written May 20 2013

All of the information on my website is based on my own first-hand alien contact and information relayed to me from them. I do not read other websites or present a rehash of other websites or books.

The Draconian Reptiles have mentioned quite a few times the people of Vega. Draconians do not like the Vega. I am not entirely clear on all of the conflict that took place, but the Vegas refused joining the Draconian Agenda, or the Draconian cause. Draconians are scavengers who like to visit other alien races and take resources, food, land, power and rule. The Vegas resisted. A problem with the Draconians is that they are heartless, not empathic, and they like sadism, torture and cruelty as a sport. My impression of Vegas is that they were exceptionally beautiful, compassionate, and entirely opposite of what the Draconians are. So these were two races whose interests could not be merged. Conflict erupted, and this conflict still lives on in the Draconian Agenda.

The Vegas were beautiful humanoid people. Golden skin and curly golden hair like angel hair, big green eyes. They wore white robes. I was shown a scene where Vega people left their home world in spaceships. Perhaps the Draconians were the cause? Vegas came to Earth. Other websites say that the Vegas seeded the cities of Atlantis here on Earth. I have not heard this information myself so I will not say anything about it.

What I do know from my sources is that the Vega seeded the Jews. It means that they incorporated their genetics into a human population that would live on here on Earth.

One day years ago before I had Reptilian or most of these alien contacts, I was watching a tv documentary about people in Israel. There was a Jewish family, the woman had curly golden hair and big green eyes and golden skin. Somehow, I don't know why, I saw from this an image as if a human man were standing on a cliff looking over the stormy ocean at night more than a thousand years ago, the sky was covered in clouds but rays of light shone through those clouds. I was told and shown that the Jewish people were God's special chosen people and placed here by the people from Vega. Now, I don't have an ounce of Jewish heritage in myself that I know of, yet the experience was so compelling that I knew from then on that the Jews are God's chosen people (well, the Vegas chosen ones anyway), so if you asked me who God's chosen people were, I would have said the Jews.

There is something very special about the Jews. They still have the characteristics of the original Vegas. I didn't see Jewish people until years later when I studied in the United States, and I noticed a distinct feeling from them. I think anyone who is sensitive and perceptive of these things will notice the same. The Jewish are especially beautiful and special. I feel very drawn to them, in fact even though I am not Jewish I wouldn't mind marrying a Jewish man and being part of their way of life. No other human population I have come across feels anywhere near the same in that very beautiful and special way.

Now, there are different Jewish genetic populations as with any group or category of humans. It is the Jews with golden curly hair and big green eyes that are the closest to this Vega strain.

The Black Ones covet what the Jewish are and have. Black Ones are Incubi and they want to "lay" with Jewish women, only in the past when Black Ones have approached Jewish leaders (presumably Jewish religious leaders?), the Black Ones have been declined. So Black Ones are still furious, envious, and they covet the Jews.

Black Ones are dark demonic entities who have to have life force from other beings in order to sustain their own life. They drink life force, or soul, or light, from others, leaving the victim drained of energy or even dead in some cases. Jews have that extra special Vega strain that is especially potent for Black Ones to drink. Humans who are more spiritual and religious and live lives closer to God also have more of the life force in them. Ironically, the Black Ones prefer to go after the most "pure" victims, as these have more life force. Infants, babies and children, virgin women, and spiritual people such as priests or people of faith are targets of the Black Ones.

But it is like resisting the Devil, which the Bible talks about. The Black Ones cannot get to you if your life force is very high and if you live close to God, then they cannot find a way in. Black Ones corrupt a human by trying to make it drink alcohol, use drugs, or do sexual profanity so that it lowers the energy and guard and lets them in.

Black Ones tell me that Jewish women know that they are more susceptible to them when they are menstruating. I don't know if the Jewish religion says anything for women to be careful or to isolate themselves while they menstruate, but Black Ones love blood and covet the women even more at those times. Black Ones tell me that the women know about this.

Vegas did not want to give themselves to the Black Ones or to the Draconian Agenda, nor did the Jews. Note that the Catholic church has been taken over in many parts by Black Ones, which is why you see so much pedophilia etc. It seems that Jewish religious leaders are stronger in faith and resilient and won't give in to the Black Ones trying to lure them with sex or power. Which is especially why the Black Ones continue coveting them, as the unattainable and most pure and pristine.

The Draconian Reptilians take credit for Hitler, Himmler, and Nazi Germany and were always very eager to talk to me about Hitler. I have been shown from them clear images of Hitler in color and was even once taken to an old world war two factory building which had a passage to an underground hideout. I suspect that I am not the only Draconian abductee who has been shown the military in those blue and red uniforms who worked under Hitler. Some of the things I have been told and shown I cannot post here on the internet. Find it all in the books but only for adults.

