The Orion Project on YouTube, and other Media

The Orion Project on YouTube --->

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live August 24 at 11 PM EST see here

What to expect?
- I plan to upload telepathic conversations - in text.
- Maybe some night-cams trying to catch some abductions. (But in the past that hasn't worked. ET comes in another dimension - invisible!)
- Video series with facts about topics. A video with all I know and want to say about Dinosaurs, Bird People, Hamish, Orions, and so forth.
- In the future (when I get some money) - videos from my Expeditions to go see North Port Gargoyle in Florida and Ithaca Non-Bat in Guatemala!

Yes, welcome to the rainforest. - speaks Ithaca non-bat right now. They're expecting me.
What FUN we could have! - Ithaca non-bat
What fun could we have? - me
We could pick those berries apart. - Ithaca non-bat shows image of those red berries again, he used to eat some and he says they pass through him intact
Do you eat those berries? - me
! I was glad to show you that! - non-bat
You're a cutie! I love you! I want to come see you some time. - me

- If I take up UFO-watching again (and get a camera that works at night) I'll show you UFOs.
- Wishful thinking: I'd love to catch Hamish stompety stomping his feet shedding scales on a bathroom rug.