Why I Hate Pleiadians
Who is more cruel? Reptilians or Humans?
June 29 2017

The reason why I hate Pleiadians, and why I love Draconian Reptilians more than I love humans

Hello. Do you want to know more about alien life? Do you want to know more about Pleiadians, and Reptilians? As far-fetched as it may seem, please start by watching this entire video below, and then I will explain more. Many of you carnivores are going to feel offended by this page and not read it from top to bottom but then you are going to miss out on some very important lessons on understanding Pleiadians and Reptilians. So be brave, and take a look, and maybe it changes your life and perspectives a little.


Pleiadians vs. Reptilians

Pleiadians originate from the Pleiades stars. They are friendly extraterrestrials who look a lot like blonde nordic humans. They say that some time ago their genes were mixed with existing human genes to produce a human-Pleiadian mixture, the first prototype Pleiadian humans had red hair and they braided their hair. Later human-Pleiadian hybrids had blonde hair and presumably a larger amount of Pleiadian genetics than the earlier version. Pleiadians feel a strong family connection toward humans especially due to this genetic relationship and they are watching over humanity and feel very protective toward humans.

Alpha Draconian Reptilians are extraterrestrials from Alpha Draconis. They look a lot like large reptiles who walk on two legs and have a tail, and their skin resembles reptile skin. Their eyes have a vertical pupil. Reptilians are by nature dominating and fierce creatures, it matters to them what rank they perceive themselves to have compared to other creatures. Their natural behavior is to fight with other species of creatures and they also fight among Reptilians, they demand to be honored as superior by others. They strive to win wars against other species and enslave others and make them work for them. Reptilians are predatory creatures, they do not eat plants so they rely on the death of other creatures that they can eat. Their drive to fight and oppress others, and being merciless carnivores that kill in order to eat, make them come across as dangerous and cruel.

Reptilians have fought and conquered many other species. They treat their enslaved species poorly. Reptilians are arrogant as leaders over their conquered species, in the wars they have often killed many of the conquered ones, that are then forced to work for them and some edible species are also regularly killed and eaten.

Reptilians have fought with Pleiadians and tried to take them over. Reptilians have asked the Pleiadians to provide the Reptilians with eggs and children and have wanted to subject Pleiadians to all the hardships that they would do onto conquered species such as forcing to work, oppression, enslavery, and possibly also eating their children. Pleiadians of course have resisted, and as far as I know, the Pleiadians would have managed to

We don't eat their livers. They don't taste like the right snacks. - Hamish says now, June 29 2017, 5:09 PM about Pleiadians

It seems that Pleiadians would have managed to not be conquered by Reptilians. Some alien species also willingly join forces with Reptilians without being forcibly conquered in wars and fighting, since they see a mutual benefit from working together. One example of a voluntary collaboration with Reptilians are the Zeta Reticulan Greys. But the Pleiadians have also not willingly joined forces with Reptilians. One can ask how could Pleiadians avoid capture while so many other species lose in wars? There seems to be a fleet organization which is a more powerful military or defense than the Reptilians and will win against wars with Reptilians, this force consists of advanced benevolent alien species such as the Arcturians and Andromedans I think, and I do suspect that Pleiadians are either sided together with this fleet or that Pleiadians are otherwise on their own strong enough to win over Reptilians. The question then remains, why were many alien species such as Alpha Orion lizards, Dinosaurs, and the human Alpha Centaurians conquered in wars with Reptilians rather than pleading for help from the superior benevolent military forces for protection? The answer to this complicated question I do not know.

The Agenda organization as I call it, is a collaboration of many different alien species who work together, plus several conquered enslaved species who are forced to work under it. Reptilians are one high ranking member species of the Agenda organization. The Agenda is also interested in conquering Earth humans. There is a vast network of complicated agreements and interaction between the Agenda organization and Earth humans, but the bottomline is that Reptilians are, under agreements, exploiting human beings in a number of ways including producing Earth humans and human hybrids in their Agenda part of which results in Reptilians eating these. And Pleiadians are opposed and are trying to protect and defend humanity. Pleiadians often express contempt toward Reptilians, and express a lot of family love, caring, compassion and concern toward humans.

