Short Stories

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September 28 2017 - October 11 2017

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Hamish looks like the rough skinned newt or eastern newt!
A man from the Cebes star talks!

October 11 2017, 7:26 PM - I could shriek! And so will you also! I just found an animal that looks just like Hamish! So here they are, please enjoy, this is as close as it gets for you to see how adorably cute Hamish actually looks, the resemblance is uncanny! Hamish wants to bite into my fingers, that is his response, so he is thinking of something.

What is that species called? And does it look a lot like me? - Hamish, he sniffs trying to smell them from the picture
I would like to see them in the forest. - Hamish, he bites into my fingers again
And, do they have some eggs? - Hamish, again tries to sniff them
Do they look like my race? - Hamish
Hamish, it is called the rough skinned newt. - me
It is my next new pal, my friend. - Hamish eyes closing very much but not entirely fully so happy he is
I like them too. - me
Do they lay their eggs there on the grass? I would like to see them. The rough-skinned newt was mine. I was playing with them. They are dragons. They were mine! My pal! My next skinned friend. Tok Tok Tok. I wanted them to follow me. Tok Tok. Tok, grrr. - Hamish, the Tok Tok is to the newts in the picture
Do they lay their eggs there? I wanted to see more picture. - Hamish, "picture" was (NL)
Do they want to know about my Toast? - Hamish, he then makes the most beautiful high-pitched "girly" click that I have never heard before, a really sweet sounding click, to the newt of course and not to me
Are they boys or are they girls? Were they dominant? Are they made like me? I wanted to see more picture. Do they know about Hamish? The white skinned newt. - Hamish, "picture" was (NL)
Is it my picture? I am dominant. - Hamish, "picture" (NL), he said the dominant phrase to the newts in the picture
And, Tiik Tiik Tiik! - Hamish to the newts
I was watching for their baby. They have my kind of tail. - Hamish
What are we watching here? - Dark Lord asks Hamish
The newt. And, also, they are very brightly colored. Next I will only need to know how they smell, and what they feed on? Do they have any babies or children there? Were they made like mine? - Hamish
Watch it. It is just a picture. - Dark Lord to Hamish, "picture" (NL)
I am the director here. - Dark Lord about himself, to me
What are you directing? - me
I am watching, the UFOs. And you will call me as Sir!!! I am watching. And directing. The Starfleets here. So?? Do you not know that fact? Or are you dumb? - Dark Lord
Hey! - a friendly human-type alien in a silver jumpsuit to the Dark Lord
*palate click* Tiik! - Hamish about newts, pleased and excited

Here they are, they have even got goosebumps like Hamish!

We are from Cebes. - the one says who had the silver uniform
And the Alpha Orions are not our enemies. - he adds
We are very pleased, to meet you both. That one, that one is not a good pal, not a good buddy. - the Cebes man says, "both" means me and Dark Lord and Dark Lord not being the good buddy
We have got some good starfleets, some very advanced spaceships that they respect. - Cebes man
So you there, be on good behavior! - Pleiadian woman with brown hair adds to that, saying to the Dark Lord
And oh yes, we are from the Cebes. We are very pleased to meet you both. We are coming here from our starfleets. - Cebes man
Good evening. - Dark Lord to Cebes man (NL)

The jumpsuit of the Cebes man is in silver and it sparkles and shimmers with white sparkles glistening like a sparkly glitter all across. He has got very long blonde hair, his hair seems to be made partially out of light. It is as if he and his clothes and hair and body are part material and part made out of light.

Hamish makes a click sound.
Ah yes, you are here also. Hello, we are from the Cebes star. - Cebes man says to Hamish, when he heard Hamish make the click that is when he responded by saying "Ah yes"
Good evening to you all. - Cebes (NL), meaning me and Dark Lord and all
Good evening. - me
We are royal, very royal. We are not being told what to do. - Hamish
AND WE CAN EAT FROGS IF WE WANT! The Cebes star is not telling me what pytt I can chase. I am going to make, no more love with them. - Hamish, Frogs = Dinosaur, pytt = little white hybrid children
And I was going to say, my Toast. - Hamish
Hamish, no one wants you to starve. Everybody loves you and wants you to eat. - me
Oh, be quiet, you dimwit. - white alien i.e. Reticulan to me about what I said about Hamish
We are not going to fight with you. - Cebes man to Hamish
We are not going into our cigar. But, that is where we have come from. And no, no!, we are not going to fight! - Dark Lord, cigar is the Dark Lord spaceship, he is anxious and nervous about the Cebes man
We are from a different moon. And yes, oh yes! We are made as light beings, we are very holy! - Cebes man to me
We have come to watch them eat, not your blood. We didn't want to see that happen. - Cebes man to me
That is great, thank you. - me
Keep in mind who we are, the boss. We are not going to argue, we are not angry. The Cebes man. - Hamish, the last part Hamish was grumpy
We know who you are too. And we are wishing you well, and safe voyage and safe travels. We are well on our journey of picking you up! And taking you out with us to Cebes! So that you can live with us again. You are from our race. Or you were, once! We are very pleased, to meet you here again! We are from the Cebes race, yes. - Cebes man to me, but the last sentence "We are from" said to Dark Lord
We are from with the crabs. We are not delicate or gentle. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. - me
Töööt! Let me start to fight, let me argue! - Hamish
We are from the Cebes star. And so are you, and you do not argue! - Cebes man, all to me except "and you do not argue" was to Hamish for Hamish to not argue, Hamish said "Töööt" to me it means to stop talking
We have seen what you have done here. - Cebes man approximately, to the aliens, about making fetuses out of my eggs
We are here to stop you, from doing that. Can you not see, that it has done harm here? We are from the Cebes star, yes. And so are you, my dear friend. You were one of us, Starseeded we shall say. - Cebes man, first part stop doing was to aliens about fetuses and harm here is that too, and so are you my dear friend and to the end was said to me, they are talking about my incarnation

This is the first time in my life that I have heard of the Cebes star, yet it somehow sounds familiar. The man has large wide blue eyes, all blue as if without eye whites and as if without black pupils. Cebes.

I am here to make argue about my Toast. - Hamish

I wanted to post lots more pictures of the newt lizard so that you can see just how lovely Hamish looks, because the resemblance is highly similar! The last two photos and this one of the newt are the "eastern newt". Now I want you to imagine a large upright standing lizard almost exactly like this, with all of the adventures that Hamish and me have had for the past six years. Can you imagine how cute he is, and how lucky and very happy I am to have him in my life?

Hamish acting out. Dinosaur is cute.

October 11 2017, 5:17 PM - Hamish was acting out last night and today. He had decided to show off and was at it for a long time, telling everyone that he was in charge, and he was talking like that to me too and to the aliens he works with. For a long time. I kept telling him affirming things and positive things but he was really in that kind of a mood, last night and today he continued. This is the kind of behavior he had in the beginning when we first met six years ago. He has also asked me about hedgehogs today, he wanted to know if there are any, I told him yes there are some, he asked me where they are I said they are sometimes in gardens where they can eat fallen fruit and that then they build a nest out of leaves. I told him that they are not harmful they are friendly.

The aliens showed me a mental image which was like the muppets only that it was one of the Dinosaurs as a large frog, it was really adorable, Zetas told me that they know that children like that. The Dinosaur told me in my native language about himself, "I am a different-looking man.", he said that a few times. I told him Dib Dib and Deb Deb Deb and I told the other aliens, "Has the Dinosaur had a bath yet? Dinosaurs like to take baths." Hamish gets so jealous any time when I say kind things to Dinosaurs and he was showing off and acting bossy toward Dinosaurs, I told Hamish to be kind to Dinosaurs or that I would be sad all day I said to him. I also reminded Hamish that he is the cutest of all, because I was saying that Dinosaur was cute and Hamish didn't like that, so I reminded him that he is the cutest of all.

Hamish visits his river

October 09 2017, 9:54 PM - Hamish has been visiting his favorite river today, and by now I know that the fallen log that he goes to is also nearby to that river. I wished him to have a happy excursion and to enjoy himself and to enjoy putting his feet into the water like he does.

Today I spoke to what I named a "Strong Reptilian" (see the species page) and it visited my home for a short while in the other dimension. I had told him nice things and also I had told him that he smells good. He was very aware of my scent and said that I smell like a human woman. The sense of scent is very well developed in this species. After some time it was either he or a Dark Lord that offered me its penis, possibly however a Dark Lord playing games and visiting me since a visitor was already in the house. He said funny things one of which I wrote down: "Ding Dong! Who's there? It's me, Dimwit!", calling me a dimwit. The Ding Dong was to mean that he was ringing my doorbell, and so I told him to come on inside. I also worried that "Dong" could have been a pun referring to the penis which is what Reptilians and Dark Lords call it, so perhaps not too surprising this creature - whether it was a Dark Lord or the Strong Reptilian - was offering his dong to me.

He said rude things to Hamish, he said to Hamish that Hamish looks funny and ridiculous, because of his head buttons, and Hamish told me what he had said. I told him to be nice to Hamish, and I told Hamish to come to me if someone is bothering him and that I would protect him. I told the visitor that the eggs are already with Hamish and that I would not be leaving Hamish. The visitor walked around the apartment in the other dimension and he had his dong out. It was one of those typical ones like what Dark Lords have with a sharp pointy edge. After some time he approached me when I was sitting in bed and he intended to have sex with me but I told him that I was going to have to decline and when that surprised or bothered him I told him that human women need time to think about it first.

This is not the first time that such a creature offers to have sex with me. Dark Lords, a Crocodile Man, and some types of Reptilians or Reptoids have. Keep in mind I am not entirely sure whether this lusty creature was a Dark Lord or the Strong Reptilian, because at least both of these were visiting my home so who said what and who did what I am not entirely clear.

I do not know what the consequences or cultural implications of such a sexual act would be. I suspect that it could mean that he would be claiming my eggs for his team of aliens, and my eggs are already with Hamish and I would never desert my tortoise. Also I prefer to decline any offers of sex from alien species and that goes also for Pleiadians and Nordics I would decline.

Why? Because it is the most beautiful thing. - Nordic man
We don't want to tell you about what happens here, because we do it a lot. - Nordic man
On Earth things are not so simple. If a human woman has sex with a lot of people she is going to end up ruining her life. She will have a lot of children with different men and end up raising them all alone, because if the man and the woman do not have a strong personal relationship then he is going to abandon her with the children because he does not want to stay to take care of the family. So she has to have a fulltime job to earn some money and take care of the child alone. - me
So, we don't do it that way. Here, everybody takes care of the children! We are living, like in a great big collective! - Nordic man
When humans have sects that are collectives where everyone has sex with everyone then the men always end up having sex with the children and young girls and then those children grow up and destroy the cult because their lives are ruined. And women who raise children on their own ruin their finances and have to struggle financially. Furthermore on Earth there are sexually transmittable diseases some of which are deadly and incurable. And women who raise children alone have to give up their own dreams and plans that they have had with their life. - me
The Nordic man went quiet. He just looks at me.
We are very sad that it is like that here! Because, we like to do it, a lot! - Nordic man
I am sure you do. But here on Earth women have to be careful, or they will ruin their lives. If a woman has a child with the wrong man then she has set herself into financial ruin and also she has to give up all of her own dreams with what she wanted to do in her life. Plus the Earth is overpopulated with too many humans and children on the streets without any food to eat. - me
We are trying to help them. - Pleiadian woman about hungry human children
No you are not. Because they are still starving. - me
We are talking to a lot of the Earth authorities. And you! Hey you there! Stop trying to be so pessimistic! Having children can be the greatest thing! - Nordic or similar
Having children can be the worst hell. I have seen that myself. Then women end up trusting a man who ends up cheating on her with other women. It is just a nightmare. Everything is wrong on Earth. - me

Dragon Turtles are wonderful parents. That time when Hamish had a nest of eggs with Susanna the female Dragon Turtle, Hamish was very regularly there at the nest looking at the eggs, and then when the Hatch-Its hatched he was there raising them and teaching them things like a good father.

