Hierarchy means everything to the Draconian Reptilians. Having known my two Reptiles Malik and Hamish for nine months, getting to know Snake and Draco, and brief meetings with Strawberry and the other Reptilians, I have made some interesting observations about their passion for dominance and power structure. (Heheh, I was the one to name the dark red one Strawberry. Doesn't sound like a name that a Draconian would fancy for himself does it? I should name the others Peaches and Kitten.)

As always, all of the information on my website comes from my own ET sources. I have not been inspired by other websites. This is all first-hand information.

Draconian Hierarchy

When Reptilians are children they are put through a lot of abuse intended to develop their strengths and delete any fears and weaknesses. They are withheld their food, they are beaten and thrown into walls. This is how the little ones come to know their fellow Draconians.

Throughout their lifetime, a Draconian who shows any signs of weakness or injury is at risk of disposal or at least of bullying and ridicule by the other Draconians. There was a time when Red Reptile Hamish was shedding scales from his arms. There were big patches of white shedding scales on his arms. He felt exceedingly embarrassed and self-conscious about his scales, knowing that this was a possible reason for mistreatment from the others.

There are many different varieties of Draconians. I learned from Draco that Red Hamish belongs to an older race of Draconians. Draco himself has scales that lie flat against his body, and Red Hamish has scales that stick out and some that are raised bumps and thorns. Belonging to the old Draconian race awards Red Hamish a higher position in rank automatically.

Draconians group themselves into a strict hierarchy system, which is kind of like a list of which Draconians are better than whom. The highest rank Draconians I have got to meet are brown ones with raised bumps on their heads. I was to address them as God. As far as I know, next below are Black Draconians, including our Malik (formerly known as Betelgeuse). Red Reptile has a rank below Malik, and Red honors and reveres "the black ones".

Draco belongs to a rank lower than Red Hamish. Snake however, a dark green scaly Draconian, I do not know his rank, but he is higher than Draco. I do not know how Red and Snake match up to each other or Snake and Malik.

All Draconians covet higher positions in ranking. But the ones who are higher are the ones who have superior mental and/or physical powers. Rank is earned by power measures, but there seem to also be cultural significance involved, such as how certain ancestral or "bloodline" ties automatically award one a higher position.

Draconians who are higher in rank will frequently remind the lower ones of being higher than they. Lower ones are constantly asked to "honor" the higher ones. Draconians are forced to treat higher ones with utmost praise and admiration and the appropriate titles. There are Gods, Kings, Princes, Eminences, and just plain Honored ones. Higher ones have the right to do a beating on lower ones at any time of their choosing. Red is sometimes beaten and reminded of his place by the Black ones.

A Draconian feels very embarrassed when he is being made to feel inferior by the superior ones. I have seen no evidence that a Draconian would genuinely admire and appreciate a higher ranking member, rather there seems to be jealousy and bitterness, but it is accepted.

Draconians do not only structure members of their own race into the hierarchy system. They apply the same cultural principle to all other races as well. The Dinosaurs are one example of a race which the Draconians regard as having a very low rank, because the Dinosaurs do not display signs of strength or power. We humans are also looked down upon as an inferior weak race. And Draco likes to tell me that within my race of humans, as a woman I am of the weaker sex. Draconians look down on human women more than they do on human men.

Dominance games

When a Draconian first meets a new human being, he will spend the first few days watching the human and closely monitoring his or her behavior and patterns. After a few days the Draconian will without warning throw himself over the human. It will feel as if having its body over and within one's own body and having its mind in your mind. The Draconian will try to wrestle the human around and take over the brain and neural network and be the one to move the limbs and body around. They expect a human to fight this challenge and to show what we are made of.

This "dominance games", as Red Reptile calls it, may last anywhere from a short while and up to several minutes. Red Reptile's lasted not long at all with me, Malik's lasted longer, and Draco's lasted at least three minutes maybe five or more, and Snake has yet to take part in a dominance game with me. After the dominance game the Draconian may feel that he has successfully pinned you down and taken you over, and he declares himself as superior to the human.

Reptilians feel great sensual lust and pleasure from their dominance activities. I would rate their feeling as being at least 100 or 1000 times more intense and pleasurable than human sex, which is why many humans who experience a Draconian "dominance game" feel that they are being sexually assaulted and raped. A Draconian would tell you however, that this is not sex, it is the Draconian comparing strengths with you. Because everybody needs to know its place in the hierarchy system.

Generally, a Draconian seems to feel the need to only do the dominance games once. But if you challenge the Draconian afterwards, he may see need to test strengths again.

My place in the hierarchy

When Red Reptile first showed up he did not make any assumptions as to my strength. He performed the dominance games to determine what my strengths really were. Of course, Red was much stronger than me, and I did not even know what cultural act we were doing so I didn't even know that I should try to fight him off. I just enjoyed it and let him roll me around. Same with Malik and Draco, I let them have their way so that I could passively observe their behavior without interfering.

I have taken a very neutral approach to my Reptilian contacts. I regard myself as a field biologist making observations. And my approach has been very effective. I may have gotten closer to observing the Draconians than most contactees do, simply by not stepping on their toes or insulting their culture. I have wanted to listen to them and see how they explain their thoughts and behavior. My personal opinions aside for most of the time.

They do look down on me and my entire human race because we are the inferior race and they are not only a dominant race they are the "best" race, they say. But over time Red Reptile recently announced that the Zeta Greys and Hybrids were to honor me. Meaning that Red regards me as being higher in ranking than they. But I graciously declared that I will be the same rank or lower than the Zetas and hybrids. I declined the gracious gesture.

Every now and then Red Reptile thinks that I have won over him and he then considers himself defeated in the chess game that I didn't even know we were playing. He will then reach over to his back where he has the most impressive scales on the hump cushion on his back, and he plucks off one of his scales and hands it to me. Because I have earned some Reptilian scales, and he has just lost the rights to one. By now I have at least five scales so if we give it more time I may even become a full-scale (no pun intended) Reptilian.

Sometimes Red thinks that I have shown a lack of power and he thinks that I should not have any scales. It is all very interesting psychology from the Draconians, how they think.

For being so compliant with the Draconians, Snake informed me that I may be awarded the Draconian emblem. It would be a triangular metal artifact with rounded corners.