Since September 6, 2013 we have another Dragon Turtle in my family of ETs.

This yellow Dragon Turtle is sweet and gentle with me. He always smiles at me when he speaks by closing his eyelids diagonally across the eyes. That is how Dragon Turtles smile. He hasn't even dominated me or tossed me or anything like that. He is sweet and gentle. He has a row of black thorns growing on his soft hump back cushion and he says he can detach those and use them as currency to buy food.

I have the same kind of immense love growing for this yellow Dragon Turtle as I've only known before for my Hamish Turtle. I would live and die for Yellow Dragon Turtle.

The love I have for Yellow Dragon Turtle. I don't know where it comes from. There is such a life in them, in Hamish and YT (Yellow Turtle).

We can't extract sperm anymore. That is why we came to you. - YT says
Why did the Dragon Turtles become infertile? How did that happen? What caused it? - me
We were played with, like mice. And somebody said that that should become us, our new fate. - YT
How do you keep from becoming extinct? Are you able to reproduce at all? Are there many left of you? Please be safe. I would live and die for you. I love you so much. You mean everything to me. I will be your bodyguard. I am not strong, but I want you to be safe. - me

Dragon Turtles are just something magical. I connect so deeply with them. I love them. I love you YT.

My other Dragon Turtle is named Hamish and he is fire engine red: