html --> insectoids.html
insects.html --> mantids.html

January-10-2014-/ Addition Altair

December-22-2013-/ New Better Than A Filofax

December-19-2013-/ New Happy Christmas 2013!

December-11-2013-/ New You Are My Buttercups

November-28-2013-/ New Reticulans

November-28-2013-/ New Reticulan Walruses

November-25-2013-/ Rewrote Welcome

November-15-2013-/ New A Wonderful Goodbye

November-11-2013-/ New Pandora's Box

November-10-2013-/ New Castles and Kings

November-06-2013-/ New Elohim

November-01-2013-/ New Alpha Reticulans

October-26-2013-/ New Just Another Day With Dragons

October-19-2013-/ New Books, Poo, and Scales

October-13-2013-/ New Sakurama

October-07-2013-/ Update Disaster - An Alien Abduction added another section at the end

October-07-2013-/ New Disaster - An Alien Abduction

September-30-2013-/ New Agenda Shenanigans And Smells

September-26-2013-/ New Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

September-20-2013-/ New Release / Capture from the Agenda

September-20-2013-/ Update Child Mind Control about Peter Pan

September-17-2013-/ New Child Mind Control

September-16-2013-/ New Happily Ever After / Rejection

September-16-2013-/ New Reptilian Kings

September-15-2013-/ New The Truth

September-14-2013-/ New Ashtar

September-12-2013-/ New A Dream

September-11-2013-/ New UFO Blog1

September-10-2013-/ New UFO Watching and Hooot! with Malik

September-09-2013-/ New Domestication of a human

September-09-2013-/ New The Agenda is not Positive

September-09-2013-/ New Alien Spaceships

September-08-2013-/ New Letter to SETI 09082013 Lady Thuban Auntie

September-07-2013-/ New Strawberries and Japanese

September-06-2013-/ New Yellow Dragon Turtle

September-05-2013-/ New All my Aliens

September-03-2013-/ New Confessions of a Contactee

September-02-2013-/ New Agenda-Ruled Organizations

August-31-2013-/ New The Aliens Operate from another Dimension

August-24-2013-/ New Another Dragon Coo

August-21-2013-/ New Bird, Shuurah, Teddy, Carotid, Penis

August-21-2013-/ New Sex with Malik and Hamish

August-20-2013-/ New Hamish and Bird Person, Malik and Crocodile Men

August-19-2013-/ New A little bit of everything

August-18-2013-/ New I want Inclusion

August-10-2013-/ New Am I enough

August-09-2013-/ New Dark Lord and their Shenanigans

July-29-2013-/ New Eventful Night The Threat, Eggs In A Bag

July-28-2013-/ New Zetas and Tubing

July-27-2013-/ New A Day at the Farm With Penises

July-25-2013-/ New Mantids

July-25-2013-/ New Insects

July-24-2013-/ New YouTube

July-24-2013-/ New Bird People

July-24-2013-/ New Reptoids

July-24-2013-/ New White Dragons

July-24-2013-/ New Andromedans

July-23-2013-/ New Mean Aliens

July-19-2013-/ New My Monster

July-18-2013-/ New Eggs, Sponge cake, and David Brin's Letter to Alien Lurkers
------- Filed under Telepathy

July-16-2013-/ New Not All Pleasant

July-16-2013-/ New Pleiadians

July-15-2013-/ New Ecosystem

July-10-2013-/ New I am an Alien Abductee

July-08-2013-/ New The Orion doctor checks my heart

July-06-2013-/ New Zetan cruelty

July-03-2013-/ Updates BOOK: The Orion Project - Letters to SETI 1

July-03-2013-/ New The Struggle

July-01-2013-/ New Raped

June-27-2013-/ New Alien Sex Club and Anal Probing

June-25-2013-/ New Want to see them

June-25-2013-/ New Introduction

June-24-2013-/ New I don't enjoy alien contact

June-21-2013-/ New Together Forever

June-17-2013-/ New Telepathy - Turok the Crocodile Man

June-17-2013-/ New Pajama Party with the Insects

June-16-2013-/ Addition Two Sides And A Pen

June-16-2013-/ New Two Sides And A Pen

June-14-2013-/ New Biology And Religion Unite

June-13-2013-/ New Arcturians vs Black Ones

June-12-2013-/ New My Honored

June-11-2013-/ New Alien Abductions

June-10-2013-/ New I didn't mean to do it!

