Snake to the right

Another one of David Eckhart's (David is a reptilian contactee) Draconians who came over to see me was the big boss one called Snake. Reviewing Eckhart's material made his Draconians sense me and come over for a visit to check me out. I was subsequently added to their team of Draco, Lady Grey, and Snake, all with the blessing of my team's boss Malik the Black Draconian.

I have not had much contact with Snake. Snake has the same position as big boss same as my Malik has in my team. Red is the boss of my team and Red spends a lot of time with me. Similarly Draco is the boss of his team and spends a lot of time here. The boss reptilians are like those that watch that all is being done according to plan. But they themselves have a superior, Malik in my team, and Snake in Eckhart's team.

Snake actually talks nice to me and acts civil. He is a big and muscular-looking Draconian. His scales are a very dark green, and he wears clothing. Here are some verbatum things that Snake has said, excerpt snippets from here and there and taken out of context, but just to show how he talks and some of the things he has said (translated from European language):

April 16 2012
We are no longer studying your genes. - Snake
We have begun to lose faith in your race. - Snake
Yes, but I am here if you need my help. - me
Well? Am I not your King? - Snake
Do you want to be my King? Even though you are a different individual? - me, he was not Malik
I will help you Draconians if I can. If you need help. I like your race. - me
Yes, but you are meant to begin to fear. - Snake
Do you have a name for me? What shall I call you? - me
My name will be, Snake! - Snake

April 17 2012
Snake, and Malik, are here. - Snake
We will see you one more time, perhaps. - Snake
Sometimes Snake touches us. And then he does so that we wake up. - Lady Grey about Snake

Snake had a little chat to me about none other than ours beloved presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. The Draconians have a fixation on human power figures. I'm sure Newt won't mind if I publish the exchange here. This whole website and Reptilian Agenda is just nonsense anyway... Isn't it Newt? There are also other human characters and public figures named and mentioned by the Draconians, whose names I will not post at this time.

April 16 2012
I know nothing about Newt Gingrich, but you do. - Snake, actually I know nothing about him, I don't even get to vote in the US
Is he a Draconian? Who is he to you? - me
Do you mean Newt? - Snake
Yes, I mean him. Does he work with Draconians? Are you with him? - me
Yes, he is with you! - Snake, "you" as in "us humans", or "yall", translation thing
He does not want to give us an exchange. - Snake
"Which" do you want from him? A "power exchange"? - me
The reason I say "which" to Reptilians is because Red Hamish has a peculiar way of saying "which" where we humans would say "what", so I always say "which" in kind but it's odd so I put it in quotation marks.

Come to think of it, Snake has never done the "initiation rites" with me yet. But he also hasn't taken an interest or watched me closely. Being watched closely for a few days precedes the encounter, and Snake has seemed to leave things in the hands of the others. But I would look forward to a close encounter with Snake. It is an intimate experience and lets me get to know the Reptiles personally, why not, since they are a part of my life anyways.

By the way a Reptilian can do the initiation rite more than once, or do more such things later on. Recently Malik Black Reptile took me over again, even though he has already done his "rites of passage and introduction" with me. I look forward to getting acquainted with Snake, I wonder what he is like? I don't know that much about him yet.

Snake owns me

June 26, 2012 - Snake has declared me as his own. He owns me. Ah, to be owned by a Draconian Space Lizard. I will make him feed me and cuddle me and play with me and clean up after me. I hope humans make great pets. I will curl up against his leg and pur. Now, does he know of the responsibilities of having a pet? This is great. I am going to have fun with it. Though I did tell him that I'd much rather be owned by Hamish.

The "Eckhart's Draconian", or "Draco" for short

David Eckhart is a well-known reptilian contactee. Before I ever contacted him, but was looking a bit into his material, one of his Draconians sensed my presence and came over to check me out. You see, in the world of aliens and telepathy, me thinking of someone is like taking out a phone registry and dialing their number. That is why I have still not been able to draw a new picture of Strawberry Reptilian nor the White Dragon (also known as the "North Port Devil") because then these guys appear and become a distraction, well, the distraction with Strawberry is that he absolutely does not want to be painted, and the distraction about White Dragon is that my Red Reptile begins pestering him and I have to try and break up the fight (White Dragon doesn't fight, but I have to get Red Reptile off him!). Oh dear.

So anyhow, Eckhart's Draconian, whom I've come to call "Draco" for short, showed up. He does not approve of the designation "Eckhart's Draconian", he says, because he does not belong to Eckhart. Rather, David belongs to him. Eckhart's Draco spent the first few days just watching me exceedingly closely. It was just like how Red Reptile first showed up and just watched and monitored with extreme care and attention.

Initially, Red sensed his presence and went up to Draco to send him off. Red indicated that there would be power establishments between the two, but Draco took one look at Red's imposing body, especially making note of Red's odd hump on the back that is covered in scales, and Draco went absolutely silent and submissive. Red asserted his dominance over Draco without as much as a word or a power play.

Draco is an interesting slender and somewhat petite snake-like Draconian Reptile. Meanwhile both my Black Malik and Red Hamish are monster-like Draconians. My boys are large and imposing, they have a tail, and they do not wear clothes. Meanwhile Draco is slender and has a smaller snake-like head, and his scales are tight especially across the head, and he wears a body suit. I'm not sure if Draco has a tail or not, I think I saw it once.

