Airship Captain

Mysterious man from space, or future?

And: Airship Admiral Visits Third Time - June 28 2015

On July 21 2015 I contacted one of the Air People and made an interview, this will be posted in a future book either the telepathy series or a new interview series

Make sure you find the verbatim telepathic conversation at the bottom of the page

My telepathic connection seems to be an open phoneline, and with a big billboard that says out in space, "Hey everybody! Come and talk to me!" Everybody in space and their brother is talking to me it seems. But I love it. I must say that over the past week, communications with ETs have been endless and constant. The fact that I insist on writing everything down has led to hundreds of more pages, and to exhaustion. This morning I finally declared to those waiting in line eager to talk, that I was tired and that my head needed rest. I am nearing a collapse if I don't push the ETs away for a bit. I'm just afraid that they won't return, but I'm sure they can all postpone conversations, or at least water it down a bit.

When I wrote the page about Lady Grey, reading that page made me think about Zeta Greys and about what they look like. But in the world of aliens, this is like taking out the big phone registry and dialing the numbers that lead to Greys and saying "Hello? I would like to speak please." This man, whom I've come to call "The Gray", appeared.

The Airship Admiral

He looked a lot like the Whitley Strieber Gray. Of course throughout my life I had now and then come across the picture of the Greys/Grays. They occur so frequently in the media. I often found it strange that some Greys were depicted as the white-grey colored little ones, and then we had ones like the Whitley Strieber image that looked so different, larger somehow and yellowish with facial line features. I had thought to myself that contactees sure remember them differently but that they surely must all be the same Greys.

I now know that there are two distinct groups of the Grey aliens. My group are the white and grey colored ones who say that they come from Zeta. These have all-black eyes and without the lines above and under the eye as drawn here, and without as prominent of a mouth and they have no lips and no prominent chin as here. These are smaller too, and occur as tall Zeta Greys and little Zeta Greys. But the man I met yesterday was different. So I now know that the two classes of Grey ETs drawn, are in fact two distinct groups and are not the same. So I've come to call the Zetas "Greys" with an "e" and this man as the "Gray" with an "a" (but I'd really like to switch those around, so don't get confused if I do).

He appeared in my presence but he was not physically in my room of course. He presented to me a mentally transferred image of himself. The image was perfectly clear and lifelike and lasted uninterruptedly for a long time, making it less likely to be an imaginary glitch of my mind. His head is large but has different proportions than the Zeta Grey head, and his head is tear shaped because it is rounded on the top of the head and narrows down to a pointy chin at the bottom. I do not recall having the impression that his neck would be strikingly thin, like the neck on the Zeta Grey.

His skin has a yellow tone and the skin has no scales nor can I really say anything else about what his skin looks like or how it might feel to touch (based on appearance). His eyes are big and are actually all dark brown, not black. The eyes of the Zeta are all black like crude oil. Above each eye is a line like of a skin fold. While I was drawing him he actually referred to those as an eyelid. If I recall correctly, he also has a similar line underneath the eyes too.

He has a narrow nose and not just nostrils. There is a narrow slit of a mouth, actually narrower than drawn on the Whitley Strieber picture, and he definitely has another line above the mouth opening that marks a lip. He told me that he does not have a lower lip, so I may have recalled it wrong when I drew the lower lip line, so the lower lip line might be incorrect. The lips are the same coloration as the skin overall. Meanwhile the Zeta Greys have no lips, just a mouth opening. He has a marked bony chin, which puts the lines of the chin as drawn. He has no body hair and even commented on several times that "the top of his head is bald" as I drew him, and there were no external ears and I did not see any ear openings on the head, though that does not exclude the possibility that he would have some small obscure ones.

There's no wow-factor!
Aliens are just people!
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Overall, seeing him gave an impression that he is a man. I was not afraid. I have come to understand the ETs as just people. Some human beings have blonde hair and others have red hair and some of us have big noses and some of us are shorter and others are taller. The ETs just look different from us but they're just people, like men and women. I have lost all sense of "wow factor" and the ETs do not excite me or seem so exotic as I always thought that they should. I fully regard him as a person, as a man. His personality stands out. Meanwhile he is a handsome man. I really want to convey to you who are reading this, that ETs are not "aliens", they are "people"!