June-09-2013-/ Revision Author

June-09-2013-/ Addition Military Abductions

June-09-2013-/ New Crocodile Men

June-09-2013-/ Revised The Board of Benevolent ET

June-09-2013-/ New Alpha Centauri

June-08-2013-/ New Santinians

June-08-2013-/ New Close Encounter with Malik

June-07-2013-/ New DMT - the drug that can cause one to see aliens

June-07-2013-/ New Life With Dragons

June-07-2013-/ New Azul - the blue Ithaca Reptilian

June-05-2013-/ New Me Want Close Contact - Now!

June-05-2013-/ New Sister Website Ithaca - the non-bat of Guatemala

June-03-2013-/ New The non-bat from a cave

June-01-2013-/ New Fire Engine Red Scales And Flowers

May-30-2013-/ New Kudos CIA

May-30-2013-/ New Don't make me dance

May-29-2013-/ New When You Love Someone

May-29-2013-/ New Love My Turtle Sock

May-28-2013-/ New Don't hit Send!

May-27-2013-/ Rewrite Zeta Greys

May-25-2013-/ New Marry Me

May-24-2013-/ New Looking at a Draconian

May-22-2013-/ Rewritten The Dinosaurs

May-21-2013-/ New My Malik

May-20-2013-/ New Vega

May-20-2013-/ New Ummites

May-20-2013-/ New The Arcturians

May-20-2013-/ New The Altair People

May-18-2013-/ New Reading "Truth About Orion Lizards" by Roger Kerr

May-17-2013-/ New About Shapeshifting - Hamish is Captain Stephens

May-17-2013-/ Rewrite Evidence

May-16-2013-/ Addition We need to look at your butts and get semen - new telepathy featuring Snake and Orion man

May-14-2013-/ New A Strange Symbiosis

May-11-2013-/ New Royal Romance and Agenda Mysteries

May-09-2013-/ New Bath Time With Dinosaur and Orion

May-08-2013-/ New Floating In Space

May-08-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

May-07-2013-/ New New drawing of Hamish!

May-07-2013-/ New Kissy Dragon Feet

May-07-2013-/ New Pteradactyl - Ken Bakeman's Albino Lizard

May-06-2013-/ New telepathy posted White one is after my eggs, and Jeff wants to go to Tijuana

May-05-2013-/ New Dragon Royalty, Dragon Vatican

May-04-2013-/ New Lick the Sword, and Alien Abductions

May-01-2013-/ New Basmet and Froggy-Snacks

April-29-2013-/ New Over the Threshold

April-29-2013-/ New The Orion Project Book 3 - Over the Threshold

April-28-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-28-2013-/ New To SETI

April-27-2013-/ Revised Reptilian Body

April-27-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-24-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-22-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-21-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-20-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-19-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-18-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-17-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-15-2013-/ New Intruder in the Dragon's Den

April-14-2013-/ Revised Agenda Favorite: Aleister Crowley

April-14-2013-/ New Repent

April-12-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-12-2013-/ New The Cetaceans From Andromeda

April-05-2013-/ New Contact

April-03-2013-/ Update Strange Happenings

April-02-2013-/ New Strange Happenings

April-01-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

April-01-2013-/ New No, Carpetwash

March-29-2013-/ New A Russian Kommrad

March-27-2013-/ New That MILABS Thing

March-24-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-22-2013-/ New Factoids

March-22-2013-/ New Mothman Has Sex With Me

March-21-2013-/ Rewritten Thubans

March-19-2013-/ New Lingonberry Dragon

March-18-2013-/ New Stealthsky, Illuminati Gangster, and Stephanie

March-15-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-15-2013-/ New Sensei

