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Since August 2016 I am in contact with Sirians, the extraterrestrial people who say they lived on a planet by one of the stars Sirius.

My first impressions with the Sirians, is that they are deeply wise, conscious, spiritual, and loving empathic people. The combination of wisdom and consciousness on one hand, with a loving nature and compassion and empathy on the other hand, is very impressive. A few days later when I decided to contact a Sirian for a lengthy interview about their species, the Sirians I met chose to talk about the war that the Sirians have been involved in.

The interview with the Sirians will become a separate little book. In it, the Sirians reveal that they were created by a Master Race, whom we also talk to in the book. The Master Race is an alien species that has pink skin and it likes to create new species that are loving and peaceful. The Master Race has also created the Pleiadians, who resemble humans from Earth and are known for being a loving and compassionate people. Having been created by the same pink Master Race, is the reason why Pleiadians and Sirians used to call themselves Brothers, but then things went awry between these two species.

The Sirians are reluctant to reveal the whole story in the interviews, perhaps because they know that some of their actions have been not motivated by compassion, as well as sometimes having acted with violence in the situations that arose. The Sirians say they were mining for minerals such as gold on their own planet. Their goal was to build explosive weapons, but what these explosive weapons would have been used for, or against whom, the Sirians did not say. Then someone else, a species that was either a separate group of Sirians themselves, or another alien species, took over those mines and enslaved the Sirians to work for them. The Sirians are again reluctant to share the truth of this story, and do not tell us who the invaders were.

Their Pleiadian Brothers were willing and ready to help the Sirians by evacuating them from Sirius in a peaceful solution to the problem, but the Sirians chose the violent route, to fight for what was theirs. The Sirians asked the Pleiadians to provide them with weapons for the fight, but the Pleiadians, after all having been made a peaceful and loving people, only wanted to see the peaceful solution being chosen, they did not provide the Sirians with any weapons, and for this reason the Sirians feel that the Pleiadians were not being helpful at all. The Sirians managed to take over the mines, and the explosive weapons that were being made there, and fought their way to take back what was theirs.

But the invading forces brought in more troops, and rained down explosive meteorite bombs that fell on the Sirian planet forming the many craters that now cover the planet's surface. The Sirians had sent one part of the Sirians into safety in the mines under ground, and the other half of the Sirians had remained on the surface of the planet to fight! The Sirians now lost this second part of the battle, and the invaders took away all of the Sirian women. The remaining Sirians had no choice but to flee, and they are now refugees, wondering how to get back their women, thinking that their home planet at Sirius is destroyed, and questioning whether the Pleiadians are even their Brothers anymore.

These interviews were carried out on August 21, 2016, and this drawing I made on the same day, it depicts a Sirian looking over the damaged surface of their planet with the many craters. The interviews will be published as a little book some time in the future, and in it, many others are speaking too, including me a human egg donor, Hamish the Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race a Reptilian, a Dark Lord, a Pleiadian man and a Pleiadian woman, an extraterrestrial man of the Ashtar Command as he says, one or two human men of the United States military who are overseeing the alien activities on Earth and with whom the Pleiadians are interacting to try to convince them to stop the wars on Earth, Zeta Reticulan, Alpha Reticulan, Zeta Remulan, and the brown scorpion an Alpha Remulan, a human-alien hybrid, Dinosaur the so-called Saurians or Frogs, other Reptilians, one of the pink Master Race who created the Sirians and the Pleiadians, and possibly others also.

In August 2017 I learned from the Vega that the Vega created the Sirians. Someone had called the Sirians "the dog race" because the Sirians were supposedly improperly Starseeded. But the Vegas loved the Sirians like their own, Vegas were very happy and proud with them. Then the Black Ones took over the Sirians and created them into their own and created new races out of Sirians. Earlier in August I did encounter the new alien species which I named "modified Sirian".

The Vegas referred to them as Black Ones who took over the Sirians. The Alpha Thetan Dark Lords used to be referred to as Black Ones, so we can suspect that it is one and the same. Dark Lords are also known to call other species "dogs" and a "dog race" when they want to mock them for supposedly being inferior, and that sounds just like something that they would say.

The Vegas ended up in wars with an enemy because the enemy coveted to have the powerful Vega weapons. The Vegas tried to recruit the Sirians to help them in the wars, "but Sirians were hopelessly in love with the enemy", said the Vega. The war was against "Zeta Reticulans and their allies", the Vega lost these wars. The Sirians used to be allies to the Vegas, then the Sirians hid from the Vegas and escaped their grasp. Sirians made friends with the enemy of the Vega.