The Uniform

He was wearing quite a stylish and dashing uniform. It was intricately ornamented with medium-thick "ropes", somewhat as drawn. It reminded me of a marching band uniform. The uniform certainly looked very exotic and alien, appropriate to any sci-fi story book but perhaps even beyond our wildest imaginations. It had a distinctly "cultural" look to it, as if who ever made it put some thought into its color and intricate decorative work. Not designed just for practical purposes, the suit clearly whispers a hint of great culture and esthetic awareness in this people, albeit an exceedingly exotic and alien one unlike anything on earth. It makes one want to see more of their culture and creations.

The base of the uniform was a cool blue color and the ropes were orange-brown with those lines as drawn of twined rope. He also had a large helmet which he picked up in his hands later and showed me. The helmet was the same silver-blue color and had a large visor on it.

The Conversations

I was chatting with my ETs on April 16, 2012. It was around 11 PM at night. I was writing the page about Lady Zeta Grey and she was very upset and sad that I was writing about her. She whined and complained sadly. She was concerned that humans would think of her and her race as ugly when they read that. She was concerned that her race does not have a good reputation here among our human race. Then this new Gray showed up. I was quite surprised to see him, he was unlike any of my previous ETs.

I post the entire conversation with the Airship Admiral here. In part because I don't think that he would personally mind, he was glad to speak to me and to our human race. But here is one of rare ET conversations that would not be heavily censored. There is a lot of adult material in my conversations with the ETs who are members of the Reptilian Agenda, due to the nature of their work. An uncensored book will soon be available featuring all material.

April 16, 2012. Translated from another European language
11:26 PM
You have a very nice touch with our race. - Airship Admiral
... You are very very beautiful. - me

11:30 PM
Oh how good, we haven't given interviews in a long time. - Airship Admiral

He must've seen me go to the Strieber page whose heading says "Interview", because I had not asked him for an interview. He said this just as I went to that page. I only went to the page after first seeing the Airship Admiral, I wanted to see if indeed he did look like on the Strieber picture.

Would you like to do an interview with me now? - me
We see that you are working with the Draconian race. - Airship Admiral
Yes, a little. Should I? Or do you think that I shouldn't? - me
Yes, it's about what the children want. - Airship Admiral, he refers to the Hybrid children I'm sure
Where are you from? Are you from Zeta? - me
Yes, we are from there. - Airship Admiral
How do you work on earth? With humans? - me
At least we are not ruling, either. - Airship Admiral
What would you like to talk to me about? - me
About the great flood, which is coming. - Airship Admiral
When is it coming? - me
It comes on the 12th of May, 2013. - Airship Admiral
Where will it hit? - me
Where? Everywhere! All will be desolated! - Airship Admiral
How do you know the future? How can you know the future? - me
We were born then. - Airship Admiral
Are you from the future? Are you a time traveler? Have you traveled in time? - me
.. We can see that you are gathering evidence about us. - Airship Admiral
Only for my own sake. I need to know that I am not imagining this. It is difficult sometimes, most humans do not have a telepathic ability. - me
I know where you place your eggs. - Lady Grey says to me

What does your people work with? What do you do? - me
At least we do not fight. We do many things, but mostly mechanics. - Airship Admiral
I can see that you are wearing a suit. - me
Yes, but do be careful, so that everyone does not drown. - Airship Admiral
What areas are safe? - me
Watch out for the cities, and for all the traffic! - Airship Admiral
... Will I die then? - me
We do not want to tell you. - Airship Admiral
The year 2013 you said? There have been so many doom's day prophecies, we humans are fed up with them. They are constantly emerging, but they never come true. - me
Yes, the clock has not progressed. - Airship Admiral
I won't interfere with any of your business, but they are collecting your eggs. - Airship Admiral
Yes, I know. They are making hybrids. They lack their own reproductive ability. - me
... When does the flood come? How can you see the future? ... Do you have a name? - me

I see my ETs talking to him about the fertilization work and projects.

