On December 27, 2018 I thought about Antarctica, and of how people who believe that the Earth would be flat instead of a globe say that the tall ice wall around Antarctica would be the wall that surrounds the flat Earth and holds the waters in. I thought about how every time when I remote view into Antarctica I come across that huge deep perfect black cylindrical hole that goes into the ground. Thinking about Antarctica established a connection to the place, and I ran into a people who are there guarding it.

I saw a line or armed guards holding some type of large rifles against their chests. I could not see the people clearly, but we began to talk telepathically. They were not welcoming, but I used my kindness as always and what could have become either an argument because of their attitude or that I would have just left because of their attitude, instead we ended up having a friendly conversation.

They are living there on Antarctica and visitors like me are not welcome. I asked them where they come from and learned that they call Earth their origin and home, meaning that whoever these people are, they do not say that they have come here from outer space. So we cannot call them extraterrestrials, regardless of if they are humans or not. They are Earthlings same as we are.

The guard I talked to said that his people are called Kesovans. I have never heard such a name before, and also an internet search finds nothing relevant to such a people. He told me that they eat only "living cells". So we learn that they eat animals or humans and that the pieces that they eat off the body of their victim has to be living tissue or otherwise they cannot eat it. I told him that humans can store meat for a long time even after the cells have died so that we do not have that problem. So he was trying to tell me that they eat their prey while it is still alive. I remained friendly and kind in our conversation in spite of these gruesome revelation. I have a way of being friendly with every new friend that I encounter, that is why I have now met at least 82 different alien species, this one being the 82nd. And even when aliens that I meet are hostile and predatory I remain kind and loving and then we become friends and I get to learn about them. I also do genuinely feel a lot of love and friendship toward other creatures and I love them from their own perspective.

He then shared with me in mental images several examples of their written language, which I was able to draw on a notebook and he also told me what several of them mean. Well, to be honest after he had given me one or a few I kept asking him to show me more and more of them, which he did and which is why I ended up with a total of 10 different characters.

From the left to the right:

1. Two circles with lines. I do not know the meaning of it.

2. Two vertical bars with lines in the middle. I do not know the meaning of it.

3. Circle with dot and lines. I do not know the meaning of it.

4. Diagonal lines. "That one means transmission."

5. Two vertical lines. "It means "do not enter", or, that the doors have been locked."

6. Half circle with lines. "It means that we own, that we have sieged this place."

I was told by the guard from Antarctica that the people who have this writing are Kesovans.

7. Two lines. "That one means "take me", to take."

8. Two lines and with three lines. ""It has been taken.""

I asked, "Who are the Kesovans?"
He said: "We have been bred, to be here."

9. Triangle. "This one means glass clear, or to not to take. Because it is clear like glass."

He also said: "We cannot welcome you to our city. So, please stop following us. And yes we see that you have been used to breed!"

I told him: "I liked writing with you thank you."
He: "You eat grasses. And we, most certainly do not."
Me: "Where did your species come from?"
He: "Here! From the Earth!"
Me: "What do you look like?"
He: "Like not from the Earth, we have got smaller heads than yours."
Me: "What color are you?"
He: "We don't mean to come here anymore."
Me: "It was nice to meet you. Thank you. Goodbye!"

10. Leaning curve with line. "War is not here, this is a land of peace."


I designate the Antarctic Kesovan group as of unknown Agenda designation, as it is not clear to me whether they are member of the Agenda or against the Agenda.