Rorschach Test

About Eva Draconis
Author of The Orion Project

Somebody asked me. Is this website written by one person or many people. I am the only author of this website. Yes the website is extensive, plus I make time for writing all my books now. But I have real alien contact. Of course I have to make a documentary in the form of this website and in the books! But don't forget that I have all the help from my Alien friends: Hamish, Malik, Snake, Lady Thuban, Orion man, Dinosaurs, Airship Admiral, and everyone else.

I am an alien contactee. I don't like to say the word abductee, because I really don't think these are abductions in my case. Because I love alien contact. I don't get kidnapped. I get visited.

I can spell. I can type. You will have to search far and wide to find typos. My vocabulary is pretty good. I am fluent in a few languages. I say this because many who claim extraordinary things like alien visitations struggle with language skills and that is sometimes indicative of their thought processes. If you cannot put words on a paper carefully, then you are perhaps not careful in analyzing your extraordinary experiences. I am just saying that "us" UFO Alien contactees are often a questionable bunch. Maybe I am not.

I am an educated lady and top of my class. My major in college and future career is physics. Not that that should give credit or authenticity to my experiences. But it says a little something. The reason I am stating this is because the community of UFO research consists largely of individuals who will question my intelligence, my mental health, my mind, my reasoning and logic skills, my honesty, my character. And maybe I have a lot going for me.

I am neither a liar or a hoaxster. This website and the books are a documentary, and if they were an intentional fraud they would not be deserving of such a title of such integrity. Documentary doesn't say whether it's the case of real alien visitations, or some psychological anomaly I am experiencing, but at least it says that I am not intentionally deceitful and that I intend to show it as it is.

And you would be happy to know that I don't use any drugs and I never have, I also do not drink any alcohol except for an occasional glass to celebrate maybe twice a year and no more. I don't have any mental problems. I feel calm and my mind is quiet and stable and I have good concentration skills and focus. I don't experience random thoughts running through my head. I don't experience scary or strange voices in the head. The only voices in my head are mine, if I am really thinking out loud in my head, or the aliens I listen to. But the aliens when they talk it is not really a sound in my head. It's more like I am interpreting a signal I am receiving. Or something like that.

Perhaps most people who come out of the closet with alien contact are questionable. Perhaps I shouldn't have come out of the closet with this. I believe that most people who experience alien contact they keep it to themselves.

But this story is so fascinating, and I have personal evidence that finally convinced me that the contact must be real, not imaginary. And I struggled with that conclusion. My original premise when I started this website was that the experience must be hallucinatory, and I was going to document a case of experienced alien contact and show how I explore it and conclude that it is not real. But when Reptilians toss me and have thrown me across the air and over the coffee table (Hamish!) it finally got to me that this must be real. And that is not an easy conclusion, because I feel like all of physics and science and even the whole planet Earth will go against me. So I stand alone. With my Aliens. Me and my Aliens will know this is real, and it is like saying goodbye to the rest of humanity. Entering into another world where I am living in an exclusion. Something I know, and have, that I cannot make real for anybody else. But at least I have my red scales there with me, my Hamish Dragon and all of my other Alien friends.

No, you do not. - speaks Hamish right now, haha!
Why not Hamish? I thought I had you with me. - me
I was not angry at what you said. - Hamish
Why not? - me
You were making fun of us. - Hamish
How, Hamish? - me
I said that I wouldn't bite you again. - Hamish

It is so easy to get caught up with my Alien contact and just go with it. To completely put aside the fact that I should be researching this (bad habit from being a scientist) and collecting evidence and interviewing the aliens. Sometimes I just hang out with them. Watch tv with Dragon Turtle, fuss and argue with the Thubans, laugh and snicker with Dinosaurs as I take a bath, and watch dear old Uncle Malik tiptoe around the house sometimes with an erect penis. I just go with it. But at times like these, when I put on my thinker's hat I was once again questioning the reality. Thinking that no, of course these aliens can't be real. And it is so easy to go back to that conclusion. Perhaps it is an easier conclusion to lie in. That this cannot be real. But then Hamish speaks. I realize it is not a voice from my own head. And Hamish is just Hamish. My Red Dragon Feet.

written June 09 2013

PS. I used to go by the name Annie on this website, but then changed it into Eva Draconis for the books since I needed a cool writer's name, so don't get confused about the two names, they are both me.