The Andromedan extraterrestrials revealed themselves to me when I listened to an audio with recorded messages from dolphins. I had an overwhelming experience touching the Andromedans from a distance and both their dolphin and large whale Earth incarnations spoke to me and touched my soul very deeply.

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September 2 2017. When I woke in the morning I was asked if I remember how I used to love dolphins when I was younger. It was then told to me that this is no surprise when a Star Person loves dolphins because the dolphins were Starseeded by the Andromedans. When I was younger I spent a considerable amount of my time thinking about dolphins and whales, looking at pictures of them, and making drawings of them. A Star Person is an extraterrestrial soul that places itself across a human body so it is like a process of incarnation.

September 4 2017. Andromedans, contact and conversations.

When I drew the picture on September 7 2017, the Andromedan wanted to "sign" the picture with his name, he wanted to take the drawing pad and pen that I connect to the computer, I reached them out to him and told him that he would have to come into my room to sign it but of course he did not enter into my room. I asked him if he would show me a mental image of his signature so that I could replicate it on the drawing for him, but he did not show me any. All throughout my drawing him, he was very honored and pleased to be drawn, he felt that it was a great honor shown to him to draw him.