Azul - the blue Ithaca Reptilian
written June 7 2013

Azul - the Ithaca Reptilian
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On the evening of June 6 2013 I was contacted by yet another type of Reptilian. This one seemed to have come to resolve a temper tantrum I was having that was making things unbearable and impossible between me and the Alien team. This large, muscular dark blue almost black Reptilian placed itself against my body. Its presence felt feminine and soothing and within seconds my temper had resolved and I was smiling and feeling better than I had in a long while. While it had a soothing feminine presence, when it spoke it had a male sounding voice so I call it a he now.

I named him Blue for his blue skin, but then he suggested that he be called Azul instead. I looked up Azul on the internet, and sure enough, Azul is Spanish for Blue.

The Ithaca

The first time I heard of the Ithaca, was when the Guatemalan non-bat mentioned that his grandparents had been the Ithaca. The Guatemalan non-bat is a white dragon who contacted me on June 3 2013. The non-bat spontaneously initiated contact with me. The non-bat says that he was genetically "puzzled together", that his parents were also "puzzled together", but that his grandparents were the Ithaca. That is why I named the non-bat the Ithaca, in honor of his grandparents.

Azul however says that he is one of the Ithaca. From the Guatemalan non-bat I had learned that the Ithaca were feathered. When Azul first contacted me he showed me an image depiction of himself not much unlike this, in which he was standing tall and was ornamented in feathers on his head, had metal straps across his body seeming to represent warrior status, and a scary looking red spear in hand.

What does Ithaca mean? From this source, Ithaca could mean a number of things, such as cheerful, or colony. I doubt that they call themselves "cheerful". My feeling is, although it has not been explicitly stated, that "Ithaca" means "original", "the first", "ancestry". The first ones.

There is another race commonly named among the Aliens, and those are the Bird People, also called the Master Race. I have met with some Bird Persons. They act friendly and have a high rank higher than the Draconian Reptiles. They are covered in white feathers. Some Draconians, such as the Eckhart's Draco later named as Snake and later Pakeha, feel spite toward the Bird People, so there may be some conflict abound. But are the Bird People the same as the Ithaca? While Azul wore some feathers on his head, perhaps in reverence of the Bird People, he has no feathers growing on his body.

The Mayan Connection

Interestingly the white dragon non-bat who contacted me said that he lives in Guatemala. When you look up Guatemala, the first thing that shows up are the Mayan temples. Whereas it is common knowledge in the Draconianism you read about elsewhere on the internet that Draconian Reptiles were the Anunnaki of the Sumerians and also the Gods in the Mayan civilization, everything on my website is first-hand information and I won't read other websites and offer a copy and rehash of what someone else has said. Yet here it is, surfacing again.

The first time I learned of a Mayan connection to the Draconians was from Amrishtad. Amrishtad is one of the Blue Gods who are of a benevolent race, and came to Earth to India to present humans with golden scrolls with scripture. Their plan was to make the Earth for humans a paradise. Meanwhile, the Draconian Reptilians entered and became jealous and chased the Hindu Blue Gods away. The Blue Gods went to the Mayan civilization where they were the new Blue Gods there. But then the Draconians came there too, and turned the whole Mayan civilization into one major place of ritual sacrifice, heart cutting and blood eating Draconian style.

I found it very interesting that the non-bat whose grandparents were the Ithaca, was now living in Guatemala. A major site of past Draconian activity. And how the non-bat speaks of heart sacrifices and blood drinking, a major remnant of the Draconian culture that was active in that place back then. But here appears Azul the Ithaca Reptilian. Who starts by showing me an image of himself in feathers, spear and warrior gear in the Mayan civilization, and says he is the Ithaca. I believe that Azul found me through the non-bat.

What for?

Azul is pretty clear about why he is here. He is here for my eggs. And Hamish, my resident Dragon, is not pleased. You see, Hamish owns my eggs and has been living with me for the past two years almost. Very often we get other alien visitors who are also after my eggs, but Hamish manages to chase most of them away. Hamish has not even tried to chase Azul away, seems that there is either a hierarchy in place that automatically awards Azul a higher position and rights to my eggs, or that Hamish has established that he could not win in such a battle.

Poor Hamish has been trying to show Azul sheets of his shedded scales - that he keeps around here in the other dimension - but Azul won't show any interest. On that first night when Azul was here, Hamish hid under the desk (in what he calls the "table hole", the space under the desk). Hamish is even afraid that Azul might take his Harry Potter movie away from him. (Hamish loves Harry Potter movies more than anything. And we have one DVD here on the desk, and Hamish was worried that Azul might take it. Azul shows no interest in it.)

Azul has a snake's tongue. It is literally a flat tongue that is split at the end, and he can poke his tongue out of his mouth while keeping the mouth perfectly shut, just like a snake would. His eyes are black. He is taller than most Reptilians. He says that he is also from Alpha Draconis.

The conversations between me, Hamish and Azul will be posted in one of the sequel books, probably the third called Over The Threshold. Meanwhile you can find lots of conversations between me and the Aliens in the book Real? Or Imaginary?