"We are the Lyran race. I am sure, that once you have heard about us, you will all feel well." - Lyran man source

The Lyran species was created by the Vega. The Vega, Lyrans, and Pleiadians were on Earth Starseeding new species here. Lyrans and Pleiadians formed a strong alliance with each other, and together they abandoned the Vega, they also did not help the Vega when the Vega were attacked by an enemy which coveted the advanced Vega weapons.

In August 2017 I learned from a Vega that the Vega Starseeded (created) the Lyrans. The Lyrans and Vegas were Space Brothers and allies for a long time. When the Vega were brought into wars by the enemies who wanted the Vega weapons, the Lyrans took part in the wars to defend the Vega. However, the Vega lost these wars.

Vegas and Lyrans were Brothers for a long time and they Starseeded new colonies together. They came and seeded the human race and Pleiadians joined in and wanted to be their ally. Then the Pleiadian women deserted them and wanted to go their own way, and at this time the Pleiadians made friends with Lyrans, and so both the Lyrans and the Pleiadians deserted the Vega together. Pleiadians and Lyrans abandoned the Vega because "they did not want to be powerful with their very advanced fathers anymore", instead they wanted to Starseed their own races.


In 2016, I was contacted by a Lyra who had pink skin. In 2017 I did a remote viewing to learn the secrets of the Nazca lines in Peru and this brought me to a time 300,000 years ago when an ancient human people had traveled across the sea from Australia or the islands near Australia to the western coast of South America. During this same time, over in Europe and in what is today Greece, I found a Lyran. This Lyran had a light green skin color.

Lyran first contact

On April 23 2016, I was contacted by an extraterrestrial man who said he was from Lyra. The Lyran is rather tall, he has a humanoid or anthropomorphic build, meaning a body with two legs, two arms at the shoulders, a head on a neck, two eyes on a face that is to the front, and so forth. His skin is a pale pink color. He has no hair on the head. There are two small puckered external ears. There is a mouth and a long narrow nose ridge. The eyes are large and have whites to the sides, with a large pale blue-green iris, and what would be the pupils are not black or even dark, but are a darker shade of blue-green but still even those are pale in color. The head is very large for his body, but ends in a very narrow pointy small chin.

The Lyran wears a long robe or tunic of a pale blue-green color, the garment is so long that it would nearly brush against the floor. The garment also has long sleeves.

I saw him in mental images, in which he was standing outdoors on a planet which was dark and not well-lit. The ground was hard and dark almost black, and appeared to look like cooled down black lava glass. In the background was a jagged mountain chain of dark color. The sky was dark but seemed to have some crimson or purple red furthest down in the horizon, as if the coloration of the gas of an atmosphere, or the blush of a sunset or a sunrise. I did not see any stars, satellites, spaceships or moons in the sky in this image, not to say that those could not have been elsewhere on the planet.

Standing on the ground which looked like black volcanic glass, were two building artefacts. These buildings were rectangular, and made out of walls that were panels of a pale blue-green color, and looked as if they were made out of glass or a similar material. No doors, windows, or other features could be seen on these wall panels. I saw no roads leading to these buildings.

The Lyrans are a benevolent ET people. Read about the contact experience, also learn more about him, since I was taking notes at the time when he appeared, and there are also his verbatim words that we spoke, on this Thoughts page titled "Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs)".

Lyrans Starseeded an ape in Greece 300,000 years ago

Source: the remote viewing of the Nazca lines, available in a video, Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project

When I attempted to remote view the Nazca lines of Peru, I found ancient humans 300,000 years ago who had traveled in boats across the sea from Australia to the west coast of South America. And at this same time, 300,000 years ago, I saw that in southern Europe where Greece is today, was a Lyran. The Lyrans had Starseeded an ape.

This Lyran had green eyes. There was a bright white light around him like a spiritual religious light being entity.

