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  Altair Encounters

astral Altair
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There are two distinct different types of Altair extraterrestrial people. One is tall and large almost like a giant, the men have long brown hair and wear white long pants and jackets and a golden belt and red emblem on their chest, have orange skin and small brown eyes. These large Altair live in a parallel world which is ethereal or astral. The second type of Altair are short and have interesting facial features. I call these two distinct Altair: the astral Altair, and the small Altair. This page covers them both.

Astral Altair body

The astral Altair are tall with long legs and broad shoulders and look a bit like gentle giants. The skin is a strong orange color, the skin seems to be thick. They have long chocolate brown hair. They have two eyes that are small and almond shaped and a bit Asian shaped and placed a bit slanted, the eyes are all brown without eye whites or colored irises or black pupils, I have also not see that they would have eyelids which of course does not conclude that they have none. They have no eyelashes and probably also no eyebrows. I have not noticed any external ears but if they have any those would be hidden underneath the hair.

I do think that the Altair have a very long, very wide and very flat nose and a narrow mouth opening without marked lips. The face is vertically long and the face is smooth so that there are no noticeable cheekbones or cheeks.

They have three fingers on each hand. One finger is set a bit to the side which makes it look a bit like a thumb. The two other fingers are close to each other and they fit perfectly next to each other as if they had once belonged to one rectangular block that had simply been cut in two forming two rectangular shaped fingers that look a lot like thick french fries.

The astral Altair men wear long wide pants and a long-sleeve white shirt or jacket, these are loose fit clothing and not tight fit. They have a golden orange colored belt around the waist and in the November 28 2017 encounter I saw that the belt looks to be made out of a material that looks like hard plastic and that it had on his right side as part of the belt a small box of the same color and probably of the same material as well. (Notable is that the small yellow Alpha Centaurians a.k.a. Muffats also wear belts with an interesting box on the belt, not implying that those two boxes share the same function.)

Sometimes but perhaps not always, since I was not sure if the November 28 2017 encounter had him wearing it, the Altair man also has a diagonal belt that goes from one shoulder down diagonally across the front to the belt, the belt being of the same color as the belt around the waist but this belt appears to be made out of a softer fabric material and not of the hard plastic as the waist belt. The fact that I did not draw the diagonal belt in the drawing of the November 28 2017 encounter, and I made that drawing within minutes of first seeing him that night, suggests that he probably did not have the diagonal belt that time.

In the November 28 2017 encounter, or perhaps always or perhaps at most times, an Altair man wears a red circle emblem on the chest, see the drawings. A red V-shape of soft curved shape rather than a sharp V is on the emblem and its upper points reach above and outside of the boundaries of the red circle. I noticed that this V on the emblem looked like the large white building in its home world only facing the other way, perhaps there was a connection or perhaps not only my thinking. On the V on the emblem are the three Altair planets depicted, these are yellow but with blue waters and continents that are green from the forests of trees.

There are male and female astral Altair, and as far as I know they look a lot similar.

Altair hand seen November 28 2017
of the astral Altair


About astral Altair people

An Altair man once picked me up into his arms in the astral plane and carried me to my bedroom window and floated us out through the closed window and brought us to a field. This sort of thing is possible in the astral world without requiring any special technology or skill. The Altair had spaceships that at least from a distance or at least while in flight look like white glowing spheres.

They are a benevolent race. The Altair people travel space looking for minerals. Their population consists of men and women. Men are considered adults at an early age, at the equivalent of 14 human years, and marry women who are older the equivalent of 29 human years. Women take longer to get ready for marriage since they take their time learning domestic skills from their own families.

Only the Altair men travel in space and they are very protective of their wives who stay at home for security's sake. Altair men even feel reluctant to talk about their women.

