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August 2 2017 - August 30 2017

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Carlisle talking

August 30 2017, 8:04 PM - Carlisle said to me: "If I were your father you would not be sitting there wondering if you are schizophrenic." They know that I work on this website a lot of hours and that I spend a lot of thought trying to figure out if they are real. I told him I don't have a father and to go ahead and adopt me he can be my father for real and I said let's go ahead and sign the adoption papers. He didn't answer me. Why is he always talking as if he were my father? What makes him talk like this? And he raised two daughters who were clones of me? IS he my father?

We don't want to give you another muscle relaxer. - Carlisle says after a few minutes of silence where he was only looking at me, and I was looking at my flat earth video
I don't want you to be their little Buttercup. - Carlisle says to me after another minutes again

We don't really want to go into your vagina. - Carlisle
Then don't go in there. Stay out of there. - me

They said today (see below the Pleiadian story from today) that I was switched out after birth. I'm confused. Carlisle raised two daughters in his family who were clones of me, and me, I was placed into my family but I was switched out from somewhere else. So Carlisle is my father? My head is spinning, in fact last time when I realized that Carlisle's wife was Doctor Captain Bryant I almost fainted, so I don't wanna faint thinking about this.

8:45 PM. Jack said "Pleiadians don't want me to be your childrens' daddy.", he then said that he is thinking of giving that up meaning to not have more children with me. (A few minutes before he said this he asked me if I like giving o*** s** and I said yes I do sometimes and I asked him if he likes asking about it and he said something about that being a good topic or what he said.) The worst part of being used for my eggs by both Pleiadians and Agenda aliens is that they are all keeping me outside. I don't get to remember what happens and they don't tell me anything. That is probably the most offensive part.

Fun with Jack

August 30 2017, 6:24 PM - I started watching a 24/7 YouTube video stream that shows nonstop videos about the flat earth theory. I've studied physics and I always thought these flat earth theorists would be silly, but as soon as I started watching their videos I was hooked. Because many of the points they make are good points, but above all I love the feeling of my worldview changing, it feels like crawling into another world, it is magical. I am undecided on if the Earth is round or flat but I love watching the stream.

Anyhow. So suddenly I noticed Jack really clearly. He looked really stern and focused. He was watching and listening to the video that I was watching. Then it hit me. Hahah, Jack is with the NASA team, he always says he is from NASA Ames. The flat earthers believe that NASA is a Free Mason Illuminati conspiracy and that there was no moon landing and they have found that NASA has made a lot of lies. Just watch the video stream, search on YouTube for 24/7 Flat Earth LIVE! 100% Proof NASA Lies & Earth is Not a Globe Not Flat Earth Society if they are still streaming. But Jack looked rather grumpy but he didn't say anything.

I yearn to tell you the truth, but I can't. - Jack says as I get comfortable on the bed with a bag of chips to watch the flat earth stream

Pleiadians have made children out of my eggs too
Carlisle admits he has had sex with Pleiadian woman

August 30 2017, 12:18 noon - There is a Pleiadian man who is talking to me now. He wears a blue close-fit uniform, not the same as the silverblue tight-fit uniform like the Pleiadian woman of before, this one is thicker and not as tight fit. This Pleiadian is of what I call the old Pleiadian race, the ones that have peach-pink skin color and who I think look like molluscs. He is saying that the Pleiadians could give me a child or have a child with me. He also said that I should not worry about a lot of bleeding during childbirth because they would deliver the baby for me. He said that after they Starseeded humans they are now Starseeding in other worlds and that they continue with Starseeding. I told him that I believe him that they are still Starseeding new world even after Earth, because just like their fathers the Vegas they cannot stop Starseeding.

Humans might think it is unethical

Oh come on, stop. - a Pleiadian or a Nordic grabs my arm
You wouldn't even BE here, if it weren't for them. There would be no such life here. - Nordic man

This Nordic man might also be a light being I am not sure. I was going to say that humans might think it is unethical if a species places its own genetic material into other species and does that all across the universe, but now I see what they mean. They are creating life, they are improving species. They are sharing life.