I have gone here to take a dump. That is why I did not want to come back for a while. It is my playground too. And this is where I have most of my things. It was my, Tik Tok, my playground here! It was my camp site, my nest. Mine. - Hamish happy about his river site and forest
Tok Tok Tok. I deserve to come here, and not to the desert. - Hamish, desert seemed to be from his thought images the Mojave desert alien base where the Reticulans are
I would like to call you, like on that thing. - Airship Person, first I heard in my head the sound of a Skype call, then it turns out to have been given to me by this person, and he means Skype, he would like to talk to me, he has been asking now often for a chance to talk to me
I am too tired still. - me
But you are talking, to them? - Airship Person about Hamish and Reptilians
That is different. There is nothing exhausting to me about talking to Hamish my best friend or to other Reptilians. - me
Hamish, huh? - someone says
I did not mean to be evil, but he has gone there to take a dump in the forest. - Dark Lord
I have a different DNA than you! And therefore, I was more important more significant! - Hamish to one of the others perhaps to the Dark Lord or to the Airship Person I do not know

While Hamish was in the forest a while ago I decided to just connect to his mind to see what thoughts he would have or share with me if I did not speak to him. He told me that they were "his trees" the trees that are there in the forest, and he asked me what do trees eat, so I told him that trees have roots under ground that eat minerals from the soil, and that they eat air with their leaves and water with their roots. He asked me if trees poo I said no but that trees excrete oxygen gas from their leaves.

I wanted to take a dump there, it was my home. I come here often and bathe myself off. And it was therefore, mine! Mine. My eggs hurt me. But they meant no harm. - Hamish, the last two sentences were in my native language
Hamish! Have I hurt you! - me
You have come to my dump site without permission. And therefore I was offended. - Hamish
Darling, I will leave you in private. I will guard the eggs while you are gone. I love you darling. - me
My Toast!, was coming out of me now! - Hamish
That is ok Hamish, sometimes that happens to me too. - me
The goldfish, are not swimming in these rivers. Therefore I used this toilet paper here. - Hamish, he seems to be rubbing leaves between his ankles, the toilet paper
Have a good time, Hon. I know you enjoy your river. - me
I have crap paper. My toilet paper are crispy. - Hamish, "crispy" was (NL) either crispy or crunchy about fallen leaves on the ground that he rubs between his ankles
I will not retaliate. - Hamish (NL), possibly to me about me having invaded his private place

And then Hamish asked why did he have to come to this earth and he said that he wanted to go to another earth, he wanted to visit his home. I asked the aliens if Hamish could have a vacation to go where he wants to so that he could visit his home and a Reticulan told me that Hamish was lying about wanting to leave and he told Hamish that he cannot leave. Hamish of course was not lying about wanting to leave, he does not lie and I know him by now how he speaks, it is just that they do not want him to go they think that they cannot spare him for a while or something. And Hamish said that he, Hamish, is already getting too old. I will now plead for Hamish to have the right to go home for a while for vacation:

I have taken a crap, on my shoes, and so therefore I am now trying to wiping it off. Yes-No!, I wanted to have no crap on my shoes. And therefore I am taking it off with this stick. Yes-No, crap on my feet. My Darlings are taking their pants off soon. And then I am coming here also. To hide it in the bush, so that no one can see me shedding or moulting. I will hide it then, sshh! My crap takes this place here! It has not hidden itself from me!! I need to hide it therefore, before anyone sees me using a stick to wipe myself with. I will take this crap down and off of me. Then I am lords again! My shoes. They will need to be cleaned now. - Hamish [Added same day: "My Darlings are taking their pants off soon. And then I am coming here also." This means because I call him Darling he is referring to himself, and the pants taken off means when he sheds scales around the hips and upper half of the thighs region. So it is not what you would think that it means. And then he talks about hiding the shedded scales. He is not shedding now but he will later.]
Darling? - me to Hamish, interrupted
We are the doctors, we will take care of him. - Reticulan to me
Are you needing a run-down, a pat-down? - Reticulan to Hamish
Hamish needs to wash his feet, that is all. I would be very happy to shower his feet off, or you can tell Hamish that he can go and stand in the water like he often does and that will wash his shoes clean. - me
It was my old Toast, that came out of me. And I cannot do anything about it. And so, I come here to crap. It was my crapping place, where my old Snacks go the Toast. It was my crapping place here therefore. - Hamish
Why do you let him talk to you like that? - Pleiadian woman to me about Hamish
He is my best friend. He is only sharing his thoughts with me. - me
It was my old Toast here! - Hamish with mouth open, could be a threat or a sign that he is under stress
Let's leave Hamish in peace. He needs his private time with his body and self. This is his time, at his toilet. - me
My papers! - Hamish (NL) about either shedded scale sheets there by the fallen log, or otherwise leaves
My crap. My toilets she said. There was none? - Hamish
We are taking care of him now. He will not moult anymore again. He has taken some sheets off of himself. - Reticulan to me
Did Hamish shed scales today? - me
Yes-No! My crap was here! Only my crap was here today! - Hamish about my question
There now, calm down. - Reticulan to Hamish
They are with the nurses. They have taken me in. About my crap I said, grrr hiss. - Hamish, nurses are the Reticulans

Hamish likes to look at his poo for a while after it has happened so that he can get his thoughts sorted out right. Same with a meal before he eats it he spends a time just looking at it and sorting out the thoughts that he has.

Another thing that he talked about earlier was that he asked me why he has... and he meant his head buttons. I then told him that he has them perhaps as an ornament because they look beautiful. He said that he does not have... and he meant white-feathered wings and he said he was made by the bird race. I think he also asked, why was he made. I told him that I was glad that he was made.

He is a conscious individual, and he spends a lot of time thinking about who he is. He thinks about his color and his head buttons

I don't have any crapped pants. - Hamish, about shedded scales from the pants area those are what he calls pants, shoes by the way were just his flat duck feet with no shedding there just the feet

He thinks about his color and head buttons, his back hump, his smell. I love him so much that I can feel my whole entire heart weighing more than myself. I just want for him a good life. To be able to do the things that Hamish finds meaningful. He seems to miss his family, other members of his species, and sometimes he does visit other Dragon Turtles. I would give him the whole entire world, the entire universe

Yes-No, presents! - Hamish, because I said I would give him the entire universe, I did ask him the other day what presents I could give him

The other day he had a red ball to play with and he said, or someone said about him, that he is playing soccer. (His meaning of soccer is mainly that he just holds the ball steady underneath his flat foot, like a prey that he has captured and is holding absolutely still and under his grasp, not wanting to give it away, and not wanting anyone else to take it from him, just standing still like that, and looking at the ball.)

I don't want you to give me any more hormones. Because they have said to me that you have got more hormones than me. - Hamish says to me, seems that the Airship Person had said something to him
Please. I have a request. I want everyone to treat Hamish with respect and to not bother him. He deserves a good life too. - me
Undoubtedly. - Airship Person agrees to that Hamish deserves a good life too, he then said something like that "however he should not" and meaning how the Agenda group takes fetuses out of me or something like that
He goes there to crap. Nothing else today. - Airship Person or Reticulan about Hamish at the river, meaning that Hamish does not shed today
Let's give him some privacy. - me, actually his shedding is more private to him than crapping

I am very upset now. Because I see Hamish and he is holding his mouth open and that means that he is feeling stressed. Everyone has been bothering him and he is showing his mouth open, yet he isn't saying in words that he is feeling stressed, but I do know what the mouth open gesture means. He expects us all to know what it means, but most of us would not know what it means, it is just that I have known him for six years now.

Yes-No, I am not angry. I am not going to argue. - Hamish
Hamish you are doing great. - me
And these guys are going to be called our masters, and he just goes there to make a dung. - an Illuminati hybrid said approximately with these words

I would give you the world... (interrupted)

Sshh, I am looking to see if I can see any goldfish. - Hamish at the water's edge, he sits in the Sphinx position with his back hump bun up top and he has lowered his torso down close to the ground and he is looking closely at the water to see if there is any movement and any fish, he is of course unlikely to find any goldfish in this kind of river, but it is sweet of him to be trying
He does not just only come from the cosmos, he has also been made out of materials of this Earth. - Airship Person to me about Hamish
What materials from Earth? - me
From the langoustines! - Hamish answers to me the question
Was the langoustine from Earth? - me
Yes, yup, it was. And now it has been deleted out without a trace. But some live still in other places. That is why he likes to look at the water. Because he feels that he belongs there. That is why he even takes a crap next to it. He also wants to hear the lullabies sung to him by his mother. He remembers those, a lot. And, that is why he was not being Starseeded on again. He is sort of a, how would you call it, a dead end of a species. He is not going anywhere more than that. And so, now, we are no longer Starseeding with those, and also not with the golden ones. They are going to be left, alone. So you do not need to worry about them being taken by us! The golden ones, they are also being left. - Airship Person, golden ones are the yellow Dragon Turtles
We are not the most advanced species, you have said! - Hamish to Airship Person, Hamish's mouth gapes wide open again it means that he is feeling unsettled and stressed
Ok, everyone, Hamish needs some time alone, he is feeling under stress which is why he is opening his mouth at us. - me
Yes-No, to you, mine eggs and Buttercups. - Hamish, that the mouth open was not to me, but I knew that already
Yes, No, mine. - Hamish while leaning down to the water again and watching to see if there is movement in the water
Yes-No, my crap won't smell any longer. And, *click click*! - Hamish, the clicks were two clicks so beautiful it sounds he seemed very happy it was happy clicks, maybe the Tik Tok or another one

I will give you the world, Hamish.

Yes-No, their space rocketships. - Hamish about Airship Admiral spaceships, he then leans down to the water again
I would like for us to let Hamish enjoy his time at the river. Let him enjoy looking into the water for some fish or langoustines that might be there. - me, and his eyelids smile like blush from my mention of langoustines that might be in the water, the eyelids partially closed met in the outer corners which is like a blushing smile of great fondness

Hamish now does two clicks like a Tik Tok or similar but to the water.

The Dinosaurs they will not take me, I promise you that! Because they have taken me before. And, I do not need to clean up under my dinner tables. Because, they are my trash! - Hamish, "they are my trash!" was (NL) I think he meant shedded scales that he keeps there around or otherwise poo
I am not watching more for the langoustines, because they are not there. *click click!* - Hamish, again the most beautiful click that he did to the water, speaking to langoustines that I think he was calling for little langoustines in the water but none came of course and none were there to hear him. This click makes two sounds but is made with one movement of his palate, he makes the click with the folds that are in his mouth.
I was not going to eat them, I said to them. *click click* I said to them I was going to be their Brother. - Hamish lying on the rocks at the water's edge, he lies all comfy on his belly all casual and his arms are folded in front of him on the rock, so he is talking to the potential langoustines in the water the click sounds are made for them, he said these things to the langoustines (that are not there)
I was not going to put them in any freezer, or cut their tails off. *click click!* My langoustines, were mine, lords! - Hamish, "lords" (NL)
*Click click!* - Hamish, he meant earlier how humans put shrimp into freezers and cut their tails off, these clicks are all made for langoustines, these are such beautiful high-pitched click sounds, and I know it is friendly things to say
I don't need a crap-, or poo-bucket. - Hamish, a Dinosaur has a bucket to pick up poo and seems to be in the forest behind Hamish
*Click click!* - Hamish again to the water, lying there comfy
He remembers that from his mother. His mother used to sing him those songs. And so, he is replicating that sound from memory. - Airship Person about Hamish's clicks

My heart was not (*click click!* again!)