The most distinct feature of the Altair people is their personality and behavior. They are distinctly humorous and make jokes and pun all the time. They like to tease people in the same charming way that an older brother might its younger siblings. They have a wonderful way of interacting with humans and they really know how to make a human feel a part of their family and feel cheered up. The Altair men instantly feel like brothers and it makes it difficult when it is time for them to leave. As a human you feel like you could live with them forever.

Altair people have been a part of my life always. Their interaction with me is kept at a minimal but they have been around for support and are one of the many benevolent alien races who guard and guide me. The Altair people are one of the most wonderful people in the universe.

About small Altair

The small Altair look different from the tall Altair. In my encounter with the small Altair (see "Encounter: Brothers of Man" from January 2014 in the Altair encounters page, the encounter seemed to have been in the astral world, however I am not ready to conclude that small Altair also inhabit the astral world and not our physical world. From the encounter story:

astral Altair world
Seen November 28 2017
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The men were shorter in height than humans, maybe about the size of a 10-year old child in height. Their skin is a golden orange tan, the skin is thick, not thin like human skin. Their facial features are very peculiar. The noses were pointy in an odd way. Their eyes are small and all brown, and they have brown hair. They wore clothing that they proudly if not awkwardly demonstrated to me before anything else was said between us. Their clothing came in two pieces, and they had no underwear under it. A kind of dark red or rusty brown cloak, and pants.

So we see many similarities between small Altair and astral Altair. Both are Altair people, possibly both are from the astral plane, both have the orange thick skin and small all brown eyes and brown hair. Differences: one is tall and large, other is small. We should not suspect the small to be a child version of the tall ones who would be adults, because the noses are different we could at this time regard them as two distinct Altair species, possibly two subspecies with a shared genetic connection.

In the January 2014 encounter I learned that the small Altair wanted to teach humanity how to build spacecraft so that humans can visit them in space and that the small Altair want to live side by side closely with humans and they regard humans to be their brothers. Noted is that tall astral Altair also emphasize on humans calling them Brothers.

The small Altair men also told me that they have very short lifespans, about 40 years only, so each Altair man feels eager and agitated to get his deeds done. They don't want to waste time in not getting things done or in saying things that aren't meaningful. I told him that I was told by them when I was a child that the Altair men marry their wives at an early age, about the age of 14, so I understood that they are in a hurry to live life (although that knowledge I had applied specifically to the tall Altair).

They also said that their women and children are at home, and this is another feature of Altair people that I remember being taught in my childhood - only the men travel, and women are left home with the children. This is identical with how the tall astral Altair also live, so we see so many things the same with these two types of Altair.

Seen November 28 2017
of tall astral Altair
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The small Altair men told me about their sun, and they told me that their planet spins very fast, much faster than Earth! That was the reason for their physical appearance, they said, the fact that their planet spins fast. Their planet has at least three moons, or actually four but the fourth one was very small, they said, and they say the moons contribute to spinning their planet so fast. Are these the same three moons that the tall Altair showed me in their sky in the November 28 2017 encounter, and would that again imply that these both types of Altair are the same people but of different physical appearances?

The small Altair men wanted me to present to humanity from them the designs on how to construct hydrogen fuel. I told them that humans already have hydrogen fueled cars but the problem is that the gas tanks can explode, and I asked them did they have any suggestions on better design for safety? They didn't say. But they really insisted that humanity can receive designs for how to live in an endless abundance of energy, and they want humans to build spacecraft by their design so that humans can join them in space in brotherhood. I told them I don't think humans are ready, that humans will use any technology whatsoever for warfare and that humans aren't ready for space. I am surprised that the Altair men are so eager to have humans join the galactic family. I may in fact in the future record their messages and have those presented to humanity, I am however still hesitant that humans would be ready.

The small Altair told me that they have made an agreement with me before I incarnated to Earth that they would always be with me, and that in return I would help them do their work here on Earth too. The Altair men have always been with me in my life on Earth. (I am a Star Person which means an incarnated extraterrestrial in a human body, that is what they were referring to.)