I told him that I do not know if I would bring a Pleiadian child into this world, unless I lived in a really good place. I also told him that I would rather have a Pleiadian child than a human child because I do not like humans. (Why do I not like humans? They smoke cigarettes, they are selfish and greedy for products, they think more about having the right brand of clothes to impress their friends with than on the well-being of animals that they eat. They do not recycle their trash or think about what harm they are doing to their environment. They lack a true compassion and only care about their closest loved ones. It takes someone of a much greater compassion to see that humans actually lack compassion and consciousness.)

I was told a few days ago that the Pleiadians are still Starseeding on Earth, though I was meant to keep that a secret so that we can avoid the wars and conflict that would arise among humans because ones who are Pleiadian Starseeded might think that they are better than others and the others might feel jealous of not being Pleiadian Starseeded. So if the Pleiadians are still introducing Pleiadian Starseeds onto Earth then here they seem to be now asking if I would be a mother for such a child. I am much more likely to agree to having an alien child than a human one. But now is not the time for me to have a child, mostly financially speaking. Children cost a lot of money.

And for the record I don't find the Pleiadian man sexy. He is one of the old Pleiadians who are pink and who look a lot like their Vega fathers. So it would be more of an agreement to mix the genetics. I am actually an incarnated Star Person light being so I couldn't care less about my human self, I just hate my body sometimes because it is all wrong. (Star People are souls of extraterrestrials that incarnate into a human body to do work here. It is wrong to call them Starseeds because Starseed refers to a human who is physically genetically part alien and these two things are not the same.)

I never quite felt violated upon when the Reptilian and Reticulan Agenda aliens used my body to make alien hybrids, but now that the Pleiadian mollusc is asking it of me I feel that he is being too invasive and I am uncomfortable and almost panicking about the thought of if Pleiadians would make children out of my body and keep those children somewhere. Perhaps because the Reticulan hybrid children are more like animals but a child between me and a Pleiadian would be more like asking me to be a surrogate mom for a human child and then I worry what if the Pleiadians start doing that against my will and against my knowledge then that would feel just as violating as if humans would be violating me in that way. So his proposition is starting to make me panic a little bit. I hope that the Pleiadians understand that they are not to make children out of me against my will and knowledge! The Nordic man or light being man is looking at me now.

We don't want you to be, so totally unconscious that you do not know what is going on. But. We are now going to begin to tell you. So. First of all. None of these guys that you see here, are Starseeded ones. They are the original ones. And they are here to help you. And none of them were Starseeded by you, by your genome. So, do you see in which way this water trickles? In which way that it goes. So. It goes without saying, that the Pleiadian ones are the more advanced brothers. - the Nordic man says [talking about these mollusc Pleiadians]
We don't want you to meet, your other Pleiadian children, that you have Starseeded with us. But they are now here, on our playing ground. We wanted you to meet! - Pleiadian man the mollusc one

The Nordic meant that the Pleiadian is a more advanced race than me and so it goes from them to me, meaning that I could not contribute anything to a Pleiadian genome, that it "trickles" downward from them to me. That Pleiadians are the ancestor, and not the other way around.

So the Pleiadians have violated my rights and they have already made Pleiadian children with me. I was never angry when I found out that the Agenda aliens had done that to me, but finding out that the Pleiadians have done so is making me furious. It is violating somehow. But I will get over it, and I will be fine with it.

You are not even a narcissist, but some might say that you are. - the light being man or Nordic
Why do you say that? - me
Because your eggs, are not your own, Eva. - the Nordic
Whose are they? - me
You belong to all of us, to the whole universe. - the man
Well, as long as I do not have to raise those children myself because I cannot pay for all of that. - me
You do not have to. You are not even a Starseeded grass here. The ones that we built for your kind. The crops, that you can grow. - the Nordic, "the ones that we built" means the crops, they are talking about a grain of grass I see it a golden grain that they have given to humanity
Ahh yes they were also created by us! - a pink Pleiadian of the old race probably the man about the grain

As long as I don't have to pay for their food or drop out of college. I don't care anymore. Here, who wants my eggs? At least when the Agenda are doing it, I know that by doing so I am somehow helping my Hamish. That is my incentive, because I love Hamish so much. "Yes-No, my typing fingers I would bite.", Hamish says, meaning that he is happy about what I said and he would not bite my typing fingers even though these fast moving digits are always a source of triggering his hunting instinct in him and makes him want to bite and then when he can't bite he feels irritated and can't stop staring at my moving fingers. With the Pleiadians, I don't have an incentive, but at least I can safely presume that they are not treating the children badly like the Agenda does, so on that matter I can be a bit more relaxed about it.