And this is where my rant starts.

I have known about Reptilians for most of my life, everyone who knows vaguely something about the concept of alien abduction knows that Zeta Reticulan Greys would supposedly abduct some humans into their spaceships to perform medical examinations and create alien-human hybrids, and that Reptilians would be vicious and cruel leaders in the group of extraterrestrials. Everybody knows that. And we are told from the literature and films to regard Reptilians as evil and scary lizards.

In 2011 I was in my late 20's when all of a sudden an alien from Alpha Orion contacted me. He was like a doctor or a laboratory technician, here to tell me how they are studying my bacteria and using my eggs for genetic projects. He was black with protruding spiny scales. A Dinosaur also made contact, they are green and look amphibian, he was also working with this group of aliens, and this group was what I call the Agenda, of which the Zeta Reticulan Greys and Reptilians are also members.

Then a few days later all of a sudden, as I am sitting on the desk chair in my college bedroom, a tall fire engine red Reptilian appeared in my bedroom. He had bulging all-yellow eyes like headlights of a car, with a vertical slit for a pupil. On the forehead and going all along the back of his neck were pairs of blunt orange buttons. He had a soft cushion like a flesh turtleshell on his upper back, a tail, and flat duck feet. He looked at me, I looked at him, and there he was, I was very perplexed by what he looked like, but I had to accept that this kind of a creature was right there right now.

The Reptilian stayed in my home and stared at me and watched me very closely and after about two days of intense staring, all of a sudden when he had calculated that I would least expect it, he jumped over me and wrestled me around. I could feel and smell his exhale breathing down my neck, his scales were against my skin, and it was a close and intimate embrace which also felt intensely sexual because of the pleasure Reptilians feel when they are engaging in hunting and dominance games. I did not know it at the time, but I was expected to fight against him so that we could compare our strengths and see which of us was the strongest and therefore the dominant one. I did not fight against him and he won the conquest and he declared himself the honored and superior after that. This was a Reptilian way of making an acquintance. I now had Hamish in my life.

Hamish was very Reptilian. He made regular verbal threats, he demanded that I call him "my Honored", he also wanted me to honor his scales and his race. He was very dominating and oppressive, he was everything we would expect from the Reptilians.

Over the five or six years that we have now been together, he has been closely guarding my eggs which is why he came into my life, and inevitably as two people live closely together for so long, we talk with each other, we have shared our thoughts with each other. I know this dragon intimately well, I know to what places he goes and what he does there, his feelings and sensations, thoughts and memories. I know about his childhood, his likes and dislikes, what he fears and what he loves. And I have gotten to know the person that he is. And I have gotten very fond of him, I found out that he is the most lovable and adorable person I have ever met.

Hamish is a predator don't get me wrong. He sometimes takes young alien hybrid children who were made out of my egg, to the river and he stands with his duck foot down on their back holding them under water so that they drown, after that he can eat some of their internal organs. Hamish's most favorite food is "liver snacks", he can also eat kidney and spleen and some other similar foods. Hamish also eats Dinosaurs, the green amphibian aliens who are made to work for the Agenda. Hamish is sometimes given by the other aliens in the Agenda, a plastic ziplock bag filled with cut slivers of child-sized kidneys and livers, he calls it "a plastic bag of snacks".

And Hamish is dominating. He bullies the other creatures in the Agenda a lot. He steals toys from the hybrid children, especially if those toys are red which is his color, and he just likes to show to everyone that he owns the toys by putting a flat duck foot down on the toy and not letting the child take it. He acts oppressive toward Dinosaurs and other creatures there, he pushes Dinosaurs into the refrigerator room which is a cold room. He shows his back to others expecting others to see it as a sign that his race is superior and dominant. He often fights other creatures in the Agenda such as the Alpha and Zeta Reticulans, by biting into their shoulder and shaking them around.

Reptilians have a natural trait which makes them fascinated with the act of hunting a prey. That is why sometimes a group of Reptilians will gather around a victim and watch it suffer and die, and they find it fascinating or even gratifying. This also makes other species such as Pleiadians regard Reptilians as cruel. According to Pleiadians, Reptilians are evil and cruel creatures worthy of hatred, and Earth humans are sweet and innocent family members needing to be protected and loved.

