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Pleiadians are an extraterrestrial people from the Pleiades stars. They were created, or Starseeded as it is called, by the Vega species. Pleiadians have played a huge role in Starseeding the modern human. Pleiadians act benevolent and they have a strong presence on Earth even today and they seem to take concern in protecting humanity and perhaps they are guiding the fate of humanity behind the scenes.

Pleiadians have for a long time taken a strong interest in what aliens call Starseeding, meaning to create new subspecies which are genetic combinations of themselves with other species. I can already list three distinct types of Pleiadians: the ancestral orange colored mollusc Pleiadian, the light blue Pleiadian, and human type Pleiadians with human (chimpanzee) ears.

Pleiadian subspecies 1.
The early mollusc Pleiadian race

The Pleiadians were Starseeded by the Vega. Formerly I had been under the impression that Pleiadians were created by Lyrans, but Vegas themselves say it was them. There was an earlier form of Pleiadian race which regrettably I have come to call the early mollusc Pleiadians. They probably had a humanoid shape meaning that they would have stood upright and had two arms and two legs. The skin was thick and had a peachy orange pink color, a color that one would by no means mistake for any human skin color. The skin looked full and inflated, giving the face a full appearance.

The early or mollusc Pleiadian looked like this. Human-looking Pleiadians are later versions and are part human.

Their two eyes were rather small and almond shaped and slanted and placed a bit wide apart. I forget the description of their eyes and will bring that information here later as I have the notes on file. The mollusc Pleiadian does not have eyebrows. The nose made a rectangular outline, where the nose ridge was long and wide and rectangular shaped, and the tip of the nose was equally wide, and the ridge and tip of the nose together formed almost a perfect rectangular shape. Furthermore the whole nose was very flat, flat, wide and rectangular. They had a mouth that had no lips. I think they had brown hair, and I do not know if they had ears.

I think the early Pleiadian looks like a mollusc, it reminds me of some sort of sea creature. The early Pleiadian also looked a lot like its father the pink walrus cuttlefish Vega, there is something about the overall appearance, it having pink skin color although darker than the light pink Vega, and the size, shape and placement of its eyes, that had a strong resemblance I think to the Vega who Starseeded them.

I encountered the early Pleiadian race when I spoke with a Dark Lord in August 2017 for an interview about the Lyrans, and saw a mental image of an early Pleiadian woman interacting with human populations on Earth in the past. I made a drawing which needs to be scanned and posted, it will be provided later. I have also seen an early Pleiadian male when in August 30 2017 I was informed by one male such Pleiadian and what was either a Nordic man or a light being man who accompanied the Pleiadian man, that Pleiadians have already been using my eggs to make Pleiadian Starseeded children without my knowledge Pleiadians have made children out of my eggs too. As far as I am aware these might be the only two encounters that I have had of the early Pleiadian race. And meeting the male one in August 30 2017 might suggest that this population of Pleiadians still exists, and not just in the past but still today now.

Pleiadian subspecies 2.
The pale blue Pleiadian woman

This Pleiadian woman, drawn on the right, spoke with me telepathically from a remote location on November 28, 2017. I had been contacted by an alien that I named blue reticuloid, see that story here, and while speaking with the blue reticuloid, this Pleiadian woman came to speak to me. She informed me that her Pleiadian people had chased away these visitors, these visitors had shown interest in making me pregnant to give birth to a hybrid baby, and other medical experiments. This Pleiadian woman later also said while I was drawing her, that the Pleiadians gave grains to humanity, so that humanity would not have to fight over food anymore. She also said that "they" - meaning the Pleiadians - "did not want to fight anymore", implying that they have fought in the past: we learn of Pleiadians taking part in wars when we speak to some other alien species, such as in the conversations with the Ayurveda Arcturian.

This Pleiadian woman has resemblance to her ancestor which I have dubbed the "mollusc Pleiadian", in that her skin is thick and clammy, meaning moist and a bit sticky, and having the small almond shaped (as opposed to for instance round) eyes that are set wide apart, and the flat very wide rectangular shaped nose. This woman's skin was of a pale blue color, and there were small pink or beige dots or bumps especially on the lower part of her face. Her hair was made of fine hairs that are widely spaced instead of a thick bundle of hair, the hairs were of a blonde beige color. She wore a thick blue colored one piece uniform that looks to be made out of a soft rubber or other padded synthetic material. I did not see the human (or chimpanzee-) type ears, suggesting that she is of a branch of Pleiadians whose population has not picked up Homo sapiens (or chimpanzee) genetics. She is not the early mollusc Pleiadian, nor is she the human type Pleiadian, so she is yet a third variety of Pleiadians.

