written September 14, 2013

Drawing made on August 27, 2016

Comment: In August 2016 I had more contact with Ashtar, in a telepathic conversation that is included in the Sirian interview, to be published at a later time.

On September 13 2013 I had a visit from Ashtar. He visited me out of concern for the negative influence Reptilians, Dark Lords and the Agenda have on my life. Ashtar appeared in our home on the inside by the front door. He is humanoid. His eyes were all brown. He has brown hair in a 15th century hair style, the hair has a length to cover the ears and ends midway between the cheekbones and chin.

Ashtar wears a red uniform with pants and long sleeve jacket. The fabric is a thin material, as opposed to the thick rubbery suits that I'm used to seeing on reptilians and other ETs. Ashtar wears heavy utility boots. His skin is an orange tone.

My eyes are hazel, tell them that. - says Ashtar
And I don't mind to speak with you at this time. - Ashtar says
And I am, not a Lord. - says Ashtar to one of my Agenda people who asked him

Ashtar said he comes from the 5th dimension. We humans are living in the 3rd dimension, and Agenda creatures tend to dwell in an inbetween between dimensions 2 and 3. Ashtar showed me images from his home, their spaceships, the planet, their cities. He said that the Agenda would like to have their spaceships, but they can't have them.

Ashtar is a well-known individual among alien contactees. I was somewhat aware of him from reading other sources, but I would not have expected to meet him. I am genuinely convinced that he was a true visitation and that I was not imagining him. Of course I have no physical proof of his existence or visit.

I think I welcomed Ashtar into our home, I'm sure I did, unless I forgot if I was baffled to see him, cause I was baffled and it took me a minute to stop feeling overwhelmed and amazed to see him standing at our door. Ashtar was appalled to see all of Hamish's shedded scales all over my bedroom floor. He looked at Hamish's scales littered all around as if they were trash, you could see at his expression that he found it to be inappropriate. Hamish felt very self-conscious and embarrassed about his scales and started pulling them to the pink bathroom rug on our bedroom floor and I could tell how Hamish was feeling.

You are not his mother. - says Ashtar or someone else, about me and Hamish
But I love him. - me
Love does not exist in his world! - says Ashtar
But I will give him love, and then it exists in his world. I love him so much. - me
He is only here for your DNA strands. - says Ashtar
And! Pleased to meet! Pleased to speak! - Ashtar
Nice to meet you too. Thank you. And welcome. - me

Hamish started stepping his feet on shedded scales on the rug, slowly, squish, squish, he steps on his sheets of shedded scales so that they will dry and crumble so that he is composting them and they disintegrate. That is his way of dealing with them. Ashtar also noticed that Hamish poos in our home on the floors. I had to ensure both Ashtar and Hamish that Hamish is entitled to shed here and live here. I said that I have welcomed Hamish into my home and told him to make himself at home. I don't want anyone coming into mine and Hamish's home and making Dragon feel uncomfortable in his own home. Hamish can put his otherdimensional scales anywhere he wants. (Good lord, I wonder what this place looks like in Hamish's dimension? Probably littered with scales like a dragon's den!) But this is Hamish's home. I love him.

Ashtar Rose
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Ashtar had come to repair my heart chakra and I told him that my third eye chakra was also busted. Malik has destroyed my heart chakra and third eye chakra and contorted them from light and color into black. They are like a broken flashlight that doesn't shine. And this following morning I feel as if my chakras are repaired, and I thank Ashtar for doing that.

Yes, we drink your life juices. - says Malik
Don't do it anymore. You are not allowed. You've had enough. Go away Malik. You're a menace. - me

Malik is an energy parasite. He eats energy from other people. He is an Incubus. But this morning after Ashtar had visited I woke up bright and early at 7:30 AM and was ready to get up and start my day. And I've felt wonderful all morning. Normally for as long as I can remember I wake up around noon feeling tired, depressed, and old. That is because Malik likes to snack on my "life juices" when I sleep. I think this night Ashtar might have guarded me against Malik.

When Ashtar was in our home last night he noticed all the Reptilians sitting on our living room sofa, there were at least three or four Agenda Reptilians seated and I got to see it from Ashtar's view. I had not seen them there so I was surprised at the gathering. My black reptile who turns out is an Orion he was also one of the reptiles sitting there. Ashtar was unhappy about it and was serious and going to send them away. Ashtar did not want these creatures in our home and showed me how they taunt and talk badly about my other family members who do not even see them.