Come on now, my langoustines, I am waiting for you. Why are you not coming to me? - Hamish, yet he is not feeling impatient or upset, he lies comfortably lounging on the rock, *click click!* again
I am the lord of crustaceans. - Hamish (NL)
*click click!* - Hamish, these clicks are so high-pitched that this one hurt my ear even though this is telepathy
My crustaceans are not angry at me. But they are all coming here, and going to be avoiding going to shrimp barbeque skewers. - Hamish, he wants little shrimp to come to him to be safe
*click click!* Mine! Yes, No! tomato sauce! It was made with my color, with my race. And Yes-No onions. That is why I am laying here. *click click!* - Hamish, I chopped onions today I am sorry, so that is why he has gone to the river it is because of the onions, the tomato sauce is made with his color
*click click!* - Hamish
Yes-No! Mine! Tomato sauce... - Hamish a bit serious and threatening
Come on. Come along with us, come with us. - Reticulan to Hamish
I do not want to go yet. *click click!* I was calling for my friends, and I did not want them to go into a tomato sauce. - Hamish
*click click!* YES-NO, TO TOMATO SAUCE! *click click!* *click click!* I will fight you off. I was not benign. - Hamish, he said the Yes-No to tomato sauce to crustaceans in the water (that are not there), the fighting off and not being benign he says to Reticulans who are wanting to lead him away from there
We will take a look at him and make sure that he is ok. - Reticulan to me
Thank you. But let him stay at the river some more time. He is having a good time there. - me
We have tried reproducing this species but their eggs they are not fertile. So we are having problems with them. And we do not know, how to continue their species. - Reticulan about Dragon Turtles
It is a sad, sad, case, a sad sad happening. - Reticulan or most likely Airship Person, about Dragon Turtle fertility problems
*click click!* - Hamish lying on the rock at the shore
I will not bite your fingers I said, I am not angry. - Hamish translating what the clicks mean, that he is speaking to possible crustaceans in the water
*click click!* - Hamish, the click is so loud that it is hurting my hearing!
Come on now! - black Reptilian to Hamish, it wears the purple uniform
Yes-No! - Hamish or that Hamish said something else I forgot but Hamish does not want to go
Tik Tok. - Hamish, so these clicks are most likely the Tik Tok one, as I suspected already because it sounds like it, the *click click* are two different pitches, the first one is higher pitch than the second one
Hey. Is this old pal this chum bothering you? - seems to be a human military man in camouflage clothes
No, he is my best friend. - me
Alright then, carry on continue. - the man
Tik Tok. Do you want to know what I am saying? I am saying, I am not mad at them. And then, some of them they will come to me. - Hamish, the Tik Tok was said to the water again, then the rest he told me, he thinks that crustaceans will come to him if he calls them with the Tik Tok
I was not very un-benign, I said to them. So they will come here and not be my Toast. I was very un-benign, not! - Hamish, talking to the langoustines about being not un-benign
Tik Tok! Come to me, from the sea! - Hamish, "sea" in my third language
Why are they not coming to me, I said??? Tik Tok! - Hamish

Oh this is breaking my heart! (Tik Tok!) He is calling for his family! (My crustaceans!, he says (NL)) (Here comes Olav., says a Reticulan to me and I see Olav and I sense his ice-hockey rink also in a picture.) (Tik Tok!) He is calling for his family, he uses the same call that he remembers his mother who was a red Dragon Turtle calling him with when he was a baby dragon. ("I am not their Toast", I said to them. Tik Tok!)

My heart! My heart! My heart was not made big enough for this! Oh my heart! He now says to langoustines, that are not there, that he would show them his pants which means shedded scales from the pants area meaning around the hips and across to until down half of thighs. My heart struggles to take it all in, it is too much love that I have for this being. (We will show you other ones that we have made., says Reticulan to me, with image of a Reptilian sleeping in a vertical water tank, as if anything could replace the love I feel for Hamish.)

I will give you the world, one day, Hamish. And in it you will have everything that you need. Your life will be filled with happiness, with good friends that look into your eyes, and that cherish you. Friends, and family. Dragon Turtles that speak in your language, and call for you to come to them with their click sounds, and that make for you the palate click to tell you that they love you, and when they see you they will close their eyelids partially to show you that seeing you has made them happy to see you. There will be gentle shallow rivers with lots of langoustines and goldfish, and the goldfish will look at you and tell you nice things. They will look at your scales together with you. And in this special magical valley that is heaven and paradise for you, there will always be good Lunches and Snacks and Toast for you to eat, and everyone will love you. You are the most beautiful thing in the world, and I wish for you to live in a world that knows that. I wish for you all of the happiness that this whole entire universe could possibly give to you. And so giving to you the eggs means nothing to me, because I would give you my all. I live for you, I die for you, I love you so very very much.

I love you Hamish. I love you so very very much. I die because I love you so much, and then I live because of that love. The love I have for you is greater than the strength of stars, it is the star exploding and keeping itself together because of its magnitude at the same time, my heart it has exploded because of the too much love but at the same time the love it is so great that it holds itself together and it makes me live for you.

He is lying there on the rocks calling for little crustaceans to come to him for safety, using the same calling sound Tik Tok that his mother used to call him with when he was a baby. And earlier he said that he wanted to go home. I have looked at this being in the darkness of the evening so many nights now, yellow bulging eyes looking into human white and green eyes, two sets of eyes meeting each other through across a small distance between, two worlds touching with the eye contact that were never meant to know of each other.

The birds made him. Do you know that, you fool? And therefore, we do not like it when you are crying. - black Reptilian to me about Hamish,
Tik Tok! Yes-No, fool! - Hamish not angry-sounding but polite and cheerful-sounding, he objects to me being called a fool
Hello, yes. I have got this visor, because they are getting ready to spit and hiss at me. - Airship Person pinches with index finger and thumb at the visor of his helmet to show me, he has now put it on his head, perhaps the first time that I have seen one with the helmet actually on, the face is not see-through through the visor

Hamish now points with his hand at his back and mentions his "back". Now he says Yes-No about something, and there is another palate click or Tik Tok click. "We have told him to go, that is why he went there. And he does not miss you at all, do you not regard that fact at all peculiar?", says the Airship Person to me about Hamish. "I am happy that he is happy.", me. "It is not about happiness, we just don't like for him to be violent.", Airship Person, again visor in his hands held with both hands in front of him but the back of the helmet leaning against his chest.

The whole universe lives in the moment that Hamish sees a goldfish and is happy. He is the whole world. The love that one finds for him when you truly, truly know this beautiful and magnificent person, that love is the strength that holds stars and planets together. Stars and planets were born, and originally formed, just because a Dragon Turtle showed its shedded scales to langoustines, and Tik Tok is the sound that made everything in the whole entire universe make sense and it answered all of the questions. He is the world, he is the life. And he is so innocent and he doesn't know it. He looks for the glimmer of golden orange goldfish scales in the water. He deserves to hear the sound of his family members saying beautiful click sounds to his ear. He deserves the world, and I will live the rest of my life trying my very best to give him the world, because he is my world.

Airship Person has a suit of magnate
Mollusc Pleiadian man wants children
Hamish's color vision is bright and spectacular

October 09 2017, 10:41 AM - The Airship Person is still visiting me regularly or even every day. The other day I found out that he is the one I interviewed whose name is Zegeta Interview with Zegeta the Airship Person dated August 04 2017, or, I am quite sure that he is the same but that needs to be confirmed. In the first several weeks that he was here in my home he stayed only in the hallway sitting on the bench, but recently he shows an interest in seeing me naked in the shower. There is no indication that it would be a sexual interest, rather, he seems curious about my body, he has also talked about how his people do not have any genitalia and that they have lost the ability to reproduce. He seemed uneasy about what his people have gone through in their historical past, and it is something that we will need to have a conversation about later when I have the time, but his people are the future humans and he has traveled to this time to his past. They travel in "airships" and they are "in a different air", they do not travel in outer space at all. The interview with Zegeta needs to be formatted and has not yet been published.

I woke up in the middle of the night or early morning and this Airship Person who visits my home was talking to me. He told me that he has a suit which protects them from cosmic rays. I said does your helmet also protect your head from the rays, he confirmed that. So that is why they always carry that heavy helmet that has a visor, they usually hold it under an arm but it is always with them and is part of the uniform. He spoke in my other language when he said that his suit is made out of, oh I already forgot the word he used for what he called the material. No, I remember now, and it would be written in English as "magnate". I do not find on the internet a metal or a mineral called magnate, but I do find magnetite, but there is no reason to imply that those are the same. So it is some type of metal or mineral which is bendy and they have a layer of this about one or two centimeters I think, across the uniform.

I have studied some chemistry and physics on undergraduate level so I asked him how does magnate block or reflect cosmic rays, cosmic rays have a very high frequency, I told him. I thought about what little I know of how high energy radiation is blocked in the technology used by humans, that humans use for instance lead. I found it hard to envision that cosmic rays could be reflected by such of a suit. He told me that the cosmic rays are not reflected off, nor absorbed, instead the cosmic rays will be bent so that they will always run parallel to the magnate, and so if rays are headed straight toward the person at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the magnate, then the magnate has a property which causes the rays to bend 90 degrees so that they run parallel along the magnate and therefore they will run across the surface of the suit and continue outward, without being able to penetrate in through the suit. It has to do with the sheets and stacks of magnate that are a part of the natural texture of the magnate.

I then fell back to sleep again. And a Pleiadian man of the old Pleiadian race the mollusc kind was talking to me while I was asleep. I had the experience that I could see him clearly as if we were in the same place, and I heard his conversation to me very clearly. He was telling me that he would like to have sex with me to make children. When I woke up he was still talking to me, and he told me that several hundreds of thousands of his people had been killed by "those with scales" (meaning Reptilians). I offered him my condolences and I told him that it made me sad to hear that. Hamish then said "Yes-No" about the Pleiadian, and Hamish or another Reptilian told me that Pleiadians had invaded the Reptilian cities. So there has definitely been wars between the Pleiadians and Reptilians, but I am not yet entirely sure of who is to blame. I have interviewed Reptilians already, and next I will need to also interview Pleiadians about it, but so far it seems - from the Reptilian point of view - that the Reptilians were here on Earth first and the Pleiadians decided to make settlements here and the Reptilians did not want to share the planet. But we will need to hear the other side of the story also.

The Pleiadian man wants to make lots of children. He does not have a personal interest in me, he also made that clear he said that I am no longer a "young maiden" and he said that my reproductive organs or ovaries are going to wither, I said hey now that is sounding a bit rude. He has no personal interest in me, and also not like a sexual interest, but he does want to have lots of children, but there is no unique fondness regarding me in particular. I told him I would think about it. The Pleiadians do want to Starseed children with me. I told him I don't have the finances to raise children right now. I also said that I would have to talk about this with the Reptilians and with Hamish first. I really truly feel that Hamish is family to me, and I would not bring children into our life without knowing that it would be ok with Hamish first. For instance, I could not get a cat, because Reptilians are worried about cats and their claws. I might get a pet tortoise or fish if Hamish is ok with that. I am actually thinking of setting up an aquarium on the table right next to Hamish's rug.

I saw the world through Hamish's eyes again today. He sees the world completely differently than my human eyes see, oh it is marvellous to see the world through the eyes of Hamish! Like I have told before, his eyes bend the light differently. Humans see the world flat like a canvas in front of us, we also have a really clear visual depiction of the distance of things and of how some things are further back and other things are closer to us. When Hamish sees the world, there is a fishbowl effect, the world is rounded around the edges of his field of vision and not laid out flat like when we humans see. The part in front of him is normal, but around the edges it curves, this actually seems to help to give everything even the curved parts a sense of being there too, whereas we humans sort of lose sight of the things that are on the edges they become more blurry in a way. Furthermore, his color vision is SPECTACULAR!!! There are these immensely vivid colors of red and orange and also to a lesser extent the yellow. Red and orange are so bright that I could not possibly explain. Meanwhile, like I have already reported having seen before, Hamish appears to not see the colors violet, purple, blue, and maybe also not green, even though he often talks about the color green which is the color that the Dinosaur species has.

