James Bartley, investigator of MILABS

You Tube - The Reptilian Controllers of Planet Earth

New $100 Bill Decrypted - Nuclear Devastation
This video and this man's work feels related to the story I am uncovering in the Agenda

Raging Reptilian

United Millennials Podcast #12: Telepathic Aliens

Conspiracy Journal

Booklet: How to refuse alien abduction lightside UFO study group

Russian UFO Disclosure

The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History
Seems like a wonderful article, but I won't read it, I want my own sources and information
totally untainted by other Earth-bound sources

The Outpost Forum

Malevolent Alien Abduction Research

UFO Digest

Orion IFOS Research

UFO Evidence

UFO Mystic

The Paracast

The Anomalist

Contactee Support


Truth About Orion "Lizards" by Roger Kerr

Think About It

Reptilians - by Ken Bakeman

The Lacerta Files

Malevolent ET Groups

Church of Mabus

Reptoid Research Center


Phantoms and Monsters

Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity - David Icke

Reptilians Exposed

Understanding the Reptilian Mind

James Bartley - Understanding The Reptilian Mind Part 1 of 4

I.C.A.R. International Community for Alien Research

Alien Shift

Reptoids and Reptilians

Nibiru Planet X

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