While I was drawing her, she informed me that she has no breasts. Pleiadian women have a tendency to tell me that they do not have breasts. I could also feel even though it was not stated, that she as other Pleiadians are highly sexually active and that they also have sex with humans. "Oh do not say that. We are only making like potted plants. That is how you need to see it as.", she says now on November 28, 2017, 8:15 PM, even with a mental image that she makes up for me as if she were squatting over a flower pot.

Pleiadian subspecies 3.
A human type of Pleiadian

I suspect that most humans who encounter Pleiadians would meet the more human-like Pleiadian, which I suspect to be a more modern or newer form of Pleiadian which could have come into existence later after the early mollusc Pleiadian. This modern Pleiadian which looks more human could also itself be a Starseed, a mixture of Earth humans with Pleiadians, and that these part Earth human part mollusc Pleiadians would have been given a home in outer space and been given an integral part of the Pleiadian population and species, to the point of them acting in the role as Pleiadians, and being introduced as Pleiadians.

My most notable encounter with the modern or human form of Pleiadian, is the Pleiadian woman who used to visit me accompanied with the blonde Nordic man. This woman is a bit short compared to today's Western women of Europe or the United States. She looks almost identical to a Caucasian human woman, but if you do look closely you would notice that her skin is different from ours. The skin is notably thick and has some of the full or inflated look of the earlier mollusc Pleiadian, and also her skin has that pink orange hue of skin color which is unlike any color of humans. Also her skin is colder in temperature than human skin and her skin is a bit clammy meaning moist or a bit sticky. Her skin resembles more the mollusc Pleiadian than a pure Earth human skin, but if she were to walk among humans she could get away with it, no one would accuse such a Pleiadian of not being a human.

This modern Pleiadian woman wears a silver-blue jumpsuit. She has long brown hair. I forget what color her eyes were. She has lips on her mouth, and probably human-like ears. I assume that human ears were inherited from the earlier hominids and primates, because several apes have ears like ours. I also suspect that the early mollusc Pleiadian does not have ape ears. So if my observation was correct that this modern Pleiadian woman does have ape type of ears, then it supports my notion that the modern Pleiadian is part Earth human and part early mollusc Pleiadian and was incorporated up into outer space to represent the Pleiadian species, picking up the ape ears as they went.

The modern Pleiadians I have seen, have all worn a blue jumpsuit which covers the body and arms and legs. They have beautiful saucer shaped spaceships which look as if they are built out of steel-colored metal.

So the Vega created the early mollusc Pleiadian. Mollusc Pleiadians, Vegas, and Lyrans, together Starseeded the early apes on Earth to create a modern human species (which also contains Reptilian and other alien genetic material, but). Then the Earth humans were scooped up and mixed further with mollusc Pleiadians to create a Pleiadian-human population which was taken to live in outer space as a major part of the Pleiadian species. That is at least what my observations support.

Mollusc Pleiadians do not have eyebrows, and I think a Vega told me that Pleiadians have no eyebrows. If a modern Pleiadian has eyebrows then it has probably picked that up also from the ape genome of Earth humans, is my guess.

Earlier I wrote about the Pleiadian: Their skin is a pale sheer colour. They have hair on their head which is blonde and the hairs are very thin. The faces are oval shaped and a bit wide. Their noses do not have the strong, protruding narrow nose ridge like many European or Caucasian humans have, but they do have a flat soft tip of the nose with two nostrils, it looks as if their nose is not supported by cartilage. The eyes are set wide apart and have a very pale blue color. I am not certain if their eyes have black pupils at all, also not if they have eyelashes or eyebrows. I have also not seen if they have external ears. But overall, their bodies have a human outline, with a torso and two legs and two arms. Men and women look similar. Two major differences in their body as far as one can tell just by looking at them. Their skin is different from human skin, their skin appears to be very sheer and to be composed of a different tissue. Their skeleton and cartilage is also different, they look as if they lack the strong robust skeleton and cartilage that humans have. This makes Pleiadians look a bit delicate and frail.