"Can you see that I will rule?" - Red Reptile says to the Admiral
"Yes. I can." - Airship Admiral said to Red
I see that the Red Dragon is bothering you now. - me

My condoleances to you both, because you don't understand each other. - Airship Admiral
Ok. Thank you. - me
Because she thinks you're mean, and you think she is nice. - Airship Admiral, he refers to Lady Grey

We don't have much time left, until your race will become destroyed. - Airship Admiral
How do you know that? Is it coming soon? - me
Yes, and your race will hide under the ground, and then it becomes us. - Airship Admiral
Are you, us? Are you our future? Are you from the future? Are you a time traveler? - me
No, we are a space traveler. - Airship Admiral
Are you from the future? - me
I know that it sounds backwards. - Airship Admiral
What does it look like there with you? - me
We have very little water now! - Airship Admiral
Have you removed the water? What planet are you from? - me

It is nice when you tell them that they live in the soil. - Airship Admiral

I knew that he meant when I tell the Reptilians that they are like roots in the dark soil but that one day they will evolve and grow leaves and live in light and spread themselves as a beautiful flower and be all about love and light, and that they are children now. I tell them that every once in a while.

11:52 PM
"You will honor our race!" - Red is fussing at Admiral
Don't listen to the Dragon. He is bothersome. - me, I felt really embarrassed for the behavior of Red against my guest visitor. The Admiral has his second thought image by now that humans should not be at the beaches and shores when the flood comes.

We have been with the Draconian race before. - Airship Admiral
I wish you would speak English to me. Please switch to English. *I don't like [the European language].* - me
I have seen some art artifacts here. - Airship Admiral, he thinks of some pottery that I do not have here. Maybe is he seeing the past? The pottery looked to be of old human culture.
Where? - me
Here! Everywhere! - Airship Admiral
I don't know what you mean. - me

11:54 PM
"I have as little respect for you, as you have for me." - Airship Admiral says to Red

11:57 PM
[My first name]! Help me! - Red's muffled cries for help. Is he in trouble? Are they hurting him?
What is going on? What is going on here? Are you hurting my Dragon? - me
No, but he is being shone on. We will not harm him. - Airship Admiral, "shone", as in to shine light on

12:00 midnight
Yes, please help me. - Red?
What is going on? What are you doing? - me to Red
He does not want to be ruled. - Red
No, my Dragon. Leave the man alone. - me
He will be fed into my mouth! - Red hisses
No, my Dragon. Leave the man alone! - me
There, you will only antagonise him. - Airship Admiral

12:11 midnight
"The reason why we come here is not to cause an outcry." - Airship Admiral speaking to Lady Grey
"Yes, the root of all evil is stubbornness." - Red to Admiral

Yes, now they want to hit me on the head. - Airship Admiral
We don't want to show them our fertilization techniques. - Red I think

Yes, that is what I look like. Although I'm really a bit taller than that. - Airship Admiral, he saw me drawing the picture of him!
There! And the head is bald. - Airship Admiral, I'm drawing him

"No, my outfit does not mean that I am a Ruler." - Airship Admiral to my Reptiles
"And yet again, there won't be an outcry." - Airship Admiral to Lady Grey
I will contact you later. - Airship Admiral to me
Yes, let's say that. Welcome back. I will sleep soon anyway. - me
[censored out what Illuminati hybrid #1 said to me, adult material]

I wrote a comment in my notes: GEEZ! EVERYBODY IS HERE AND THEIR BROTHER! :)

Yes, and the head is bald! - Airship Admiral watches me continue drawing
Yes I have seen your head! You are so very handsome. - me
"No, we will not call you Ruler." - Airship Admiral to Black Reptile Malik

Yes, we have raised eyelids. - Airship Admiral, just as I drew the first line above the eye
"No, I will not refer to you as Ruler!" - Airship Admiral to Malik Reptile

"Yes, no, we do not want to be ruled by your race." - Airship Admiral
"Yes, we still own rights to ownership for our race." - Airship Admiral
"No, we are not picking up the same things here!" - Airship Admiral
"And we will not collect bacteria with you!" - Airship Admiral
We do not have the same suction cups on our fingers. - Lady Grey about Admiral
Is it a different race? Are they Zeta? - me
"We will consider what you said. But we do not honor you." - Red to Admiral

We will blame you for what you do! - Red to me or to Admiral
"You will come here and collect bacteria with us!" - Red to Admiral

Do you have a nose? - me, drawing
Yes, and a mouth. - Airship Admiral

Watch out for that one! He does not have any suction cups on his fingers! - Lady Grey utterly distraught she whispers to me
I am not afraid of him! - me

I wrote a comment in the notes: The Admiral feels really good and benevolent throughout, whereas Lady Grey has something malicious about her, plus that she is working with the Reptilians.

