On the evening of April 7 2012, I was suddenly contacted by the blue Pleiadian who insisted that his name is Peter. In the preceding days, I had caught a few glimpses of his face but we had never spoken and I had not had a clue as to who it was. When I see him, it is telepathic and in my mind, and also when I hear him, it is telepathic in my mind.

Pleiadians are one of the most well-known type of ETs that occur in literature, such as on the internet. It seems that most humans who have contact with ETs, have contact with the Pleiadians. Pleiadians are also well-represented in books and a frequent source of channeling and messages to the Earth.

People who have a past in star civilizations and who have incarnated to live here in a human body but as extraterrestrial persons are called Starseeds. Most Starseeds were sent to us from the Pleiades. I am a Starseed but I always knew I was not from the Pleiades. So in my search for my own origins I always tried to avoid reading anything about the Pleiadians, so that I could stay true to my own source, because for a long time I did not know where I was from. So what I knew of the Pleiadians prior to my first encounter with one, was very little. All I knew to assume to know of them was that "they look just like humans" and "they are highly benevolent and are helping mankind" and "they act just like humans". Nope, not quite so with Peter. While benevolent and helping mankind yes, quite an exotic extraterrestrial who neither looks nor acts quite human!

I had such a surprise with Peter. To my utter surprise, and disappointment, Peter was acting very sexual and flirtateous with me. He presented me with lots of courtship, and also talked about the Pleiadian women. Maybe that is a normal facet of life out there, in the wildness of space, where maybe only humans are the ones with strange complicating taboos and restrictions. But we live life with sexual reservations here on Earth so that we may call ourselves civilized. Our cultures clashed, Peter's Pleiadian one and mine.

The conversation between me and Peter was written down but cannot be posted on a public website because of sexually suggestive content. The conversation was hand-written and I have lost those notes. Luckily I had sent the conversation in an email and was able to find it there. This was meant to become a chapter in the first book, The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?, but ends up in the book Letters to SETI: Real? Or Imaginary? instead. Letters to SETI should come out in the year 2013.