Pleiadians Starseeding Earth

Vegas, Lyrans, and Pleiadians, arrived to Earth and Starseeded apes that were on Earth to contain their genetic material. Lyrans and Pleiadians formed a team together and abandoned the Vega because they wanted to Starseed their own groups here on their own.

The Vega told me: Vegas and Lyrans were Brothers for a long time and Starseeded new colonies together. Vegas and Lyrans seeded the human race, then the Pleiadians joined in and wanted to be their ally. Then the Pleiadian women deserted them and wanted to go their own way, and so the new Starseeded ones were made with the Pleiadian race and not with the Vega. Pleiadians made friends with the Lyran and they left the Vega together because they wanted to Starseed their own races. See the video on Vega.

Two instances of Starseeding on Earth done by Pleiadians are mentioned time and time again. First the Pleiadians created the red-haired giants of Europe. These were large and friendly people of large size and they lived on Earth. Second, the Pleiadians created the large blonde-haired Nordics who were placed onto Iceland. The Nordics were larger than modern humans, but they were not as large as the red-haired giants. Nordic men have long blonde hair, the hairs are very thin and fine. Nordic men are very well-endowed with a large penis. Nordics and Pleiadians lived together as one people in underground bases on Iceland.

It is normal that when someone encounters a Pleiadian, you are probably just as likely to run into one of the Nordics. Nordics and Pleiadians live together, they regard each other as equal family, they think of each other not as separate races but as brothers and sisters. A Pleiadian is normally accompanied by a Nordic when they visit. Remember that a Nordic is genetically related to us humans, and if you encounter a modern Pleiadian who is not the mollusc Pleiadian, especially if you see that it has ape ears, I suspect that such a Pleiadian contains human genetic material, so humans and Pleiadians and Nordics are all genetically related to each other! But if the mollusc Pleiadian does not have human genome incorporated into it, it means that: we are related to the mollusc because we have its genome, but it is not related to us because it does not have our genome, if that makes sense how I wrote it.

I have only been told about these two instances of Pleiadian Starseeding on Earth. However, there is a secondary introduction of Pleiadian genome to human populations, in the form that Pleiadians have had sex with and made children with human populations. This is not the same thing as Starseeding. Starseeding can be done between two species who are genetically so different that they could never produce a child by normal means of reproduction or sex and I presume that Starseeding requires some sort of technology. Starseeding means that an extraterrestrial species introduces its own genetic material into a vastly different animal species. But the Pleiadians that there were, were similar enough to the human populations that there were, that even today, a Pleiadian seems to be able to produce a child together with a human by normal means. At least it seems to have been through normal means, it could also be that in these secondary cases, that also then a technological means could have been used. It was, however, not the same as Starseeding.

North American Indians used to walk south to Peru on a spiritual pilgrimage to the mountains, and there in a cave that was decorated in gold, these Indians met with Pleiadians and they had children together through what seems to have been normal sexual reproduction. These Indians did not look like the modern day Peruvians. These Indians looked more like North American Indians. They were a very dark brown color almost black. Their faces were long, they were tall and muscular and strong, they had chiseled facial features. Modern Peruvians actually in my opinion look exactly like what one would expect from the children who are half Pleiadian and half these dark Indians from that time. Read more here The Orion Project History - Peru.

It seems also that there would be Pleiadian genetic material today in all humans on Earth, and this is probably due to the natural mixing that happens among humans on Earth as they meet people from other places and have children together. It could also be because Pleiadians might have continued to introduce their genetic material to human populations throughout Earth. I am not entirely clear on this yet. Cambodian humans were not specifically Starseeded by Pleiadians, yet they contain Pleiadian genome, and that is probably due to the mixing that happens among humans naturally.

The Vega told me that Pleiadians are still today having children with humans and that these Starseeded children are being placed to Earth, the Vega said that the Pleiadians are still Starseeding the human race, that there are boys born today still being introduced to humankind. The Vega told me that humanity should not know about that, as some who are of Pleiadian origin would think that they are better than others, and those who are not of Pleiadian origin would be jealous of the ones that are and that could start wars.