"There will be many moments with food, yes." - Airship Admiral to Red I presume
"No we won't touch your air bodies. We will not steal your carriage." - Airship Admiral, carriage? UFO?

"And no, we will not call you Ruler." - Airship Admiral
There. You will soon be taken from the bed. - Malik I think, to me

Yes, I have no beard. - Airship Admiral as I'm drawing him

12:28 midnight
Yes, watch it so that I don't hit you over the mouth! - Red, I think to Admiral

Would you like to take a walk with us, across our air? - Airship Admiral
Yes, I would. I would love to! - me
Then you will meet us, with our air bodies. - Airship Admiral
Yes, delighted to. - me
But there won't be a photography. - Airship Admiral
No then. Will I come there tonight? - me
You require evidence, of course. - Airship Admiral
Yes, I would like that. - me
I only mean well. - Airship Admiral
Yes. I know! - me
You will become very dizzy! - Airship Admiral

We care about your race! - Airship Admiral
Yes. Thank you so much! I love your people! - me
And I, am not an astral projection. - Airship Admiral
Yes, but don't let him take any of our gametes! - Lady Grey

The "goldiness" I do not like, but otherwise it is good! - Airship Admiral, he looked at my drawing, must have meant the border outline of his head
Make sure that he honors us! - Malik to me about the Admiral
"I do not want to honor you Malik." - Airship Admiral to Malik
We will be giving you more condoleances soon. - Airship Admiral to me
Which ones? ... What condoleances? - me

"I would very much like to know your name?" - Airship Admiral asks Red
"Yes! My name is Hamish!" - Red to Admiral (GAAAH!!!! HOW CUTE RED'S NAME IS HAMISH!)
"Yes, and we do not have our air bodies right now." - Airship Admiral
What is an air body? - me
A kind of, feeling of freedom. - Airship Admiral
I don't understand? - me
I am not a teacher here, so I cannot show you. - Airship Admiral
"No! My outfit is not coming off!" - Airship Admiral to my gang
What an ordeal this has been, with these? - Airship Admiral tells me

"We won't rip them off! You do that yourself!" - Red to Admiral
A power play. (They like that.) - Admiral to me

Will you contact us, through our air bodies? - Airship Admiral to me
What is an air body? Do you mean astrally? Outside of body? An out of body experience? What is an air body? - me
"No, we do not want to hit you." - Airship Admiral to Red I presume
"Yes yes, gladly." - Airship Admiral to Red
"Yes, we do not collect any bacteria." - Airship Admiral
We would rather not communicate with them! - Airship Admiral
"We will not dismantle your race, either." - Airship Admiral to Red
"We are no dominant ones, like the Dinosaurs." - Airship Admiral
"We are not collecting your eggs either." - Airship Admiral
"No! And we will not rule!" - Airship Admiral

If we show you our air bodies? - Airship Admiral back to me again
Yes? I would love to see you. I have already seen you, and you were very beautiful. *With a bald head.* - me
Yes, but our air bodies are something else. - Airship Admiral
I would love to see. What do they look like? - me
There will be an outcry! - Lady Grey
No, there won't be an outcry! All will be well! - me
A hybrid, wanted to play with love, and interaction, with you. - Airship Admiral
Yes, I know. That would be nice. - me
Oh? We meant to prevent that. - Airship Admiral
We can prevent it too. We can prevent it. Or it might be inappropriate otherwise. - me
[censored adult material regarding the hybrids] - Airship Admiral
Watch out for my race! - Red

We must tell you about our skin. It is very fragile, so you mustn't break it. - Airship Admiral
[censored adult material regarding his observation about the hybrids] - Airship Admiral

