Whereas most reptilian contactees, myself included, would state that the reptilians lack emotional capacity, they do however experience strong emotions that flood their senses. When the reptilian talks to me, he sends to me not only his thoughts in telepathic communication, but sometimes also an image of himself, but what also tags along are his very own body sensory experiences. I have observed what I would categorize as three different types of emotional sensations that the reptilians experience.

The three types of reptilian emotions I have encountered, are: "power", "irritability", and "confusion".

Feeling The Power

Dominance and the system of hierarchy is central to the reptilian way of live, and appears to have originated and become incorporated into their very physiology by means of their historical evolutionary past, which they describe as having been characterized by the lack of resources and seeing the necessity for racial wars. Dominance over other life forms has proven a successful recipe for their own survival and proliferation, and has become not only a biological centerpiece of the reptilian way of life, but also an utmost cultural one.

The reptilians also are carnivorous, and eat some still unknown creature which needs to be "clubbed to death". It would make no sense for a carnivorous animal to suffer from compassion or sadness while it is taking down a prey, rather, the successful recipe for any meat-eater that has to seize its food by means of brutality and offense, would instead be for the body to reward them by sensory reward or even pleasure. As we know, us humans feel sensory pleasure when we eat the foods that used to be scarce but essential to us, such as sugar, salt, and fat. We humans also experience sensory pleasure from engaging in sexual activity, a reward that became an incentive to reproduce and be successful in numbers.

The reptilians can experience an immensely intense sensory pleasure which they themselves refer to as, "feeling the power". The reptilians like to play "dominance games" with each other, in which one will challenge another and they will see who is the stronger one. Most of the time, these "dominance games" take place purely by means of words or communication, as it seems the two that are involved in a "dominance game" are already aware of which of them is the strongest, and a real battle is neither necessary nor desired. In such a case, the winning top reptilian will experience an intense sensory pleasure of "feeling the power".

We all have watched dogs engage in canine behavior to other species, whether those be cats, or even us humans. Dogs will show their teeth, wag their tail, lick our hands, bark, or whimper. The dog will display its own behavior to other species as if we were all dogs. It is very interesting to observe that the reptilians have their own set of reptilian behaviors, and that they too, will engage other species into reptilian sets of behavior. The reptilians will involve all other species into their dominance games, whether those be Orions, Dinosaurs, the Zetas, hybrids, or humans, and even me. These are some of the moments when the reptilians are beautiful to watch, when they are being themselves and showing their true, biological nature, as one of God's creatures in space.

The lowest-level verbal dominance game may sound like "I am in charge", or "I am the King", and that may be sufficient to the reptile. The reptile may also command another to say something, expressed for instance as, "I am your King - SAY IT!" These commands for others to assert the reptilian's dominance have been given both to the other ETs and also to myself.

A second level of verbal dominance game is when the reptilian expresses to another that the reptilian could inflict harm onto the other, often stated in the negative, as follows: "I am not going to strangle you". This is clearly an expression of him saying that he is capable of inflicting harm or dominance over another, but that he has simply chosen not to display it at this time. The third level of verbal dominance are direct verbal threats, and these can be very graphic, so graphic and innovative in fact that I will choose not to write them here. These threats can be descriptive ways in which the reptilian could injure or take the life of the other.

I have come to refer to this set of dominating behavior as "reptilian tactics". As a scientist, I was quick to gather that the reptilian behavior of "tactics" are done not for the purpose of actually causing any real harm onto another, but merely like a dog showing its teeth and asserting its position of dominance over another. In my interactions with the reptilians, I have almost always assumed the most submissive position in their carefully outlined hierarchy. I consider their tactics and dominance games as just an interesting display of animal behavior, comparable to many male animals in the earth animal kingdom that display power or strength over others, such as when peacocks show their tail feathers.

Their verbal assaults can sound very offensive and startling to a human contactee, and it is easy to see why the reptilians earn such a bad reputation from this reason alone. However I advocate a more neutral tolerant and scientific attitude in reptilian interaction, one where we do not judge another species based on our own human set of behaviors or beliefs. And by doing so, it becomes possible to extract an understanding of what these people are, judging them as reptilians, and not judging them as if they were human beings. Because human beings, they are not.

Dominance games can also takes a more physical form. A reptilian is in fact very prone to physical violence over others. Reptilians can strangle, kick, hit, or even beat others with objects, and inflict harm or submission onto others by other means as well. The Orions, Dinosaurs, Zetas, and hybrids, all tell me often about how the reptilians are physically violent towards them. I may suspect that a dominance game could also lead to murder of another, but in most cases it should not, since the purpose is to demonstrate dominance and to earn a submissive rather than to wipe out submissive ones. Dominance games are mostly about a demonstration of power over those that the reptilian already knows he has a strength advantage over, rather than being the actual act of testing which of the two should earn the higher position.

Subjecting another being, whether that be of a reptilian species of even a human being, to a dominance game, the reptilian may achieve a sensory experience that they call the "power". At times when the reptilian is in close contact with me I will feel what he is feeling, so I have felt this "power" from very close. It is an intensely strong sensory pleasure, something which I will describe more in depth in my book.

Reptilian Irritability

Reptilians are prone to anger and irritability and can raise their voice and yell. They do not offer a warning before they snap. Most humans who would communicate with reptilians would become startled when a reptilian snaps. It is also easy for a human to become angry or feel provoked and to get caught up emotionally and for this to trigger a corresponding emotional response in the human. I advocate that it is not only important, but it is also possible, for a human to remain emotionally calm and neutral even while a reptilian snaps. I can imagine that a human could either become frightened or angered when the reptilian snaps, and neither emotional response would be advised.

It is important to remember that this is extraterrestrial contact. We are not dealing with humans, so how do we know what exactly they intend when they express something in this way, and who are we to assume human behavior of them? Yet, their yelling is so profoundly unpleasant, that even with my scientific approach, it almost gets to me and I have to direct my emotions and thoughts so that I not interact with it in the way that any human would, had it been a human who had said these things or in this way.

I would have to refer to my notes of conversations to see what specifics they tend to snap at, but it can include things such as if they make a correction. For instance, if I say "my Reptile King", they can snap and yell that I need to add "my Honored" to that. The reptilians snap sometimes if you give them the wrong answer, or if you cause trouble. But, it can happen, it seems, any time, and unpredictably. In fact I find it rather charming and even a bit amusing. It is an interesting display of extraterrestrial reptilian behavior, and one of the things that makes them special.

Feeling Confusion

The third type of emotion that I have sensed in the reptilians, occurs every now and so often, and I would label it as confusion. Sometimes I say something to them which is not the answer that they expected, or it is something that they do not comprehend, and they will then feel something like confusion. However, this is a notably unpleasant sensory experience for them, it is associated with a discomfort.

Normally, the reptilian mind processes thoughts fast and swiftly, but when there is a concept that they struggle to get out, their mind goes blank and begins to calculate in a different way. They then experience an uncomfortable sensory experience which I sense that they dislike feeling. The feeling of confusion tends to only last for a short while until their thoughts get back on track again.

Emotions they don't have

Reptilians are notoriously known among the alien and UFO community here on Earth, as being the archetypical beings that lack the feelings of compassion or love. And based on my in-depth knowledge of the reptilians, this is true. I have also never encountered a reptilian feeling anything such as sadness, nor shame, or insecurity. They are adamant in that any expressions of compassion or consideration to other species or even to lower-ranking reptilians among their own species, is both unnecessary and also a sign of weakness. They do not believe that love and compassion would be benefitial to themselves in anyway, nor do they place the perspective of others before their own or even to being equal to their own.

Overall, it is quite possible to communicate and interact with the reptilians, in spite of their occasional outbursts of violence, yelling, or threats. Aside from their these "personal quirks" they are intelligent and interesting characters. I enjoy speaking with them and we have productive conversations, which are mostly about power and dominance, but I also learn a great deal about them. There is also a unique charm to them, and I appreciate every time that they, or especially the red reptilian who interacts with me the most, come to visit.