Pleiadians have children with me and with Carlisle and probably also with Jack

August 30 2017 the Pleiadians tell me that the Pleiadians have also been using my eggs to make Pleiadian Starseeded children. First they asked me if I would like to have Pleiadian Starseeded children with them, and it sounded as if they meant that I would have one such a child here who would live with me as my family, but then they soon admitted that they have already been using my eggs and that these children already exist. This is the first time I have heard about the Pleiadians having taken my eggs. It was a Pleiadian man of the old Pleiadian "mollusc" race, and what was either a blonde Nordic man or a blonde light being man. There were also Reticulans talking at the same time, and, a Dark Lord was around to mention "coffee", and it seemed to me as if the Pleiadian Nordic team would have been working on this with the Reticulan Dark Lord team, but that sounds so unexpected and also there is perhaps not enough evidence for this, so we leave it as a maybe and that we are not sure at this time.

NASA team Jack and Assistant Carlisle were in on that conversation too, where Jack had information and Jack said that he does not mind if Pleiadians are having sex with humans, and Carlisle admitted that he has had sex with a Pleiadian woman, Carlisle was ashamed of it and it seems to not have been fun for him but his incentive had been that the Pleiadians gave them some "really good spaceships" in return. Read about it here Pleiadians have made children out of my eggs too, Carlisle admits he has had sex with Pleiadian woman.

Pleiadians act very sexual

I have the impression of Pleiadians that they are very sexual. I do not know if anyone who has seen and spoken with Pleiadians has ever made a comment on this before. I have several times seen mental images, unless I was shown mental images, of Pleiadians having sex, and they are not at all ashamed if I see them. One Pleiadian woman, perhaps it was the brown-haired one I do not remember, she would frequently have sex with human military soldiers. Military of some countries on Earth have a lot of contact with Pleiadians and Pleiadian women and military soldiers have sex with each other. This is the modern Pleiadian race which easily passes for a human, and if modern Pleiadians and humans have sex with each other it is almost not at all like two different species doing it.

Another factor of it than just the images I have been shown, is that remember I can read not just the thoughts in telepathic communication but I also read feelings and sensations in the person I am telepathically connected to. Pleiadian women have a strong sexuality and sensuality, which they by no means try to suppress or hide. The same might be true of Pleiadian men I do not know I have mostly only interacted with modern Pleiadian women, Nordic men, and the mollusc one that was female and one that was male. The Nordic men seem to have an elevated sexuality as well.

Humans are probably a lot more sexual than other animals on Earth. Unless my knowledge of zoology is wrong, I am under the impression that most mammals have sex and have children only one time a year. Humans have sex all throughout the year and can have a baby at any time of the year. However, bonobo monkeys are also very sexual in a similar way, so it does not seem to be clear whether we humans inherited our elevated sexuality from the apes or from the Pleiadians or maybe from both. Humans should by all means also be regarded as highly sexual creatures, however I rate the Pleiadians and Nordics to have a more elevated sexuality than humans, and adding to that is that they are unashamed of their sexuality, they are not ashamed to be seen in the sexual act or to show it, they have no feelings of guilt about it, and they seem to not at all try to suppress or hide their sexuality.

As a human woman however, our position is different at least in my European culture of 2017. As a human woman I have to be careful about sex. For one we have sexually transmittable diseases here on Earth, and that means that every time if I meet a new sexual partner I am actually scared of the possible risks. Some of the STD diseases we have are incurable and deadly, but even if we have cures for the other STDs it is still very scary to think of contracting one. Then there is the nuisance of pregnancy. A woman of my time and place knows that I can get pregnant if I have sex with a man. If I had a child as a single parent then that will ruin my finances and my career and a lot more sacrifices to my way of life. Or that I would be stuck with having a man in my life who is the father of a child and it might be a man that I do not want to have in my life. There are birth control pills, but those are thought to increase the risk of blood clots and death, and the one time that I did use birth control pills I had the worst PMS of my life and I thought I was going to die from the pain. Sex is complicated on Earth. Furthermore, to us human women sex often means also an emotional connection, and we do not want to give our body to just anyone.

Pleiadians however do not seem to worry at all about STDs, or about getting pregnant. They seem to welcome all children that are born to them. (They probably don't have to pay for diapers and baby clothes with hard earned money from their wallet while wondering how they are going to pay for rent.) And the whole complex situation of emotional relationships does not seem to exist for them. I imagine that they might not get jealous if someone they have had sex with then finds another partner, or do they feel jealousy? Pleiadians seem to be promiscuous creatures.

