Blood is Iron Juice

I have had prolific contact with the ETs in particular Reptilians, Orions, and Dinosaurs, again ever since August 2011. One of the earliest pieces of advice given to me by the Orions was for me to take iron supplement. And one of the most frequent as well as early comments made by the Reptilians, was with reference to "juice". The conversations were in a European language, and juice is the best - but not perfect - translation of the word they choose.

The Reptilians will tell me that they want to "drink my juice". So I read about reptilians and found out that rumors say that they drink blood. I told the reptilians that I always wanted to be a blood donor and that I would give them some of my blood. I do not mind nourishing them with my blood if it is something that will help them. To me it would be not much different than being a mother that is breastfeeding a child. Besides, in my European country of origin, we eat fried blood pudding and it's delicious.

I am not a reptile and I am not into sadism or blood rituals. I am science-minded and am trying to understand these creatures, so I show them lots of tolerance so that I can get closer to them to observe their natural behavior. Judging, or trying to stop or to change, what they are doing, is another matter, and perhaps left for the very end of my research or for someone else to do.

When I offered my blood for them I had more than one reptilian come to talk to me appreciatively about my offer, or to tell me that they would like to take me for my offer. I would then feel sensory chills from them, but this was before my red reptilian had had sex with me so I was not as acquainted with the reptilian sensory pleasures. These chills I could feel from a distance, whereas the sexual encounter is when the reptile comes close.

Last night my red reptilian started to talk to me about my blood. He showed me a mentally transferred image of my blood and blood cells and told me that there was something microscopic in there that he wants or likes. I did not take verbatum notes so I can only cite from memory. He then said that what he likes about my blood is the "concentrated iron".

I told him that I would be sure to take more iron supplements so that my blood has even more iron in it, and again offered for them to have some of my blood if they want it. Humans are capable of donating some amount of blood at regular intervals without any harm to us. In fact, many people are blood donors. If I could give blood to a human in a hospital, I can also give blood to feed a creature that feeds off it. I don't care if a zoo were to approach me and ask for blood donations for their vampire bats or what, if there is a hungry creature, my heart goes out to them and of course I am kind enough to give of something that I will always have plenty of. I am not a blood donor for humans though because I am from another country and I was not allowed.

I could then sense a strong sensory pleasure from my red reptile as he thought of the sensations of the iron in my blood and from the thought of ingesting it. It seems, that the iron has a particular electronic conduction ability, which to the reptile conveys a particular and pleasurable sensation. I do not know whether the pleasure of blood is associated with thoughts of dominance, overempowernment, or whether it is a true nutritional substance for them which their body rewards them for having consumed, or whether it is just a recreational substance, not much different than when we humans enjoy our buzz from alcohol or other recreational substances.

No matter why they feel it, they feel a sensory pleasure from the iron in the blood. This buzz is different from the "feeling of power" and seems to be even stronger and more pleasurable than the feeling of power. It sends ripples of enjoyment across the reptile's body, strong orgasmic shivers. If you ever have the pleasure of being acquainted with a reptilian extraterrestrial, go ahead and offer it to your blood and see if you can feel these chills emanating from the reptilian. It is very pleasurable for the human to feel and enjoy with them too.

If there is one thing I have learned about the reptilians in our contact, the main thing would be that the reptilians are highly sensual and I would say sexual beings, sexual in the way that they enjoy sources of sensory pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy.

This clip is a cartoon of the character Salad Fingers. He experiences an orgasmic shiver and pleasure from the touch of rusty spoons. This cartoon really conveys well the concept of reptilian enjoyment of iron. Warning: this cartoon is creepier than the reptilians or the Illuminati.

-There is a longer version of the cartoon on YouTube.

My red reptile reminded me today to take my iron supplement, so I did. I am happy to offer blood to the reptilians. I do not know how they would extract it though, nor do I have any recollection of them doing so. They are welcome to it any time. It is not the taste or texture of the blood, rather, some type of electrical property of the iron in it that produces the sensation for the reptilian.

I have some suggestion from the reptilians that their energy source, being not glucose or sugar, is involved with oxidation-reduction reactions, meaning that typically the transition metals of the periodic table may be involved. I am not sure of this. I am not even sure if they are physical atomic creatures. I am not even sure if they exist!

The reptilians seem capable of deriving this ecstasy without seeming to actually extract any blood from my body nor do they look to be in the act of drinking it for instance. It seems enough for them to tap in to the feeling of the iron in the blood for them to be in this moment.

It is adorable to watch a reptilian overcome by the joyous buzz from the iron in blood. They love that feeling and I love to know that someone as humble as a human being can cause such an overempowering pleasure in such an impressive creature as the Draconian Reptile. To me, it's like scratching a puppy dog behind its ear and it just falls into your lap and enjoys. Imagine having such a moment with a powerful and dominating big lizard from outer space. Priceless.