The Lyran in Greece 300,000 years ago

I find there in Greece 300,000 years ago an ape that looks like a black chimpanzee. It is living on large open plains. They are almost exactly like modern day chimpanzees, only slightly larger and their faces are dark almost black, instead of beige faces. Read about the Black Chimpanzee in more detail on its own page.

This people in today's Greece had the religious worship of the ox. The symbol in Ancient Egypt, the picture, which is one of the pictures you come across the most, is the head of a bull with the horns that point inwards so that the tips almost meet making almost like a circle above the head, and then there is the red sun in between the horns, this symbol was alive and well 300,000 years ago in Europe. In this symbol the red sun is very red, it's our sun, and 300,000 years ago our sun in the sky was red and big and hot and it looked like the red sun painted here. Today we see a pale small yellow weak sun in our sky. The religious cult of the ox. So this Ancient Egyptian image dates back 300,000 years or more. The religious worship of the ox with the sun. The ancient people had monkey legs (the ancient human in Peru did not have monkey legs but straight legs like ours), this ancient Greece person has chimpanzee legs. If you see a chimpanzee standing up their knees are bent and their legs are curved, these monkey people with the religion of the ox they are standing up and they have monkey legs. Extremely interesting that there is a religion at this place, iconography, a cult, extremely unexpected! We would not have expected religion and iconography for this type of ape in paleontology!

European side of Mediterranean, Greece, wide open planes with thousands of cattle this cattle have these horns I made a quick sketch on notepad. Special body that looks like a block, has a nice beard on its throat, shape of the ox body is very interesting and the bump on its throat, peculiar looking ox. Rusty red brown ox, it has a long face like a gnu, some beard hanging from the front of its face, is a type of gnu. There are thousands of this cattle on these planes. The religious cult and symbol deals with this massive amounts of cattle.

Something with women. The apes are confused because their women are already bleeding with menstruation, the meaning of this blood is very peculiar to them, is something that they are trying to understand. I am shown a woman giving birth, but it is a tall creature that is an alien, it has white skin and large eyes, eyes not all black like Zetas, eyes very light and white with some blue, I've never seen this kind of alien before and they are having babies with each other. This is a Starseeding moment. A woman gave birth to a white baby, they are handing this baby to the ape chimpanzee. The ape I look at looks exactly like a chimpanzee except its face is dark instead of white or beige like today. Alien is tall with a large head, wear long pale green blue long robe, no hair. Someone gave birth and there was the blood, the white baby is handed to the chimp, chimp is confused and looking at all of this. The chimp is probably a Lucy or something. The monkey is saying... the monkey people all they want is to know where to find water, is all they care about. They don't want to throw rocks at people anymore, to fight with their brothers, just wanted to live in peace and find the good water. This monkey species already used the tradition of using rocks to throw at each other to fight or to communicate. They use no tools.

This type of oxen, and the sun was red in the sky

There are tall sticks with a fire lit on both sides of the ox statue which is made maybe out of a dead ox. It is a monument with an ox and on either side a fire on a tall stick. Monkeys did not make the fire and are also not tall enough to deal with these long sticks. The aliens have a big balloon shaped head. "We were the ancient Lyrans, the Masters", said the alien. I have before seen pink skin Lyrans with the same shape of head and same robes so is definitely a Lyran. "We were the ancient masters, the starseeders. So we have come onto this place to find good drinking water for these our little friends. And we didnt want to find for them any trees to climb. And now look we have taken over all of these planes and fields. But we didnt want them to bring us any more jewels. We didnt want them to start to fight with us with their weapons, and so we have only just come and then we left, because this was not a good place for us to stay on. And so even our women have started to bleed for them and give birth to them, but these these guys were not even happy or grateful about it. So what purpose does it serve, what purpose is there to stay, and so we have starseeded them and then we move on to the next. And so these little guys did not have to be so little anymore. But look look at first they were scared of the fire, and then we taught them how to drink properly.", drink properly meant the water from the river.

