"We are the Lyran race. I am sure, that once you have heard about us, you will all feel well." - Lyran man, source see the link below

On April 23 2016, I was contacted by an extraterrestrial man who said he was from Lyra.

The Lyran is rather tall, he has a humanoid or anthropomorphic build, meaning a body with two legs, two arms at the shoulders, a head on a neck, two eyes on a face that is to the front, and so forth. His skin is a pale pink color. He has no hair on the head. There are two small puckered external ears. There is a mouth and a long narrow nose ridge. The eyes are large and have whites to the sides, with a large pale blue-green iris, and what would be the pupils are not black or even dark, but are a darker shade of blue-green but still even those are pale in color. The head is very large for his body, but ends in a very narrow pointy small chin.

The Lyran wears a long robe or tunic of a pale blue-green color, the garment is so long that it would nearly brush against the floor. The garment also has long sleeves.

I saw him in mental images, in which he was standing outdoors on a planet which was dark and not well-lit. The ground was hard and dark almost black, and appeared to look like cooled down black lava glass. In the background was a jagged mountain chain of dark color. The sky was dark but seemed to have some crimson or purple red furthest down in the horizon, as if the coloration of the gas of an atmosphere, or the blush of a sunset or a sunrise. I did not see any stars, satellites, spaceships or moons in the sky in this image, not to say that those could not have been elsewhere on the planet.

Standing on the ground which looked like black volcanic glass, were two building artefacts. These buildings were rectangular, and made out of walls that were panels of a pale blue-green color, and looked as if they were made out of glass or a similar material. No doors, windows, or other features could be seen on these wall panels. I saw no roads leading to these buildings.

The Lyrans are a benevolent ET people. Read about the contact experience, also learn more about him, since I was taking notes at the time when he appeared, and there are also his verbatim words that we spoke, on this Thoughts page titled "Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs)".