An Emerald Basilisk
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There is great diversity among Draconian Reptiles.

These are perhaps the most popularly drawn and encountered ones. Humanoid body configuration, tall and slender with a long slithering tail, their heads are narrow with tight scales. Eyes are large and yellow, snout somewhat pointy and with sharp teeth. Keen observers, lusty, intelligent and interesting. The Snake-type Reptilian in my life is the one called Snake. He is yellow-beige and wears a tight-fitting bodysuit uniform and shoes. His true form is a small raptor, and this humanoid form seems to only be an image that he presents so that humans would treat him with more respect.

Brown Winged
Brown winged Reptilians do not wish to be mentioned. They ask to be called Gods. They have two blunt bumps on the forehead which signifies royalty. Their rank in the hierarchy is rather high.

Dragon Turtle
Hamish is a Dragon Turtle. He belongs to the "old race" of Draconians. He is different in that he has a soft cushion humpback on his upper back. Hamish has a fairly high rank in the Draconian hierarchy. He is also strong and can conquer many other Draconians. He guards my eggs from being stolen by other alien teams.

Reptilian Vocalizations
Draconians have their own repertoire of vocalizations, featuring a range of hisses, grunts, grunt-purrs, belches. The grunts sound similar to those made by a lion or a pig:
Pig Grunt #1
Pig Grunt #2
Lion Grunt #1
Lion Grunt #2

Over time, I have learned to understand my Dragon Turtle Hamish's vocalizations and he occasionally uses them to communicate with me. Hisses mean a warning. Goose basooning sound, which sounds like a horn, is yelling and telling me to stop. Palate clicks mean that Dragon is pleased. Grunts and grunt-purrs I still don't know the meaning of. Draconians also seem to communicate with exhale sounds.