When I am telepathically connected to a Pleiadian woman, I find myself feeling upset about their elevated and open sexuality and sensuality, because for me personally I have got restrictions which comes from my culture and way of life. So we are very different. If I were as sexually open as the Pleiadians are, I would probably have a lot of children by different fathers and all of the complications that come from that way of life on Earth, and it is problematic with the way society is structured for women on Earth. The thought of having a child is scary to many women, instead of something to look forward to. But I remind myself that Pleiadians are not humans, they are a different species, and so we cannot judge their behavior based on human moral guidelines. They are what they are, and I actually regard them more as a different species and not as humans.

However, they are probably more like humans than we realize. Perhaps it is just that they are able to live in a different culture and civilization than we do. "We also do not have wars, tell them!", Pleiadian woman now August 31-September 1 2017, 3:48 AM. And perhaps if humans also lived in a culture that they have, then our sexuality would perhaps be as open as theirs is?

In September 2017 a male Pleiadian of the early mollusc race expressed sexual interest in me which indicates that the males of their species are just as sexual as I have earlier seen that female Pleiadians of the human kind have been. Pleiadians are sexually promiscuous


We also find mention many times about how Reptilians have in the past made war against the Pleiadians who were on Earth and wanted to deplete the human populations on Earth that had Pleiadian genetic material in them. These wars and extermination attempts were made by at least two distinct but related Reptilian groups: the Anunnaki and Reptilians who were followers of Serpent God Anu, and the Reptilians who were followers of the God Anumat. Find more information especially in the video on Marsian Salamanders, and in The Orion Project History.

Pleiadians with Russian military

On August 25 2017 I decided to use a mild hypnosis or remote viewing on myself to remember what happens during the alien abductions that supposedly take place but that I cannot remember. One of the events I remembered involved the Russian Korpral Olav Vetti. I learned that the Pleiadians disarm Russian bombs, and that the Pleiadians are monitoring the Russian military very closely. This is a nuisance for the Russians because the Russians cannot do anything in secret without it being known by the Pleiadians. This is why Olav got me from General Patton. Olav has been trying to use my mind to find ways of going around the problem. If a person does not know that they know something, then the Pleiadians can also not know that from the person, that sort of use of a person's mind.

I also learned that the Pleiadians have given the Russians small vials containing a blue fluid, or some that have a red pink fluid instead. These vials are implanted into the belly fat, the fluid leaks steadily into the tissue and blood stream, and so it provides a steady supply of a small amount of the fluid over a long period of time, which would not be possible to attain by for instance swallowing small amounts every few seconds for a long period of time.

Source: Alien Abductions | Remote View | The Orion Project from time 53:15.

Pleiadians gave us grains

Pleiadians themselves have fields of golden grains growing in their home world. It is a typical scene that you see if you are shown any images from their home world. Other than that the colors of their sky and landscape are different than what you find on Earth. Pleiadians gave edible grains also to humans.

The Vega tells me also that Pleiadians gave humans grains. Vega on the other hand gave humanity fruits to eat. Ever since the Vega contacted me in late August, for the several following days he told me to eat fruit, and to not eat any grain foods such as cookies because those were given by Pleiadians. The Vega also told me that the grains were programmed to make a human woman go into menopause. Fruits on the other hand give a longer lifespan. The Vega have helped individual humans live up to 800 years before. I sense also perhaps a little bit of rivalry, as the Vega had wanted the Pleiadians to stay with them as a team but the Pleiadians had gone their own way to Starseed on their own so perhaps the Vega wants to win a local battle by having me eat Vega fruits and no Pleiadian grains, but that is just my own personal pondering on the topic.

Anyone who seriously studies food, and I am not saying to ask a human doctor or to read a few publically available books, will discover that fruit lengthens lifespan and that eating fruit cures diseases and reverses the signs and symptoms of aging on the human body. Grains on the other hand give a human body several ailments after time. So what the Vega is saying about the benefits of fruit and the disadvantages of grains is correct. With the help of the Vega, I am looking toward going on a mostly fruits diet and otherwise a bit of raw vegetables, seeds, and nuts, but the Vega think that I could live on only just fruits but that is actually hard to do. I have lots of experience from the past of eating healthy and more fruit so for me it is not a foreign concept at all.

The light blue Pleiadian woman of November 28, 2017, also told me that the Pleiadians had given humanity grains.

More about Pleiadians

Pleiadians are benevolent and compassionate and they care about humans. They offer a great deal of loving support to Earth in a number of ways. They are willing to work with humans who accept their guidance, and the many gifts that they offer. I have only had very little contact with Pleiadians.

