Today on 26 June 2017 in the early evening I noticed a new Reptilian person was visiting my home in the other dimension. I don't know if they know that I can see them or if they think that even with me they would be completely hidden, but I saw him and I commented on his handsome looks and told him I wanted to look at him closer and for a long time so that I could draw a portrait of him, so that should have hinted to him that I was able to see him and he did not react to that fact in any way, such as by hiding, so it seems to be ok with the Reptilians that I am seeing them, perhaps even they are enabling me to see them when they visit.

He stands upright and one could not call him "large" or "tall", he is about the size of an adult human man. His coloration is a dark green and yellow beige mixture, with more of the beige yellow on his chest and belly. He has one what Reptilians call "crested" which I call a "comb structure" across the top of his head, there is also some sort of ridge on the back along the spine that protrudes a bit like bumps.

Of course we have that. It is our signature design. We were made that way, to look good for our women, and also to other men. We were made by a great crafter. - Rio the Reptilian speaks now, June 26, 2017 at 8:04 PM regarding the spinal ridge
Were you made by the Bird Race? - me
I don't know that, but are you drinking alcohol? - Rio entirely regarding the bottle of sparkling fruit flavored water I was sipping from just a few minutes ago here next to my bed
I do not drink alcohol. - me
It looked like a, alcohol or a beer bottle. We do not like when they drink those. It makes them, intoxicated, and then they cannot talk to us. We don't want you to drink it. If you want to be intoxicated, DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! - Rio
Tok Tok, Deb Deb. - Hamish his hands are at his lower back
I do not drink alcohol. - me
Do you know about my smell? Did you feel that, it was impugnant? - Rio, what does that word mean?
I have smelled you yes, and I think you smell good. You have a nice fresh scent, which is fine to me. So do not be afraid to come close. - me, then I think about what if this Rio is going to do the conquest? Wouldn't that be grand?
Tik Tok! - Hamish seems to say mostly to Rio, but it was the actual sequence of two clicks
This was not alcohol, it is only water with fruit and flower flavors. There is no alcohol in it. - me
I have seen, under the sink, those alcohol bottles. And I do not like them. They make women pee a lot. So, so would you if you were to drink them. - Rio
And no, we do not want to fight you. - Rio to Hamish either "we do not" or "I do not", I forgot, and the alcohol bottles under the sink refers to empty wine bottles that my flatmate tends to leave not under the sink but next to the sink in the kitchen after she throws one of her dinner parties, I do not drink them though
I do not drink alcohol. - me
It was the kindness, and niceness that brought me here. - Rio his eyelids are partially closed in a smile and he swayed his head one side then the other side to show contentness, so not only Hamish makes that swaying gesture for contentness

So this Reptilian was in my home in the other dimension. One of the first things he told me, if not the first, was that he had been engineered by a master race or how he said it. He asked me for permission if he could sit down on my flatmate's bed in the other room, I am home alone right now, I told him that of course he may sit. Two things to know about Reptilians and this seems to apply to all of them: one is that they love to sit on things like comfy sofas, the other is that even though they regard themselves so superior and dominant as a species, they tend to always ask for permission before they sit, so that is a delightful contrast.

He was here to have my eggs, he told me several times that he wanted my eggs, I told him that they were Hamish's eggs. Meanwhile Hamish was in a forest somewhere with leaves on the forest floor. I told Hamish that there was an eggs thief here but Hamish did not seem to panic nor did Hamish rush over to here to chase him off. I do suspect that this Reptilian showed up because just a moment before he showed up, Hamish had left me to go to that forest. Hamish told this Reptilian to come to where he was because Hamish was showing him his shedded scales that were there in that forest next to a fallen log, this however is a different forest with a fallen log than Hamish's usual site. The Reptilian was looking at Hamish's shedded scales, and he also commented on Hamish being an old race. Hamish of course knew that his back hump was also going to be seen. The Reptilian seemed to be in awe about Hamish and thought about how it would never fight someone like Hamish, this is always the case, Hamish is revered by other Reptilians for being "the old Draconian race". The Reptilian also noticed one of Hamish's cow patties meaning Hamish's pile of somewhat loose droppings there next to that log. I was following their thoughts and I also asked to take a look at Hamish's shedded scales, even though I have seen them many times before and frankly I do not see what the big deal is about, yet for my dragon I can take a close look because it means a lot to Hamish that I see them.

I asked the Reptilian for his name but only after some time while I was still drawing this portrait of him did he say, "My name is Rio". I told him it was a beautiful name for him.

Someone who has spent a lot of time together with Reptilians can read and interpret their body language better, rather than other humans who would probably just be scared of them or upset about their smell. When Rio came over to sit down on my bed, and I think he asked for permission this time also and of course I allowed him to sit, he closed his upper eyelids diagonally which does not cover the entire eyes and this meant that he was smiling at me. I put my index finger on my left upper eyelid to try to show to him that I too was smiling at him, and I could feel that he not only understood what my gesture meant, that he took it to really mean that he and I were friends now because we had smiled to each other, it seemed to form in him a deeper friendship toward me as if a friendship had truly been established, on a level that humans only acchieve with other humans from having done things together and for us humans could not have been formed just by a smile.

Later in the contact, before I came to write this page and before he spoke there above, I forget what the occasion or reason was, but he leaned right over my lap where the computer was, perhaps to let me see him, and this was by no means any sort of hostile approach, it was perhaps because I had been asking to see him so that I could make his portrait and we had reached a point in us knowing each other where he felt comfortable enough to get close. At times when he was close, I could vaguely sense his smell, it is a smell similar to urine and ammonia, a rather piercing and sharp smell, but by no means unpleasant or unbearable.

Yes-No disco. That is why I did not come. I don't like the music playing here. - Hamish says and his eyelids are closing but he looks like fatigue rather than really smiling, I did not play the radio yet today but I usually do, disco means music playing
I am sorry Hamish. I apologise. I have done a wrong thing to my dragon. I love you Dragon Turtle. - me
Tik! - Hamish
You are welcome back here, to guard the eggs. If you wish to guard them. - me
Rio came, to help me. And about my back. - Hamish, just as I had figured, Rio was the substitute worker to guard the eggs while Hamish was away


Rio showed me in a mental image this writing. The first part which is to the left and consists of three characters, the line, dot, and < shape writes his name. The addition of the semi-circle and its line on the right side are "if you also want to say where he is from" and talks about his origin. His name can be written with, or without, the origin part on the right.

When I made the drawing of him I asked Rio if he would like to add anything more on the drawing, and he showed me a mental image of a yellow triangle and asked me to add it there since it was their group or symbol how he now said it.

Extra: What had happened between me and Hamish and a bag of clothes that was perhaps the reason why Hamish had left my home and Rio had stepped in place? Read here on I threw away something that Hamish was fond of / And Rio the Reptilian visits