Welcome to The Orion Project!
written November 25 2013

In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. I assumed that I was hallucinating. Meticulously I wrote down every conversation and encounter so that I could show a case of imaginary alien experience. Only months later I had to conclude that the contact is real. For more than two years I have been running this very deep and extensive documentary which became known as The Orion Project. It came to shed light on the alien abduction experience, their hybrid programs, and the extraterrestrial organization known as the Agenda.

Between the books and this website, every bit of material is made available. In The Orion Project you will learn more about our space visitors than perhaps in any other resource available on Planet Earth anywhere else!

My name is Eva Draconis. Pseudonym, obviously. I am the egg donor in this story. You will meet and get to know many alien and human characters in the stories recorded. Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle who guards my eggs and proudly displays his back hump and is afraid of carved pumpkins. Malik and the other Incubi Dark Lords who are ominous but ubiquitous. The sassy Lady Thuban, a white genetically modified dolphin from the seas of Alpha Draconis, who likes to say "Hinch!" and has yellow baleen in her mouth. And so many other incredible alien persons, representing such a wide range of extraterrestrial races that visit Earth!

The stories are personal and very intimate, on behalf of myself as the alien abductee and egg donor, but also with regard to the aliens whose private thoughts, feelings, and life happenings are recorded and shared so unashamed and deeply. There are stories that are heartwarming, others that are atrocious and cruel, and many that are fun. Alien contact and my friendship with Hamish changed my life forever - will it change yours?


How to read this website:

Most of the new information has ended up in the Thoughts and Stories sections. Both list newest material at the top. If you jump right in to the newest material you might find yourself a little stranded. The Agenda that unfolded, as well as the interpersonal relations between me and the characters that are featured, have developed for more than two years up to that point.

It would be ideal if you start your exploration of the documentary by reading the book Real? Or Imaginary?. It posts the very first conversations I had with the Aliens when they first made contact. In the book, you get to know the Aliens the same way as I did.

Thoughts and Stories pages should then be read starting with the oldest first.

Pages that describe alien races are brief and not always updated. The best way to get familiar with an alien race is to read the stories in which they are featured, and not to rely solely on the pages such as Thubans or Dinosaurs, as there is a depth of insight into the different races in the countless of stories found throughout the website and in the books.

Graphic material

Anyone who has been acquainted with the aliens knows that they are not bashful when it comes to sex or violence, or with obscene concepts such as fecal samples. Another disturbing topic that frequently comes up is the Dark Lords and Satanism. Prostitution and pedophilia is also featured in this documentary.

The website should give you a mildly censored version, and the books come in censored versions which promise to shield you from anything disturbing. For those readers who are willing to embark on the full experience of alien contact, the uncensored books will tell the whole story.

The true story on the Alien Agenda phenomenon is not a pretty story. It is disturbing on many levels. But The Orion Project finally reveals what the Alien Agenda is all about, unashamed, uncensored, and in depth.

We would like to say Omrigosh, with the NASA. - says my black Reptilian, Omrigosh is their formal hello, he said this to you readers
Omrigosh, and don't come back here. - Jack with the NASA team seems to have said to the black Reptilian. The "NASA team" try to regulate alien activities here on Earth, in particular the more sinister ones.

Two things to know and be prepared for:

1. The Alien Agenda which is responsible for alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and hybrid programs, is run by the Dark Lords who are the same as the Incubi and Djinn recorded throughout history, featuring menaces such as Baphomet, Jezebel and others. They gave us Satanism, Aleister Crowley, and Hitler and the Nazi movement, and they also bring us the Alien Agenda whose symbol is the yellow pyramid and whose god is The Eye.

2. The Agenda is flooded with sexual offense. Women are raped to make them pregnant with hybrid and human children. Children are molested by Zetas who want to evaluate their reproductive capabilities soonest possible. Children and adults are sexually molested, and subject to medical experiments and torture to flare up their energy called "juice", the life force that the Dark Lords pick up and pass forward to their god The Eye.

Sounds too cruel to be true? Sounds too science-fiction to be true? Read my documentary if you want to know what it's really all about.