Let's look at that for a moment.

Humans put chickens into tiny cages for their whole life so that they can lay eggs. Humans take those eggs and eat them. The chickens cannot turn around or move in their tiny cages, and often they are lying on a metal wire mesh that cuts into their feet and bodies. Male chicks that hatch are thrown onto a conveyor belt that takes them to fall into a machine that grinds them to death alive, similar to a garlic press or being squeezed to death between two cogwheels, the reason for this is because the male chicks cannot lay eggs so they are useless and the females are stuffed into tiny cages to sit there for many years of their life.

Chickens that are raised not for eggs but to be eaten, often their beaks are singed off with a hot iron so that they cannot peck themselves or each other to death when they become mentally ill and violent from living so close to each others under miserable conditions, the claws on their toes are also singed off for the same reasons. Chickens are fed with medicines and hormones and ground up meat in pellets. When they are taken to be killed for food, they are thrown into cages and packed many together into small cages and many die during the transport before they reach it to the murder facility.

Humans castrate male piglets by cutting off their testicles with pliers without a sedative against the pain. In many pig farms pigs are kept in pens that are far too small for them where the metal bars cut into their flesh and they cannot even turn around or sit down. Later they are murdered so that humans can eat their flesh.

Cows are forced to get pregnant so that their breasts can produce milk. The baby is dragged away from its mother after birth, the mother and infant are crying for each other for a long time. Most male babies are killed and ground up into dog food or veal for humans to eat. The mother cow is kept in small pens so that she can be milked, the pen is too small for her to lie down in and she has to stand in her own feces. If cows get uterine prolapse or infected wounds on her legs those are not medically tended to. When other cows spontaneously die under the miserable conditions they are kept under, they are ground up into pellets and those meat pellets from sick animals that died are fed to other cows even though cows would only want to eat grass they are vegetarian. Cows and other animals in the human food industry are forced to eat pellets of ground up animals even when it is cannibalism and goes against their nature of what they would want to eat.

The slaughter itself is brutal and I don't know what words to use. The animals are terrified, they are fed into the murder site along a procession where they can see and look at members of their species dying right in front of them and they know that they are being forced to move forward to suffer the same fate. Cows know that they are going to be murdered and they try to avoid going there but they cannot escape. Cows and pigs and other animals cry and scream out of fear and pain when they are being murdered. Very very often the methods of killing the animals fails and the animal is still conscious while it is being gutted while its body is ripped wide open and its guts fall out of its body. Many cows and pigs are alive and conscious while their body is hung upside down and a human has a huge blade and cuts its body open and its blood bleeds out down to the floor across its face and its guts fall out.

I fucking hate humans.

Humans murder whales and dolphins. Fishermen stab to death hundreds of dolphins just because dolphins would like to eat the same fish that the humans want to catch and sell. Dolphins are cut stab wounds that do not kill them immediately and they are bleeding out into the water and watching as hundreds of their entire family are being slaughtered.

Humans especially human children have an inborn cruelty toward animals. Many children find it a curiosity to kick animals to death or to torture animals.

Humans engage in frequent wars toward other humans. They can justify the reasons for murdering, raping and stealing from other humans because they think that those other humans are others because they look different, have a different skin color than they, have a different religion or a different language, or because they want to take over the land that these people live on. Anyone can go read a book about the history of black slavery in the United States that happened just a few hundred years ago. Africans were forced to work for white Americans under miserable conditions, they were worked to death, treated as an inferior people, raped and murdered and beaten and tortured to death basically just for having a dark colored skin.

Christian humans who believe in Christianity have murdered countless of humans across the world. They have burned people alive just because those people did not believe in the same religion as they. They also burned alive Jews even though their God and Savior Jesus was Jewish and they somehow think that their God would be ok with that. Then we can look at the Holocaust and how Germans treated Jewish people and that was just about a hundred years ago so very recently.

