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This page used to be called reptilians.html. But as I learn more about the different alien species, it becomes necessary to be more specific in order to classify the different species. "Reptilians" can no longer be used as a generic term. Because there are Alpha Draconian Reptilians from the Draco constellation, but there are also Rigel Reptilians from the Orion constellation, and I have made a clear distinction between Orion species and the Alpha Draconian Reptilians.

Normally, when we say "Reptilians", it is almost always the Alpha Draconian Reptilians we are talking about. But there are also other Reptilians from other stars. In this section we will only discuss the Alpha Draconian Reptilians, and for the Rigel Reptilians you can visit the Orion species section.

Reptilians are intelligent sentient beings that are often encountered by humans who are abducted by aliens. Most Reptilians say they come from the star Alpha Draconis, in the Draco constellation, others claim to be old Earth dinosaurs dating back millions of years from prehistoric Earth and native to this planet. I have also met Reptilians from Rigel, which is a star in the Orion constellation. This section focuses on the Alpha Draconis Reptilians.

Two Categories

There are two major categories of Alpha Draconian Reptilians. There is the old Draconian race which are the Dragon Turtles. And there are the modern Alpha Draconian Reptilians. Most people who encounter Draconian Reptilians are encountering some of the modern ones. The old Draconian race is easily distinguished by it having an arched body posture with a big back hump and duck feet, some Dragon Turtles have many pairs of blunt head buttons. Modern Reptilians are upright standing and do not have a back hump, and those modern Reptilians who do have blunt buttons on their head, only have a few pairs of them. Both the old race and the modern races were genetically created by the Master Race which are the Bird People. I used to refer to the modern Reptilians as "Snake-type Reptilians", nowadays I am calling them "modern Reptilians".


The Reptilians I talk to, say that they were created by the Master Race which they also call the Bird Race. In 2017 I encountered the Marsian Salamanders, which I do not list as "Reptilians" but I list them as a distinct species "Marsian Salamanders", these Marsian Salamanders were created by the Serpent God Anu. I am not entirely clear on who the Anunnaki are: if these are the Marsian Salamanders, or if Anu was one of the Anunnaki. However, in August 2017 a Vega told me that "Reptilians were Seeded by another race the Anunnaki". More clarity on the distinction of the Master Race Bird Race and the Anunnaki and the various groups of created reptiles is needed.

Their bodies

There is a great diversity among Reptilian bodies, almost each Reptilian whom I encounter looks unlike any of the others I've met. A typical Reptilian is tall and slenderly built and has a humanoid basic build with a torso, two legs, two arms at the shoulders, a head, plus a tail, and its body covered in scales. Typically their heads look "too small". Two large eyes with a vertical slit, and both upper and lower eyelids.

Many colors are represented. Black, fire engine red, yellow-beige, bright lime green, white, rusty red, royal blue. Reptilians have supreme eyesight, they can see in the dark and much prefer the dark, they notice everything around them and are also curious observers. Their hearing is excellent, but therefore also much sensitive, they are uncomfortable around music or some sounds and prefer quiet. They also have a keen sense of smell.

Reptilians are notorious for having a very strong body odor, which most humans find very uncomfortable, almost like meeting a skunk. I describe the smell of Hamish the Reptilian, as "the smell of vomit and old cheese, a very visceral smell".

Sometimes Reptilians wear a tight-fit one-piece rubber spacesuit, or you will also see some wearing a dark hooded fabric cloak, but most Reptilians stroll around naked, which is fine, since those who are males they have no external scrotum, and they do have a penis but it is kept entirely hidden on the inside of their body.

Did you know that Reptilians do not want to be touched? You can forget about asking to hug them. However, a secret that they sometimes share is that they love to be tugged at the root of their tail. If you're going to touch them, go for the tail.

They are Telepathic...

Reptilians communicate with humans telepathically. I have had countless of hours of conversations with them and written down hundreds of pages of telepathy. They talk mostly about their wanting to rule and demanding to be honored. They talk about how humans are engaged in their Agenda to be used to breed human and hybrid offspring which are eaten by Reptilians much like how humans have cows for cattle. Reptilians have long histories of war.


Reptilians speak telepathically with humans and with other aliens; the human will receive a perfect stream of words in the human's own language. Reptilians also have their own vocal language, consisting for example of growls, hisses, belches, and exhales. What you wouldn't know is that Reptilians communicate with use of their eyelids: both upper and lower eyelids closed fully or almost fully means that they are humble, kind, or very friendly. Only the lower eyelids closed upward means that they are laughing, and oh yes they do have a sense of humor (an often sadistic sense of humor, but one nonetheless). Upper eyelids closed diagonally down across the eyes, means that they are smiling and pleased. So anytime the eyelids are closing it means something positive and that your Dragon is pleased.

What do Reptilians eat

Reptilians are carnivores, and I have met no exception to that. Most of them talk about consuming blood, others are fond of soft internal organs. It appears they do not eat muscle, which is what we humans eat when we eat "meat". Some Reptilians accept the offer of eating fish guts and fish trimmings from the Japanese fishing industry. Reptilians eat from human and alien-human hybrids, but they also eat other aliens such as the ones that are called Dinosaurs or Frogs.

