I enjoy the anthropological (although not humans) and biological study of Draconian Reptiles. What do they think? What do they speak? How do they express their thoughts and ideas? How is their culture built up? How do they behave and what does it all mean to them?

Anthropology is the study of human beings. A big part of it is the study of human behavior. How do humans in different parts of the world build different cultures, wear different clothes, use language differently, have different religious beliefs, and so forth. To apply a similar study on a formerly entirely unknown - but intelligent and complex - species is priceless. I love watching them and making observations.

The Draconian Exhale - their version of laughter

I have known my two Reptile specimens Red Hamish Dionyssos and Black Malik Betelgeuse since August 2011, which makes it nine fun-filled months of fascinating observations on ET behavior. One of the items of Reptilian behavior, is what I will call the exhale.

I do say that when I first became acquainted with the Reptiles, I knew nothing of them. I could not even make the assumption as to whether they have lungs or not. I still know very little or nothing at all of their internal anatomy, but frequent observations without a single observation that would disagree, is that the Draconian Reptiles have at least some type of breathing.

Evidence of this is that I have seen at least three individual Draconians (Red, Black, and White Dragon) do what resembles breathing in that their abdomen contracts deep in and then relaxes back to normal. Meanwhile however, when we humans breathe, we do the opposite: our ribcage expands, and then goes back to normal. Draconian abdomen contracts and returns to neutral.

Another evidence of breathing, is that at times when the Draconian Reptile seems relaxed and in a good comfortable mood, he will do Draconian vocalizations. He makes sounds which I would describe as pig grunts or lion grunts, which, presumably involves the use of air to produce the audible soundwaves? Unless electromagnetic in nature and only telepathically mentally received?

Another indicator of breathing, is that what seems to be an exhale, has a distinct strong odor to it. This odor is expulsed at regular intervals, in a rhythmic cyclic fashion as if engaged in inhales and exhales. I sense the odor not continuously, but at times when the creature appears to be exhaling.

But the major indicator of them having breathing, is this behavior that I call "the exhale". I have seen only Red Reptile and Black Malik Reptile engage in this behavior, not for instance the White Dragon or other individuals. Meanwhile, the manner in which Red and Malik express this behavior are the same, suggesting a behavioral species characteristic or cultural phenomenon (as opposed to an individual behavior, so it may apply to Draconians at large).

In "the exhale", the Reptile makes elongated exhales. These exhales seem to be intentionally elongated, as well as longer than an exhale is otherwise while not engaged in this behavior. The exhales are long and uniform, and produce a whispering sound of an exhale. The sound of the exhale is like some animal or beast. It sounds like a breath, or almost like when a human is breathing in the cold air and is making frost. During "the exhale behavior", the Reptile is clearly also in a different and particular state of mind and emotion.

After nine months of observation, I can yet not conclusively conclude on what this behavior means to them, but the closest understanding I have is that it is done at times when the creature is feeling content and is enjoying. The "feeling the power" is typically accompanied with "the exhale". Thankfully, these creatures communicate and are able to describe their thoughts and behaviors to me. Malik confided today that the exhale is the Draconian version of laughter. Oh, the privilege of being able to ask the animal itself rather than having to make educated guesses! Every biologist's dream. Also I can be proud in my work. I had already deduced that "the exhale" is expressed at times when the Reptile is content and enjoying. It feels great to be right.

Reptilians are described by other contactees are "emotionless", but I have found Draconian Reptiles to be highly emotional and sensual creatures, highly driven by their emotional experiences, discomforts, and rewards.

"The exhale" occurs as an elongated exhale during which a clear audible sound of a breath is made. After an exhale, the creature seems to inhale quickly in order to return to do another identical exhale. The Reptile can do only one exhale, or several exhales, probably depending on the extent of its enjoyment, ie. it can last for a little time or last for longer. The inhale portions of it however, do not produce any sound nor any visible change.

"The exhale" is one of the Draconians' most important behavioral and emotional expression, it seems.