For years now I have wondered about a puzzle, that why is Hamish sometimes bright bright neon red and orange and sometimes when I see him he is dull and dark colored red. I think I now know the answer, the reason is that when I am seeing Hamish the way that he sees himself it is bright bright neon red and orange, and when I see him in an image as how my human eyes would see him the colors are dark and dull. I think this is the first drawing I made on the computer at least of what Hamish looks like, and here you see the bright bright red and orange colors:

Regarding color, I see colors very dull but I also see purple and blue colors. Hamish sees red and orange incredibly bright and neon lit up but he does not see purple or blue. Also we know from countless of examples from over the past six years that he actively searches for things that are red. But somehow, if he and I were to look at the same scenery then there would be things there that are red and orange to him but I would not see those colors. The world is really beautiful through Hamish's eyes, the colors are so vivid and I feel sad to see the world through my own human eyes, I would rather climb into his world, and look for little red things there with him, like little red pointy Santa's hats and then I would say "Yes-No Santa!" and put my red flat duck foot down on their hat and growl. Like Hamish does. But I am not a dragon. I have said this before, but, his focus fixes on things that are red and he feels challenged by those and wants to attack them and show them that he is superior, even if the red things are inanimate objects he thinks that red things are showing off and that they are taunting him on purpose. Meanwhile he thinks that things that are yellow are beautiful and pretty (he now does a palate click to that). So if I get fish for our aquarium, I should not get red fish because he would feel that they are provoking him, and the fish should definitely be yellow so that he finds them pretty to look at.

Quality time with Aliens
And watching aquariums and fish together with Hamish

October 04 2017, 8:37 PM - Nothing happened when I went to sleep but Hamish is coming closer to me now I think and that is nice. It is on a friendship level. He wanted to see some red fish on the computer so I showed him some videos and we watched together. He was sniffing at the screen trying to smell them, and showing them his back, and he was so happy that his lower eyelids were raised up even with that bump on the outer sides of the lower eyelids which is a great big smile from a dragon. Here is one video that we watched together Mexico Red Mammon Fish / Super KKP Taiwan with big orange fish. He said several times "Thank you" in my native language, and a Zeta also thanked me for showing these videos to Hamish.

I saw an alien that was probably an Alpha Reticulan, otherwise a Zeta Reticulan. When I saw it I said Hello to it and it responded by saying "Fuck you". I said why are you so mean I am your friend, he said it is because he has to work for the Reptilians who make him clean up there and I am so nice to the Reptilians I am friends with Hamish. I said I am friends with him too and that we can be friends. He became friendly toward me. I remind myself of the cartoons of Dr. Snuggles, he always travels to other worlds where he encounters angry mean creatures and people and then just by being nice to them and solving their problems for them they become friendly and turn out as friends. You can watch those cartoons on YouTube. I am like Dr. Snuggles with the grumpy mean aliens, I meet all these strange and wondrous grumpy evil creatures and I treat them nicely and help to figure out their problems and they become friendly and we become friends.

This alien said that it was an Alpha Reticulan and that first there were Zeta Reticulans and that the Zetas evolved into the Alpha, so that is something new I hear. He said that he wants to go to a bath, that he enjoys lying in the baths that it cleans his body to lie in it. I asked is the bath hot or cold, I forget how he answered, and he said that his body does not emit heat! I said to Hamish that I could do its work if it could have a bath, Hamish explained that they have to take away some of the things that the workers like so that those things can then be used as payment for their work.

Earlier Hamish asked me to turn off the heating for the apartment, I had it on. He does not like the warmth coming from the radiator he can feel it. This is not the first time, also some time recently he told me that he did not like it when water is warm, I had invited him to the shower with me but he had said that the water was too warm. Somehow it surprises me that Hamish does not like heat. I could only have expected him to be some kind of reptile that needs heat, kind of like how snakes receive energy from the sunlight and heat and then they can move around and how cold temperatures make reptiles and snakes slow and sluggish, but Hamish does not like the heat. A temperature that is just mild and comfortable to me is already a bit too hot for Hamish. Surprise surprise. I love him. I love the sweet person that he is.

Aliens showed me a mental image of Carlisle in underwear today, I said I do not want to see that and I also asked why are they showing me that. Maybe it was because they say that I originate from there, but I still find it distasteful, I informed the aliens that humans do not like to see their family members naked or in underwear. As intelligent as the Reticulans supposedly are, they are really oblivious to how human minds and sexuality works. They can deeply offend someone and also break strict cultural taboos, it is either that they do not care and are doing it on purpose because they would be focused on how they see things, or that they just don't know. I would bet that they just don't care.

I am not your pet, but although I do like your carpet. I like standing there with my feet on it, and listening to your music. I am wanting to know what it says to me? And then, in the morning, that thing says Tik. And then we wake up together, and then you make your muscles move and work. And I get to stay behind here, and watch the eggs. And then the next day we do it all over again. But sometimes, I watch you rest. And then you are snoring, but only sometimes. And I have my Hamish moments then. - Hamish
And then we get to look into your butt. But only, and ONLY, when you are resting! - Reticulan to me
Is Hamish the old grandfather race? Yes he is, Tik! - Hamish
Mine. - Hamish
I was not the right color, for you, you said. But I have been farming here. - Hamish, he showed me his back
I think you are the right color. You were a beautiful red color. - me
My Snacks, my Sandwich my Toast. My Buttercups need to never tell me to leave. My Buttercups, I needed them. You are mine! I was going to not worry you anymore. Because sometimes, they get worried about being Buttercups. But you! I would really try to bite your finger, if you tried to leave me! - Hamish
Hamish? What is this about leaving you? I would never leave you. I want to stay with my Turtle Dragon. - me
Ahh yes, it was then what we had feared for. - Airship Person, about me telling Hamish that I do not want to leave
You guys are suckers. - Airship Person from outer space, to Hamish and Reptilians or to me and Hamish
We are also not going to be worried, because we also know that you need him. - female Pleiadian to me about Hamish
We are in the Airships. - Airship Person, ahh yes the Airships of the Airship People!
How are you in an Airship? And not in a Spaceship? - me
Because we travel through the air, and not through the cosmos. We do not have, outer space ships. We travel through the air. And therefore, we are the Airship folk. And we are also, very benign! And so, pleased to meet you. - AP, he bows his head plummets down to his belly as he says "And so pleased to meet you"
Are you from the future? - me
We are avoiding, great calamities here! We are also with the Pleiadian kind. But now, rest, please rest, sshh. - AP, the Pleiadian kind when he said, I saw image of a Pleiadian base on Earth with a sabeltooth cat that had short red-brown fur, I mean a cat with long two teeth on the lower jaw, like a prehistoric cat, it wasn't the fangs or canine teeth that were big but two teeth that go straight down and are not sharp on the ends

As usual, what Hamish says needs some explanation to you who did not hear it from him and who do not know him as well as me: He said,

I am not your pet, but although I do like your carpet. I like standing there with my feet on it, - he was standing on the rug next to my bed, a white fake fur hairy rug and enjoying the rug
and listening to your music. I am wanting to know what it says to me? And then, in the morning, that thing says Tik. And then we wake up together, and then you make your muscles move and work. And I get to stay behind here, and watch the eggs. And then the next day we do it all over again. But sometimes, I watch you rest. And then you are snoring, but only sometimes. And I have my Hamish moments then. - Hamish

This is Assistant Bragg. Hello how are you. What are you doing here? What are you doing with them? - Bragg
Doing with whom? I was talking with Reptilians, Alpha Reticulan, Airship People, Pleiadian - me interrupted
And here also comes an Ummo. - Ummo
Hello Ummo! - me
Hello! Pleased to meet you! - Ummo, serious and stern as always
I was the langoustines here, therefore. - Hamish asserting territory and reminding that he is here
Hello Hamish. You are the langoustines, and I love you. - me, Hamish sways his upper body, or head and neck side to side in response to what I said (meaning he is happy)
I wanted to watch them. - Hamish means the orange fish on video
They are beautiful fish. - me
I wanted to take them. - Hamish thinks about his flat duck foot he wants to step on one

Let me try that again, here is what Hamish meant earlier:

I am not your pet, but although I do like your carpet. I like standing there with my feet on it, - he was standing on the rug next to my bed, a white fake fur hairy rug and enjoying the rug
and listening to your music. I am wanting to know what it says to me? - I have ambient music playing so he is hearing it, and he usually tries to understand what ambient music if it has a soft chorus singing he wants to know what they are "saying to him" he thinks that they are speaking and speaking to him
And then, in the morning, that thing says Tik. And then we wake up together, - that thing is my cell phone on the end table next to the bed, and that cell phone thing says Tik because when the alarm goes off in the morning there is first a sound in the melody that sounds to him like Tik and he loves to hear it because in his language it is a very kind thing to say
and then you make your muscles move and work. And I get to stay behind here, and watch the eggs. And then the next day we do it all over again. - making my muscles move and work is me getting out of bed in the morning to go to work, so turns out that Hamish stays behind at home while I go to work and he watches the eggs from a distance, and then the next day I go to work again usually
But sometimes, I watch you rest. And then you are snoring, but only sometimes. And I have my Hamish moments then. - and sometimes he watches me rest, as I sleep at night he watches me, and his Hamish moments are his alone time at night while I am sleeping

Hamish has a life also without me. When I sleep I am not here, and that one day when I am gone, his life will go on. He will have his thoughts, and memories of me. He will never forget me.

Earlier when we watched the fish video, a fish had its mouth wide open. Hamish said that this fish was showing its throat at him. First of all he thinks that the fish in the video can see him, he also thinks that fish use his type of body language to communicate to him, and showing the throat he interpreted it to mean that it was challenging him and being rude and provocative. I explained to Hamish that the fish was not showing its throat, that instead it was looking for snacks to eat. I told him that fish are friendly creatures and that fish would never try to hurt him and that they like him. That made Hamish smile and he stopped feeling offended and provoked by the fish and again he enjoyed watching them, his eyes smiling, and he came closer to the screen again. He also told me that he has been asked to eat a huge quantity of fish but that he won't eat them because they are too similar to langoustines and that therefore they might taste a bit like langoustines, so he would not eat them. I will now tell him Tok Tok and tell him to come watch another video of fish with me.

You are not my mother but they say that you like me. Tiiik! Fish! - Hamish

We are going to watch this (below). I have thought so earlier already that the elongated Tiiik! are when he gets excited and happy, and now I see that it is true, he was really excited and happy this time. The short Tik on the other hand means yes but it is a bit tricky to learn to understand when it is "grammatically correct in Hamish's language" to say Tik to mean Yes. Sometimes if I use Tik to say Yes it does not fit in with the context, it doesn't work to take all forms of Yes to mean Tik.

I was watching some fish videos with Hamish. Hamish asked me about if the fish have eggs and if the fish have a dong and he asked me about why the fish opens its mouth wide and makes its cheeks big and I said I do not know everything about fish. A Vega said that we need to find for Hamish something else to eat other than fish because we have to respect his wishes to not eat fish, I said thank you to the Vega for being kind to Hamish, the Vega said yes that otherwise it would be like asking him, the Vega, to eat his - I think he used the word "papa". The Vega understands that Hamish's ancestor was a langoustine and that to Hamish to be asked to eat fish is like asking him to eat his parents or ancestors. "I also do not like the food droppings then. It leaves a big pile. And, Yes-No!", Hamish said, I have already said before that he does not like the oily runny texture of the poo if he eats fish.

