The Marsian salamanders were encountered when I remote viewed Mars, not having any expectations of running into an extraterrestrial settlement on the planet. I communicated with the Marsian salamanders telepathically and was able to receive images, emotions, and speech which depicted their story. I have never encountered this species prior to this remote viewing, at least not in its Marsian cultural identity.

The only contact I have had with the Marsians was through a remote viewing on August 2, 2017 which is given in full in the YouTube video here on this page. They are thus unique as a species in The Orion Project as they are the only ones I have only interacted with by remote viewing them into the past in time. They were never a part of my own experiences with alien contact, but I reached out to Mars and I found them.

Created by God Anu

Marsian salamanders say they were created by the Serpent God named Anu. Before Anu created them, they were just what looked like small black salamanders living in small puddles of water. Anu picked them up from those puddles and gave them life, made their bodies larger and conscious so that they were aware of the universe as sentient individuals. The Marsians felt love and gratitude toward their God Anu, and built golden statues depicting Anu and golden temples for him.

The Marsian anatomy

The Marsian salamanders are all black throughout their body, their eyes are also black. They have somewhat of a protruding snout, and there are many small sharp teeth in both upper jaw and lower jaw. I had the feeling that they do have a tail. They walk on two legs, and have two arms with which they can carry items. They wear dark clothing with at least part purple coloration.


I know that they should probably have been named "Reptilians", and that "Salamander" does not make that same strong, vicious impression as they probably are due. But the image shown by Marsians depicting their ancestral state as small creatures in a puddle was best described as a salamander. Furthermore, I try my best to keep the different species apart with the names I give them.

Reptiles from Alpha Draconis I call "Alpha Draconian Reptilians". Reptiles from Alpha Orion I call "Alpha Orion lizards". The fat reptiles who are energy vampires I call "Fat Lizards". The white winged reptiles with glowing red eyes I call "White Dragons". And I have chosen to call the Marsians, the "Marsian Salamanders".

It is possible that the Marsian Salamanders could be the same alien race or species as another one that I have already encountered, but at least here calling them Marsian Salamanders identifies them as their genetic population and their Marsian habitat and culture of that time.

The Marsian plight

Anu created the Marsians so that they were his army troops to be used in the war between Anu's Anunaki people and the Pleiadians. The Marsians were foot soldiers armed with rifles. Anu also asked his Marsians to collect blood for him.

But, after the war against the Pleiadians, Anu saw no more use for his Marsian troops, also they were too many to feed. Anu tried to kill them off by flooding their cities but some survived. Anu next took away the females and eggs of the Marsians, the Marsians were sad but complied to Anu's request and handed over their women, but they knew that Anu had tried to kill them with the floods.

The Marsian Salamanders

The Marsian Salamanders cherished having conscious life. They lived not only in a Marsian civilization that had cities and a way of daily life, they lived in homes, their lives had a purpose, and they felt love and gratitude toward their creator God Anu. No matter what can be said about the wars they took part in, and how many lives they may have taken, or if they gathered the blood for their God or how it was done, the Marsians were not made like their God Anu. The Marsians were a good people, but guided by a violent God who even turned against them to destroy them.

Who altered Saturn?

When I remote viewed planet Saturn, I learned that it was originally made to be a turquoise planet that emanated peace, and originally it had no rings or moons. Someone tried to destroy Saturn with an explosive detonation, which instead only caused Saturn to tilt. The rings and moons were added to stop its emanation of peace, and to use the power of its emanation in sorcery, and to have it emanate things such as disease and hatred instead. I wrote: "The ones who did it were the ones who later settled on Mars, the warring gods of Mars, Mars was always known on Earth throughout history as the planet of war." Who exactly these were, I do not know. Saturn became later inhabited by the Dark Lords. Source: Saturn And Its Moons