I think the first time I met with the Alpha Centaurians was that time when Snake the Reptilian brought me with him down a diagonal elevator to an underground alien mine. They have the Alpha Centaurians working there.

Three Alpha Centaurian Species

I know of three distinct species of extraterrestrials who have all said they are Alpha Centaurian.
1. These Alpha Centaurian Humans
2. Large Yellow Alpha Centaurian Elves
3. Moffats, the Small Yellow Alpha Centaurian Elves


These Alpha Centaurians look very much like Asian human but of European size. I choose to refer to them as "Alpha Centaurian Humans" but that does not imply them to be of the same origin as Earth humans, just that they look similar. Alpha Centaurian Humans could almost be mistaken for Earth humans.

Their skin is a bronze tan color. They have shiny black hair. Men have short haircuts and women have very long hair that they keep free and not tied in a ponytail or otherwise tucked away. Eyes are small, almond shaped and slightly slanted. The eyes are all brown without whites or black pupils.

Reluctant Agenda connection

The Alpha Centauri had been approached by Draconian Reptilians and were forced to work for the Reptiles. The Centauri seem to be a peaceful people. Individuals leave their home world to go work for the Reptilians in mining, possibly in other areas of labor too of which I am not aware. These individuals leave home out of a sense of duty toward their people, knowing that some of them might not return and knowing that the work will be tedious. Reptilians threaten to destroy their entire world and to murder their children if they do not comply.

Alpha Centauri wear red uniforms in the mines. Snake brought me down an elevator which moved diagonally down a long shaft deep under ground into the mine. Walls were still being constructed and refined in the tunnels. I looked into the biggest room I have ever seen. They had not put a raling in place yet so I was down on my knees and hands looking into this room. A staircase brought you down to its floor level, and there was a huge drop down and also a huge ways up from my vantage point. Snake wanted to show off and pushed a prominent Alpha Centauri man down the drop and I had to witness it.

Alpha Centaurians don't want to speak with me and they do not want to be written about. The threat is that Reptilians would do them more harm. Maybe one day I will get the chance to learn more about their world and their situation.

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