Well, after those first few days of learning my movements, Draco appeared one night accompanied by our Lady Zeta Grey, one of the characters you can read about in the Zeta Grey section. Lady Grey informed me that she had the bat. The bat is used by Reptilians and other dominant persons in the agenda, to instill fear and to assert discipline into Dinosaurs and Hybrids, and it will get to beating, especially on the calves (lower part of the legs) if needed. (Dinosaurs are also beaten to death with those bats. I know, it is sad. I wish I could censor it out and not ruin your day.)

Lady Grey was the bossiest, bitchiest, most stern and vicious lady I have ever come across. She was giving me orders, and showing me utter contempt. Meanwhile, Draco lingered nearby and seemed more cautious to approach me. Lady Grey and bat were there to break down my defenses, so that Draco could do the world-famous "Reptilian Attack" which some contactees refer to as the "initiation rites", some humans who experience it call it "being attacked".

Draco nervously threw himself over me. It is a power establishment rite. The Draconian basically attacks me, but without intending to inflict harm, and I am meant to wrestle him so that the two of us can see which of us is the strongest. It is both a physical conquest as much as it is a mental and spiritual one, in which the Draconian enters into my brain, mind, and soul. He then begins to maneuver my body with his own mind being in my brain.

Draco found it to be very exciting. He called out cheers of how he was able to control me and how he could control my entire race. He also thought that my tongue was very erotic, and so were the blood and blood vessels in my brain. He had a great time tumbling around with me. Red Reptile and also Malik the Black Reptile have also each done this same rite of passage with me, but Draco's lasted for much longer. Not that I approve of any of the abuse that Draconian Reptiles overall cause to others, but my experiences of the rites themselves are really great.

It was a very intimate encounter with a Draconian Reptile. Our bodies and souls had merged. It is just like wrestling except that I don't fight back and that the mind and soul are also involved. Afterwards Draco announced that I would now refer to him as "my owner". He owned David Eckhart too, he said. And oh does Draco love humans!

Eckhart's Draco has dark green scales. His behavior and personality is vastly different from my Red and Malik Reptiles. Whereas Red and Malik almost always simply state their favorite phrases, such as "We are the dominant race", "I am in charge here", "You shall honor me"... Draco doesn't engage in such talk at all, rather, Draco does highly intellectual conversations, rather than the caveman-type of talk of mine two fellers. Actually, Red specifically told me not to honor Draco, so there were some boundaries there.

Draco has told me about many things. He says that they had to "salvage" the Draconian planet, and they have underground bases here on Earth where they store food resources. Those underground bases are cold, and that is why he wears his body suit. Also, he revealed that the Draconians are really good at genetics, but that they in turn had been genetically engineered into existence by a "Master race". Red Reptile made fun of Draco for wearing clothes, and Red asked me if I think that Draconians should wear clothes. Draco put up with the bullying nicely because he fears and honors my Red.

He wasn't bullied, he was just put to place. - Red just now
We have made ourselves more friends here. - Red
We will show, that we have the same talk. - Red

This here when Red said this conversation was one of those lovely moments when Red is feeling calm and he is such a delight when he speaks. Only sometimes does Red act all vicious and on a rampage, but mostly he is just my calm and gentle beast.

Eckhart's Draco has interesting eyes. The eyes of my Red are all yellow and somewhat spherical and bulging out of the head oddly, and Malik the Black one's eyes are white with a gray pupil. The eyes of Draco are larger, they are dark and carry a strange glare across them. They are very peculiar eyes, I am always astounded when I see them. But then again, these are aliens, so some strangeness is expected perhaps...

However. Initially, Red and Black were sending him away, but during the night of the initiation rite, where Draco asserted his dominance over me and concluded that he is my "owner", my Malik himself was present watching and had approved of this experience. And Draco, too, declared to me that Malik had allowed him to do this.

So, my Malik ended up allowing me to be transferred over to Eckhart's Draco's team, and I have ever since been part of their team. Red and Malik now permit for Draco and Lady Grey to visit as much as they want, and that means nearly nonstop. The team will be using my eggs to make hybrid babies. They also plan on having me pregnant. Red Reptile has himself been testing with a handheld device to see whether I am fertile. He makes a reading and then declares "not fertilizable". They are eager and anxious for my next cycle, as I just had my period. TMI I know, but hey.

Lady Grey is still as stern as she ever was, although the bat has mostly been put away, other than for some occasional reminders. Lady Grey brings me hybrid children to see and also brings hybrids here to look at how I am living. There is also a sex education program which contains a great deal of adult material and can only be found available in my book. They also show me other experiments that are done to the hybrids, that is too shocking to publish here, also in the book. But Draco is around, he is namely the boss of that team. The boss of my original team is Red, with the big boss being Malik. Draco is the boss of his team with Lady Grey, and their big boss is Snake.

Draco loves humans, he loves to fondle and come close, and he loves our sexuality. Sometimes Draco hugs me and showers me with affection. It is similar to how some humans have a very deeply loving appreciation of their pet dogs and cats. We just love cute and cuddly other species. And let's not forget, he is my "owner".