There are millions of homeless orphan human children across the world, and everybody knows this. There are babies that are abandoned and are left to die. Instead, wonderful modern Americans and Europeans choose to buy a new iPhone even though their previous model still works fine, just so that they can brag about having it to their friends and look cool, when that money could have been spent to save hundreds of human lives and they could have bragged about saving lives instead. That is where the human heart is, that is where human beings place their values and their money. Almost every human being on this planet, is willing to buy chicken eggs from chickens that were kept in small cages under miserable conditions and suffering, rather than to pay just a few cents more to buy eggs that came from free range chickens who get to walk on grass and eat natural food. What about all those savings that humans make by buying the cheapest and therefore cruelest animal food products? The humans can then buy more cigarettes, alcohol and other crap that poisons their bodies and has them trapped in consumerism so that they can get sick while also making the world more sick in the process. That is how the beautiful human beings that Pleiadians think so highly of, are thinking and how they value things.

As long as a human family unit is feeling happy and they can go on their vacations and eat their food and buy their cars and things then they feel completely happy about life on Earth and show no compassion toward the misery in other parts of the world. They will have their own biological children even though there are so many abandoned babies of their own species dying on the streets or growing up into lives under miserable conditions with sexual abuse, poverty and disease. It costs very little to buy an unknown human in another part of the world a medicine that protects them against a fatal disease or a disease that would ruin their lives, but instead humans want to buy new shoes or go out to dinner with their friends.

I get so furious when Pleiadians talk about how evil and despicable the Reptilians are and how wonderful and perfect and innocent humans are. I always give them an angry rant about this.

Meanwhile, let's look at Reptilians again. I have heard of many examples of cruelty and murder done by Reptilians. On the other hand I have never heard of Reptilians doing to creatures the vast and large-scale torture and murder as what humans put animals and other humans through. Reptilians have slaves working for them, but the stories that I hear of Reptilian cruelty toward their slaves do not sound as hideous as how humans have treated the African slaves or the Jews in the Holocaust. Reptilians do not stuff animals into cages that are so small that the metal bars press into their flesh or keep them there standing in their own shit where they can't even lie down. Reptilians do not rape creatures to get them pregnant just to put them into small cages to steal their milk with machines. And they do not have a mass industrial scale murder factory for animals.

Reptilians take my eggs and make hybrids out of them and some of those hybrids end up being killed by Reptilians and eaten. But I am a very happy free range chicken. They did not put me into a small cage or feed me with pellets from ground up humans that would have died from disease. They let me eat what I want, and to go where I want. And the creatures that they do kill and eat, are killed much more kindly than how humans murder animals. I have never heard of Reptilians mass castrating baby boys with pliers or branding creatures with a hot branding iron on their skin. And however bad Reptilians treat their enslaved species, the stories do not sound as bad as how humans have treated slaves and Jews and other oppressed peoples. There's just a huge list of examples of how humans are far more cruel to animals and other humans than what I have heard of Reptilians doing.

I have intimately known Hamish, a Reptilian, for many years. He loves to look at goldfish, he finds their scales beautiful and mesmerizing. He often expresses worry about the water that goes down the drain he worries that it might go into waters that have fish and that the dirt in the water would touch their eyes. He deeply sympathizes with crustaceans, because he believes that his ancestors were a type of crustacean. He shows the deepest compassion and caring toward little creatures such as shrimp, lobsters, crabs and langoustines. He feels great concern if crustaceans are hurt, if they are chopped up in salads, peeled, their eyes removed, or cooked. He thinks that the removed eyes can still see in the trashcan, and that their skin can still feel the salads and dressings that they are in. The intensity of his concern and empathy toward fish and crustaceans is stronger than the compassion I have witnessed in most humans even toward family member pets such as cats and dogs.

And I used to think that Hamish could not feel compassion toward creatures other than fish and crustaceans who he did not identify himself with, but I recently saw an example of his compassion toward a very different species the Mantids. Mantids are large insects who work in the Agenda. A Mantid told me the story about how there were too many Mantids and not enough food to feed the Mantids with, and so in the Agenda the Mantids were taken to lower-level basements and the basements were flooded to drown and kill the Mantids. Hamish when he heard the story he was very upset and he thought it was wrong to kill someone "because of lunches and snacks".

