Christmas Cartoon with the Boys

Warning - cartoon below is a bit scary because of Malik

Full large size for all the details
Drawn December 10 2012

So this morning was interesting. When I woke up, Malik showed up and he showed himself as if he had a red Christmas tree ball hanging with the string from his finger. Yeah, not kidding. He asks me why we have those, and so I try to explain Christmas, and get back to snoozing this early 8 am in the morning on a day off.

Then Hamish appears and he does the same thing! Hamish sneaks up right close to me with that Sock Puppet head of his, the way he always does first thing when I wake up. It is so adorable to have that head of his so right up close to me. And Hamish too appears to have a red Christmas tree ornament hanging from his finger and he points it at me, same way as Malik had done. "Why do you have these red balls?" Hamish asks. And so I try to describe the elements of Christmas. Malik then asks, why not black ones instead.

I inform Malik that black has been chosen as the color of death, for funerals etc, and that we use red for Christmas. Malik then nonchalantly declares, that "This is Satan's Street!" Ok Malik.

I begin drawing this cartoon (which took me all day hours upon hours to finish!) and as I'm putting Santa hats on everybody, Hamish says, "No, Santa!", and "Otherwise there will be beatings." says Hamish. "We don't want to be thought of as festive. No, Festivities!", says my dear Dragon.

As I'm drawing and crafting on that cartoon to commemorate my wonderful morning with the guys' comments, I declare, "We need a candy cane!" and "And a holly!", I say. "And a whip!", adds Malik the Mischievious One.

So this was my morning with the Draconian boys, Hamish and Malik. They get really active at nights and enjoy the dark. It always seems that when I wake up in the morning, as if they would have been up and about all night and looking all over the place and inspecting and discussing, and that perhaps they run out of things to do and end up being bored in the morning, because as soon as I wake up, there they are, my Hamish and Malik. And they sneak up right up close to my face, like a dog that's been up for hours just waiting for the owners to finally wake up so that things won't be so boring anymore.

There is NOTHING in this world that I favor the most as having Hamish come up with his red sock puppet head right up close to my face in the mornings when I wake up. He has the cutest face ever, those big yellow bulging eyes, and that mouth that sits right underneath the eyes with no nose. A tiny little face, often with white bits of shedding scales, giving him that dandruffy look. My precious Dragon. How much I love you and always forever will.

Hamish is a fantastic Dragon. I have got things to learn from him. He sees the world with new eyes each day, like how a child does. Every day is a discovery. And he never gets bored or cranky or irritable like a human would. For he has now lived with me for one year and three months, and we still get along fine. He doesn't whine about wanting to leave me or about being bored with always spending his days with me in my room and stuff. He continues to look around, to enjoy sitting on the living room sofa, and his beautiful eyes and mind continue to gaze with curiosity at all the new things that appear, such as Halloween pumpkins, and now since my roommate put the Christmas tree up maybe yesterday, Hamish has been there, as I slept in my bed all night, and he has been there looking at the Christmas tree. Looking at all the ornaments, as the house went quiet for the night. His little head of his has been there, looking at the red balls on the Christmas tree, and forming thoughts, wondering, about such strange little things. And as soon as I woke up, he asked me.

Hamish is an alien Dragon, and he lives with me. I will never be able to express to you in words, how incredible it is to have a Dragon. I can talk with him, he listen to me, we have conversations. We are not quite the same, but somehow we understand each other well enough. We're best buddies by now, I'd like to think. At least he is to me. And he has been up all night looking at the Christmas tree ornaments. I can't tell you how precious that is. I couldn't wish for anything else this Christmas. Christmas is about being together with the ones you love, and I will make sure that I spend it with Hamish.