Now that you know about us, would you like to meet Peter again? - the Nordic man
You mean the blue Pleiadian man? - me
They are not always blue. And please. Do not argue with them again. - Nordic man
When did you argue with them? - me
When you said 'no' to us. We do not like to hear that, from our Star Beings. - Nordic man
I would like to have my nap now. I don't want to talk about this now. - me

Rapists. The whole bunch.

If you think THAT is rape. Wait till you find out what they did to me. - Assistant Carlisle
What did they do to you? - me
They made me have sex with a Pleiadian woman. - Carlisle uncomfortable and blushes
Oh. How is that RAPING YOU?!! A man cannot have sex unless he is sexually turned on. Meanwhile the women that get raped are no such thing. So you get out of here. - me
Well, I don't wanna tell you what happens in the other alien bunkers. The ones where you were really raped. - Carlisle
Whatever I need my nap now. - me, I stayed up all night so I want to have my nap now I've only slept for like four hours
Assistant Carlisle doesn't want to tell you about the sex. But it is really humiliating for me. - Carlisle
They have given me a really good incentive. You see, we are given some really good spaceships here. So you see... - Carlisle, remember the recent August 2017 paper where I remote viewed Carlisle and saw that he was part of the UFO reverse engineering team in the 1980's? And that he has two daughters in his own family who are clones of me, bah.

Life is getting mystical and weird now, but I am more interested in getting my nap.

You are not even all part human, you have been made with an extraterrestrial race. - Nordic man says to me, the last part was perhaps not exactly said that way but he means that my body is not fully human that my body was made out of extraterrestrial

They then said that there was a "very advanced doctor" there if I needed to talk about this genetics thing, but that doctor may have been a type of Reticulan I do not know. Are Pleiadians and Reticulans working together?

We are not an ape. But you are one, ewww. - Reticulan

I need my nap. Now. No more talking.

Oh she doesn't want to talk to us, sshh! - the Pleiadian pink mollusc man, he even put his index finger against his mouth and did the sshh how humans do it

Then Hamish said about the Pleiadian man that if he is a mollusc he does not even have the shell of a mollusc.

Yeah, we wouldn't want to shoot them, for fucking with us, for having sex with us. - NASA team Jack about Pleiadians

Whatever. Nap.

Alright. You are an advanced ET. Do you want to know that, and come here and live with us? - Jack to me about me
Sure Jack. I will come there and live with you. Should I pack my bags? - me, and Hamish lets me see himself clearly now, he seems to be showing me his back, I think that when I said bags he shows me his humpback which he often refers to as a backpack
... How am I advanced? - me
Well for one, you can breathe under water. And it takes a lot of effort to make that for someone else. Someone who isn't starseeded properly. And so. We have called that an advanced DNA. - seems to be said first sentence by a pink Pleiadian woman (or man), and the rest by white Reticulan
When did I breathe under water? - me, reminds me of what I saw when I recently in August 2017 remote viewed my Agenda abductions, I will post that audio later

First Jack said that he did not want to tell me that I am an extraterrestrial, and I told him that I do not mind knowing, then he said:

Look, we traded you out with another baby, when you were born. That's what Starseeding means. - Jack
And, we do not want you to worry, about your mom's rights. She was treated well during the whole of it. IT DOESN'T MEAN WHAT YOU WOULD THINK! Starseeding means, "that the Nations that have the right, take things out." - Reticulan, the last part about take things out I forgot how it was said exactly but something like that
We don't want you to meet, our other alien Nurses. But we are also here. And we are Starseeding with your genome! - Reticulan, I see the Reticulan clearly in a mental image, its hand and fingers and all
And then we take them out and drink their coffee! - Dark Lord
We don't want you to think, that you are like animals in our zoo, but... - Reticulan, I totally forgot what he said after that because I need my nap, Reticulan now shows me a white alien baby with a pacifier