Being predatory creatures is highly integrated in the thinking, behavior, and culture and civilization that Reptilians lead. If a creature is suffering or afraid, it excites and enhances the Reptilian hunting instincts. Reptilians derive sensory pleasure from the act of hunting and eating. We humans experience sexual pleasure and orgasms from the act of sexual reproduction which is our body's way of encouraging us to multiply and have babies so that our human species can survive. Reptilians on the other hand experience sensual pleasure which I rate to be at least 1,000 times more enjoyable than human sex, but for Reptilians it comes from activities of hunting or torturing, which is of course their body's way of encouraging them to eat and survive. The Reptilians call these feelings, "feeling the lust", or "drinking coffee" and "drinking juice". Many humans who think that they were sexually raped by a Reptilian were in fact only being used as a prey in a hunting game, which the Reptilian derived great pleasure from.


Reptilians are both physically and mentally strong creatures. Many Reptilians have quick and agile movements, and their responses are swift. A Reptilian can feel into another being mentally, which is how they can read someone's mind and also put their own thoughts and thought images into its mind for communication, but they can also use this mental awareness of another being to hijack its motor functions. They can then physically push and maneuver a body of a creature whose mind is weaker. They do this from time to time with me and they call it "showing the power". (I think it's fun.)

Each new Reptilian whom I have met, with few exceptions, has spent an average of the first two days watching me intensely like a hawk and learning all of my moves and patterns, and then when it thinks I will least expect it the Reptilian jumps on me and wrestles me around. They do this to test my strengths, and we are meant to compare strengths and the stronger of us is declared the one higher in rank. I have never put up a struggle with the Reptilian. I call this behavior "the conquest". And naturally, since this is a sort of hunting behavior, the Reptilian derives immense almost sexual pleasure from this, and both me and the Reptile will be enjoying his sensations, since our minds, bodies, and feelings are connected.


Reptilians are arrogant and aggressive, they have frequent sudden outbursts. Draconians can be snappy and irritable and easily angered by things. Sometimes they raise their voice and yell without warning, it can come as a surprise. If a human is easily provoked I can imagine humans getting into arguments with the Draconians. Stay calm and listen to what they say and not as much how they say it that is how to get along fine.

They are completely incapable of feeling any of the sensations of fear or pain. And when another creature is feeling pain or fear it produces a huge energy which the Draconians love to bask in and ingest, also known as energy vampirism. The Draconians refer to this as "drinking juice". It can leave a human drained and weak and even feeling sick.

Draconians do not understand love and compassion and rather think of those as weaknesses. Reptilians who show signs of weakness are beaten or even killed. Draconians are abusive toward other races.


Reptilians are dominating hierarchial creatures. Individual Reptilians who can show that they are physically or otherwise more powerful, earn a higher rank in their groups. Higher ranks are coveted by all Reptilians, yet they show due respect to their higher ones, even if part of that seems to be envy too.

Reptilians earn higher rank points not only through acts of displaying strength and dominance. There are many physical features that some Reptilians are born with, which instantly awards the Reptile with higher rank. Comb structures are flat sheets that run along the top of the head from above the eyes and backward. There are Reptilians with just one comb, and others that have three of them. Combs instantly award higher rank. Another physical feature which gives status, are to have what I call the "blunt button pairs" on the head. Some Reptilians have one pair or two or three pairs. Hamish my red Reptilian has many pairs of blunt buttons that run all along the back of his neck. Hamish has told me that they, "signify royalty".

Reptilians extend their dominating ways to beyond just within their own species, and they act dominating toward other species too, they display dominance and hierarchial behaviors also to other extraterrestrial species and to us humans as well.

Reptilians do the "conquest" or "wrestling" with each other to test each other's relative strengths. They do this to humans also. A human who has a Reptilian wrestling them, is expected to fight back. After a very brief tumble the Reptilian declares which of the two has earned the higher relative rank as based on the results of the strength comparison. Reptilians are bullied and kicked around when they are baby Reptilians to make them stronger.

Reptilians regard their own races as very high and superior to others, but there is one race which they regard as even more dignified. It is the Bird race, also referred to by them as the Master race. They seem to be feathered reptilians and were the ones who genetically created the Reptilians. Reptilians seem to fear as well as despise this supreme race.

Reptilians are very vocal and outspoken about ranks, and they are constantly reminding other races which they consider to be inferior of their inferior status. Zetas, Orions, and Dinosaurs are some who are constantly reminded. The Zetas seem to have at least outwardly accepted an inferior status, and this their acceptance of Reptilians has earned the Zetas a somewhat higher rank according to Reptilians, and the Zetas are very proud of this achievement. As a human the Reptilians frequently remind me that they are a "proud" and "honored" race and I am often called a "dog race" by them.

Working with humans

Reptilians are fascinated with human power figures, politicians, military, and royalty and also other people who have power or influence over humans such as actors, the music industry, and media. Some unless most or all of this involvement and interest comes however from a higher rank in the Alien Agenda, namely by orders and design of the Dark Lords.