I ask the Lyran about the cult of ox and fire because that seemed a bit too Satanic. "Oh we only made them so that they would be afraid of them. Because we didnt want them to go further down East, over where the big boys have come." So the monument with the dead ox and fire torches lit on both sides was built by the Lyrans as a sign and warning for the ape people because east, it was Middle East somewhere, were other aliens there something evil and dangerous there. A monument to show them don't go there.

The monument built to warn the black chimpanzees from going to the enemies in the East

The Lyran shows me that there were jars or jugs filled with thick blood, these were left in front of the ox monument in front, these apes walk on their knuckles (a bit bigger, taller, than chimps). These chimps knuckle along to these jugs and they drink this blood that the Lyrans left there for them. I ask the Lyran about this. "We are beginning to breed with them. So we gotta do this first, or otherwise they cannot adjust to our gene. Do you know anything whatsoever about the genome, do you know how this stuff works, do you know that it is not as easy as planting a seed in the ground and then it becoming fertilized, we gotta do these advanced kinds of stuff.", Lyran. "So we had originally come from the stars, and we have starseeded here. And these guys, these guys are our crops." and then uses a word in my other language which means, says about the monkeys they are Lyran "descendants" or "offspring" translated. They are making descendants and offspring.

The chimps are drinking the blood voluntarily. Chimps do eat meat so maybe is not too hard for them to do. Maybe blood drinking wasnt satanic, because it had to do with chimps body adjusting to, deals with genetics, the merging of two species and blood is involved in that. The apes at this time feared fire, Lyrans built the monument to show them dont go to the East. So the monument is a warning a sign rather than a religion. I was thinking the Dark Lords in the East because these love the goat and antelope horns so maybe had some horned gods there but that is just me thinking but anyway.

I ask the Lyrans about the Nazca lines but they talk instead about their Starseeding. "Yes and we were not originally starseeding with their women. But we took them out and the Pleiadians did as well, and we made a good source out of their work", says Lyran about the ape people that they were starseeding and ie. the Lyrans and Pleiadians were working together on that. The Lyran asks me why my voice does not cling melodic like the Lyran voice he asks what has gone wrong with my race,

"Why is your voice not clinging melodic like ours? What has happened to your race, what has gone wrong. You see we used to be a very advanced race. What on earth has happened to your usually, formerly melodic" ... in my language a word. "What on earth has happened to your voice. You used to have such fine, well-sounding melodic voices and their rhythms used to be fairer. What has happened to your people and species we used to give you such melodic sounding voices." but instead of "sounding voices" he used again the word in my other language I translated. "Do you know what we left here in these jugs for them to eat?", he says about the jugs with blood for the apes. "Oh yes, let them fill their bellies with it. And do you know why we have done that? Not because of the Azteks.", he said either Azteks or Azakeths, he said Azakeths. I ask him what is Azakeths. "Oh they are the ones living further down to the East. You mean my non-space brothers and sisters. They were formerly populating this place with their own starseeded nations. And the rest, well you know how the rest goes and went."

I ask Lyran about the Nazca lines. "Oh yes we know about them. They were built by the ancient ones, according to a very ancient design, which you can still find there living on and inside their ground. Do you know what these lines meant? They were the pathways for the ancient spirits to walk across, and along to. Would you not bother us when we are doing our blood and genetics work? We are feeding them to the Azteks.", but sounds like Azkeths when he says. So it seems that the Lyrans are feeding blood from the jugs to these chimps in this place in Greece, and that then these chimps would be fed to the Azkeths in the East the bad people.

"Do you know that we came here in very advanced spaceships? And that these the monkeys desolated them? They started to draw on them with their hand." "So we gave them a chance to feed. Do you know what they are feeding on? The rest and the remnants of their other ones. That is who we gave them to. Do you know why? Because we have got none other left. But you can talk to our Pleiadian brothers and sisters about that. Because we, we are the ancient Lyran ones. And we dont come here very often, but now that we did we're not so glad that we were here, and we have left." So the Lyrans were feeding the blood from other monkeys to living monkeys, like of their own people. I ask why they feed blood to the monkeys. "So that their faces cannot stay the same, because we cannot stand to look at their faces and what they have done with our own. Do you know that these other people they started kidnapping our own and starseeding them with the rest?" So Lyrans had starseeded monkey people, then the Azkeths from the East the middle east at the same time they had started to starseed.

