This is the story of how this species found me and made contact with me. On November 28, 2017, I found a video on YouTube titled Remote Viewing Psychic Spy John Vivanco - Part 1 which is an interview with John Vivanco about his experiences as a remote viewer. While listening to the interview, I visited John's website where on the tab called Projects I saw the picture and short description titled "Remote Viewing Skinny Bob", below is a printscreen of that, and here is a link to that page where it is found http://righthemispheric.com/projects/.

I presume that John performed a remote viewing case on an alleged alien encounter which is what that case would have been about, I presumed. I did not look into it further than what you see on that printscreen as I continued with listening to his interview where he talks about his experiences with remote viewing. But then an alien made contact with me, it was the alien of the skinny bob case and it had somehow sensed me through when I had looked at that picture.

The first manifestation of the contact was that suddenly I could see the long blue colored arm that looked Reticulan, with its three or so long fingers with bulbuous ends of the fingers, reaching forward across me from my left side across to my right side in front of me without touching, while the creature told me not to be afraid.

The printscreen

I then saw a perfectly clear mental image of the alien being, the image was complete with its surroundings which was in another location than mine. It was located in a room which was made in black and bright turquoise blue color, with a very advanced tech feel to both the alien, their clothing and the things in their room. The alien was absolutely gorgeous. It had a large bulbuous shaped head, whose thin neck was situation somewhat in the middle underneath the head. It had large dark eyes, and probably two small nostrils and a mouth opening. It was wearing a blue colored tight fit uniform which looks to be made out of a synthetic material such as rubber.

I could have written down what the alien said word by word, but here I recount from memory instead. He was concerned that some people have been trying to hunt them down, and I am sure that John with his remote viewing exercise was one of those cases. The alien discussed the possible need of having a lobotomy done to me so that I would not be able to hunt them down.

I assured the alien that I am friendly, and I told him that I have met with more than 70 different alien species, and that none of them had ever felt that I had been bothering them or trespassing on them. I told him that I am a vegan, I showed him a mental image of a cow and told him that I could never hurt a cow and that so therefore I would be even less likely to hurt him.

He then showed me a mental image of as if I were laying naked on my back on their black medical table in that room and as if my belly would be big and pregnant and as if a hybrid alien baby would be delivered by him out of me. He was asking me if they could use me for that purpose. I told him that I have already got a team of aliens with Zeta Reticulans, Draconians, Mantids and others, and that I am loyal to Hamish and that I could not switch teams. The alien invited me to come on their spaceships for a drive, I said that I would love to, of course I will let readers know if that ever happens. I told him that my own aliens never let me have close contact with them and that I would like to.

There was also a second individual of his species there in that same room with him. He told me that they are born in a water tank. I could feel that his species has had some contact with humans for a long time even into ancient civilizations on Earth. I think one of my white colored Zeta Reticulans informed him that there was no need to do a lobotomy on me, because I am well-behaved with them or how it was said. The alien showed me an image of a set of their clothes with a type of black smeary feces on the inside of the suit where the groin would have been, he meant that now that he had shown their feces to me it was now ok for me to show mine to them, he wanted them to take a sample of mine. The feces looked a bit like black fish roe but smaller granules, like grit or black soil, dry and perfectly black like coal.

Their skin is a turquoise blue color. They look in many ways similar to Zeta Reticulans, except that mainly due to the difference in skin color they could be regarded as a separate species. The clothing and style of the room is also different from Zeta Reticulans. Interestingly this blue species also expresses a strong interest in using a human woman such as me for being pregnant with and delivering alien hybrid babies, and for the study of feces. The hybrid baby I was shown in its mental image of the delivery was not blue, it was of a beige skin color and had notably large alien eyes with eye whites and large greenish blue irises and a head that was not bulbuous but more with an indented top of the head like on the Alpha Reticulans.

I asked him what his species is called, but since I had no answer after thinking about it for a while I named this species the blue reticuloid, reticuloid to indicate that it is similar to a Reticulan but not quite the same. After a while I asked again and I think he said that they are from Alpha Centauri. "Everyone is from Alpha Centauri" I replied. He might have said that they are not originally from Alpha Centauri but that they have come from there or been there. We have already seen that Alpha Centauri has a variety of species, the little yellow Alpha Centaurian elves who call themselves the Muffats, and the Alpha Centaurians with black hair, brown skin and all brown almond shaped Asian eyes and who resemble humans. I will keep the name blue reticuloid for now.

