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The group of aliens that contacted me in 2011 to let me know that they are using my eggs to make human-alien hybrids, is a group of several different extraterrestrial species working together. I have come to call their group, and the work they do, the Alien Agenda.

The symbol or logotype of the Agenda is a yellow pyramid with its point pointing up. The symbol seems to represent a hierarchial structure, where every member species or individual is assigned a rank or status. At the top of the hierarchy is The Eye, this is a godly figure but seems to also be an actual structure in outer space, similar to a black hole. The second highest, or at least close to the top, are the Alpha Theton Dark Lords, they are the ones who worship The Eye as their god, they claim that The Eye speaks to them.

Other member species of the Agenda include Zeta Reticulan Greys, Draconian Reptilians, Alpha Orions, Dinosaurs, Alpha Centaurians, and many others. Some of the member species claim to have been forced to work there, rather than having willingly joined, these include Alpha Orions, Dinosaurs, and the human-like Alpha Centaurians.

One of the main objectives of the Agenda is world domination, to conquer other worlds by means of force. Explosives are also used as a weapon to force another species into submission. Species are then forced to work for the causes of the Agenda. Some do physical work assignments, others who lack capable hands such as the Mantids are given other assignments, such as monitoring.

The Agenda is active in producing hybrid breeds between different species. Zeta Reticulans seem to have willingly joined the Agenda, so that they can have help in producing a new genetically modified Zeta species which regains back its fertility, they say they lost fertility after a nuclear power accident on their home planet.

The leaders Alpha Thetons are predatory creatures and energy vampires, able to ingest life force in a way similar to how a plant absorbs sunlight. Many victims are tortured and murdered in the Agenda to supply to the need of the Alpha Thetons. Alpha Thetons also send some of the extracted energy to their god The Eye.

The Agenda is a sinister organization and many benevolent extraterrestrials are against it. One group of extraterrestrials is called the Board and consists of among others, Pleiadians, the Airship People, blue people who were the ancient blue gods in India and South America, and Ummo, the Board is against the Agenda. Another group that is against the Agenda, is a group of friendly Reptilian individuals, its symbol is an upside down turquoise pyramid or triangle with the point pointing down, they are known as "the Turquoise".