But it is very complicated for me to decipher when exactly "the exhale" is done, or what it means. Red Reptile does "the exhale" at times when he is demonstrating to me that he is powerful. I would guess, that the exhale is meant to get me to drop what I'm doing and to listen to him and pay attention. It seems to be a kind of "look at me now". I also experience "the exhale" as very hypnotic and encaptivating. It definitely draws you in and makes you forget what you were thinking or where you were going. We humans lack a parallel. Humans do not have any similar behavior with which we would hypnotise someone and make them still and subdue. The lack of a human equivalent makes this a very interesting "animal" type behavior.

I do not think that "the exhale" is done as a warning, but of course I can not be sure of that. It is definitely given at times when the creature is feeling content and enjoying. For instance, if I award a Reptile plenty of praise of his dominance, such as "my Honored", or "your Eminence" (the Reptiles taught me to use these phrases), at times when this verbal praise really gets to them, they will start to do "the exhale" behavior.

Having known Red for so long, I know that when he is doing "the exhale", he is enjoying and content. So Malik revealing to me that this behavior is their version of laughing, made much sense.

Red and Black Reptile do "the exhale" at times when they are displaying their power to me, such as sometimes when they throw themselves over me to show that they are strong. So, perhaps we can wonder that "the exhale" is at those times not done to scare me, or in itself to show me their power - but only that it at those times means that the Reptile is enjoying what he is doing. Because they do enjoy a successful display of power and dominance!

One way to speculate whether "the exhale" is effectively saying "I am powerful", is to see whether it appears during times when a Reptile is being challenged and is trying to be strong against a stronger Reptile. I have NEVER seen a Reptile do "the exhale" when he himself is being beaten down by a higher-ranking Reptile. When a Reptile is being beaten down, those are among the times when they are most uncomfortable. One would think that if "the exhale" meant "I am strong", it would be displayed also at those times. But at times when a Reptile is being dominated by others, he never makes "the exhale".

We can conclude, especially thanks to Malik's contribution, that "the exhale" is a behavior involving the use of elongated exhales that make the sound of a uniform breath, accompanied with brief inhales that make no sound. "The exhale" can be only one elongated exhale, or is usually longer-lasting involving several exhales one after the other with brief breaks in between for inhales. "The exhale" is Draconian behavior done at times when the creature is feeling powerful, content, and enjoying. I sense that it does involve an element of communication, ie. that it is meant to make others feel or know something about him. But I have seen Red doing "the exhale" while he is alone, hence it is at least not purely for communication or display purposes. It is a spontaneous expression.

Caffeine buzz - shivers of pleasure

Red Reptile has displayed another type of emotional response which I've come to call the "caffeine buzz". When Red is having the "buzz", his entire body is engaged in ripples and shivers or convulsions. It reminds me of a person who has had too much caffeine to drink. The "buzz" can be a very strong experience for Red.

Red experiences the "buzz" at times following having had a meal. Red is very fond of food and eating, and often when he has recently had a meal of food, he will tell me that he just ate. He will then be having those mild convulsions all across his body, and his thoughts will be engaged with the feeling and with the food in his memory still, as he speaks about it. The effect of eating food produces for Red a feeling which lingers with him for some time after a meal.

Red enjoys his feeling of the "buzz". As far as I know, Red does not experience any tastes associated with his foods. Red Reptile is an individual Draconian Reptile who has no teeth in his mouth. He also has no tongue. I have seen the inside of his mouth on several occasions. The inside of his mouth is a dark fleshy red. At the back of his oral cavity, are a series of three or possibly four or more parallel horisontal grooves etched into the back of the mouth wall. When food is inserted into the mouth, food touching against these parallel grooves, produces the feeling of the "caffeine buzz" to him. Red has no tongue with which to taste or sense the food, but he does have these grooves.

Red talks a lot about having "food pass across his mouth". Food makes him feel good and "happy" almost it seems. I have seen other occasions when Red was having the "caffeine buzz" but for other reasons. I would have to refer to my notes to see what behaviors had triggered the "buzz" then. I do not recall having seen Black Malik, or any other Draconian Reptiles, in the experience of "the caffeine buzz".

Removal of Scales

I've spent much (much) time with Red Reptile. He practically lives with me here in my room. And when you live with someone for nine months, you get to know them.

Red has a beautiful sense of self and identity. I catch him sometimes thinking about who he is, and sometimes he shares with me his thoughts about that. Such thoughts are spontaneous. Red doesn't ever edit what he says. He speaks freely and directly from his first impressions. One of the things that he thinks about, are his scales.