Did you want to speak with me some more? - me
I don't want you to be so courageous that you think we want to talk. We don't want to take you down. Please tell them to stop looking for me. Or I will shoot them down like pigeons. Did you know what they do to me? They sit on fences, and hope that we will fall down from the sky. They look for us in the sky, they want us to be kidnapped by them! And yes, or no, we are not the Alpha Centauri. We have just been working with them for a very long time. So we considered ourselves the same. We want to be met, with better peacefulness and brotherhood. Kind of like with you? You have been happy to see us? We don't see you sitting on any fence, and trying to shoot us down! They were not our brothers before! They were not benign, they were malicious! - blue reticuloid
Some humans are horrible mean creatures. - me
And we don't mean to show you that. We just wanted you to know, that we eat and have food pass us too. We have stool. So we thought we could look at yours. Do you want to come to our toilet? - blue reticuloid, again he showed me the image of one of their suits soiled on the inside of the suit where the crotch would be, with that dry black like carbon made out of granules
You will have to ask my Zeta Reticulan Lasarus if you are allowed to have a sample of my feces. They are already collecting it. - me
Do they collect it for us? We want to know what you eat? And what that feces looks like? So that, one day we can all live together! And be peaceful together! - blue reticuloid
That sounds wonderful. - me
With that said, do you want to be a mother with us. You would have babies that look similar to us. And, they would not need to wear diapers, because they excrete their excrement into the water. They are not eating your type of food, and so therefore, they also do not need to wear diapers. Aren't you really excited to be talking with us!? - BR
The thing is, - me interrupted
You have got these very advanced crystals within you, and that is how we are able to talk. The crystals, conduct, along their long surfaces. That is how you can hear us. You receive it, and pick it up, along the crystal surfaces. - BR
Is that why I am called, a "crystal"? - me
Who has called you that? We have not called you that. Do you want to come here? Or do you want to fight? We are living in great big cities, and we would like to take you here, our big pal! - BR
I would love to visit your cities. - me
We don't take a dump there. - BR
Quit bothering her! - Jack from the NASA team or otherwise a military officer to BR
We are not bothering her! She came to us on her own. And we can now look at her. And we are seeing her, and she looks to be tremendously peaceful. We just wanted to know, if she would come with us. Up, high up, to our crystal cities! We have made them out of blue! And you can eat here anything you want! We have even got sugar! - BR
Look, we have got to shoot these guys out of your head. - says Jack to me about the alien

The cities I saw from his images were blue crystal cities with tall tower buildings, very beautiful like if made out of glass, and I could feel black outer space with the image.

If it is safe, and if my own alien team with Lasarus and Hamish allows, then I would be happy to visit your people. - me
That is very kind, considering what we might do to you. Do you know what it feels like, being suspended in water? And having that water cable inserted into your belly button? You see, because under the water you would not be able to breathe, so you would need to not feel afraid! - BR with image of a human in a water tank, naked, with a thick tube attached to the belly button
What does the tube in the belly button do? - me
It supplies you with nutrients. So that you can't breathe here. And then we take care of your feces, once when it comes out. And we give you nutrients. So that you can eat. So you live here, like a fish. - BR
Yes-No, about the eggs being taken by them. - Hamish
I want to stay with Hamish please. I will not leave my Draconian Hamish. - me
I don't want you to feel cold here, so that is why we give you blankets. And we can take minerals out of your nose. But, now that you have seen me, do you want to see more? Do you want to feel us, without our blankets on? Do you want to see us, when you are here? Do you want to know more? About who we are, and what we do here? - BR
I would like to visit you yes. That would be a wonderful visit. - me
When you are our guests, you have to really do what we say. Or otherwise we won't take you back. - another BR there
I can live with that. I once had a visit with Draconian Reptiles and I was allowed to stay awake for it - me interrupted
Why, were you not worried? - BR or other alien asks me
No, I was happy to meet with my Draconian friends. And they also let me remember the visit afterwards. - me
We don't have temples, but we want them to worship us. - Dark Lord says about the blue Reticuloids
I would visit, but can we arrange that for another time, because today I have got a flu so I am feeling rather weak and tired. Will you contact me again after a few days, and we can talk about having a wonderful meeting then? - me
We don't have coffee houses where we could talk. We could also, take you to behind a barn, and meet you there. We have met with many that way. And, then when we take their children away, they always get worried. Would you be worried about that? If we take your children away? - BR
I don't have any children. - me
This Pleiadian woman

