The drawing tries to depict the Ummo man I met
on May 27, 2017

All of the information on my website is entirely based on my own first-hand contact with extraterrestrials and is not a rehash of something I would have read somewhere else.

I have had very little contact with them, but there is a benevolent group of ETs who look pretty much just like humans and they call themselves the Ummites. One night as I was chased by Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl I had been screaming for help as if my life depended on it. When I woke up back in my bed, an Ummite man was with me and said that he had heard me and had come to my rescue.

The Ummite are "not" very tall, unlike Altair people and Arcturians who are taller than humans, Ummite seem a bit shorter than average Europeans or Americans. They look like humans. The men even have short trimmed beards. Hair and beard is brown. Eyes have whites and have brown irises/pupils. Skin is Caucasian. They could probably walk among humans and remain unnoticed.

The Ummite love their home planet and their home planet became uninhabitable so they moved their colonies under the ocean. The Ummite man expressed concern and compassion for me, and said that he has daughters in the sea on their home world, so he cares about me as if I were one of his own. Very compassionate sweet and gentle-natured people. The Ummite are part of the Board of benevolent ETs who watch over Earth and humans.

How to describe the Ummite personality and character. They feel like someone who likes to get to work. Someone eager to help out. There is a feeling as if they would love to do crafts and building projects for some reason. They seem intelligent, keen, and like someone who wants to know what's going on both at home and elsewhere, I guess you could say a little bit "nosy" but not in a bad way. Keen and curious, helping, they feel like good neighbors.

July 23, 2013: I was suggesting to the Zetas that they could ask for help from the Pleiadians, Ashtar Command, or Galactic Federation for rescue and evacuation of Zetas from the Agenda. That is when an Ummite who was listening in also suggested "Ummo" as another possible source of help for them. I sensed today from the Ummite man how much they love their women and babies and they extend that same love toward human women and babies and they don't want to see babies being born to the Agenda. (Note that my own sources have never mentioned the Galactic Federation. That is one thing I get from other websites.)

Ummo man contacts me May 2017

Today on May 27 2017 I was contacted by a man who told me he is Ummo. He was not physically present. I was at work working in a hotel kitchen when he made contact. He spoke to me telepathically and I could see him, he was either in a remote location, or in my presence in another dimension, probably in another location. He had come because he was very upset at how the Agenda aliens treat me. He wanted to tell me what is done to me by the Agenda aliens (he did not refer to them as Agenda aliens, but I do). He tells me that these aliens let men have sex with me. Namely, last night when I was in bed I could see in the other dimension where the Agenda aliens are, that the aliens were letting Jack have sex with me. The Ummo man was very upset, and he talked to me about how he cares about the women and daughters of his own family and his own people, he extends that same compassion towards me.

I had to ask him to come back later in the afternoon once I am back home from work and that I would listen to him then. (At the time of writing this, I have not yet announced to him that I am ready to listen and to talk. First I need to catch up with my writing or I will start to forget alien encounter things.) Hamish was notably sad today, Hamish told me that the Ummo had told him that his back has no real power. I tried to give my dragon words of encouragement.

The Ummo man looks like a miniature sized human, but not just smaller in size, he also looks like a human that has been shrunken, compressed. Features of his face look as if a human head had been compressed. He has a brow ridge, meaning a protruding eyebrow bone, and the forehead above the brow ridge slants inward. There were many horisontal lines across his forehead. The cheekbone is protruding. Eyes are proportionally small even for his smaller head. The eyes have whites and have brown irises and possibly dark pupils. He has eyebrow hairs.

The nose is a bit chunky like a potato. The lower lip is large and somewhat orange in color and has several vertical lines across it in the skin texture. His skin color is a type of brown Caucasian. His chin was protruding outward and notably square-shaped, the jaw was robust. His ears had large and rounded upper lobes. He had a brown beard, I am not sure if the beard also included a moustache or not. His hair is brown and looks to be made of thick slightly wavy tufts of hair. He wore clothes, the upper body clothing was perhaps a dark red color.

Every time when I see an Ummo man, I have the same thought. Namely they look like a human who was adapted to live on a planet where the pressure or gravity were a lot stronger, because they look like a human that was pressed together. The Ummo who contacted me today sang to me the theme song of the old Profesor Balthazar cartoon and he meant that he is short like that character. I don't know if you see that in this cartoon that I put there but in some of the episodes you can see that he is a very short character.