photo of the Pleiades stars
posted here with permission from the photographer Robert Gendler
I recommend a visit to his website to see amazing space photographs

Pleiadians are an extraterrestrial people from the Pleiades stars. They are benevolent and compassionate and they care about humans. They offer a great deal of loving support to Earth in a number of ways. They are willing to work with humans who accept their guidance, and the many gifts that they offer. I have only had very little contact with Pleiadians. The Ummo man has told me about the Pleiadians.

Based on mental images I have been shown by Ummo and by Pleiadians, depicting the Pleiadians, they appear to be a bit taller than most humans. Their skin is a pale sheer colour. They have hair on their head which is blonde and the hairs are very thin. The faces are oval shaped and a bit wide. Their noses do not have the strong, protruding narrow nose ridge like many European or Caucasian humans have, but they do have a flat soft tip of the nose with two nostrils, it looks as if their nose is not supported by cartilage.

The eyes are set wide apart and have a very pale blue color. I am not certain if their eyes have black pupils at all, also not if they have eyelashes or eyebrows. I have also not seen if they have external ears. But overall, their bodies have a human outline, with a torso and two legs and two arms. Men and women look similar.

Two major differences in their body as far as one can tell just by looking at them. Their skin is different from human skin, their skin appears to be very sheer and to be composed of a different tissue. Their skeleton and cartilage is also different, they look as if they lack the strong robust skeleton and cartilage that humans have. This makes Pleiadians look a bit delicate and frail.

One message which I received from Pleiadians can be found here, for an example of how they speak: Pleiadian Message

The Pleiadians I have seen, have all worn a blue jumpsuit which covers the body and arms and legs. They have beautiful spaceships which look as if they are built out of metal.

Pleiadians occasionally show up to advise me to stay away from the Reptilians or other Agenda aliens. Pleiadians are not fond of Reptilians. One of the U.S. military officers with whom I have interacted with over the years, is the one they call General Davies. Whenever I see General Davies, it has often seemed to me that he is listening, at least being talked to, by Pleiadians.

On July 15 2013 a Pleiadian made telepathic contact with me and said: "Selamat Ja! You are beautiful." I contacted Planetary Activation Organization PAOWEB and asked if they know what Selamat Ja means. Their answer: "The words Selamat Ja! mean: (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)" So it is Sirian?

Pleiadian Starseed Humans

Based on information provided by the Ummo man in May 2017, in part perhaps also corroborated by Pleiadians the following day in mental images depicting Pleiadians and Pleiadian Starseeded humans, here is the original Ummo Conversation.

The Ummo man told me, that long ago, which was at least tens of thousands of years ago and maybe longer ago than that, there was an original type of human ape man living on Earth. This original man used stone, they threw stones, and built axes. Back in those times, alien visitors from outer space were landing on Earth. A hybrid was created between the original human and Pleiadian. Two different kinds of hybrid resulted. One had fair skin, narrow long faces, and red hair, they wore small braids in their hair. The other hybrid were blonde with fair skin and with faces that looked very Pleiadian, very Nordic or Norwegian, they either had no eyelashes or their eyelashes were very fair.

The Pleiadian Starseeded humans still live on Earth today and they are part of the human species today. But not all humans on Earth were based on the Pleiadian hybrid, other genetic populations also existed.