"[censored adult material]" - Airship Admiral
"And no! We will not collect bacteria!" - Airship Admiral
"Yes, I experience you to be very outrageous." - Airship Admiral to Red
"Yes, fruits are not to be eaten, yes." - Airship Admiral
"Yes yes, I know what semen does." - Airship Admiral
"Yes yes, and it is to be collected." - Airship Admiral
"And then we rule on the planet." - Airship Admiral, he is citing back to me what he is being told by my ET gang

12:47 midnight
Oh, what an ordeal it will be! - Airship Admiral

12:50 midnight
"No, we are a very advanced air race!" - Airship Admiral
I would like you to protect yourself from those. - Airship Admiral
I don't know how. Or why. - me
They can hurt your bodies. - Airship Admiral
They haven't done that yet! - me
No, but they are making you pregnant. - Airship Admiral
Yes, that is alright. I have given them permission. - me
Oh. - Airship Admiral, he seemed disappointed, and made like a sigh
I should be alright. - me
Oh. Well then I should be heading back to the spaceship. - Airship Admiral
Yes. Do you have a name? - me
"I have several airships here yes?" - Airship Admiral to gang
"Yes, and my race has built them." - Airship Admiral
"No, we will not show them to you." - Airship Admiral
"We are not inhibiting you either." - Airship Admiral

The Sunday excursion with your children won't take place, unless you teach them to honor us! And then we will take them all to the forest, and murder them! - Red to me, Red wants me to teach the Admiral to honor the Draconians, or the hybrid children would be taken to the forest...
I cannot control another race, my Honored. - me to Red
I will kill your children otherwise! - Red
Then that would be for no good. Because I can't do any different either way. - me to Red
This goes beyond all my comprehension! - Red
"Here comes Malik, and you will watch out!" - Red to the Admiral

"Yes, here we won't have any Dinosaurs as meals." - Airship Admiral
"No we do not rule over any Dinosaurs!" - Airship Admiral
"No, and we will not give them any hits." - Airship Admiral
"And we will not help you with any childbirths." - Airship Admiral
"And we will not harm the ones with suction cups (on their fingers)." - Airship Admiral
"And we will not interfere." - Airship Admiral
We will watch out, for that one. - Red says to me
Yes, my Honored. But I am curious about him! - me
I do not demand any evidence, of your authenticity! Why then do you demand evidence of (...). - Red either about Red or about the Admiral

12:58 midnight
I only mean well, of course. - Airship Admiral
"And I am not ruling any of your Dinosaurs either of course." - Airship Admiral

1:01 AM
Is he your new Honored? - Red to me, Red is out of himself and exhausted
No, my Reptile. I honor you my Red Reptile. - me
I do not want to force you to change your thoughts, but that wasn't good. - Airship Admiral
I don't know what else I would do. - me
I will not suggest to you, that you know what rape means. - Airship Admiral
They do terrible assaults on you. - Airship Admiral
I do not know who I am talking to. - me
Us! We are the ones with air bodies! - Airship Admiral
What is an air body? - me

"No, I do not want to help your race." - Airship Admiral

1:06 AM
We are leaving you now. This 'air thing' is not what we want to have. - Lady Grey, she seems sad like someone after losing an argument and after having cried, not that I think she has cried

We have airships... Aircraft is another name for it too. - Airship Admiral
Are you a captain? What are your assignments there? What is your role in the airship? - me
I am Admiral there! - Airship Admiral
What does that involve? What does an Admiral do on an airship? - me
We feel like, showing you instead. - Airship Admiral
I see a uniform on you. - me
Yes, we also have one of these. - Airship Admiral shows me a helmet in his hands, it is big, blueish, has a visor that doesn't permit one to see through to his eyes and face I would think
When do you use the helmet? - me
Do you travel in air, or in space? - me

"We collect food too." - Airship Admiral to Red, Red seems to have said to him that they (Reptilians) gather food
"We do not need to remove our outfit." - Airship Admiral

1:15 AM
"Yes, you are not the dominant race!" - Airship Admiral

1:17 AM
Malik does not want to welcome him! - Malik

1:21 AM
He does not want to be ruled by us. - Malik or Lady Grey