March-13-2013-/ New A Girl and a Dragon

March-11-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-10-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-09-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-08-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

March-05-2013-/ Review Peter the Blue Pleiadian

March-05-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-27-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-26-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-22-2013-/ New This is to a Beloved Dinosaur

February-21-2013-/ New Stories with Hamish

February-19-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-19-2013-/ New Picture of Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle

February-19-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-16-2013-/ Update The First Book on Orion Mind Project - telepathic notes

February-15-2013-/ New Green Praying Mantis wants to see me poo - And speaking Dragon with my Hamish

February-05-2013-/ New It is against the anti-venom for the topical treatment

January-25-2013-/ New Boys Malik and Hamish answer Dariush's questions about Draconian Human World Politics

January-25-2013-/ New Draconian Amusement Park, Crocodile Man History, And the Moon is not made of Cheese After All!

January-24-2013-/ New Hamish throws me over coffee table and other six items of Reptilian happenings

January-19-2013-/ New The Dark MKULTRA Illuminati Draconian Military Agenda

January-18-2013-/ New My Life With Hamish The Red Dragon Turtle

January-16-2013-/ New Thuban Abduction Experimentation - And Hamish's Ruggy

January-15-2013-/ New Spending Night with the Scaly Boys

January-14-2013-/ New I nearly died in the Illuminati lodge

January-12-2013-/ New Contraptions in the MILABS abduction

January-11-2013-/ New The Never-Ending Story about Sex in the Draconian Agenda

January-07-2013-/ New The sad story

January-02-2013-/ New When you get what you ask for

December-22-2012-/ New Merry Christmas with The Nonsense

December-20-2012-/ New Christmas Night With Aliens

December-11-2012-/ New Mystery MKULTRA man?

December-10-2012-/ New Merry Christmas from Annie, Hamish and Malik!

December-07-2012-/ New Demons or Schizophrenia?

December-02-2012-/ New Alien Bastards that go Bump in the Night

November-30-2012-/ New Cuddlz and Drugs with General Patton MKULTRA Handler

November-14-2012-/ New Scheisse - the intricacies of Malik The Black One

November-13-2012-/ New General Patton? I do

November-10-2012-/ New Crocodile Man

November-09-2012-/ New Problems with Alien Cattle - and how to solve them

November-07-2012-/ New David Icke Wembley Presentation 2012 - My Comments

November-04-2012-/ New Cuddles with Lizard Man in Russian bunker

November-03-2012-/ New The Weird Behavior Of Hamish

November-01-2012-/ New Hamish Cute, Dinosaurs Funny

October-24-2012-/ New Encyclopedia on Draconian Reptiles

October-20-2012-/ New Kissy Feet And Dinosaurs

October-16-2012-/ New Good Morning with Hamish!

October-15-2012-/ New Zeta Vocabulary

October-15-2012-/ New Happy Halloween from my Draconians!

October-14-2012-/ New Cuddlez with Snake, Hamish shedding Scales, TRASH!!!, Chats with The Mr. Creepy Eye Lord, Cupcakes and Poo

October-07-2012-/ New Welcome!

October-03-2012-/ New Giggling With Haamiss - And I seem to be an MKULTRA Beta Kitteh!

October-02-2012-/ New Tender Moments With Hamish, and Olav makes an intrusion

September-30-2012-/ Scaredy Cat - How The CIA MKULTRA Is Getting To Me new section at bottom

September-29-2012-/ New Scaredy Cat - How The CIA MKULTRA Is Getting To Me
Scaredy Cat - How The CIA MKULTRA Is Getting To Me more telepathy at the bottom

September-21-2012-/ Edit Home Page got a make-over

September-20-2012-/ New Gingerbread man, Aliens and Stuff

September-16-2012-/ New A Friendly Trip to the Crematorium

September-13-2012-/ New Getting Snug With Hamish

September-09-2012-/ Addition Hairless Cat Playing in a Bathtub

September-07-2012-/ New The Creepy Have Crept Closer

September-06-2012-/ New Majestic Four - and the pointless allure of Satanism

September-03-2012-/ New Weird Stuff

August-30-2012-/ New All Kinds Of People, All Kinds Of Things

August-28-2012-/ New Website! In Honor of the most Wonderful Dragon Turtle in the Whole World
A Website All About Hamish
Note that updates on the Hamish Website will appear WITHOUT BEING LISTED HERE! It is its own website and has its very own Updates page