If you told Hamish, that he could either place a meat animal out on free range pastures on fresh grass to live out a wonderful free life, or that he could have the option to put that animal into a tiny cage to sit in its shit and eat ground up members of its own species, and that he could earn a tiny bit of a few cents in money if he chooses to put the animal through a life of misery, I know him by now that he would want the animal to be free. Let's ask him:

Hamish? - me
Tik, Tok. - Hamish
Yes, the grasses fed, me not. - Hamish
Hamish. Let me ask you a long question. - me
Yes-No, I will not bite your fingers for typing. - Hamish, basically saying that it is ok for me to type a lot while I ask this question
Hamish. If you could put a food animal into a tiny cage where it sits in its own feces and eats dead members of its own family and it feels pain and discomfort and suffering for its whole life and then it is murdered with a lot of pain and fear. OR, you can also choose to put that same animal into a wonderful place - me
Would it have a soft bed then? - Hamish, "there" or "then" I forgot
Hamish, or that animal can live a wonderful life free in the nature and eat fresh foods and feel happy and healthy. Which would you choose for them? - me
The happy and healthy life. As, no other should be possible or necessary. Yes-No!, an unhealthy and unhappy life! - Hamish
Ok Hamish. The next question is - me
Would they have a nice sofa like me? - Hamish eyelids closing in a warm smile
Yes, Hamish, they would have a wonderful sofa. - me
Then Yes, Tik. - Hamish with a click at the Tik
Hamish. Another question is. If you would put the animal through a life of suffering then it produces more food for you, so if the animals suffer you earn more food and money. Would you then choose the animals to be free or - me
Yes-No, sick and unhealthy. Because that is like my dragon back, if it were unhealthy. I cannot compare myself with them, but Yes-No standing in their own shit. And Yes-No, them having their bowels taken out. - Hamish, the bowels taken out meant the gutting that I described earlier he was listening
This is the Pleiadians! We are very sorry about what has happened! And we know, yes we do know, that he cares about the langoustines! - Pleiadian with image of bright Pleiades stars
Hamish, if you chose to put the animals into misery and suffering and disease and no sofas but that would earn you more money and food, then would you now choose freedom or misery for the animals, if their misery meant that you could earn more snacks? - me
Yes-No. I don't want to choose a misery about anyone. And have you seen my back. - Hamish
Also if it wins you more money? - me
YES-NO! I would not choose suffering. Because then they are like me, feeling bad. And, about my duck feet. - Hamish
Hamish you are more compassionate than my race. And I hate the Pleiadians for not realizing this. Yes-No, Pleiadians. Yes-No Pleiadians. - me

I see many times examples of Hamish having empathy, meaning the ability to imagine into the sensations and experience that another creature is having. He looks at creatures big and small and he imagines how they must be feeling, even though he projects a lot of what his own body would be feeling into them, even if another creature might not feel what his species would feel, but he sees them as living creatures. Years ago I threw a dead centipede into the trashbag and the Reptilians were very upset.

Almost every human would have answered that question that I asked Hamish very differently. It is true today that almost every human chooses to buy eggs, dairy and meat that come from animals that have suffered, rather than to choose food products that are a little bit more expensive but came from animals that were treated better.

I only ask that the Pleiadians show a little bit more love and less hatred toward Reptilians

We already know about the Jews. - Pleiadian man with long blonde hair
Fuck off. - me to the Pleiadian man

and that the Pleiadians show a little less love toward humans. Pleiadians are racist. They are willing to show more love toward a species which looks like them. They justify their hatred of Reptilians and their love of humans by saying that Reptilians are cruel toward other creatures and that humans are just wonderful, and they fail to see that they are being racist. By far humans are far more cruel to other living things than the Reptilians are. And I have genuinely seen cases of empathy and compassion from Reptilians toward tiny other creatures that far surpass the love that humans have shown toward animals.

Both humans and Reptilians are carnivores. Both choose to eat pieces from the bodies of other creatures. Reptilians as far as I understand are biologically set to be carnivorous. Humans on the other hand are omnivores and could choose to be vegetarian or vegan which is also more consistent with their biology, humans who eat too much animal food products develop deadly diseases from it such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Humans choose to eat cruel food products even when they have a choice not to. Both humans and Reptilians keep slaves and mistreat other species and other populations. But it is very clear which of the two is more cruel. And I am very disappointed to have found out that the Pleiadians are such racists that they are willing to pretend that humans are angels.