"Did you want to see it?", a Reticulan shows me an old-fashioned Mickey Mouse stuffed doll a large one and is waving its legs. Reticulans do not realize that I am much more excited to see a Reticulan than to see a Mickey Mouse toy. I find that sometimes the Reticulans do not understand me at all.

Feeling the power

October 03 2017, 11:21 PM - I just did a podcast interview about The Orion Project. In it I mentioned the moment with Hamish where Hamish jumped over me and did the conquest which was a sexual experience because I was feeling his emotions, the pleasure sensations that a Reptilian feels when he has caught a prey. After the interview Hamish did something for the first time. He snuck up in bed with me, and was approaching me. He was self-conscious about his smell, I told him that he smells like langoustines hoping that will make it ok so that he is not self-conscious anymore. He told me "feeling the power", which is what the conquest and the feelings are called by Reptilians, and he started doing many clicks to me. And he was very sensual in a way and was approaching me. It seemed that he had stayed away from coming close to me because he worries that I would be bothered by his smell. Could we have another deeply sexual moment together if he would do another conquest where we could be feeling the power together?

My mothers did not do it with me, it was not that. It was nothing sexual, Tik. It was not. Yes-No, I am a lord. - Hamish, "I am a lord" (NL)

It has got nothing to do with sexual reproduction, just that "feeling the power" is 1000 times more intense of a pleasure than sex. But at the same time it is not overwhelming in any way, it is at the same time mild.

Would I do that with Hamish if he would again? I don't know. He is like my best friend, it would feel weird for our two bodies to touch again. I don't mind having him close and sitting next to me on the bed, but he has only touched me that one time (and then that other time when he leaned against me to dry himself after he got himself wet in the shower), and the few times that he places his hand on me. No, it doesn't feel right, to "feel the power" with Hamish again. I have gotten used to us not being close or touching.

Did you want to see my back hump? Did you want to see it? - Hamish
Yes Hamish, I would like to see it. - me
Did you want to, Tok Tok? - Hamish shows me his back, he turns his head around so that he can see me looking at his back
I did not do this with my mothers, this is not sex. It was not with my back-pack. It was not an un-natural moment. It was not. And Yes-No, with your race fool around! It was not with mine. - Hamish
Let us deal with it from here on, she is our giraffe. - Reticulan to Hamish about me

I would not want to "feel the power" with Hamish again. "Tik Tok, and, watch it with my back hump.", he says now. It is late I am tired and I am going to bed.

October 3-4, 12:09 midnight. I was watching some YouTube videos, when Hamish who was sitting on the bed next to me suddenly stuffed one piece of shedded scales into the palm of my hand. "Thank you, Hamish", I said to him. I think it is a kind gesture, but I am not entirely sure what it means. Ever since I described the conquest for that podcast interview, Hamish is now suddenly acting very snuggly and coming real close to me. If he decides to snuggle with me now that I go to bed, I would of course not mind. But for six years I got used to him never touching me which has always been weird and sometimes unbearably difficult for me because when I have a friend I sometimes crave to hug him but we never did. We'll just see what happens.

Hamish has sheets. Cunningham has found his father.
Hamish claims salad and tomatoes.

October 03 2017, 7:42 AM - When I woke up this morning I decided also since it's my day off from work that I am going to strip the bed off the linen and wash them and it is good to wash them early in the morning because I hang them up to dry and so they should be dry enough to place back in the evening when I go to bed. As soon as I had the thought of taking the sheets off, I can feel Hamish lighting up with joy, you know he loves it when I change the sheets because I put the sheets on the floor first in a pile, and he loves those piles. I wanted to put the sheets immediately into the washing machine before I have my shower and before I have my breakfast, but knowing how Hamish loves to stomp on the pile of sheets I decided to leave them on the floor until after I have my shower. Just for him.

While I was showering the Airship Person who likes to sit on the bench in the hallway, and who was now in the shower room because as we know he sits on the bench but he comes to watch me have my showers. He informed me that Hamish was going to poo on the sheets. I said it was ok that he lives here and that the sheets are going in the laundry anyway. I had also read from Hamish's thoughts that he was about to, I know from before that he pees on the sheets and him pooing there too is something new. Then showed up an Orion man in a mental image, he said something like "We are in our spaceships. Did you know that we are a very advanced race?", and I said something like, "Yes I know that you are intelligent.", he then said that Hamish was about to poo on the sheets, and I said to him as well that it is ok that Hamish lives here and Hamish can do here what he wants and make himself at home. I had my shower and then I took the sheet and pillow case which are white and put them in the washing machine. Hamish said:

Why Tik Tik? - Hamish

It reminded me of the classical "WHY?!??!!!" which I will never in my life forget, the one where I had just put on a red pajamas for one of my Sims 1 characters, please revisit NO SANTA PYJAMA!!! dated January 12 2013. It was the same kind of Why? of utter desperation that melts my heart and amuses me at the same time. So quickly I took the sheets back out of the washing machine and placed them back on the floor for him.

I fetched some cereal for breakfast and returned to my room to sit on the bed and write down some recent happenings (yet to come, about Cunningham and Reptilians), and by now I forget the exact sequence what followed next, but Hamish was standing on the pile of sheets and he made a very clear display of his back to me, it was precisely as if he was defending his pile of sheets and being a bit serious about it and showing his back. We then had this exchange:

Why? - Hamish
I have to wash the sheets every few weeks to keep them fresh. - me
Yes-No washing them, I wanted to keep them there for me. - Hamish
Alright then Hamish, I will keep them there for you. - me
For my eggs, mound! - Hamish (NL), mound or laundry not an exact word
My crunchy there. - Hamish his eyes are smiling and he is placing sheets of shedded scales into the folds of the mound of sheets, crunchy must refer to the scales bits these were harder not soft
My mound. - Hamish (NL) mound or laundry
Please do not take them away from me. They are mine. - Hamish grabs my hand with his, "they are mine" was (NL)
It was so soft. - Hamish eyes smiling about the laundry pile

He is still standing on the pile of sheets, he looks like a bird standing on a nest, and his eyes are smiling his upper eyelids are diagonally closed and lower eyelids horisontally raised a bit. I'll just keep the sheets there for him all day. If little things like that can make him happy.

I woke up in the middle of the night, or I was woken up, by a Reptilian who told me more detail about the story that we came across in the channeling of Earth Reptilians. He told me about what the Pleiadians had done against them. If only I could have woken up properly to take the notes it would have been a valuable conversation, but I was too tired. It was a lot more detail and additions to the story that is already posted on that page, but all of it was related to the story we already have on that page.

Next I was asleep and dreaming and suddenly in my dream someone hands me a photograph in front of me. It depicts two men, both are wearing beige military camouflage clothing but no hats. The one on the left is younger, the one on the right is older I can tell from the some gray hairs, the man on the right is very muscular with huge arms and very fit and he looks very young because he is in great shape, and his haircut is very short like a military haircut. The one who handed me the picture asks me something like "don't we look like brothers" or "how old do you think he is?" referring to the older one on the right. I then wake up back in my room and Major Cunningham is in the act of talking to me telepathically, and who knows for how long he has already been talking.

Major Cunningham whose real name seems to be Agent Donovan Brown, he has found his father. I was surprised because I did not think that he would, because as we know he has been driving across the United States in his Range Rover to find his father. His mother passed away after a time of illness and after the funeral Cunningham hit the road to find his father who had not been in his life. Well, Cunningham has finished his journey and he did find his father! He says that his dad's name is General Bratt, I said to Cunningham "Another General? Do you know how many Generals there supposedly are there, it is statistically improbable!". But that could be yet another fake name, who knows, who cares. Why would Cunningham's father have been in the military and a General at that and have abandoned his son and all of that?

Cunningham said that he is not really a Major. So now we know that. After all, "Major Cunningham" was always his fake name. Agent Donovan Brown was his real name at least I think it is because I overheard the others calling him that several times. However. Cunningham said that he IS in the Special Forces and that he studied Battle Tactics, so those things are still the same. Just that he is not the rank of Major. He said that his father left him when he was 1 years old. He said that he had wanted to have his mom and dad in the same room together, but once his mother was ill he didn't want to leave her to go look for his dad. I told him he made the right choice to stay with his mother when she was ill.

I had a lot of questions for him, I told him that I have a thousand questions and that he probably has a million questions. I asked was he happy to see you, what was it like to meet him, did he thank you for finding him, does he look like you, do you see yourself in him. He didn't answer those questions for me. He said he is planning a great cookout to celebrate finding his dad. I do not know if his father is going to be there for that. (Cunningham loves his cookouts as we know now, where he gathers a lot of friends and family and has a barbeque party in the garden.)

He told me that after his mother died he took a sick leave and went to find his father. I told him that it was the right thing to do to take time off to figure things out. I told him that it can't be easy, and I told him that it is part of life that we lose people that we care about and that we also find and meet new people who mean a lot to us, that it is part of being a human and something that every human in this world has to go through, and that if others can get through it so can he. I had the feeling that he found his father and spent a few days with him, before his time on sick leave ran out and he had to return, he said he did not want to return he would have wanted to stay. He said that his father did not take out the checkbook to write him a check, Cunningham says that he spent all of his money on this trip. He now has to sell his house (that house that I remote viewed which sits on a sloping hill, oh I didn't publish that audio remote viewing yet!).

It was, with my mound. - Hamish says and his eyes are smiling in that blushed smile, he is feeling the soft sheet against the underside of his duck foot
It was your sheets, Hamish. You can enjoy them today. - me, Hamish sniffs at the sheets, it has my smell of course, he is aware of smells, in the past he has said that my used sheets "smell like the eggs", I am the eggs of course
It was MINE! - Hamish
It was yours. Hamish's sheets. I won't take them. - me, when I say I won't take them his eyes smile again and he relaxes. It is his nest.
Hello! We are with the Arcturian kind! - Arcturian in that lively boyscout manner like Andromedans
Hello Arcturians! Hello. - me
Do you know what he says were crispy? Those, many types of things, that are there under his feet. - Arcturian
His shedded scales. He has built a nest out of the pile of sheets. Dragon Turtles build nests. - me
But, he places those things, there on the mound. And that worries us. Because, ahem he is claiming territory by doing that. - Arcturian, and Hamish now lies down on the nest and tucks his head down on his folded arms in front of him and smiles with his eyes and looks at me
It is his right to do so. He also enjoys soft rugs and sheets. It is his right, I have given him permission, let him enjoy the nest. - me
It was my pillows, she said! - Hamish, yes earlier Hamish looked at the bare pillow and said "My pillow" and I think I said "Hamish's pillow".
It was my cookies, and cakes. - Hamish
What was? - me
Mine! - Hamish
Hamish's. Yours. - me

I told Cunningham not to worry about losing all of his money, that as soon as he gets back to work I am sure he will be earning good money and I said that as a Special Forces he must be earning more than minimum wages. I find this on the internet: "A Special Forces Officer receives an average compensation on a scale from $32,000 - $48,000 based on experience. Special Forces Officers can receive a salary of Forty Four Thousand Six Hundred dollars on a yearly basis." Hm. Well. For Cunningham's lavish lifestyle of expensive cars, a nice home and nice things and I know he also likes label brand clothing that is not a lot of money for him. I would say that that is not enough for someone like Cunningham, I have known this guy for almost 20 years. But I told him that he should not worry he will never be without a home or food because he has people in his life who care about him, I told him that there are people without money who have no home and no food to eat. But he spent a lot of money on that trip. I also told him that I am sure he is eligible for credit cards and that he could use that but that he has to repay them and use them in a sensible manner and not overspend on things at this time.

