Elmer is a friendly Draconian who is delightful to talk to. He actually interacts with me more than the other Draconians do. He isn't here for my eggs, or for "juice" (human life force). He is here to communicate with the human race and to make observations about us.

Elmer commissions a suit

Elmer first showed up on the morning of July 18 2012. Read about our first encounter here Elmer wants clothes. Elmer showed up wanting me to sew him some new pants and a jacket. He was describing to me mental images of what those clothes would look like. Namely Elmer had seen that I have a sewing machine in my walk-in closet. And Elmer was under the impression that I had myself sewn all of the clothes hanging in my closet.

Oh dear I was so embarrassed. I mean sure I can make some clothes, but I am no tailor! I love Elmer because I don't think I could have imagined him. I would never name a Draconian "Elmer", and I would never put myself through the awkward situation of being asked by a distinguished alien visitor to make him some custom clothes.

When Elmer was visiting he was showing me mental images of himself, ie. he was not physically here in person. It seems that Draconians can visit in a higher dimension, I don't know how that works. The Draconians had for the past several days been asking me to show them my sewing machine and to take out all of my needles and other sewing accessories from the box I have in my bookshelf. I had not complied, and had been wondering what their sudden huge curiosity was in my sewing materials.

I told Elmer that I would need to take measurements before I can make something. I showed him the measuring tape and demonstrated on my own arm how I would do. Elmer then suggested that I can just look at him to estimate his dimensions. I said that it could not be done that way. I have not begun making his clothes. I would require a close personal encounter and to take his measurements. Then I would get to work.

Happy Birthday Seth!

Elmer was here again this morning on July 20th 2012. I noticed that Seth Shostak who works with the SETI Institute has his Birthday today! I just happened to notice that fact but didn't think much more of it. But Elmer who had been watching my every move - and Draconians are expert observers - wanted to give to Seth Shostak a Birthday present!

Elmer showed me a mental image of alien writing. I was glad to recognize the writing style from my childhood and teens when I had alien contact, I just never knew it was Draconian writing. Elmer helped me write it out one symbol at a time until it was finished, and he then wanted to add that long line on the top which means that it is finished. Elmer and me chatted for a while, and then he said that he was feeling very cold and had to go into hybernation. Following that, I saw Elmer in a spaceship. He was standing in a vertical box which I presume provides him with some heat. Even from the heating box he was following my every move, bless his heart.

Elmer said that he chose that name because when you read his name in Draconian, it almost spells out "Elmer". He asked me that can't I see how it almost spells out Elmer? The 3rd or 5th symbol, I can't remember which, he said looks like an "L" in our human written language. So that is where the name comes from!

I sent a copy to Seth of course. I hope he likes it. It is from Elmer not me.

Elmer is actually nice to me

Elmer is a lot of fun and he interacts with me much more than do my other Draconians Hamish, Malik and Snake. Hamish, Malik and Snake are rather dominating whereas Elmer is really friendly and nice to interact with. This morning I thought about how Hamish likes to sit on the living room sofa and then Elmer threw himself on the sofa and showed me a mental image of himself lying there all comfy. It cheered me up.

I then told Elmer that I love him. He said that he hopes I don't love him too much. I asked him what too much meant. He meant sexually. So I said oh no, not at all like that. Elmer then came up close to me and started stroking me on my left arm near the elbow in the sweetest way. (Snake the Draconian once cuddled and stroked me, but that was during his drinking my juice. Juice is life force or energy.) I was giggling the whole time because it was so sweet to be caressed by a space lizard called Elmer. Elmer then asked my Dinosaur if I'm always this happy to see them. Yes, I am.

Elmer says that he is here to communicate with the human race. I am already writing down my conversations with Elmer. At one point he talked to me about having some explosives in a box. My impression was that he wanted to study my reaction to this subtle threat. I remained calm and unimpressed.

He is a tall slender Draconian, and since his head is narrow and with tight scales I refer to him as a "Snake-type Draconian", to distinguish him from the other Draconians that have wider heads, such as Malik the Black Reptile, or Hamish who is a category all of his own. He is a greenish yellow coloration and his scales lie against the body, whereas the scales of Hamish for instance in some parts of the body stick out from the surface of the body and occur in stacked rows (though Hamish has large flat scales on his throat and belly).

Elmer's eyes are not the typical yellow of Draconian eyes. His eyes are more brownish beige. I see him using his eyelids a lot as he is blinking. He has a long slender tail, and somewhat of a snout.

I love Draconians. They are so fascinating as creatures. I am happy to have Elmer in my life. He is welcome.

October 20, 2017, Elmer visits again long time no see: Find it here, October 20 2017.