We know that if you get worried, your heart beats faster. And then you start to urinate. And then you cannot breathe right, you start to breathe shallower. So then you start to shiver and to shake. - BR
I don't get scared of alien life forms. I have met with many, I was never frightened... - me, but then I remember being frightened of the Atlantean, the Lyran, and a few others
We are with the Pleiadian kind. - Pleaidian woman with purple and blue colors, the mollusc Pleiadian flat wide nose, a blueish pale skin color, and wide set small eyes with a bit of eye whites, long blonde fine hairs, and wearing a silver blue one piece overalls uniform
Hello Pleiadian woman. What is your name? - me
We don't want them to take any of your ovum. And we are standing here ready with our fleet to fight them away. - Pleiadian woman
We don't want her to have a heart attack, when she meets us. But, she hasn't decided anyway either if she wants to meet with us. So we won't take her away yet. But it awaits us! - BR, the "But it awaits us" was eerily clear the way that I heard it
So. Do not worry. Not any of your new babies will need to have their diapers changed. And we do not feed them with any excrement! And they also do not cry much! So, you really do not need to worry about much! - BR
We would like to see your mouths taped. - Jack or military human or someone to the BR
Will you see us out on a field? We can meet you there. And then tap into you. We can take your bodies, and make your bellies pregnant. Are you happy about that fact? And, can we play to you any music while we do all that? We can play music here, it soothes them, we have even got harp. - BR
I love harp music. I would like harp music. - me
And we feed into your bellies with our juice. - BR, "juice" in my other language
Hello. We are with the Navy. And no juices will be fed. - the man who could be Jack, a Caucasian man with big 80's glasses and white or light beige hair color and tan skin color and light blue eyes
Hello Navy! - me I say trying to make it sound extra cheerful
We don't make diapers with our young ones. We have got no skulls. We have got no excrement through our teeth. We have got no burn marks on us. We have got no teeth. We have got no limbs, that move like yours. - BR
We don't have a heart muscle. And we have no heart that needs to beat. - another or same BR
We won't beat you out with any sticks. - Alpha Reticulan or BR with white bat
Do you want to see us in our cellar? - BR, "cellar" or "basement" in my third language
We have got many toddlers there. Are you scared to see them? Or, of what comes next? Of what we take out of their noses? When they have to bleed for us? - Alpha Reticulan or Dark Lord or blue Reticuloid
Gentlemen. And aliens. We have now got to stop talking. Please contact me again in about three days and we can talk together with Lasarus and Hamish about if I can get to meet with you for a nice visit together with you. I will need to talk about it with my alien team first. - me
With my Sock Turtle. - Hamish says
You won't feel like, you are getting raped by us. But you WILL start to feel that you are getting very dizzy! So you will see our suction cups. And we will feed you with something. And then you won't feel so dizzy anymore. - BR or Alpha Reticulan probably BR, the suction cups he showed me his fingertips that have them, my Zeta Reticulans have also got suction cups on fingertips
I will speak with you again after about three days, is that ok with you all? It was wonderful to make acquaintance with you, I have enjoyed this conversation and getting to know you. - me to BR
This it was my barn. - Hamish
It was Hamish's eggs. I am loyal to Hamish. And Lasarus. - me
I am not feeling weak now. And it was not their fault, that I did. They said my name was not important. And about Hamish, Yes-No, *click sound*! - Hamish, this click sound meant something too but I did not know what
We are not ants on farms. But we have been called that. They say to us that we look like ants. We are nothing similar! We are nothing like ants. And also, we do not have mandibles that bite. So do not be afraid of us dear. - white BR with blue suit or an Alpha Reticulan
I was never afraid - me interrupted
I would also not bite. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. I trust you. I trust my Draconian Hamish. - me
I was my, Tik Tik! - Hamish cheerful
I was my, Tik Hamish! - me happy too
We don't like to say, that we look like dolphins. But then the children are not so afraid. - the white BR or Alpha Reticulan, image of dolphins in a water zoo at the surface near some wooden plank decks and of children watching them under water through the glass
We don't want you to eat any more cake or pie, because it disrupts with your metabolism. - the white BR or Alpha Reticulan
Can we talk some time in the future? I am getting tired. It was wonderful to meet with you. - me
Tik Tik! - Hamish
I love you Hamish also. I am very proud of your back. Hamish is my favorite. I will always stay loyal to my Hamish and stay with him. - me
I was the old grandfather race, about my back! - Hamish says his eyes smiling very humbly and sweet and he points his hand once to his back, so sweet and adorable that was, "with my back" or "about my back"
She won't take a knife to you Assistant Carlisle, we promise you that. - the white BR or Alpha Reticulan in blue suit to Carlisle, this refers to the story from today read the short stories section dated November 28, 2017 to find that reference, the title is about sports

This telepathic conversation with the aliens happened today on November 28, 2017, from around 6 PM. "We don't want you to feel tired. And, please, do not try to bite at us when you come here! Or otherwise we won't show you vippen!", says the white BR or Alpha Reticulan in the blue uniform. Now I will not talk to them anymore, this is just getting inappropriate, so I can ignore anything else that they say from now on for the rest of this evening at least.

No, she doesn't want to see our vippen. No, she doesn't want to become mothers with us. - blue Reticuloid or Alpha Reticulan says

You don't have to know, but we chased them away. - the Pleiadian woman again
Thank you. - me to Pleiadian woman
We are crustaceans. And that is why we have got different cells than you. And that is why we were more prominent! We are not the Starseeder race. I was only more important. More important than you! We are crabs. - Hamish, first sentence and last sentence in my native language
Look at me, I am crabs. - Hamish says opening and closing his fingers like a scissor slowly like a crab does
Hamish is a langoustine. And I am proud of you turtle. I like your race. - me