UFO Log


When I was 14 I was watching a tv documentary about alien abductions. I got a strange strong feeling in my chest which somehow I knew was telling me to go outside to see UFOs. I didn't want to go, but the feeling was strong so eventually I went. I got to see several UFOs that night. Ever since then, for the following months, I went out almost every night to see them, from when the sun would set until the sun came back up again. I saw hundreds.

Now 20 years later I am ready to go out to see them again. This time I will bring with me a good quality video camera to film them with, so that I can share those experiences with you. Also I hope that my UFO visitations can offer some bit of evidence for the whole of my experiences with alien contact.


I was 14 when the aliens summoned me out to see UFOs. From then on I went out almost every night for the following months. In the drawing are the largest UFOs I have seen.

The metal saucer was seen on August 13, 1997. The bottom and top sections rotate slowly, as seen by how the light reflected from the streetlights (yes, it was that close to ground!) was moving. The center railing was still since to the left was a raised edge with a dark red light that did not change position.

The blue-green flat rectangle with two orange-red spheres on the bottom surface was seen on October 24, 1997, on my 15th Birthday. The aliens woke me up early in the morning at 5 AM and insisted that I go outside. They let me see this UFO and it was my Birthday present which I will always remember. It was a magical early morning, the ground was covered in silver white frost and the moon was shining bright in the sky.

The black triangles flew right over my head, perhaps 100 meters above but really not high up at all. They flew slowly: human made aircraft that depend on the buoyancy from air underneath its wings need to fly faster than that to stay up! They flew without a sound. First one, then a second one came and flew over me.

I was taking the dog out to the forest near our house when the orange-pink hourglass shaped UFO flew over the trees. For some reason I was really frightened to see it, even though I had already willingly gone out to see hundreds of UFO sightings before. I ran back to the house, I felt chased like an animal by that thing. That night I had a terrifying dream about a close encounter with green lizard or frog people. It was not pleasant.

The orange spheres are about the size of the full moon in the sky. They fly without a sound, and swiftly across the air as if there is no air resistance pushing back against them. They were the first UFOs I saw on my first night out. Similar ones were seen years later by me and my ex-boyfriend over his garden, and later two or three orange spheres circling slowly around a nearby forest.

I have made hundreds of individual UFO sightings. Of course I understand that satellites, airplanes and shooting stars are not unidentified flying objects. The large ones are rare. Most UFOs are the size of a star, white with one of red, blue, or green light, not blinking, and fly in a manner which is not consistent with airplanes, satellites or shooting stars. Other UFOs are like white spheres of light or orange spheres and are larger than a star but smaller than the moon in the sky, and also behave in a manner not consistent with known flying objects. The UFOs can appear out of nowhere, disappear suddenly, reappear. They can wobble while staying in pretty much one spot.

The UFOs can also change trajectory at a sharp angle, which is not expected behavior of an airplane, meteorite, or satellite. I have been able to telepathically instruct the pilots of the UFOs on complex flight patterns, such as a zig-zag pattern, and they will comply and fly in that manner.

Real or imaginary?

The UFOs I see are real and they are not hallucinations or imaginary, because other people who are out with me will see and describe the same things that I am seeing. I have also tested by not telling the other person beforehand what I am seeing, so not to have them hallucinate what I am hallucinating, and so the fact that we both see the same thing means that there is something there.

The UFOs are flying objects and they are unlikely to be natural phenomena. A natural phenomenon includes a shooting star or meteorite for example. Large or close by UFOs are not objects that have been created or put together by nature, due to what they look like. Large and small UFOs fly in patterns that make them not likely to be natural objects, they can move forward and stop, change course, disappear and reappear. They are also unlikely to be piloted by humans since I have confirmed that I have a telepathic link to that which controls the path of flight of the UFOs, since I am able to tell them what pattern to fly in and after I have sent my message they will fly as I have described, and it is unlikely to imagine that a human pilot would first of all be in possession of these impressing flying crafts, second it is unlikely that a human in possession of such an impressive craft would choose to visit me, and thirdly it is unlikely that such a human with such a craft would be able to hear my telepathic messages let alone to respond and comply with my instructions of flight pattern. So they must be aliens.

And, since other humans can see them also, and I see the UFOs with my eyes and not mentally, it means that I should be able to film the UFOs. And that means that I can share them with you too in the film.

I would love to connect with other UFO watchers or groups to go out together to see the UFOs that I can summon (I am afraid to be out alone in the night in the woods, I am not afraid of the aliens but of dangerous humans lurking in the dark or of wild animals).

Telepathy: The MUFON Zeta