August-26-2012-/ New Alexander, Sergei, Hamish, Yellow-Draconian and a much neglected Red Rug

August-23-2012-/ New Hamish is back - better than ever

August-20-2012-/ New Hissy Fit continues, Hamish gets present anyway

August-19-2012-/ One more update What's up with Hamish? added more again at the bottom
Update What's up with Hamish? added more at the bottom
New What's up with Hamish?

August-18-2012-/ Update Hamish is a Dragon Turtle 2nd paragraph added

August-16-2012-/ New Intimate moments with my Red Dragon Hamish

August-14-2012-/ New Confounded by the little Greys

August-12-2012-/ New Picture New Picture Of Hamish!

August-8-2012-/ New One Year Medley Of Aliens

August-2-2012-/ New Fun Stuff That Draconians Say!

July-30-2012-/ New MKULTRA and Hamish

July-28-2012-/ New Narugai Peach Blossom

July-27-2012-/ New General Patton signs me over to Mr. Biltjev

July-26-2012-/ New MKULTRA likes Cats

July-25-2012-/ New MKULTRA and creepy stuff

July-24-2012-/ New Japanese Lady Hybrid

July-23-2012-/ New Japanese Dragon Dynasty

July-22-2012-/ New Disgusting rude violent bastards from outer space
New Hamish gives me two kisses on the mouth

July-21-2012-/ Post David Icke Forum - Jews - good or bad? - Post #1
Post David Icke Forum - Bohemian Grove - Rare Photos - Post #3

July-20-2012-/ New Malik, Betelgeuze - The Beast
New Elmer The Draconian

July-16-2012-/ Update I need to find a Japanese person!

July-15-2012-/ New Hamish and Annie watch some Animal Videos

July-13-2012-/ New Meet my Creepy Eye
New General Patton and the MKULTRA thing
New Bizarre is the new Normalcy

July-09-2012-/ New Ham-mish my Teddybear

July-08-2012-/ New Clandestine
New News and Quick Updates
New Meet my US MILABS Guys!

June-30-2012-/ New Hamish Lobsters Bathroom Rugs

June-26-2012-/ Snake owns me - small update on bottom of the page

June-25-2012-/ New Despicable Greys

June-19-2012-/ New June 19 2012

June-17-2012-/ New Me and Hamish

Launch of Daughter Website about the North Port Gargoyle
Gargoyle deserved his own website, also he does not quite fit in on this main Draconian website. He is not part of the Draconian Agenda, nor is he part of the Board of Benevolent ETs. He is special. He is different. So he gets his own website.
The Gargoyle website has its own Updates section and any future changes to his website will not be listed here.

June-10-2012-/ New Salamander picture Hamish

June-09-2012-/ New The worst thing is that it wasn't a Nightmare

June-04-2012-/ New Telepathy Making Website Frames with the Draconians
Remake Front Page
New Frames on Website!!!

May-30-2012-/ Moved NATO now filed under telepathy

May-29-2012-/ New Lecture
New Betelgeuze wants to teach me Pentagrams
New Telepathic Conversations

May-24-2012-/ We now have a Facebook Page, linked to from First Page

May-18-2012-/ Aleister Crowley quotes First Page

May-17-2012-/ Update Book

May-15-2012-/ New MKULTRA

May-13-2012-/ Rewrote Illuminati hybrids
New Green Praying Mantis
New May 13 2012 - MKULTRA, Star People, and all of that

May-12-2012-/ New May 11 2012 - How Aleister Crowley Saved Me
New Birthday Cake with Hamish

May-11-2012-/ Rewrite Reptilians
Added Orions small text about Orion tubular scales and a picture depiction

May-11-2012-/ earlier updates were not listed