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Alpha Orion and Summoning UFOs


Koala Bride
Soup's Up!
We Need Them For Germination
Why I Hate Pleiadians - Who is more cruel? Reptilians or Humans?
There Is Another World - Abduction And Ear Implant
A Door Opening - Pre-Abduction Alien Interaction


Relationships Can Hurt
Alien Conspiracy Story
This Whole Thing
Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs)
Planetary Takeover
Alpha Reticulans Visit


Skink Babies
It Means Planetary Takeover
The Future Is Great <-- John from the 1940's talks through time!
Military And Royalty
About Hamish's Sexuality
Finally Met The Zetas
Two Needles And One Anal Probe
Not Fiction
Reptilians Are Not Toys
Greatest Love


Agenda Is Weird
Anything and Everything
The White Man
Alien Meeting
Lemuria And Sex-Ed
Not Exactly What I Thought
Quality Time With The Aliens
Meet Leather Photo Album
A Game Of Soccer
Closer to Hamish
4 AM With Hamish
I just want to be with him
Meeting Hamish at the Staircase
One Girl's Memoirs
The Rockefellers and Hugging Hamish
Sex with a Reptoid
Why I did this and Why I no longer will


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Better Than A Filofax
Happy Christmas 2013!
You Are My Buttercups
Reticulan Walruses
A Wonderful Goodbye
Pandora's Box
Castles and Kings
Just Another Day With Dragons
Books, Poo, and Scales
Disaster - An Alien Abduction
Agenda Shenanigans And Smells
Happily Ever After / Rejection
Reptilian Kings
The Truth
A Dream
UFO Watching and Hooot! with Malik
Domestication of a human
Letter to SETI 09082013 Lady Thuban Auntie
Strawberries and Japanese
All my Aliens
Confessions of a Contactee
Another Dragon Coo
Bird, Shuurah, Teddy, Carotid, Penis
Sex with Malik and Hamish
Hamish and Bird Person, Malik and Crocodile Men
A little bit of everything
I want Inclusion
Am I enough
Dark Lord and their Shenanigans
Eventful Night The Threat, Eggs In A Bag
Zetas and Tubing
A Day at the Farm With Penises
Mean Aliens
My Monster
Not All Pleasant
I am an Alien Abductee
The Orion doctor checks my heart
Zetan cruelty
The Struggle
Alien Sex Club and Anal Probing
Want to see them
I don't enjoy alien contact
Together Forever
Pajama Party with the Insects
Two Sides And A Pen
Biology And Religion Unite
Arcturians vs Black Ones
My Honored
Alien Abductions
I didn't mean to do it!
Close Encounter with Malik
Life With Dragons
Me Want Close Contact - Now!
Fire Engine Red Scales And Flowers
Don't make me dance
When You Love Someone
Love My Turtle Sock
Don't hit Send!
Marry Me
Looking at a Draconian
My Malik
About Shapeshifting
A Strange Symbiosis
Royal Romance and Agenda Mysteries
Bath Time With Dinosaur and Orion
Floating In Space
Kissy Dragon Feet
Dragon Royalty, Dragon Vatican
Lick the Sword, and Alien Abductions
Basmet and Froggie-Snacks
Over the Threshold
An Unusual Announcement
Intruder in the Dragon's Den
The Cetaceans From Andromeda
Yellow Roses for Dragon Turtle
Strange Happenings
No, Carpetwash
A Russian Kommrad
That MILABS Thing
Mothman Has Sex With Me
Lingonberry Dragon
Stealthsky, Illuminati Gangster, and Stephanie
A Girl and a Dragon
This is to a Beloved Dinosaur
Stories with Hamish
Green Praying Mantis - Speaking Dragon with my Hamish
It is against the anti-venom for the topical treatment
Amusement Park, Croc History, Moon not made of Cheese
Hamish throws me and six other reptilian happenings
My Life With Hamish The Red Dragon Turtle
Thuban Abduction Experimentation - And Hamish's Ruggy
Spending Night with the Scaly Boys
I nearly died in the Illuminati lodge
Contraptions in the MILABS abduction
The Never-Ending Story about Sex
The sad story
When you get what you ask for


Merry Christmas with The Nonsense
Christmas Night With Aliens
Mystery MKULTRA man?
Alien Bastards that go Bump in the Night
Cuddlz and Drugs with General Patton
Scheisse - the intricacies of Malik The Black One
General Patton? I do
Crocodile Man
Problems with Alien Cattle - and how to solve them
"Cuddles" with Lizard Man in Russian underground bunker
The Weird Behavior Of Hamish Biting and Stomping
My Red Dragon Turtle Hamish The Elder also known as Hamish...
Kissy Feet And Dinosaurs
Good Morning with Hamish! And Snake wants some cuddlz
Cuddlez with Snake, Hamish shedding Scales, TRASH!!! Chats...
Giggling With Haamiss And I seem to be an MKULTRA Beta Kitteh!
Tender Moments With Hamish, and Olav makes an intrusion
Gingerbread man, Aliens and Stuff
A Friendly Trip to the Crematorium
Getting Snug With Hamish Rug Yes - Plunger No
The Creepy Have Crept Closer
Majestic Four - and the pointless allure of Satanism
Abductions, Juice, Rape, Molestation, Aliens, and Draconians...
All Kinds Of People, All Kinds Of Things
Alexander, Sergei, Hamish, Yellow-Draconian and...
Hamish is back - better than ever
Hissy Fit Continues... but Hamish gets present anyway
What's up with Hamish?
Intimate moments with my Red Dragon Hamish
Confounded - by the little Greys
Year One Of Hamish And a medley of aliens
Commander Wilkes is training me for MKULTRA And Hamish...
Illuminati MKULTRA and all this Creepy Shit
Disgusting rude violent bastards from outer space
Hamish gives me two kisses on the mouth and in-depth about...
Meet my Creepy Eye
Bizarre is the new Normalcy Copper Rods and Drinking...
Hamish my Honored Teddybear
Lobsters and Bathroom rugs Oh My!
A Mix of Draconians, MKULTRA, Genetics, The Pyramid...
Me and Hamish
The worst thing is that it wasn't a Nightmare
MKULTRA, Star People, and all of that
How Aleister Crowley Saved Me
The Dinosaur is back
Visit to the underground facility?
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