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This section of the website describes my experiences of interaction with what seem to be human military officers and men in black suits. The contact occurred through means of two-way remote viewing, telepathic conversations, and also the experience of military abductions. I believe I may have also encountered these men a few times in real life.

Contact with them first began when I was 14 years old, when one of them suddenly spoke to me telepathically and he said, "We're not gonna hurt you" and "We're sending you home". I was frightened and I curled up underneath my desk and started to cry. I knew I had heard someone talk to me telepathically.

Some time shortly after, I was given a perfectly clear mental image into my mind depicting several of these men in black suits sitting around a table for a meeting. In that image, there were two or three Zeta Reticulan Grey aliens standing in that room with them. I had the impression that it was a Grey who was transmitting the image to me. One of the men in the room noticed that I was seeing them, he looked right at me and he shouted out, "It must be one of the abductees!" I was frightened and I was trying to make the image go away, but I did not know how. After a while, one of them was calmly explaining to me what I had seen, but I did not want to listen.

From then on I would be under constant remote viewing surveillance by these men. 24/7 there was one looking at me through remote viewing, and in my mind I could see him in his office. They would look at me all day long, even in the middle of the night there was someone there, and they would take notes with pen and paper. They were able to talk with me telepathically.

The surveillance men were watching me, but there were also military officers who would visit their office from time to time to take a look. From the age of 14 to about 21 this occurred daily, and I got to know several of these men. The surveillance and contact with these people seemed to fade, but resumed again in a different form, but with some of the same persons as then, in my late 20's to early 30's.

During the teen years, some nights I would wake up and find myself somewhere else in the presence of these military officers and surveillance people. During military abductions, I experienced hostile interrogations, electric shocks, being drugged, sexual molestation, but also just hanging out with them in hallways or rooms.

I took extensive notes of the conversations and experiences ever since the very start at age 14. I have recently in 2017 retrieved my notes from storage and am going to start typing them up.

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