One morning in late August 2015 there was an ET visiting me which gave me mental images of itself, he told me telepathically that there had been evil ETs in my room and that he had been here all night keeping them away from me. He then left in the morning when I was awake. He looked like a short man with a lion's face, because of the very wide and flat nose that makes them look like lions. They are a friendly people.

Update written April 4, 2018: Yesterday, on April 3, 2018, I was contacted in the morning when I woke up by what was unmistakably one of the feline extraterrestrials. He was not physically present in my room but I could see him in a mental image from his remote location, and we were speaking telepathically with each other. Readers of my material have been requesting that I contact the feline ETs and I had added it to my list of things to do but had not found the time (or courage) to go ahead just yet. So this contact was initiated by the felines themselves.

His face looked exactly like the face of a female lion, especially due to the very long, wide, and notably flat nose, but also due to the placement, size and shape of his eyes and mouth. I do not recall if he had the large cat ears. The color of his skin was not dark but one of the beige or orange tones of color. But to my surprise, even though these ETs are called felines or lions, he had no hair on his head and also his face was not covered in hair. He was bipedal and upright standing and he was wearing clothes.

He was very eager to talk to me but I was feeling exhausted due to my right now hectic fulltime work and this was the morning of my day off. I asked him to wait and that I would contact him some time in the future when I can, but he kept on talking and I had to ask him several times to please wait for a time in the future when I will contact him. He was very friendly and benevolent and based on what he said I had the impression that his people are one of many species of ETs who are concerned with the well-being of humanity. And he said to me, which seemed to be his words of saying goodbye, "Selamat Ja". Pleiadians have also in the past said to me the very same phrase, "Selamat Ja". I seem to recall that the lion ET was around this morning - the following morning - again, but again I was tired on this day off to start a conversation, the reason being because I want to write everything down and if I do not write it down then I forget most of what we said and then I suffer from losing that precious bit of information. A Sirian was also around this morning on the 4th also wanting to talk, and he seemed to be saying to the feline ET that he - the Sirian - was also waiting on his turn! Which is true, I have also told the Sirians to wait. And the Ayurveda original Arcturians also want to talk, and the Pleiadians and Nordics also, but I simply do not have any time or energy! I would have to quit my fulltime work!

Look what I found. Note, this video is not based on my own experiences but is an outside source, and I cannot speak for or against the information in this video: