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When I decide to remote view to find "the best Reptilian base on Earth", I end up in a golden city in Peru. I did not find Reptilians, but I learned a lot from the Indians of Peru who tell me about the golden city, the holy condor eagle and what we call the Nazca lines, and of how these people used to meet with their space brothers the Pleiadians and traded gifts and secrets and had children with each other. The written summary below is only a shorter version, and the full story is given in this video.

The golden city in Peru

Remote viewing to find the "best Reptilian base on Earth" brings me to a golden city in Peru. The city is underground but it has a visible entrance in the wall of a mountain cliff. This entrance however is only a test, and those who have tried to enter here have instead fallen down to their death, because you can only arrive here if you can fly like the condor eagle. And so when I arrive there with remote viewing, the spirits of the Indians who meet me there believe that the condor has brought me there, and so they feel that I am rightfully there. I was however not allowed to venture deeper into the cavern because it is their holy place, and so its deeper secrets remain unknown to us. Whether there were Reptilians there inside or not, we will not find out.

I informed the Indians that I had arrived here because I was searching for the large reptiles, I asked them if they knew of any. They told me that those would be further down in the djungles of South America and not here in the mountains of Peru. "Oh those gods came from the lowlands", said a man when I told him that I was looking for the Reptilians.

Deeper inside the cave I saw the dead body of a girl who was wearing a thick red cloak or garment. She was positioned sitting on the floor of the cave against a wall, with her knees up, hugging her legs with her arms and her face tucked away into her legs. She had long black hair. She looked almost as if she was sleeping, and I wondered if perhaps her body was frozen to be so well preserved. The Indians who talked to me said that these were their ancestors, they were of a people far older than themselves, and so much of who these were was a mystery to the Indians I spoke to and they did not know why these bodies had been placed there by the ancients. Women used to live in this cave.

The walls of the cave were decorated thick with gold. The gold in this city weighs tons and is so blinding that it hurts the eyes. The gold walls have embossed images on them.

The Indians used to smoke a drug there out of a tube that looks like a didgeridoo. There was red pottery which contained a different kind of water with plants in it like a tea or brew. Also when the Indian connected to me again some time later, he told me about the many kinds of mind altering drugs that were taken during this pilgrimage journey to Peru. Another drug was made out of hard red berries, and these smashed berries were carried in a cloth and taken with them because it was not found in this mountaineous area.

The Indians of Peru

What is not in the video of the remote viewing, is that some time later I was informed by the Indians from that area that the people here had all come from the north and coming here to the high mountains of Peru was a spiritual pilgrimage and a journey they took in order to change their perspectives and to evolve spiritually. This was not originally a settlement for everyday life.

The Indians I encountered did not look like the people of Peru today. I also felt that they had come from North American Indians in the far north. Many of them were adult men. Their skin was a very dark almost black color, their faces very long, they had long shiny black hair, and they can be described as having been exceptionally handsome. I also encountered one old woman who was short and had long gray hair and a wrinkled face and she did not have her teeth so her mouth was sunken in, and she had a wonderful spirit and sparkle in her eyes.

The old woman used to knit with red threads, they knitted warm clothing because the winds in Peru can get cold. Red color was good for their clothing because they could see each other easily across a distance in the landscape. They wore knitted white red colored hats with little tassels.

Holy condor eagle

The condor eagle was holy to these Indians because it could fly high up above and it could see the greater picture of the world. The meaning of life could be seen in nature and so the condor could see it from above.

If a condor egg is eaten you become immortal for life, that was a great secret, because then you could fly with the spirits up high in the sky. But you could only take one egg, if the condor makes two eggs you can take one of them, because anyway the condor usually only has one egg that survives, you can take one because it is given to you, otherwise it would fall down and die from the nest, and so you are making a great service to the condor eagle, you are helping the other one to fly and soar high, then you and your spirit will be reunited with the condor eagle and your soul will soar high in the sky and you are with the gods forever and your life will be immortal.

The species of condor that inhabits Peru is the Andean condor. I do not find a specific description of the condor in Peruvian mythology on the internet.

They met Pleiadians there

The golden city in Peru was a site where the Indians met the Pleiadians. The Indians and Pleiadians traded "gifts and secrets" with each other. The Indians told me that they and Pleiadians made children with each other. The Indians met not only Pleiadians but also other extraterrestrial species in the golden city in Peru. The Indians referred to the Pleiadians as their "space brothers and sisters".

Pleiadians are an extraterrestrial species which says they originate from the Pleiades stars in outer space. Pleiadians were created by the Lyran extraterrestrial species, and, Pleiadians have added their own Pleiadian genetic material into human populations and most or perhaps all of humans living today contain some amount of Pleiadian genetic material. This however is the first time that I hear of it being described as the men and women of humans and Pleiadians having sex with each other and producing children in what seemed to be described as natural means instead of with some form of laboratory genetics.

Spiritual journey and Nazca lines

The culture of these Indians was tied very close to the Earth and to nature and animals. Animals were considered brothers and sisters, as their lives were similar, with being born, finding food, having young, and that each animal did life in a different way. The meaning of life was to learn to see the bigger picture that is bigger than oneself. The condor eagle was holy since it flies high up above and it has an overview of the bigger picture of the world. Looking at the world itself from a high up vantage point, you would be looking at the meaning of life itself, because the meaning of life is in the world and nature itself.

He described what we know today as the Nazca lines. Pictures depicting animals that were drawn into the ground, which you could only see what they are depicting if you were high up in the sky. Twelve animals would be drawn, and each of the twelve animals lived its life in its own way, and when you soar high like the condor eagle you could look at all the twelve animals and their lives at the same time, and see the greater picture of life. The Indians believed that the spirit could soar high in the sky like a condor. The Nazca lines were made in more than one place.

"Because the meaning is greater than ourselves, it can be carried in our ancestors, our grandmothers, the ancient secret pottery which we have found he says, and these animals which are all connected, because life is greater than just our own life, there is also life in other animal species, so when you look down on the drawings, when you're sacred and great enough to fly like the condor eagle, you are looking at the meaning of life, and that is the greatest accomplishment of your existence. Your existence is to learn to understand the bigger picture. To see the world bigger than yourself, similar to when you become a grandfather. It's when you can see everything at once and you understand how things fit together. That's why they were animals, they are telling the story different, the animals are our brothers and sisters, and the condor eagle is the greatest animal, it flies high and it looks down and sees the greater picture with us. Sometimes our spirit can soar high with it, very few have been graced to be given this gift."

I recommend you to listen to the audio to hear it explained better by the Indians than I could give in words.

Nazca lines are large depictions that were made on the ground by picking up stones so that the white ground shows up to form the lines. Most of the depictions are of animals. And strange long straight lines crisscross across the ground. The actual meaning of the Nazca lines is not known to historians, but various speculations have been made by scholars. Scholars all agree however, that the pictures seem meaningless from the ground because you cannot see what they depict when you are standing on the ground, and it is agreed that whoever made them knew that the images could only be seen from up above. This one here is said to depict the condor eagle:

Image source - Diego Delso, delso.photo, License CC-BY-SA

On August 26 2017, the spirit of a man from this place told me that they come to this site to die. (Not to the Nazca lines specifically but to the mountains of Peru.) I told him that it was a beautiful place for that. He discussed death for a moment, and I held my breath to see what he would say about it. He still sees himself alive and lying down on the rocks on the ground at high altitude, even though he knows that he has died.

People of Peru today

If I look at photos of people of Peru today, they do not look like the dark almost black Indians I encountered in the golden city in the remote viewing. The Indians I saw had almost black skin, were tall with a strong looking frame, with long faces.

Once, in 2017, when I interviewed aliens about the Lyran extraterrestrials, the Pleiadians became mentioned in the story. The aliens were telling me about a site that had been somewhere in South America I think it was, which was a square courtyard fenced in by a stone wall, and that this would have served as a meeting site between Pleiadians and the humans of that area. And during the telling of this story, I was shown a mental image of an earlier form of Pleiadians. I have made a drawing of the early form of Pleiadian. Pleiadians today look different from those. The early Pleiadians had pink-orange colored skin, their eyes were small and almond shaped slanted and set wide apart, and their noses were very wide and flat forming a rectangular shape where you do not really see a tip of the nose as being different from the nose ridge. Overall the body of the early Pleiadian is very "full" or "inflated" looking which is the opposite of having sharp contours.

I am only being honest, but when I look at pictures of the people of Peru today, they look exactly like what I imagine a mixture between the dark tall Indians and the early Pleiadians would look like. I feel that when I look at their faces in the pictures, I feel that I am looking at the faces of Pleiadians. But that is just my feeling. I think that we need a little bit more information before we make such conclusions, because we do not know what happened to the children between the dark tall Indians and Pleiadians and if the people of Peru today are descendants of those children. We do not know that those children did not vanish and that another people of a different origin took their place.

But I do have a strong feeling when I look at their faces that these are the children of Pleiadians, and it is a very beautiful story and fills me with happiness. I wonder if the people of Peru have a story of their origins?