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The Agenda is what we call a vast organization which is ruled by extraterrestrial entities who call themselves Dark Lords or Goat Kings, they say they are from a place called Alpha Theta and they worship a god called The Eye. The Agenda employs many different extraterrestrial species who are working together and collaborating on all their goals. Some of the member species have been enslaved by force following wars and the use of explosives. But the Agenda is also active here on Earth and among fractions of humanity.

The logotype of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid which represents a hierarchial structure.

The leaders Alpha Thetons are predatory creatures and energy vampires, able to ingest life force in a way similar to how a plant absorbs sunlight. Many victims are tortured and murdered in the Agenda to supply to the need of the Alpha Thetons. Alpha Thetons also send some of the extracted energy to their god The Eye.

The Agenda takes a special interest in certain human families that are referred to as "bloodline families".

Here is a book that looks interesting, I have not read it: The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, by Mark Dice