About the Copyright

All written content on this website was produced by myself, the author of this website. The reasons why I have chosen to evoke copyright on this material include,

  • I put in countless of hours of work into this project and that should entitle me to any products, rewards, or recognition that may result from this work.
  • With certain reservations in the case that the extraterrestrials do not exist, I regard them as close members of my life, and for the same reason one would not want personal photographies or information of one's children or loved ones spread and used in ways that one would not feel comfortable with, I feel the same kind of reservations in this case.
  • If content from my extraterrestrial contacts is spread or quoted without citing a reference that directs their recipients to here, the content might be misrepresented.

I share this material of course so that others may learn from it. It is my hope that this website becomes part of the mainstream alternative and/or scientific resources on the topic of claims of extraterrestrial visitations. So you may of course be inspired by the work presented here, and quote from it, so long as you give me credit for the works that I have originated and you do not attempt to make it your own.

The website features several drawings I've made of the ETs. Feel free to download and use the pictures so long as if reposted you either keep the text with the website address on it or otherwise provide a link back to here. I uploaded some of the pictures as a .JPG which means that they show faster but with lower quality. I have .BMP versions available that are sharper and less grainy, if anyone wants a .BMP picture then just let me know.