Blue Pleiadian
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  Alpha Centauri


The species listed here are the ones that are NOT part of the Agenda group. Most or all species in this section can be regarded as benevolent species. However there are species within the Agenda who are also benevolent, and so the distinction is therefore that the species listed here are not Agenda members.


Many of the species listed here have been genetically created or Starseeded by one of the other ones here. Ulia created the Vega. Vega created the Lyrans, Pleiadians, Sirians, and Blue Kings. Pleiadians created the Nordics.

The Board of Benevolent Species

Some of these benevolent or non-Agenda species work together in what is called The Board, where they collaborate also with Earth humans on issues such as how to work against the Agenda and other interplanetary matters. They get together and have board meetings to discuss political matters. One of the topics they discuss is the widespread problem of Draconian Reptilians. Other benevolent species are perhaps not members of the Board, but are benevolent and here to help humankind and Earth anyways. Pleiadians, Air People, Blue Kings, and Ummo are just some of the member species of the Board, there are also others that I have not yet identified.

In April 2012 someone informed me telepathically that they were going to have a board meeting. Not long after, I met with Peter the Blue Pleiadian who came to talk. He introduced himself as a Pleiadian, and said that his name was Peter. We talked about various topics, but the fact of the matter was that he had come to see if the rumors were true. If yours truly was what he called a "snake charmer".

Hamish the Red Reptilian appeared and Peter saw me being courteous toward Hamish. Peter declared to his disbelief that it was true as they have said, that I was a "snake charmer". Hamish did not take kindly to being called "snake" by Peter.

A few days later in April the Airship Admiral appeared. The Airship Admiral and Peter the Blue Pleiadian had taken part in a board meeting regarding me and the Reptilians. They were here to chase off the Reptilian Agenda and liberate me from my involvement in the hybrid programs if need be. The Orion man was delighted that I had met with the Airship Admiral. He thought so highly of the Admiral, and said that the Alpha Orions had also been present at that Board Meeting. The Alpha Orions if you recall have not willingly joined the Reptilians, and have yet to admit to Reptilian rule (which is why the Orions are forced to wear a uniform that displays the Reptilian symbol, the pyramid, but upside down as a sign of being not in the Reptilian Agenda).

Members of the Board including the Airship Admiral and Peter the blue Pleiadian talk with my Reptilians. I seem to be under constant watch by the Board and they step in whenever the Reptilians, Thubans, or other members of the Agenda are about to cause me too much harm. I have been protected, saved and comforted by members of the Board many times. They advise me not to talk with the Reptilians and to not give them my eggs.

Some races are friendly and benevolent even though they work with the Draconian Agenda. These races have been forced to work under the Draconians under threats of repercussions if they won't. Alpha Orions, Dinosaurs, Alpha Centauri, green praying mantis, and some Zeta are benevolent but work for the Draconians.

The Turquoise

Another group that is against the Agenda, is a group of friendly Reptilian individuals, its symbol is an upside down turquoise pyramid or triangle with the point pointing down, they are known as "the Turquoise".