Airship Person, Aliens, Olav, pre-abduction stuff
And Hamish watching fish

August 27 2017, 2:41 PM - I remember more from the other nights. I had seen a military soldier who had camouflage clothes I think or otherwise just green clothes but with a red beret. First time I have seen one of the military with a red beret. Also that night there had been a Reptilian who was half shapeshifted into a human man and half Reptilian, he posed to be dressed as a military soldier with a large machine gun kind of weapon. So his skin was beige like human skin but he had large Reptilian eyes. I told him to stop pretending to be a human. I don't know exactly what this half-half creature was, if it is a Reptilian changing its own Reptilian shape at will to try to look like a human, or, if a Reptilian had superimposed itself with the body of a human soldier, or what that was. But I don't like the idea of shapeshifters trying to deceive me about who they are. I also would not like the idea of a Reptilian not feeling comfortable enough to show itself to me in its true form.

Last night when I had gone to bed the aliens were talking. First, an Airship Person arrived and I saw him in a mental image. He told me that he did not want them to keep me captive or did he say enslaved or how he said it, meaning the Agenda aliens. He had that large beige colored head. I asked him how is life in his time on Earth, he said it was not good and that surprised me. He said what meant that his people have come back in time to Earth to try to prevent what would lead to their people and their world being formed. He was negotiating and talking with my aliens about them abducting me. I commented to the Airship Person that he was being kind to me, I asked him why does he care about me, and he explained how that is part of the greater picture that they have come to prevent. It concerns his people as well.

The aliens wanted me and Olav to have sex and to make children. I felt as if Olav was right next to me, I could even feel the heat of his body, and for just that short moment, because I have not dated men in a long time, I felt how nice it would be to just wrap myself around his warm man's body. Olav is a dashing man, he is what you would consider handsome, but it's just that we don't get along, I am still angry at him because of how we met the first time.

I saw the soldier with the red beret again. And the aliens let me see a boy who looked to be about 10 years old, his skin was pale and he had blonde hair, the hair was cut in what looks like a 1990's haircut, with a fringe, and the length being almost like a bob haircut covering the ears. He had large blue eyes. The aliens wanted me to see him I said I do not want to see him because it is upsetting that I was not informed from the start. Then the boy had some glass marbles that he was going to show me, and I changed my attitude about not seeing him right away. I asked the boy if he would like to show me the marbles and I told him about how when I was little I had many marbles, I told him how I had kept my marbles in a pouch and how some were larger than the others and one was smaller that didn't fit in. He showed me a drawing which turns out after a short while the Reticulans told me the boy had not drawn it himself but he had been asked to show it to me. It was blue and I struggled to see what it depicts, the only thing I can imagine that it could have depicted is the T-shaped internal female reproductive system with the ovaries and all.

Hamish was around of course. And I think also a Dinosaur. There was something else but I forgot. And for all of this contact I was in my bed, I could see the aliens in their other place to which they supposedly bring me for abductions, and the telepathic connection we had I could feel as if I was already part there, as when Olav's body felt really near and not just an image. I was in my bed and none of them were physically here in my room, but the images and sensations surrounded me. And when I woke up Hamish said something to me so I said good morning to my Hamish like I usually do. He is my darling Turtle.

Hamish was acting oppressive and brute toward a Dinosaur last night, and so I had a longer conversation with Hamish asking him to be friendly to the Dinosaur. I explained to Hamish that there is a person inside the Dinosaur's head just like there is a person inside of Hamish's head, that the Dinosaur "is another Hamish". Hamish did not get angry at my explanation, nor did he reject it, instead he listened and thought about what I said, and, he did seem a little bit calmer toward the Dinosaur after my talk. If Hamish realized that the Dinosaur is a conscious person who sees and thinks just like he does, then I don't think Hamish would be acting that way toward them, even if they are different races and the politics is that. I think Hamish just hasn't realized that others are people just as much as he is a person too.

"Are my goldfish are they also like me?", Hamish says after he listened to what I wrote here and first he started to sway his body side to side and that connected with me and my body made the same movements with him, and then he asked. "Yes Hamish. A goldfish is also aware of things and can feel and think." "Can they eat my livers with me? Are they, my space buddy?", Hamish asks. "I would like to know them. And make, friends with them. My fish.", Hamish, "my fish" was said in my native language. "They would like to be boys with me.", Hamish about fish. "I don't want trouble for them I said. I am the langoustine. And, I was pretty significant and important. I wanted them to take me out. And I wanted to see them there.", Hamish, talking about goldfish. I love Hamish. He is cute. "Yes-No, those romances with me.", Hamish and he shows a mental image of the pink hearts he has seen me post in a YouTube video stream chat recently when I had been sharing my like of things in the video, he means he does not want those hearts for him or that kind of a romance, even though my comments there were not about a romance. My Tortoise.