I asked him if his father has other children, if he has new siblings, but he did not say. His father is Caucasian at least he looks to be. I told him that his father is Caucasian and that his mother was dark. He corrected me and said that his mother was Hispanic. I said, but your mother was black and you also look dark unless I am mistaken? I wanted to know more about that but he didn't tell me. I have seen his mental images from the time when his mother was ill, that she was a black woman. Are there black Hispanic people in America? Cunningham is also dark and looks to be at least part African American, however, his facial features are absolutely not African American at all. But he calls himself Hispanic.

He has anger about his father leaving him when he was 1 years old, he used two adjectives I think one of them was jerk and the other one wasn't a nice one either. I told him that now he knows that fathers should stay with their children and take care of their families, that now I am sure he would never do that to his own children. I told him that this is one of the reasons why I don't want to have children, because fathers tend to leave and then I would be raising them on my own and that is hard to do and ruins a woman's finances and then I would just age, that I've seen too much of it.

I saw mental images of Cunningham, he is very muscular. I told him that I normally never see a man with that kind of a build, I asked him how he got to look like that but he didn't say. But in these mental images he was not black or dark, he was yes that golden tan color like Hispanic. I told him to not laugh but that I was training to join the Army at one time and I was surprised at how quickly I grew muscle, my arm muscles were huge and I had abdominal muscles that I didn't think me or a woman could ever develop, but that I had the wrong shoes for running and my feet turned blue and then I took a break and never got back into it. I said that if there were a war in my country I would want to defend it and I would prefer to defend it rather than to hide in the basement, and that I am sure that there would be something good that I could do. And I thought to myself that what if we were attacked by people such as Cunningham how on Earth would I face off against someone like Cunningham? So I thought that in the Army I would have probably had to been given other tasks. Someone like me could never face someone like Cunningham. God these things are scary. Imagine Cunningham with his Special Forces Battle Tactics training attacking someone with orders to kill. That is some creepy stuff. I don't want to join the Army anymore because then people like that could show up with orders to kill me and that is not fun. I don't want to get killed please.

He offered me a ride in his caravan. And I took him up for it! Hell yeah, we are going to become best of buddies! God damn! Man! I can't tell you how good it feels to have an old man! We are going to get along great! I can't believe this! This is the best time of my life! - Cunningham now

An important note on the authenticity of this telepathy: When Cunningham said "caravan", I thought oh great Cunningham can't be a real person, because I thought at the time when he said it that the word "caravan" only means like what gypsies used to have. Meanwhile already earlier I saw from his thoughts that he and his father had at least been thinking of going out with what I thought was called a "camper", those big white trucks for vacation. I then look up the word "caravan" expecting to find that the telepathy does not make sense at all... only to find out that it makes perfect sense after all. The pictures of "caravan" are exactly what he meant and what I also saw from his thought images earlier. So what I am saying is, that this telepathy IS NOT constructed out of my own thoughts. It is a real man talking to me. And this is not the first time that things like this show up that prove to me that it is real.

Cunningham remembered earlier about the time that he had told me that he would rape someone I care about and how that had made me think that I would have to die so that he dies so that that person would be safe and I thought I had to jump out of the window to save that person and the stress of it all caused the medical condition that is called heart failure and half of my body became paralyzed and one of my arms stopped functioning and half of my face was gone. It took me years to slowly recover and half of my face still feels partly dead. He was thinking of that and he was hurting from that, of course he had not meant for all of that to happen. But neither of us spoke a single word about that incident, I too was reminded of it then and I too was hurting from it, but we did not talk about it. (That happened when I was about 19 or 20 or 21 or something like that. At least 15 years ago.)

He started to talk about what they are doing. He showed me a mental image of a drawing that I recognized. It was a drawing I made around the age of 15 of me as an alien woman standing on a field in an alien world. They had seen it, and that was why they had shown up to take a look. When I was 15 I had learned that I was a Star Person, which is people who think that their soul is incarnated from another world, and I was chatting with likeminded people on the internet about this and related New Age topics. So according to Cunningham, his team was investigating Star People. What troubles me is, the brutality, that they will treat these people not with human rights but brutally like you will see from my teenage journal entries how brutal they were to me. But it is all starting to make sense now. The puzzle pieces of my life are being laid down, by Cunningham and Carlisle because I cannot figure this out on my own, or, I have retrieved a lot of information from the remote viewing and my own investigations just this year.

Cunningham said that it would have been easier if I would have just married one of them. And that reminded me of how Captain Robert Stephens was always proposing to marry me when I was 17. And now they want me to go and live with Langdon, he called Carlisle by his name Langdon. I should live with Langdon for a while. Cunningham also thought again about how he really would like to invite me over to one of his cookouts. I wish I could go. I told him that I want to meet every single one of them.

One of the questions I also asked him when he told me about his father, was if his father had given him a hug when they met, and he didn't say. His dad is a great guy. He is a military for sure, he looks to have his life in good order, and, to have a caravan like that he obviously has good money. What I am saying is that he is a well-off man with his life in good order. Meanwhile Cunningham grew up in a slightly humbler area, I have remote viewed his childhood when he grew up with his older sister and mother. What strikes me as odd or implausible is that Cunningham's father who he never knew when growing up would be in the military, and then Cunningham... let's just call him Donovan because that is what his name is, he goes and joins the Special Forces and studies Battle Tactics. Something about that coincidence just doesn't fit. Anyhow. I am glad that he finally found his father. I did not think that he would. But turns out that he has been following a paper trail so he did have real clues to find him, he did have offices and such that he knew which ones to visit, so it was not that hopeless of a search.

Guess who said hello the other day. Chief Hugh Daniels. He is a bit shorter not tall, and he has a skin color that is a kind of orange tan and he has a lot of chest hair that is blonde. I have known of him since in my teens, but this is one of them that I never really had conversations with so I do not really know him. But I do not know if I want to know him. When I got to know Benson he turned out to be a sleaze but I never thought of him that way when I was younger so getting to know some of them might ruin things. Oh what am I talking about. Almost all of them are really great guys. I just don't like how Benson talks about women. I don't want anyone of them to think of me in any those ways ever, because I was 15 years old when they started to talk to me. I don't know. I am happy and very excited to finally be getting closer to them and to what they were doing, it only took 20 years for us to get to this point, and we are still not to where I want it to be.

Cunningham told me earlier that they know that I lost Tyler (Tyler MacIntyre who died of esophageal cancer) and he said that many of them are now getting older and do not have a lot of time left, so it seems that they will let me meet with them. Because I keep telling them I have to meet all of them before time runs out because I already lost MacIntyre and he was my favourite. He always called me Gal and was so cheerful it cheered me up. He was the best. Hamish now reaches toward me with his red hand and he says "Langoustines", so I tell him cheerfully "Hamish Langoustines!". "I wanted to see you", Hamish says. "About my Toast.", he says. "About Hamish's Toast.", me. "That is why I am here.", he says. "And that is why I am guarding your vagina.", Hamish. "That is why I am here.", he reaches to my hands with his hands again. Hamish is enjoying that pile of sheets on the floor.

2:33 PM. Last night the aliens told me that I could pick one toy for myself and they showed me a mental image of a large warehouse that is just filled with shelves from floor to ceiling with all kinds of toys (most of the toys look to be decades old judging from their style). I asked them if they had any ponies or stuffed animals, they suggested for me a doll that has a purple dress with a wide skirt on it, a white porcelain face and brown hair, I said I did not like that one. I also asked if I could choose one for Hamish and asked if they have a langoustine, they said they had red crab toys. This morning when I woke up I was told that I could not have a toy from there. I have seen this toy warehouse before.

I put the sheets into the washing machine. Hamish was standing next to where the pile of sheets used to be, looking at the empty floor, but he has not bitten me or been angry or said Yes-No or growled, but it just breaks my heart to see that I destroyed his nest! In a future home I want to have for him his own room (I would be napping there on a sofa every night of course, because if Hamish stays there then I would want to be there too with him), there would be sofas and rugs and a pile of sheets. He told me today that he has a "backpack" but that he is "not going to school".

Another red Reptilian sat next to me in bed watching Hamish while Hamish was in the hallway and could be seen through the open bedroom door. I had some YouTube video playing and I asked the guest if he would like to watch some other videos with me, and he said "snakes" so we watched together him me and Hamish this documentary video about snakes:

I made it clear to the boys at the very start, that: the snakes in the video cannot see us, they cannot smell us, they cannot hear us. I said that twice. These Reptilians, and the black Reptilian, said some comments about the video but I did not write anything down, also their comments were not out of the ordinary, mostly everyone was quiet.

Jack was acting really flirtateous with me today, saying that he has been asked to have children with me, but it is more than that. He really acts like he is in love with me and like if he has been for many years.

How many kilograms do you weigh? - Hamish to me
I weigh probably 74 kilograms. - me
Do you weigh more than me? - Hamish approximately I forgot how exactly he said it
How much do you weigh Hamish? - me
I wanted my linen back. And I was going to fight my way back to them. I wanted them. And you have taken them away. At least I can have my Toast. And, Yes-No I will not fight with you, *palate click*! - Hamish he is cheerful and friendly though and that was a wonderful palate click
My Toast and my Snacks are here. I was therefore friendly and benign. - Hamish
My Hamish is here, and I was therefore friendly and benign, with Hamish. - me
My Toast. - Hamish
Hamish's Toast. And linen. - me
My Snack. - Hamish with a palate click at the same time that he says "Snack"
My Brothers, the Pleiadian ones, wanted to talk. About what you are doing here with them. Are you feeding them? - someone, them being Reptilians
I don't know what is going on. - me
The Opus Ondi was mine. - Dark Lord
Look at that man. He wants to wear a tie to look good for you. That is why he has fitted it. - someone says and shows me an image of Jack wearing a tie that has blue and green colors in it
It was my bundle. And Yes-No, I do not eat grasses. It was mine. - Hamish calmly, he stands next to where the pile of sheets was on the floor and runs his flat duck foot across the floor where the pile was, sort of like how a human would run their bare foot through the water to feel it
I will give you a new bundle. I love you. - me
It was my smell, my prominent race. I wanted to lie here and look at you. Mine! - Hamish

Damn. It is these mistakes that I make that make me feel so deeply humiliated!

And tell them that snakes do not like to eat bananas, they are carnivores they are not dogs. - a Reptilian the last part approximately, with mental image from the last part of the documentary video in which a yellow snake slithers out from a cluster of bananas
They should offer them something else to eat! Or, otherwise that they start to feel cold! And we are the ones who are feeling humiliated! Look at us! We do not have any snacks or toast! - the black Reptile or Orion lizard or Dark Lord, last part at least from "And we are the ones..." is a Dark Lord talking
We are Royal, even though we are not blue. The original ones were vipers and kings. We were the slave handlers. We don't like any monkeys here. And, we also do not like trouble??? - Dark Lord
My Lunches. - Hamish, "my" was (NL)

Like when I wash Hamish's snuggy rug in the laundry and it loses his smell and I ruin all his scales on it, then he feels so sad about it that it makes me feel deeply humiliated and I regret having ruined for him. Now I have that same feeling again with having ruined his sheets nest on the floor. I am deeply sorry.

6:12 PM. Hamish showed me his head buttons. He then told me that it was his salad, referring to the ruccola salad that I have in the refrigerator. I told him that it was his salad that he can have it. The Airship Person, carrying his helmet with visor under his arm then said "Good Evening" in my native language, he was of course about to object to Hamish claiming the salad. I told the Airship Person that Hamish is welcome to have some salad if he wants, and that if he (the Airship Person) wants some too that he can also have some salad. I then told him that I know that Hamish is showing power, but I have lived for a long time with Hamish so I can handle it. Hamish then claimed the tomatoes as well.

