When I was between 15 and 17 years old I began to see mental images of men, some of them were high rank military officers and others were men in black suits who I called "surveillance people". They also seemed to talk to me telepathically. One of these men was Assistant Carlisle. He was always different from the other surveillance people. In recent years I found out that he was supposedly working for the Navy dealing with traumas and he was probably a psychologist on the team. He used to always ask me questions about how I was feeling and he would give me fatherly advice.

In 2017 I started to use my remote viewing skills to look for answers. I figured that since when I talk to aliens or these human men telepathically I am seeing a mental image of them while we talk, what if I could use that to steer the images I see to look for information. So far the material I am gathering with remote viewing in 2017 has been interesting and does not seem to be nonsense.

On August 23 2017 I decided to remote view Assistant Carlisle another time to try to find out who he is and what he was doing in my life. Instead of an easy explanation on who Carlisle is, I ran into a series of shocking things as I remote viewed into what turned out to be parts of Assistant Carlisle's secret life.

Here is the PDF of the remote viewing notes:
The Secret Life of Assistant Carlisle - Is Assistant Carlisle my father?

Carlisle's two daughters are clones of me

Update from August 24 2017 8:05 AM. I woke up a few minutes ago and for whatever reason I had more information available and flooding to me about last night's Carlisle remote viewing. So the reason why Carlisle had had my umbilical cord is because cells, presumably those stem cells that are of special importance in genetic research, were used from my umbilical cord to make two girls and one boy. The two girls at least were born from Carlisle's wife the woman with the dark curly hair. The girls are meant to be clones of me, however I am not sure how that works if it means that there is a sperm added to that or how. I asked, because it seemed as if someone was telling me, if the girls are just like me, and I was told that the girls are not exactly like me because unlike me they were not born prematurely.

The boy who was made out of my umbilical cord cells is the one I saw who was born with the black hair. He did not grow up well and he crashed some car and has been in prison and when I asked why I was told that he does not know who his mother is and that would be at least part of the reason why his life turned out bad. (So if he is a boy and he has black hair whereas my natural hair color is a shade of blonde means that he was not a clone of me perhaps he is like a brother version of me or what.)

I also recognized suddenly who the woman with the curly dark hair is. She is Doctor Captain Bryant, remember? Once I realized that it was then obvious who she was. She looks and feels and acts just like Doctor Captain Bryant who had said that she was the wife of Assistant Carlisle. On this page, scroll down to Doctor Captain Bryant, and find the link there to the page where I wrote down the conversation with this woman.

Furthermore, when I first encountered Doctor Captain Bryant, the female doctor, and she had confronted me about when I had said that I had been in Carlisle's house which she and the other men on the team took to imply that me and Carlisle would have had sex with each other because that was supposedly the only reason why someone like me would have been taken to the private home of one of these men, and she was upset at me about it because she was, she said, the wife of Assistant Carlisle. This was the first time I had heard of her or seen her or known anything about a supposed wife of Carlisle.

I had known Carlisle for many years prior to this and sort of had a feel for who this man is as a character, and when I met Doctor Captain Bryant I was puzzled as to how these two could have formed a married couple. She was not at all like the kind of woman I could have ever imagined Assistant Carlisle marrying, and I tried my best to reconcile with the thought of those two being married, as you see in that original text I struggled with the idea. So their marriage was perhaps just their collaboration on some very strange military project where she gave birth as the surrogate mother to the two girls who were made out of cells from my umbilical cord and perhaps she was also the mother to the boy with black hair I do not know, at least the boy would not have grown up with Carlisle because he never had a son and also the boy would then have known Doctor Captain Bryant as his mother but he did not know who his mother was so it is clear that he did not grow up in that family.

I was also told in the morning when I woke up, and as if this part was being said by Doctor Captain Bryant herself, that when I was born I sparked a lot of interest and that I was a medical marvel.

When I recognized Carlisle's wife as Doctor Captain Bryant I felt like I literally nearly fainted. I don't know that I would ever have felt like I am going to faint before, but it was too overwhelming and good thing I was still in bed because I nearly fainted.

So now I understand why Assistant Carlisle's marriage to that woman did not seem right to me. When I first got to know her as detailed in the conversation page about Doctor Captain Bryant dated June 14 2017 I was not convinced that these two personalities could have fallen in love and decided to marry each other. So they were a mock military couple with the task of raising two daughters who had been made out of cells of my umbilical cord, meaning the umbilical cord that I was born with. I hope to one day be allowed to meet Carlisle's two daughters. They were this morning referred to as "clones" of me. I also want to meet the boy even though I am not sure how he is related to me.

August 30 2017 Assistant Carlisle admits that he has had sex with a Pleiadian woman where the purpose is to make children with them, his incentive was that they are given spaceships from the Pleiadians, Pleiadians have made children out of my eggs too, Carlisle admits he has had sex with Pleiadian woman

September 28 2017, Carlisle tells me that he is my father and he says that my two sisters that he raised have the names Susan and Wiley and that our mother was from Alaska. Read the conversation here And then, from then on, I can begin to be your father, September 28 2017