The Arcturians

Arcturians are one of the oldest otherwordly people in space. They have evolved immense compassion, love, and consciousness. Their technology and science has evolved beyond the physical and is based on vibration sequences. They create with their mind. Arcturians are expert healers and have always been a presence for support for humans.

Angels vs Demons
Arcturians vs Draconians
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Arcturians have popularly been depicted as Angels in the past. The ever-lasting battle between Angels and Demons is just Arcturians against Draconian Reptiles or the Black Ones. When the Black Ones get too close to hurt me, an Arcturian will appear and chases it away. Arcturians will present themselves as knights in armor and with a sword, though it is only symbolic. Seraphim are high-order Angels and are Arcturians.

General Davies (not necessarily "the" General Davies you find if you do an internet search) is one of the highest if not the highest rank members of the US military team who oversee alien activity here on Earth from the United States. He has to witness atrocities done by the Reptilians and other menacing aliens who do unmentionable things to victims. General Davies is under strong protection by an Arcturian named Ishmail. Ishmail talks to me and tells me that General Davies could not do this without his help. Ishmail protects him at all times.

I also have an Arcturian protecting me, without which the Black Ones would have destroyed me a long time ago. A mere human is not strong enough to stand against the Black Ones. Malik and Basmet are two examples of the Black Ones, these are the Dark Lords who run the Draconian Agenda, yellow pyramid, under their god The Eye.