First there were the black chimpanzees. The black chimpanzees were Starseeded by the Lyrans, and the product of that was Starseeded on additionally by the Azkeths in the East. The Azkeths are also some extraterrestrials, they had further modified what the Lyrans had first created.

These three populations:
1. The original black chimpanzee apes.
2. The ape that resulted when the Lyrans Starseeded 1.
3. The ape that was Starseeded by the Lyran and additionally had also been Starseeded by the Eastern Azkeths.

The Lyrans were upset that their Starseeded apes had been ruined by the Azkeths, and so the Lyrans took blood presumably of group 3 (or of 1 or 2) which they did not like because it was their ruined work, and the Lyrans fed this blood to either 1, 2, or 3. It was probably the blood of 3 fed to other individuals of 3. The Lyrans did not like that their work with Starseeding the apes had been further Starseeded by the Lyran enemies of the East. I was under the impression that the Lyrans had individuals of 3 drink the blood of other individuals of 3 and that the Lyrans were then going to send those that had drunk the blood over to the Azkeths.

I ask the Lyran about the Nazca lines, the Lyran says to me: "Why have you lost your formerly so good sounding voice? What on earth has happened to your head?" The Lyran then says: "Do you know about the Atlantean culture that was flooded under the sea? Well we built it at first but then the other ones came in and took a hell of a lot of them out of there. They were all drowned and they were mine." So we learn that the Atlanteans were made by Lyrans and they were drowned. I ask what did Atlantis look like, and was it a continent and where was it located. He tells me that Atlantis was located in the west Aegean sea, which is near to Greece, and that is interesting since the Starseeding moment of the apes happened in Greece.

The Lyran is creepy, does not give a loving impression, I had always imagined them to be loving and friendly, they scare me. Someone ruined their Starseeded monkeys and they fed the blood of those spoiled monkeys and fed the blood to living monkeys and to send those to the East to be eaten by the Azkeths. I do not feel any love in the eyes of this Lyran. I do not feel that they Starseeded because they love someone or because they care about life.

Lyrans killed some of the spoiled monkeys and feed the blood to the living spoiled monkeys. So it does not seem as if they loved their Lyran Starseeded apes. The Lyran-Azketh apes still looked like monkeys, the modification was extremely minor or not visible at this time.

I took a look at the Azkeths in the East and I found burning corpses. One of the people from the East said, "We burned them and we took out the rest." Some population of monkeys being Starseeded but they had been killed and on the ground in Azketh land were dead bodies and being burned into ashes here in the East. "We drowned their cities.", says someone in the East. It smells like burning flesh. "We took them. We kidnapped them, and we hijacked them.", I ask why. "For our friends were not benign with us.", I ask which friends. "The ones who brought the ones with the spears and guns at us." The pictures I saw a tall apeman, it looks like a modern human except the face is very chimpanzee round snout, pale skin and not hairy all over. Looks like what I imagine a Lyran chimpanzee mixture. Was tall, wore some type of clothing. Look like monkey people but look like humans, almonst the only difference is that the snout comes out like a chimp, other than that it looks like a man a human. This apeman was probably the Lyran Starseeded chimp, the Lyrans had armed them with spears and guns to go after the Eastern people as soldiers. This looks exactly like the Apeman I was shown by a Vega "yesterday" and wrote about on the website. Lyrans, Pleiadians, and aliens of the East, were on Earth at the same time, they all wanted to Starseed the chimpanzees, these two populations (Lyra-Pleiadian versus Azkeths) fought each other, trying to ruin or take each other's work away from the others.