One message which I received from Pleiadians can be found here, for an example of how they speak: Pleiadian Message

Pleiadians occasionally show up to advise me to stay away from the Reptilians or other Agenda aliens. Pleiadians are not fond of Reptilians. One of the U.S. military officers with whom I have interacted with over the years, is the one they call General Davies. Whenever I see General Davies, it has often seemed to me that he is listening, at least being talked to, by Pleiadians.

On July 15 2013 a Pleiadian made telepathic contact with me and said: "Selamat Ja! You are beautiful." I contacted Planetary Activation Organization PAOWEB and asked if they know what Selamat Ja means. Their answer: "The words Selamat Ja! mean: (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)" So it is Sirian?

The Ummo man has told me about the Pleiadians. Based on information provided by the Ummo man in May 2017, in part perhaps also corroborated by Pleiadians the following day in mental images depicting Pleiadians and Pleiadian Starseeded humans, here is the original Ummo Conversation.

The Ummo man told me, that long ago, which was at least tens of thousands of years ago and maybe longer ago than that, there was an original type of human ape man living on Earth. This original man used stone, they threw stones, and built axes. Back in those times, alien visitors from outer space were landing on Earth. A hybrid was created between the original human and Pleiadian. Two different kinds of hybrid resulted. One had fair skin, narrow long faces, and red hair, they wore small braids in their hair. The other hybrid were blonde with fair skin and with faces that looked very Pleiadian, very Nordic or Norwegian, they either had no eyelashes or their eyelashes were very fair.

The Pleiadian Starseeded humans still live on Earth today and they are part of the human species today. But not all humans on Earth were based on the Pleiadian hybrid, other genetic populations also existed.

One more thing...

You will notice that I am not exactly trying to make friends with the Pleiadians. You may also have seen the page with the very corrosive title Why I Hate Pleiadians. Also I find that the Pleiadians are recently in August 2017 at least around a lot, and ready and willing to talk to me, but I just ignore them. Sometimes I find them staring at me for a long time recently, but I ignore them, I barely even say hello to them.

The reason is that Hamish is my best friend. Hamish is my Draconian Reptilian and he spends time with me in another dimension guarding my eggs, and tending to his shedded scales, enjoying sofas and his soft rugs, and we live life together for six years now. I am very close to Hamish and he has become my best friend and the greatest love I have known. Pleiadians do not like Reptilians. Reptilians and Pleiadians have had wars with each other for a long time in history. I have heard Pleiadians say mean things to my Hamish, such as telling him to leave my home. And that is unacceptable. Hamish is welcome in my home, and this is Hamish's home too.

Apart from the Reptilian-Pleiadian wars, Pleiadians have a problem with that Reptilians eat human or human hybrid children. I then inform the Pleiadians that humans are far more cruel to animals in the food industry. Pleiadians are able to love humans and they seem to treat humans as kind angels, but truth is that almost every human on Earth is eating eggs that came from tortured chickens in cages, as just one example of the cruelty that humans are responsible for when they buy foods that were made from animal parts. So why can not Reptilians also eat another species? Besides, most of the hybrid children I have met are dumb as a brick, and I think that a cow or a pig would be more smart than they. And so it seems to boil down to racism. Pleiadians love humans because they are related, but they deny Reptilians the right to eat animal food products because Reptilians are different, and also because of the past Reptilian wars against Pleiadians. "Hello this is Ummo. Do not write like this anymore. WE ARE ANGRY!", Ummo at 4:02 AM, August 31-September 1 2017. "Hey, calm down cool down man.", the MIB on service who seems to be the one who is James or John I always forget what his name is, he said to the Ummo. (Ummo get raging angry easily, you will see that often.) "Hello this is Jack. Do not talk to them anymore.", Jack. "I am just defending my love for my Tortoise, Hamish. And explaining on my webpage why I am reluctant to talk so much to the Pleiadians.", me. "Yeah, stop.", Jack says. "Leave me alone to have my personal opinions.", me.

My opinions here come all from love. I defend the love that I have for Hamish. And I defend the love that I have for animals on Earth. Pleiadians deny me the love I have for Hamish, and Pleiadians deny love toward the animals that are hurt by humans. But you can read the whole page titled "Why I hate Pleiadians" if you wish to dive deeper into the topic.