Reptilians and the Agenda have entered into "agreements" with human militaries. The Agenda places demands on humanity to provide them with resources such as food and the rights to mine for minerals, and the militaries find themselves more or less having to make some sort of deals with these aliens to avoid war and conflict. In return, of course, militaries also get rewards from the aliens, such as military technologies including spaceships and psychic agents. The Agenda have dealings with the NATO, the militaries of the US and Russia, Japan, US politicians, British Royals, North Korean leadership, just to list the ones that were mentioned.

Draconian Bloodline

According to Reptilians, there are humans on Earth who contain some Reptilian DNA. These humans are referred to as the Iroquois. Such Reptilian-human hybrids are able to embody Reptilian ruthlessness, ideals, and actions and so being the Reptilian presence here in humanity, in place of Reptilians who would be here in person.

It seems also that Reptilians are able to activate these Reptilian genetics in a bloodline human, at which the human suddenly changes and becomes more like a Reptilian person, awakening qualities such as fearlessness, stamina, power, ambition, and focus. Bloodline humans would also be easier for the Reptilians to mind steer, to have an active role through that person here on Earth.

Bits and pieces

Reptilians have a very strong body odor and smell, it can be described as a very visceral smell like vomit, pancreas, or bile. But do not tell them that they smell, or they feel self-conscious and avoid that human.

Reptilians, at least my Hamish who is of the old Draconian race, sheds scales regularly, perhaps twice a year. His entire body will turn white and the scales will come off as large sheets. Reptilians who shed are bullied by the other Reptilians, and they hide away from others. They feel terribly ashamed and also anxious about shedding. It is a very traumatic event that happens in their lives, even though one would think that they should get used to it, or at least consider it as something normal and natural. Reptilians also believe that if someone touches them on their skin, then that part of the skin will turn white and shed off, and perhaps that is true. Reptilians do not want to be touched, they are no cuddly animals.

Reptilians don't like music. They appreciate the quiet.

Reptilians can see well in the dark. In fact in Reptilian bases, they do not decorate with any indoor lighting. You will find Reptilians in perfectly pitch black dark hallways and rooms, and they can see fine. They like it that way.

Reptilians are surprisingly cleanly creatures. They notice if there is any trash in a human home, and they will feel very bothered by it and ask for it to be removed and taken care of. Especially any trash that has any smell to it, like notably if I place used bloody tampons in the trashcan then Snake the Reptilian will more often than not appear to let me know that the trash "smells" and he acts upset. However, Reptilian bases can be dirty, there can be body fluids and also in Earth-based camps insects such as beetles and corpse grubs along the lengths of where floors meet walls. Some Reptilians seem to excrete urine and/or feces to the floors. There can also be blood from victims. And it seems that at least some subspecies of Reptilians secrete through their skin a smelly sticky "sweat" that can catch onto things. Reptilian bases can be very funky with visceral fluids, but I still regard Reptilians as exceptionally cleanly and tidy creatures.

Reptilians don't ever seem to mention their tail, even though they talk about their bodies quite a lot. The tail seems to "just be there". However, a secret that they do not always confess to is that Reptilians like the sensation from being tugged on the roots of their tail. They will also allow a person to stroke them on the tail. But do not do that without asking for permission first, because Reptilians in general do not want to be touched, so forget about any handshake or hug from them except for the conquest wrestling but that is a measure of strength, and that can be the only time a Reptilian ever touches a person.

Reptilians have excellent memory and they never forget anything it seems. They remember their childhoods well too. They are also excellent observers and will know pretty much every single item and object in a person's home if once they have inspected that home. A Reptilian who visits a human's home for the first time is very likely to take a moment to make an inspection. They will look into cupboards and on shelves and notice every single object. One thing they are doing is actually checking to see if the human has any weapons stored anywhere. Reptilians were for a long time worried if my adapter box, which is a black electrical box on the floor, if it was a land mine that they should watch out for, if it was a trap. I had to tell them many times to try to convince them that it was not a trap.

Reptilians are dangerous creatures and they like killing because they are a predatory species. They are not afraid of having a creature's limbs torn off, or somebody's abdomen cut into. They find such kind of things fascinating, and worthwhile. And sometimes the sight or knowledge of a victim suffering will trigger an instinct in their brains which puts them into an unstoppable frenzy in which it is next to impossible to talk them to their senses.

I enjoy a protected position because my eggs are valuable to them, so I feel rather safe when interacting with Reptilians. At least I feel entirely safe to explore my friendship with Hamish the Reptilian. But even Hamish has expressed many times wanting to strangle my throat or eat my liver snacks, because if it weren't that I was food in terms of eggs, then I am food anyway in terms of livers. It is a kind of false safety, because he probably thinks of me as food regardless. He knows I have a tasty liver in me.

Reptilians are sassy, mean, and dangerous. They throw insults and act dominating. I was still able to truly appreciate getting to know these creatures, and my friendship with Hamish is the most valuable and meaningful friendship I have ever known. Most people might find it difficult to even talk with them, but I say it's possible, and it is possible to be friends with them and learn about them through that contact.