Just like we humans like to look at ourselves in the mirror and see our face and wonder who we are, and also we humans put a lot of sense of identity into our hair and our hairstyle, Red Reptile has a great deal of sense of self and identity in his scales. Red is covered in scales all across his body. He tells me to "honor" his race, the Draconians, because they have "scales". Interestingly, they use a different word for "scales" than its actual word, in my native European language. When I've asked why they don't just say "scales", they say because fish and other animals have scales. They want to distinguish themselves from the earth animals that have scales, so they are actually using a different word for it. A made-up word, but one that makes sense in the European language used.

Red often tells me that I need to "honor his scales". And he often shows me a part of his body with scales, such as the hands, which are covered in little scales. But one very fascinating and strikingly odd behavior that Red has, is that at times when he feels that I have successfully dominated over him, he reaches over to his back with his hand and plucks off one of his scales, and hands it to me. The first time he did this, I was perplexed and rubbing my eyes and ears. Did I just see and hear that? But this has happened so many times that I have to believe it. Also it is a repeated behavior, so this is something natural for him to do, and wasn't just *once in a lifetime quirk*.

The Draconian Reptiles have scales covering their body. And the Reptiles have great pride in their own race. They put down other species such as the Dinosaurs, by saying that the Dinosaurs do not have scales. I am also frequently told by Red Reptile "not to honor the Dinosaurs", because "they do not have scales" (using their made-up word for "scales"). So, scales has come to signify their racial identity as well as individual identity. So what happens when I succeeded in dominating over my Red Reptile? He picks off one of the scales off his back, and by so doing, he is symbolically removing part of his own power and dominance. And he hands it to me. So that I can have that power. I have earned some Draconian scales.

By now I have earned a total of perhaps five or so scales over nine months. If we keep this up, maybe in a few years I have enough to cover my body and call myself a full Draconian (only kidding). I must say, being presented with the equivalent of toenail clipping is kind of gross. I'm a bit repulsed every time he reaches over and hands me one of his scales. But I'm fascinated by the psychology involved in this. I love seeing Red being - just a Reptile.

By the way, when Red is interacting with me, I see him mentally but he is not physically in my room. It is as if he is somewhere else, and he is sending me the image of himself and his surroundings. So when he reaches over with a scales in his hand, it is not something I can find and accept or touch. As to whether he actually removes a scale or if he is only thinking it, I cannot be sure. But my hunch is - that he really does it!

I must also say that in each of these cases when I "won" and he presented me with one of his scales, I was absolutely not aware that I was winning over him. It always comes to me as a surprise. You see, Red is constantly calculating who is the boss, in every situation. So he will sometimes catch a time where he notices that something I did, or said, or didn't say, or didn't do, meant that I won at the chessgame that I didn't even know we were playing. And he instantly knows to hand me one of his scales. It is charming behavior. I love it. Odd and alien for sure, but charming from my Red.

Reptilians HATE TRASH!!!

I share an apartment and kitchen here at college with other people so I bring in my personal trash from the kitchen to my desk paperbasket. That way it being a small paperbasket it fills up quickly and I get to take out the trash often. But not often enough...

Every night when the ETs appear in my room, they will always take a look at the contents of my paperbasket. And more often than not, I have some food packages or food trash in there because I have eaten something in the evening and I don't take out the trash after dark. I take out the trash in the mornings, so at nights there's bound to be something in there. "Why do you collect trash?" they will ask me (in the other European language). I try to explain to them that I collect the trash in one place so that I can then take it out in larger portions. So that I don't have to walk over to the dumpster each time with every single item. But they don't get it.

"You have trash here!" I will often hear at nights. They also so bluntly tell me to take out the trash.

