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I started this website when I was contacted in 2011 by a man from Orion. The purpose of the website was to document and present a case of alien contact. The contact took place in the form of mental images and telepathic conversations, and the second purpose of my website The Orion Project was to investigate whether the contact was real or imaginary.

I was convinced it was real

I continued to write down hundreds of pages of telepathic conversations and contact experiences with the aliens. Several months into the contact the Dark Lords told me about an "Alastair Cromley" which I found out was Aleister Crowley and this together with the other information given to me by the aliens was enough for me to conclude for myself at least that the alien contact was real. This is however not good enough as evidence for anyone else.

First contact had physical evidence

In the 1990's however when I was 13 years old I had an alien visitation experience together with my best friend who was 12 at the time and this encounter had a witness and several pieces of physical evidence. You can read about it in "First Contact" in the links to the left. This case provided with plenty of physical evidence that proved that the alien contact is real, however none of this evidence was recorded in photographs or video for instance, and it also does not count as evidence for anyone else other than for me and my friend.

My information agrees with what others have reported

Something else that I regard as indication of authenticity, is that my information agrees with information given by others who report on alien contact. As soon as I was contacted by the aliens in 2011, I made sure to isolate myself from other sources of information on the alien topic. I did not want to start watching videos or reading about the encounter stories of other persons or to talk with other experiencers of contact, because I did not want my subconscious mind to be inspired by those stories. I wanted to make sure that my own stories were as far as possible my own. This however does not guarantee the extent to which my own experiences could or could not be based subconsciously or unwillingly on information I have seen in videos or text before. However, it should be said that the information I produce from my alien contact, agrees in many cases very well with the stories that are told by other experiencers. How likely is it that different independent persons would report the same descriptions, same names, and same information? My favorite example is that I encountered the Dinosaurs, who other people report are Saurians and are described in the same way. If several individuals report the same details, and if they were not being influenced by the same texts or videos or by each other, then that would make the experience phenomenon overall very interesting from a credibility point of view. I emphasize however that this does not produce evidence, because we cannot know to what extent I have already seen or read information from other sources in the past.

I make new information

I produce a lot of information on the alien topic that I do not find written about anywhere else. If someone were to imagine, lie about, or hallucinate alien experiences, then they would be more likely to describe it in a way that corresponds to a story that is "expected" and therefore "safe". It would depict stories of the Zeta Reticulan Grey aliens who are displayed in the media the most. It would talk about alien abductions by the Greys. There would probably also be Reptilians and Mantids if the person is aware of these characters also from the media. However I also report many brand new alien species which to my knowledge are not reported anywhere else. These include the genetically modified Thuban whales, the little yellow Alpha Centaurian elves, Alpha Remulan scorpions, and many others. This is not evidence that my alien contact story is real, but it shows that me or my mind is at least not producing an "expected" story based on what is in the media.

Evidence for me but no evidence for you

So do I have any evidence? I have plenty of evidence that proves the phenomenon to be real for myself. Physical UFO sightings with witnesses, the physical evidence in the first contact experience that I had, and the way that observations, communication from the aliens, and all of it ties together into the bigger picture. I am sufficiently convinced that my alien contact is real. However, I do not have at this time any evidence that would suffice for someone else to be convinced that my aliens are real. Therefore you cannot enjoy my alien contact experience in the same way that I can. I encourage everyone to look for evidence and to remember that many convincing sounding stories on the internet might be inaccurate. You can enjoy my contribution to the alien topic but remember that there is no physical evidence from me to you at this time.

Could I produce evidence?

Would it be possible for me to produce physical evidence that the aliens are real? The first several years I was so excited that aliens were talking to me, my objective was to listen and to observe and I decided I was not going to do anything that would alter their natural behavior. (That is why I seem to be so naive and compliant and dumb in the first telepathy books.) I wanted to learn as much as possible about them, so I did not ask them many questions and I did not tell them what to do.

If aliens one time wrote their writing in neon green light hieroglyphs on the walls could I ask them to do that again? Could I summon the spaceships and be told what pattern I should ask the aliens to fly in and could that be filmed? Could I manage to ask one of my aliens to physically manifest so that I could photograph them? Could a human participant hide pictures or text or objects in a room that is sealed to me, and could I ask the aliens to go to that room and for the alien to describe to me the items in that room telepathically and could that then verify that I am receiving information from a source that is external to me? All of this requires me to ask the aliens to do something for me. I have previously been reluctant to alter their natural behavior.

I also worry what would happen if my aliens were verified real. I feel extremely protective of my aliens, in particular of my Hamish. Over the years I have formed a close bond and friendship to these beings. I would not want other people to bother or harm my aliens. From my perspective, it works out better for me and my aliens if my aliens are not verified real. On the other hand I have to ask myself, am I under any kind of obligation to do my best to prove to the world that my aliens are real?

I do not want to exploit my aliens. I also do not want to alter their natural behavior. I also do not want them to be at any risk of being harmed. My loyalty to my aliens is greater than the feeling of obligation to prove to humanity that the aliens are real.

You can read my alien stories as a form of science-fiction. It makes no difference to me whether other people believe in it or not.