Vega sighted

October 02 2017, 5:20 PM - I saw the mental image of a Vega again today. This one was orange-beige in skin color. It has that thick nose that ends with several tentacles like a cuttlefish. When it opens its mouth to breathe, the corner of the open mouth can be seen on the side under its nose, but most of the mouth is covered by the tentacle-nose. A Vega can be either pink or orange-beige, or I suspect to have met at least one pink and at least one orange-beige one.

Andromedans. Airship Person. Elves. And Hamish.

October 02 2017, 2:32 PM - A few days ago in the evening when I had gone to bed, Andromedans let me see them in mental images. They really are tiny creatures, and, being blue in color I thought that they look a bit like the Smurf cartoon characters. They showed me a ribbon or band that looked to be made out of a material similar to silk, and on it was alien hieroglyphic writing which I assume was their written language. The Andromedans are very eager to talk to me, but I have been putting it off because ever since I started remote viewing one or two months ago I now have found lots of new alien species who want to talk to me. And, because of this documentary The Orion Project I feel compelled to write everything down, and so to sit down and listen to them, really means taking notes and then processing the material and publishing it, and that means hours and hours of work. I will definitely give each of them a chance to talk but I need a break right now.

The guy who looks to be one of the Airship People is still hanging out in my hallway at home and he likes to sit on the bench there. The other day I brought home shopping and I left that spread out on the bench, and he asked me to clear that out, so I did. He used to only sit on the bench and not go anywhere else in the home (at least not while I was awake to see him, who knows what this guy gets up to at night when I sleep?)

We are also here! - says a little elf
Hello! - me
We are here to clean up, we are the clean up staff. - elf
What are you cleaning here? - me
We are cleaning after Toast, they said. About me! And Yes-No my elfs, grrr. - Hamish

I did tell the visitor that he is welcome here, as long as he respects that this is Hamish's home too and treats Hamish nice and does not step on Hamish's rug, and I told him that he was welcome to go to other parts of the home as well and did not only have to sit in the hallway. So the past few days, after he had already been here for weeks it seems, he has started to ask me if he can watch me when he notices that I turn the shower on. So he has watched me in the shower a few times, well I did tell him that it was ok, I also asked him why he wants to see me in the shower and he does not say.

I have also asked him if he is one of the Air People who say they come from a different air and who say they are the future humans from the future, but he did not say. He has a large bulbuous pale yellow head and a pointy v-shaped chin so he does look like one of the Airship People, and I have seen him carry a helmet with a visor under his arm and that also fits with the Airship People. Plus he seems opposed to Hamish and is here to see that Hamish does no harm and to keep an eye on Hamish, he was also here to try to persuade me to ask Hamish and the Agenda to leave, as if they are stomping out little fires and individual cases of Agenda contact to try to combat the situation with the Agenda which they are against. So, him being not part of the Agenda, and seeming to be opposed to the Agenda also supports him being of the Airship People.

As for the little elf. I have listed two or three little elf species on the alien species page: the yellow Alpha Centaurians who call themselves "Muffats", the nature sprite, and the "little helpers". It is possible that these are all the same species, or that two are the same species. They are very small. Ha ha am I going crazy I am seeing little elves in my home? I take a moment to remind myself that the alien spaceships that I have seen were verifiably physical and real, so no worries.

Hamish told me recently that he was created by someone that has "feathers". He has many times told me that he was created by the Bird Race which they also call the Master Race, and here learning that this race has feathers also supports it being a bird race.

Hamish has been his usual self. Enjoying his rugs. Being aware of his back. Telling me that it is his eggs, and talking about Toast (he nows does a palate click because I thought the word "Toast"). He has pood on the floor here in my home a few times, he tends to prefer pooing right next to the toilet and toilet brush on the floor, I suppose it is a good place and it makes sense. Another place where he can poo is on the floor of the shower room. He does however not poo in random places, so there is thought behind where he chooses to do it, and he seems to choose places that are associated with washing. Pooing next to the toilet makes perfect sense, and I guess pooing right in front of the washing machine also has some logic behind it.

He tends to call it his "old Toast". And an alien shows up shortly always to clean it up, usually a Dinosaur, and remember it used to be the one called "Secretary" who was one of the Bird Race. Hamish tends to announce to me that he has pood, he tells me that he has, and then I tell him that it is ok. It is important that Hamish feels at home here and I try to make sure that he knows that it's ok. For those who don't know the aliens - and their poo, and shedded scales - are in another parallel universe which they call an "overtune", a Dinosaur said it is a different place because the atoms oscillate at a different frequency.

Hamish also tends to say "Toast" and to mention Toast or Snacks and then I wonder if he is hungry, and so I will tell Lasarus that I think Hamish is hungry and that they could give him a small piece to eat. Most of the time after a little while Hamish tells me that he has eaten, so it seems that they do give him an extra meal when I ask them to. Hamish also likes to tell me when he has eaten.

He shares his thoughts with me. He tells me when he has pood, or when he has eaten, and shows me his shedded scales. He tells me things he has seen, or done, he tells me about his back and what he looks like. He tells me the things that make him happy, like goldfish, and he shares his fears and worries with me. And I listen, and I tell him that I love him. I wonder if I am the only person in the world who truly really cares about him. He has changed so much over the years, we have been together for six years now. He started out so brutal and dominating, he used to be hostile and he made threats. Now he is like a little boy or a puppy, cheerful and happy about things, smiling at me with his eyes, giving me friendly palate clicks. He smiles when he sees me, because of how his eyelids close, and I smile at him back in the Draconian way by putting my finger at my eyelids to show him.

Has he always had to be brutal and fought his way in order to survive and stay safe and comfortable and fed? There is so much life in him, he is such a magnificent personality. I have learned so many things that others would think would be impossible. That Draconians have feelings, lots of feelings and many different kinds. Hamish can feel happiness, he can enjoy things, he enjoys the soft feeling of a rug underneath his feet, he enjoys the comfy feeling of sitting on a sofa. He loves to look at goldfish and Japanese carp fish. He has a sense of humor and will laugh by raising his lower eyelids up horisontally. He feels fear, about needles, cacti, fire, and his nose is bothered by onions and his sensitive hearing is bothered by music, and his sensitive eyes are bothered by the light. He expresses his feelings by growling, purring, and with a series of many types of click sounds, and I am learning his language. Tok Tok, Tok, Tik Tok, and now Tuk Tuk which means friendship, and what means a lot to me is that he has started saying Tuk Tuk to me - does that mean that I am his friend?

On another note, a Reptilian - not Hamish - told me today that they, the Reptilians, go into The Eye, and showed me a mental image of The Eye which is a black hole type of thing in outer space, I said do not go there it could be dangerous I do not want you to get hurt, he said it is made out of eyes and that they do sacrifices there, he also said something like that it is their lord or that it is from their lords.

I have met many individual Draconians. Perhaps without exception, they are always very hostile in the beginning, saying things about murdering me, threats, calling me an inferior dog race, telling me that they are kings and a dominant and superior race. But I throw so much niceness to them. I say things like "I love you cute lizards" and "I am your friend" and I show them that I smile to them with the eyelid, and I use Hamish's language (even though that might be an old language to modern Reptilians and possibly an old dialect?) I give them palate clicks and I use Hamish's body language, for instance leaning the head side to side shows kindness, I even know how to use the nuances of my exhale to express to them that I am calm and that I like them. Draconians always change their behavior very quickly after I show them niceness. They are people too.

Hamish is cute. Pleiadians are sexually promiscuous.

September 29 2017, 11:00 AM - Hamish has been absolutely adorable in the past several days. I found some flowers at work that I took home, two big red ones and one white one, and I took them home for Hamish. I placed them in a small vase on the end table that is right next to his snuggy rug. Hamish went to his ruggy that evening and he told me that it was his home that he loved the four walls (actually three walls) around his rug: wall, wardrobe, and endtable with the flowers make out the three walls, and he looked at the flowers and he felt all cozy and snug with his little corner on the rug and his eyes were smiling, he was really happy and snug and cute like in his little nest!

And he talks about his back hump, about langoustines, and this morning he showed me his goosebumps. He is such a big cute dragon pooch who ever knew that a Reptilian could be so absolutely adorable?

The Airship Person has been visiting in my home still but not every day, he tends to sit on the bench in the hallway in the evenings. The Board is watching Hamish, they would hope to send him away but I tell them that this is Hamish's home and that Hamish is family to me and that they have to be nice to him. I would throw a fit if I found out that the Pleiadians and other Board members would be saying mean things to my Hamish at night when I sleep, but that would not surprise me. But I would throw a fit, I would get really seriously angry.

He doesn't need a defender. And also we are not hurting him. - Airship Person, "defender" in my third language
He is just acting natural here. - Airship Person
We are just watching him, what he does to you when you sleep. - Airship Person

Now and then I find out that Hamish actually does things to me when I am sleeping. He will lean over me in bed or place his sheets of scales over my body, so it seems that he comes a lot closer to me at night when I sleep which is not his behavior at all when I am awake. But I do not mind that at all. I wake up safe and sound every morning, and the thought of "Hamish tucking me in" at night just makes me sleep better, knowing that my dragon is near. I adore him, really I do.

The other day a male Pleiadian of the old original Pleiadian species that I call the "mollusc Pleiadians" he let me see himself in a mental image, he wore a blue jumpsuit uniform, the skin color was that deep orange pink color, the nose flat and wide, small eyes set wide apart and perhaps brown hair on the head. He then said that he wondered what it would feel like to have sex with me, and so I told him that I am not going to have that conversation with another species and I let him know that this was not appropriate. As I have written already before, Pleiadian women act very sexual and promiscuous also toward human men, and so now I have it confirmed that male Pleiadians would also have that kind of a behavior. I guess, in a world where having children with random men would not be a financial burden or a sacrifice to the quality of life of a single woman raising all of those children and having to go to work at the same time, then sleeping around and having children with all sorts of men would be possible. But here on Earth it does not work that way. I would be poor and my life would be ruined if I suddenly found myself raising all sorts of children with men who do not stay to help me out.

Pleiadians did offer for me to have a Pleiadian child which I could raise here as my family. If my finances would permit then I would consider it for sure, I would probably say yes to that. I now see a Pleiadian man of the mollusc race and he smiles and is happy because he knew that I wrote that I would probably say yes to that, and I saw on his face that he yes does have a clammy skin. I have seen on both mollusc Pleiadians and also on the human Pleiadian race that all Pleiadians have a skin that is clammy, it has a cold sticky moisture on it. Pleiadians are still Starseeding the human species, and with the great enthusiasm at which they do Starseeding here on Earth, plus added to that the type of sexuality and enthusiasm to reproduction that they have, one should find it very strange if they would have stopped with their Starseeding on Earth for some reason. So of course they are still doing Starseeding. But if they continue to be rude to my Hamish then I do not want to welcome any Pleiadians into my life. I am immensely close to my Hamish and I feel a tremendous amount of love toward Hamish. I would defend him against anything, and the rudeness of Pleiadians toward Hamish is not welcome.

And then, from then on, I can begin to be your father

September 28 2017, 5:49 PM - Carlisle was talking today while I was at work. I was busy working and not particularly wanting to pay attention to him at the time, but he was telling me that he is my father. I asked him several times if he is my biological father, and yes he seems to imply that he is. He told me that he remembers when I was in kindergarten and how badly he wanted to hold me then. It turns my life and family life a bit upside down, all of this, but I am at the same time happy to know if he is my father. If he is, then he is. I told him that he and I should have a DNA analysis test done to see if we are father and daughter, and I told him part jokingly of course that if he is my father then he needs to sign some adoption papers with his name. I also told him that I need to meet him in real life.

