Telepathic Conversations With Extraterrestrials
And Military

The ETs speak with me telepathically. They tell me it is rare for humans to hear them so well. I try to write down everything the Aliens say. I'm sure I catch more than 99% of all the conversations in writing.

Some telepathy are posted here. Much of it is captured in the Stories and Thoughts sections. Most of it becomes logged in computer files and there are hundreds if not thousands of pages of conversations written so far.

The Orion Project books post hundreds of pages of telepathic conversations.

Here are some telepathic conversations:

August 23 2017 -
The Secret Life of Assistant Carlisle - Is Assistant Carlisle my father?
July 29 2017 -
Captain Stephens provides Answers and Recipes
July 28 2017 -
Black Recruit at Fort
July 25-26 2017 -
Talking with General Patton about his military career
July 25 2017 -
General Patton's Interests, reveals he has leukemia
July 21 2017 -
Remote viewing General Patton and Assistant Carlisle
July 11 2017 -
Cunningham General Patton Aliens Reader
June 8 2017 -
Major Cunningham and Assistant Carlisle, Cookout and Telemetry
Sept. 08 2015 -
Zetas and Plague
March 07 2014 -
Showered and taken to the baby factory mansion
June 18 2013 -
Eggs, Sponge cake, and David Brin's Letter to Alien Lurkers
June 10 2013 -
Turok the Crocodile Man
June 07 2013 -
Close Encounter with Malik
June 03 2013 -
The non-bat from a cave - covered in dung and wants to drink my blood
May 16 2013 -
We need to look at your butts and get semen - interviewing Snake and Orion man about life
May 06 2013 -
White one is after my eggs, and Jeff wants to go to Tijuana
January 25 2013 -
Boys Malik and Hamish answer Dariush's questions
about Draconian Human World Politics
July 27 2012 -
General Patton signs me over to Mr. Biltjev
July 15 2012 -
Hamish and Annie watch some Animal Videos
July 12 2012 -
General Patton and the MKULTRA thing
June 04 2012 -
Making Website Frames with the Draconians
May 29 2012 -
Betelgeuze wants to teach me Pentagrams
May 11 2012 -
Birthday Cake with Hamish
August 25 2011 -
Orion man discusses NATO
Unknown Date -
Telepathy from the Florida area