An extraterrestrial race with blue skin came to India and they were the blue Hindu Gods. They wanted to make Earth a Kingdom and heavenly. The blue-skinned people brought scrolls to the humans. The scroll holders were made of gold and had a symbol of an eagle with its wings spread and the swastika, only originally and in Hindu tradition this swastika was faced the other way. The Draconians were envious of the Blue Hindu Gods and chased them away from India. The Blue Gods then went to South America, and were the blue Gods of Inca/Mayan people.

But the Draconians came there too, and corrupted and perverted these Inca/Mayan people so that these humans would do ritual sacrifice for the Draconians, and the benevolent Blue Gods had been chased away again.

When the Draconians possessed Hitler, Himmler, and so much of Germany under their influence, there was still jealousy of the Blue Gods, and hatred of the Vegas and Vega seeded Jews. I have to admit the whole Hitler thing never made sense to me, as why would anybody want to hurt the Jews? Earth's historical explanation of it just doesn't make sense to me. But when the Draconians explained it from their point of view, and based on their own claims, it actually made sense, it all ties in somehow.

Under Draconian rule, Hitler and Nazi Germany "stole" the Hindu Blue God symbol the swastika but turned it the other way around. Inflecting a symbol is a way to convert its potency into its exact opposite. You see Satanism turning the Jesus cross upside down to indicate its opposite, or how the Draconians make Alpha Orion people wear the Draconian power symbol of the yellow pyramid, but upside down to show "anti-power". The Draconians, in their envy, turned the Blue Hindu God's symbol of peace and of kingdoms of heavens upside down, to destroy it, to taunt it, and to make it their own. And this became the symbol of Draconian Hitler's Agenda. And they went after the Jews, for being the Vegas.

If you are a Jewish person reading this, please do not be afraid. The Jewish Vega strain actually makes you more resilient against the dark forces than your average non-Jewish person, even if it also makes you more coveted by the Dark Ones. My hunch is in fact that the Vegas seem next to impossible to corrupt.

Black Ones take over humans who fall into weakness. Alcoholics and drug addicts are the easiest for Black Ones to corrupt, and Black Ones can drain their life force out rendering them into dark souls and then with mind control influence these humans to do acts or murder or sexual violence to others, which the Black Ones then can revel in. Black Ones boast about how many of "their humans" have ended up in prisons where they are even easier to play with being so many of them in the same place. Black Ones don't care if their humans end up in prison, so it's not like they "love you" or "care about you", even if for the human who is under Black One possession it will feel as if he loves you and as if he would protect you always. He doesn't care, he just plays with a human and drinks your soul and makes you bring him more victims, ruining your life in the process.

Princess Diana was a very strong Vega strain, even though she isn't supposedly Jewish. The Vega strain exists not exclusively in people of Jewish faith or with obvious Jewish heritage. Vega strain also exists in Nordic and Scandinavian people.

The Draconian Agenda, ruled by the Black Ones and under the rule of The Eye, have also under siege the European royalty, and Rothschilds, and many others, who are genetically as well as in their minds woven into the matrix of the Illuminati. Princess Diana was not part of this herself, but was one of the victims designed for them. I am also one of such types of victims, and some in the European royalty who visit me in their Reptilian form have told me of the similarities between me and Princess Diana in terms of the Vega strain.

I do not know if the Vegas still exist today in their original form. They seeded the Earth such a long time ago and I have never met or spoken with a pure Vega. But their legacy lives on. A legacy of pristine beauty, one of the most accomplished races there ever was in the universe.

My apologies for writing about Jewish history and European Royalty. The Draconian Agenda is a modern fairytale experienced independently and identically by many people across the world. The Agenda needs to be described and discussed because it is absolutely interesting how so many people independent of others are telling the same story about Vegas seeding the Earth and the Jewish population, about Draconian Agenda having been behind Hitler and Nazi Germany, and the story about Reptilian rule over European Royalty and so forth.

I arrive at my story independently and from my own experiences and allegedly extraterrestrial sources. The story was not contrived by myself actively and seems to come from outside sources that might not originate from my imagination. I have verified the existence of the extraterrestrial entities who tell me this story, in that they are for instance able to toss me and imagination cannot toss my body. Whether these real entities are telling the truth or not is another matter.

As most people who come across this story I would much rather forget about it or not share it, as it is not a beautiful story and we would wish for it to not be true. But I am not responsible for the story, as it was relayed to me by other entities. And once we start censoring history or alien encounters we are closing our minds to consciousness and truth, and perhaps that is exactly what the Agenda would want.

So my apologies to the beautiful Jewish population which this story claims were seeded by an extraterrestrial people from Vega as their chosen ones, and for presenting this very alternate description of the holocaust as relayed to me by Draconian entities. I intend no harm or disrespect.

And my apologies to European Royalty for yet again posting information along the lines of David Icke. No harm or disrespect was intended.

And, haha! I guess I also need to apologise to Hitler, Himmler, and all of Nazi affiliates! I am deeply sorry that Draconian Reptiles have taken credit for your work. As for harm or disrespect, who cares.

In the future I hope to learn more about the beautiful Vega people.