Pleiadians are a friendly race of extraterrestrials and they offer a great deal of loving support to Earth in a number of ways. They are willing to work with humans who accept their guidance, and the many gifts that they offer. Pleiadians are beautiful and human-like.

I have had some contact with Pleiadians throughout my two years with the Agenda aliens. Pleiadians occasionally show up to advise me to stay away from the Reptilians or other Agenda aliens. Pleiadians, as any of the other benevolent ET races who work on the Board or who don't work on the Board, they can only help me when I am accepting of their help. I do not always recognize the need for help against the Agenda. I am also under Arcturian protection. When I need help I call for the Seraphim.

Ordinary Pleiadians seem to not be blue on their skin. Peter the Pleiadian was blue on his skin.

On July 15 2013 a Pleiadian made telepathic contact with me and said: "Selamat Ja! You are beautiful."

I contacted Planetary Activation Organization PAOWEB and asked if they know what Selamat Ja means. Their answer: "The words Selamat Ja! mean: (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)" So it is Sirian?