As I hope to be allowed by the aliens to stay awake and remember the alien abductions, I would compile those alien encounter experiences here. Note that there are previous alien encounter stories elsewhere on the website and in the books, although those are few and rare, with the most notable one being when I met the Thuban and the hybrid girl raced me through the restaurants because I needed a bathroom. I have alien encounters every day but here I hope to gather actual abduction or almost-abduction stories and not the daily usual.

Rating 1. Real actual alien encounter. My body is in the same place as where the aliens are. I am fully conscious there.
Rating 2. Some kind of alien encounter. I think that my body is there, but I am not fully conscious there, but it could be it just that I am not fully awake there.
Rating 3. I experience that I am somewhere else and experiencing aliens, but it is as if it is mixed in with dream elements so I do not know what I am exactly experiencing or why seemingly real elements of aliens are mixing in with my dreaming at night. I think my body is still in bed at home.
Rating 4. I am definitely still in my bed at home, and my mind is still in my room. But the aliens are talking pre-abduction things and I am beginning to experience glimpses of being there even though I am here.
Rating 5. I am definitely in my human world and there are no elements of abduction or of me being there with the aliens in another place. But we are talking telepathically with each other. (Most of my website is just this stuff, telepathic conversations with the aliens throughout my day.)

Switzerland Reticulan Hybrid Kindergarten August 06 2017

Energy Rape by the Zetas July 31-August 01 2017