And Reptilians have a bad reputation as if all they could ever do in an encounter with another living being was to torture and to kill it. I have had beautiful and heartwarming life-changing encounters with Reptilians. I have connected with their mind and their feelings, felt every sensation in their body, from the feeling that they have on the underside of their feet against the floor, the happiness they feel when they close their eyelids partially to show a smile, the appreciation they feel when they make a growl, the subtle shifting of their feet or leaning of their body, how they sense their own smell in their nose as a familiar and comforting scent that feels like family and like home.

We have breathed together, so connected in our minds and so in sync. If anyone can love human beings in spite of their cruelty, there is certainly the permission and opportunity to get to know Reptilians and to discover their beauty and elements of their kindness and compassion. When Pleiadians talk about wanting to stop the Reptilians, I tell them to also go and stop all of the lions, wolves, killer whales and other carnivorous animals on planet Earth. Many humans feel a love and fascination toward wolves, lions, tigers, or even crocodiles, yet we are supposed to hate the Reptilians.

Maybe because Reptilians can attack Pleiadians, the Pleiadians see them as the enemy. Reptilians can also attack humans, and then we would see the Reptilians as the enemy. But this is racism, this has got nothing to do with identifying the true nature of a species, it is only selfishness and self-preservation from the Pleiadians and humans and it has got nothing to do with true empathy or compassion which should transcend all species beyond just one's own. Pleiadians are able to feel love and want to protect their own Pleiadian species and the similar and genetically related Earth humans. That is just the same as when humans love their own family units and disregard the pain and suffering of other humans in other parts of the world and other species who are being hurt. Are Pleiadians even capable of feeling true compassion which transcends their own family and their own species? I have not seen any cases of true compassion in Pleiadians, but I have seen examples of Reptilians feeling empathy and compassion and wanting to protect other species, even things as little as shrimp and fish.



Hamish is watching this pig slaughter video with me. He is asking me, "Are they becoming Toast?" I tell him that they are being murdered in a cruel way and that they are suffering. I tell him that I hate Pleiadians and that I hate humans and that I love Reptilians. I tell him that Reptilians would never do that to an animal.

They are becoming a Toast. - Hamish says now
They were in a snacks facility, factory. - says either Hamish or a black Reptilian
Yes but Reptilians would never do that to animals. - me
No, we would not. We don't want them to scream like that. - the black Reptilian says
They were becoming a Toast. A, Snack! - Hamish
Would they bite their fingers, if they could? About, not becoming a Snacks? - Hamish asks me, about the pigs biting human fingers
Of course they would if they could, Hamish. - me
We don't like the blood taken out, because we eat it, them. - black Reptilian about eating blood
We don't like to seeing it being spoiled. - black Reptilian about blood
The Toast was not bad, but it was not mine. - Hamish
The Alpha-Zetas do not like that! - a Reticulan about the pig slaughter
My Toast and Snacks, they said. - Hamish watching the video
They don't like to fight with them, but we do. - black Reptilian, meaning that humans do not fight with their food animals but Reptilians do
For me, Toast, it said. - Hamish in my native language but Toast in English
Snick, Snack! - Hamish, haha


I fucking hate Pleiadians because they are racists and they act as if Reptilians are really cruel and as if humans are some kind of angels. To act as if Pleiadians and humans are wonderful and peaceful and loving and as if Reptilians are cruel is unjustified and racist and shows a lack of true compassion which is supposed to transcend beyond just the own family unit and own species to also include empathy and compassion toward other creatures. Evidence does suggest that Draconian Reptilians are capable of more compassion and kindness to other creatures than humans are.

I end today's rant with this wonderful video. Please watch this video about a man who discovers that the sea leopard which was supposed to be an evil murderer turned out to be friendly and showed him motherly love and tried to feed him with penguins so that he would not starve. Even though Reptilians are carnivores we can learn to discover a true beauty in them and cherish the contact with them.

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