From April 11, 2012, translated from other European language:
I am not the one who cleans here. But you should. - Malik
I had one trashbag ready and tied at the bedroom door to be taken out tomorrow and an empty big juicecan, and some trash in the trashcan and some empty bottles on the desk for recycling.
I am sorry about the trash. *It does not honor you*. - me
I will beat you! - Malik, but not angrily

Later he thought of one of the pairs of my shoes at the bedroom door. I saw from him a clear thought image of them, that lasted for more seconds than their thought images usually do. He was showing me this image to show me the shoes, though at first I thought that maybe he is worried, or afraid, of my shoes, him being from another planet, so I said;
Don't be afraid of the shoes. - me
I want you to take a walk. - Malik
Where to? - me
I want you to go out with the trash. - Malik
Are you going for a walk? - Malik
Don't you know, that the trash smells? - Malik

He had shown me my shoes to indicate for me to put those on and go out with the trash. Oddly, if it were me imagining, these were shoes that I've only worn once. They fit poorly and I've tucked them underneath the bed. I have like at least three other pairs of shoes that I frequently use and love at the door, and my mind would never have chosen those shoes. I took out the trash, and later he said:
Yes, thank you for taking care of the trash. - Malik

Not only Red Reptile and Black Reptile Malik are concerned of trash. The Orion man is equally concerned when there is trash in my room. Possibly the Dinosaurs too, but my notes would have to confirm that before I assume from vague memory of that. But conclusion: ETs DON'T LIKE TRASH! And don't I know it!

Reptilians hate music

The Draconian Reptiles hate music.

As a typical human being, I like to have music playing in the background most of the time. Personally I either go for vocal trance, or something ambient New Age. When I have music playing, I don't even think about it or notice it after a while, but Red will ask me to turn it off. Or he will make a comment that I know means that he is uncomfortable with it. He never gets angry nor does he exactly force me to turn it off, but it is clear that it makes him uncomfortable.

Which is very interesting, because it indicates that when the Reptiles "visit" me, then they are aware of my room and surroundings in a way that includes them hearing, or at least somehow sensing, sounds in my room. To my recollection, Black Reptile Malik also does not like music, but I will have to double-check with my notes.

But Red doesn't seem angry or much disturbed by the music. He tells me to turn the music off, in a manner similar to if you have a visitor in your home and he looks at your painting on the wall and says, "that's hanging a bit crooked, don't you think?" and then you go and straighten it out. It's that kind of thing.

However recently I had some ambient music featuring female vocals and no melody or lyrics, a very "hauntingly beautiful" music. Black and/or Red (I will have to check my notes) seemed to almost be enjoying it. They were commenting on what it sounds like, and they were not asking me to turn it off. I wrote down the things they were saying about it. They seemed intrigued by it, and were listening to it.

Red Reptile doesn't like Candles

Typically, I don't like to sleep in pitch black. I like to leave the closet light on and the door cracked slightly open into my bedroom, or I have the light in my adjacent bathroom on and door slightly cracked. Sometimes I like to put a tealight candle into a lantern I have and let it burn through the night (is in a safe lantern, people please don't burn candles at night it can start a fire). But there was one night when I had arranged with some ambient light with the candle in the lantern, when Red asked me to put out the candle. I wrote down what he said, it is somewhere in my notes. He wasn't angry or anything, but the candle was clearly "inappropriate". So I put it out for him.

What else?

Us humans have so much fascinating behavior. Imagine if an alien had to study us for the first time! We laugh, smile, frown, cry, yell. We use facial expressions, with mouth, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows. We add to that body language, arms, head, posture, everything. And we are constantly doing it. But how about the Draconian Reptiles?

You'd be surprised, but I have seen a few examples of body language on Red. One of those is when he opens his mouth. He asserts his dominant position to others, by reminding them that he is strong enough to eat them if he wanted to. On a few rare occasions, Red has opened his mouth to show that he is someone who eats, but this always comes with verbal warnings first. Usually he will only do a verbal indication and without opening his mouth. The opening of the mouth is however very rare behavior, next to non-existent.

Red does not use the positioning of his arms or body as a means of communication. For instance, we humans can express "I am wondering about something", by putting our hand touching our chin, forehead, or face. Or we can cross our arms to express "personal distance", or "stress" or "discomfort with the situation or with a person". I don't see Red using body language.

But we are so close and I have known Red for so long, that I can always sense how he is feeling. He has a myriad of emotional settings and thoughts, and I am familiar with them all. Most of his emotions are expressed in the way that he is breathing. His breathing responds to his emotions. At times that I think are when he is especially comfortable and feeling at-ease, he will do Reptilian vocalizations, which sound like pig grunts or lion grunts (see here).