But the main feeling I have from this is that my feelings are like a block of concrete in front of me that I feel toward him. I remember the father who raised me for my first eight years before he passed. The father who raised me will forever be the same person for me, even if I were to suddenly find out that I actually had another biological father... and I was about to say, "who was never in my life", but Assistant Carlisle was in my life. Ever since I was about 15 he was part of the team who were talking to me telepathically.

I am not entirely clear on what he means is my biological mother, you see, at one point Carlisle said that I need to meet with my mother and father, implying that the woman who raised me and was my mother would not have been my biological mother. I looked at myself in the mirror at work and I asked myself if I look like my mother and father, and I do see resemblance to my mother, but it would not be too far fetched if my father would not be my biological father, although for all of my life I have already settled with the thought of my father being my father, to the point of knowing what parts of my face looked like him, and what personality traits I would have inherited after my father and after his side of the family. But truth be told, my father had black hair and dark brown eyes and his skin was dark, I always thought that he looked to be Egyptian even though he is not. I guess maybe I could look like my mother and like Carlisle, but I do not know anymore who I am meant to resemble.

Carlisle told me I need to meet my two sisters, and he means the two girls whom he raised in his own family, and this time he told me their names. "Hello this is Nolan. You do not need to know more.", says Nolan now, with white hair and a long lock of hair over his forehead and wearing a black business suit with tie, but doesn't Nolan look a bit like a chubby Illuminati hybrid? About the only thing I know about Nolan is that many of the other MIBs are friends with him, he is a cheerful sort, and I know from earlier that Nolan is homosexual not that that matters.

Carlisle told me that the girls' names are Susan and Wiley. Wiley must be a very uncommon first name for a girl and I am sure that I could never ever in my life have imagined that name for a girl myself, so this must all be true, I must be having these conversations with someone.

Carlisle was saying again things like "if you were my daughter", just like what I remember him saying all of the time to me when I was in my teens, yet I am now almost 35 years old, 20 years after I first got to know about Carlisle or when he first spoke to me he has this year started to tell me about Susan and Wiley and about himself being my father. And when he said these things that I remembered him saying in my teens, about if I were his daughter, I realized it this time that he is feeling very strongly paternal feelings toward me. That somehow I am his daughter. And that means a great deal, especially to him, he is a family person. But it leaves me standing there alone, I am not sure how I am supposed to suddenly build all of those feelings in me toward him. I already knew my father for eight years, and I still draw on those eight years with him and feel that I have had a father in my life.

We could go out for a coffee sometime, next time. I mean, Wiley and me would really like to meet you! It is just that, Susan does not want to! She doesn't want to come along. - Carlisle
Why not? - me
She doesn't feel as brave as Wiley does. She didn't go to school and stuff. She wasn't smart, like her mother's brains. And do you know who her mother was? And, I am her Daddy. - Carlisle says, the one who didn't go to school and stuff means Susan
Wiley wants to meet you. - Carlisle
This is all too much for now. - me
Why is that? Don't you want to meet Wiley? - Carlisle
And. My name is Langdon. - Carlisle.
Is Langdon your first name or your last name? - me
Oh, it is my last name. My last name is Langdon. - Carlisle
I will start by buying you new clothes. You need them, badly. I know. Wiley wants to meet you too. How about, this time in Autumn? You could come over here, and live with me, and learn to drive my car. I wanna be with you, and be your daddy, and I am Langdon. - Carlisle
I don't know how much time I have got left, to live. And I wanna see you have a grandchild one day. Like... I don't know. I don't want you to think that I am going to fuss. But won't you come here sometime? You just need to get here, over across the sea. My name's Langdon. Nice to meet you. And Carlisle was my name once, but I guess I don't need that name anymore. Look. I was never an adulteror. But stuff happens over here. Stuff, that you do not need to know about. But, you see... you were conceived by me. Langdon and Carlisle, we are the same person. So? Now? Aren't you glad that we have met, that we have become acquainted? Langdon wants to meet you. So? What do you say about that? You wanna come sailing on my boat? I have got a big one. We like to go sailing, me and my family. If you want to, of course. - Carlisle
You don't just, have got, my DNA, you have also got my eyes. Didn't you ever think that your eyes were a little bit strange? A little bit different from your mom's? - Carlisle
Please, stop. It's too much. Just contact me in real life, and take it from there. No more talking in my head with this kind of things. - me
Assistant Carlisle's gotta be your pop. - someone I think Nolan said
STOP it! Everyone! IT IS TOO MUCH! Stop it now! Leave me, give me a break... - me
You were, taken out of the hospital, and replaced. Do you remember that part? - Carlisle, he shows me a mental image of me as a tiny baby in the hospital with a feeding tube down my nose, I was laying on my belly and my eyes were open and I was wearing a diaper
I was REPLACED! What happened to the other baby! Where is she! - me
Langdon didn't take her. - Nolan or Carlisle
WHERE IS THE OTHER BABY! What happened to her! - me
Yeah, she is saying "where is the other baby". - Carlisle to other person there
WHY, was I replaced. WHY was I. - me
So that you could live here. Would you have rather lived here with me, and your mom? Huh? Would you have? Or would you have rather lived with Langdon. Or, Assistant Carlisle we should say. Would you have rather lived with me? - Carlisle
Please stop. Now. It is too much. Give me a break, a pause for a moment. - me
Langdon wants to see you! - Carlisle or other
Then, meet me in real life. - me
I would really take you out for coffee. - Carlisle, I don't drink coffee but I really would meet him for coffee too
Your mother, wasn't who you think she is... - Carlisle
She was replaced, yeah. - Carlisle to someone about me
WHY was I replaced. Why. Why would someone do that to me? - me
You have, two other sisters here, who look exactly like you! Would you like to meet them? Wiley wants to of course. - Carlisle
I would love to meet them. And to meet you too. - me
Well then, let's see about that. Would you like to meet your mother too? - Carlisle
Who is my mother. Who is she? Tell me about the mother, what she is like. Tell me something about her. - me
Well she came from a snowy place. From north of Alaska. That is where she was born. Do you know why? Because she was breeded with there. And that is where I met her. Your mother and me... we go way back. You see... We wanna see you for coffee sometime. And I would like that sometime to be soon. - Carlisle
I want it to be today. - me
So. Ahem. - Carlisle
What we need to do is this: - Carlisle
What do we need to do? - me
... We need to help you, get around a bit. - Carlisle

So not only would Carlisle be my biological father, my mother would also be someone else and not the mother I have known. This is all ridiculous.

Do you want to talk to Susan? Because, she doesn't want to know you. - Carlisle
Can I write for her a message? Would you write a message to her from me? Please write:
Dear Susan. I have known a man who says his name is Langdon and he used to say that his name was Assistant Carlisle - me interrupted
Oh come on! I cannot write that part! Me, and her mother, go way back. Way way back. We were always together you see. So, me and Langdon are gonna let you know more. - Carlisle, maybe the last sentence was from Nolan
So, Dear Susan it will say! - Carlisle obviously writing
Langdon tells me that he is my father, and that you are my identical clone sister. I am sorry to hear that you do not want to meet me. If we are sisters then I really think that we should meet. It might not be easy for either of us, - me interrupted
Come on, Daddy is here! Daddy will take care of you both. You will not have to cry, will not need to. I will take care of it all. - Carlisle
Just tell her that I said hello. And stop talking to me now. Come back on another day. - me
You used to look like a film star, you know that? I used to watch your films. And they were mighty good, I was proud of you. Well, wait till you hear about what happened to your brother. He wasn't doing alright. He was... kicked out of military bootcamp. Well, we sent him there, to learn how to behave. He was, a criminal sort of guy. Wiley didn't like him either. He wasn't, behaving really well. We had to send him out. - Carlisle
STOP TALKING! I HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING WHETHER YOU ARE REAL OR NOT, SO STOP TALKING TO ME NOW! It is too much for one day, no more on this day, go away now bye. - me

It is too much! He must stop tormenting me! It is supposed to be good news but it is too much at once and he needs to stop and to give me a break! "Wiley doesn't just want to see you, she wants to see you with Susan.", he says now. "STOP TALKING TO ME NOW! IT IS TOO MUCH STOP IT!", I said to him and now I will pretend there is silence, so anything more that he will say to me will go unnoticed.

I never, changed your diapers, or had to, that was always done by someone else. But I even regret that part. I never, I mean I missed out on a lot of time with you. And now, I do not have much more time left. I mean, I am getting older and stuff and things. I mean... out of all of the times we would have had. I mean, we know you were born in the 80's your mother and I. We wanted to, we wanted to give your life all of the blessings. But, the times we never had. Well, I was never become rich or anything, but I will give you all what I have had. All of it, down to every last penny. I will, give you more than I will give to Susan and Wiley, and they can fight and argue about it. I am... really sorry about you having been kidnapped and stuff. We never meant for it to happen, and now, it is time for it to stop. You, me, and Wiley and Susan need to get together. We need to meet somehow. But how? How can we do that? How can we make it happen? Me and Wiley, we wanna meet you. Not so much for Susan. She needs to be left alone, she says. She needs to think this through. So. You me Wiley and your mother will meet. You will see her soon. And you will not be asleep when we come for you. You will be wide awake. You were planned this way. So. You and me and Susan will never meet, because she does not want to. Do you know why? And that is because you are the potato fields. We have farmed you, and you have been harvested. And, out of you was also made a brother. And we have farmed and harvested him too. - Carlisle
Stop talking. Talk more on another day, I am exhausted from this. Please, go away. Talk some other day. - me
We never took you out to a park, and we I mean your mother and me. We wanted to. But we never could. And so, we just only did all of those things with Wiley and her sister. But never with you. And now we regretted that part. That we never grew up together. We know, that times were always not so easy for you, that times were hard and tough! But your brother, he had had it the toughest. We never taught you how to drive a car, and so now you have got none. We never taught you, how to go out with the right kind of boys. We never taught you, how to fall in love with someone, and get married, and so now you have got no kids. We never taught you how to sit properly, on a sofa. Or how to not binge on ice-cream. Or how to not eat too much dairy. We never taught you these things, and for that we are very very sorry. Me, you, and Wiley will need to meet. We will meet you soon. And then, from then on, I can begin to be your father. And we will catch up on a lot of things. We, we never took you to school, or anything. But I took Wiley out a lot. I never treated her like my little princess, she was always tough and adamant as a person, and I let her be, I think it is important to let little girls grow up into their own person. Well, your mother and me we think so. And so, we would like to still raise you a little bit, so that you can become a little bit like us and not on your own. We want to know you now, and Wiley will too, and yes I guess that Wiley will be called your little sister. Do you wanna meet your mom? Because, she is sitting right here next to me. We are, we are terribly sorry that you have become diseased. That you never got out much. That you were never, like all the other girls, that you used to always play alone. And now! Now you are not even getting married! You are not going to do all those things that other girls do. And for that we are very very sorry, your mother and I. We are sorry, that we didn't raise you right. And, we always regretted leaving you behind at the hospital. - Carlisle
We wanted you to know, that we have been gardening you. We have... because we needed your genome. That is why this has happened. - white alien
And, your Toast, or my Toast! - Hamish
We are proud of your brain, of how it works and acts and operates. So we wanted more of those kinds. So, we wanted to breed more of you, more of Wiley. And Susan too for that matter. That is why they were made. So Wiley wanted to meet you. - white alien to me
Are you a brave girl to meet her? - white alien to Wiley
Do we have, the same mommy? - Wiley asks the white alien
Yes, and your both fathers are Langdon. - white alien to Wiley
He has been operated on, therefore. - Hamish adds to that about Langdon

Stop stop make it stop no more of this no more... That is enough for one day, well more than enough no more.

I forgot to say that earlier when Assistant Carlisle was talking to me while I was at work, he also told me that he was going to add me to his life insurance so that not just Susan and Wiley are on it so that I am too, and I told him that I do not want that money I want him to be alive!