So I had to tell Ashtar that the Reptilians have actually asked for permission to sit and that I have granted them the right to sit. I said to Ashtar that guests are welcome to sit here and I will not make guests have to stand up if they would rather like to sit. Reptilians or otherwise. I won't be rude to guests, and I have worked a long time to convince the Agenda guests to not ask for permission each and every time before they sit. Of course they can sit. So Ashtar had to let them sit on our sofas.

What brought Ashtar to my home was I had a long Skype conversation with a fellow Starseed who talked to me about Ashtar and the Galactic Federation last night. Black reptile, who is an Orion, came to listen and was concerned that we were mentioning Ashtar. I commented on how he seems to fear Ashtar. Sure enough, Ashtar showed up later that night.

When I woke up the following morning, black reptile was still sitting on our living room sofa. Maybe he had sat there all night. "Omrigosh", he said to me. "Omrigosh". Which if you check the books "Letters to SETI" it means Hello. "Omrigosh", I said to my black reptile to say hello back to him.

But I felt wonderful today. And with the support of Ashtar and others in the friendly community of ETs I will repair my broken energy body and become a light being again. I have spent an interesting two years being pulled further and further into the Agenda darkness so that I could see what it was like. I can now say that I know more and understand the Agenda darkness and its inhabitants better than most. I have been in the minds of Reptilians, Dark Lords, I have seen and spoken with their god The Eye. I know what the Dark Side has got to offer, and I understand the motivations for why Dark Ones adhere to their way of life and why they resist evolving into spiritual loving empathic beings.

Ashtar this morning asked if he could wash his boots in our bath tub. I said that of course he may. He may have accidentally stepped on one of Hamish's mudpiles, I'm not kidding.

Well aren't you a sassy bitch. - says a small raptor Reptilian to me probably Snake

We wanted to eat snacks with him. But he said no. - says Hamish about Ashtar
What kind of snacks did you offer him? Hamish Ashtar doesn't eat Dragon snacks. He eats, other kind of snacks. But you are a sweet dragon to offer him food. - me
Yes, and they, took my boots. - says Ashtar
Did you have an alright night with the Reptiles Ashtar? Were they trouble for you? Please be careful. - me
They wanted to, bite him! - says Hamish playfully mischievously and shows me Ashtar's fingers, turns out Ashtar wears white gloves on his hands

I had a lucid dream last night, which is when you find yourself in the astral world and you are perfectly conscious and awake and the same person that you are when you are awake in the physical world. I woke up in my room and my bedroom door was closed and a Reptilian was standing behind the door knocking and wanting to come in. "Come in! Open the door! You can do it, just use the door handle", I said from the bed to the Reptilian who was knocking. I was also aware that the Reptilians were thinking about how they were being "sent to prison". Maybe Ashtar was taking them away from here during the night? So the Reptilian didn't know how to push the doorhandle down to open the door (we don't have doorknobs here in Europe, we have doorhandles) and he started scratching and clawing on the door with his clumsy clawed fingers. Maybe it was Hamish trying to come in, because even though I could not see him on the other side of the door, I was under the impression that it was a scaly red dragon with black claws. When I woke up the door was open as I had left it for the night. So it figures.

Last night Ashtar also mentioned "Ashtar Rose", he said, "Have you heard of the Ashtar Rose?" I said that I had read about it sometime, but I did not know what it is. I told him that "rose" only reminds me of how the Draconians use it as a symbol for ritual blood sacrifice, they call it a "red rose" because when you open a victim's chest and the blood gushes out they say it looks like a red rose opening. In some future interview I will ask him what the Ashtar rose means when I have the time.

Now Ashtar advises me not to go to the forest jogging again: "Don't go there, because they would hunt you.", and shows me that when I have gone there jogging in the past, the Reptilians and I was shown Snake in particular, see it as a hunt because I'm running in the forest. Oh dear. That made me laugh out loud.

More telepathic conversations between Ashtar, myself, and Hamish were captured in the archives and will be published in a future telepathy book. The first telepathy book Real? Or Imaginary? is already out, with hundreds of pages of authentic conversations with the ETs.