Selective memory. I nearly forgot, and then when I remembered it I was not happy about remembering because now I have to write it here. The aliens were going to let the boy I wrote about, see "porn" meaning me and some man probably Olav have sex there (if it happened which I presume it did I have no memory of it). I told the boy that this is pedophilia and that it will mess him up mentally and that he should not see that. The boy just sort of shrugged and said that he doesn't mind, like saying that he doesn't care. He didn't seem interested in it, it was more like being told to do that like when he had been told to hold up the drawing for me. I would guess this quiet and calm natured boy was more interested in his marbles.

5:51 PM - I am showing Hamish a 24/7 live stream video on YouTube of fish swimming in aquariums. It has nice serene music in the background. I had it on full screen. I didn't say anything to him, I just wanted to watch what he does. He came up real close to the screen. He told them that his name is Hamish and that he is an important race. He was watching to see if any of the fish might be red in color, but there weren't any red ones at the time. And his eyes were happy, he raised his lower eyelids diagonally, I've normally only seen his lower eyelids raised horisontally which means he would be laughing, but the diagonally raised lower eyelids are a different emotion, and I think something like love. He looked so happy with his eyes like that, watching the fish on the screen.

He is my Darling. He has been standing on his bathroom rug which I have placed for him in the corner of my room. He was watching me cook today, and when I ate the cauliflower potato stew he thanked me for feeding the eggs.

I love him so much, there is no way not to. Watching him and following telepathically his thoughts processes, looking at this red bumpy dragon as he watches the screen to see if there are red fish, I can see how his eyes are watching, I can see how his mind is processing the information ready to spot a red color, and there is a person inside that head, there is someone there who is aware of himself watching for a red fish. Yet, the specific things that he does comes from his species, comes from the body that he has been given to live in. A human would not watch out for red fish, but he does. He is a person, living under the rules of his species and his body. He finds himself aware inside the body of a red dragon, and that is his me. He feels the world underneath his feet, he is proud of his hump back, he is aware of his smell. His species makes him be a dominating being, but those are the rules he plays out life by. There is a person inside of his mind, in his thoughts, in Hamish's awareness. And I love that person more than I have ever loved anything else before in my life. There is a little guy there, who raises his lower eyelids when he looks at video images of fish. He is a conscious person, he is Hamish.

I often wonder if he does not get bored watching me all day. He does leave my side sometimes to go to other places. But whenever I ask him if he gets bored here he defends himself saying that he is here to guard the eggs. A human and a Draconian of the old race were never meant to be friends. They were never meant to be in the same place. They would never be doing the same things, or looking into each other's eyes for a long time. They would never have stayed in the same place, the Draconian would not have wanted to stay with the human, and the human would have been scared and not wanted to stay with him. But we have been together for a long time, the matter of eggs brought us together, for years, and it has changed my life forever. I am incredibly close to him. I love him so much.

"Yes-No, my teeth.", Hamish says no, after I wrote that I love him so much, he grabs at my hands and he means that he has no teeth to bite my hands with. Perhaps his way of objecting to me writing that I love him so much. When I look at him, yes it is a dark red Draconian of the old race, yes it is that kind of a species, but when I look at him

"I wanted to smell the fish, that were there, flopping around.", Hamish interrupts my writing and says. "They do not smell like onion, Yes-No.", Hamish says and sways his body side to side because he is happy that the cauliflower stew I made did not smell like onions. He wants to watch the fish in the video again, of course while I am typing the video isn't on the screen, and when he said that about wanting to smell the fish he opened his mouth as if about to bite my fingers as he said that (I think his thoughts of biting into my hands is just him grabbing for my attention, like a little kid at the store tugging at its mother's shirt to say that he wants the candy or the toy). But when I look at him, I was going to say, my eyes see through the alien creature that stands there, through his eyes, and I see a person. Hamish. He is just a person, he is Hamish. And him being a dragon is nothing out of the ordinary. I will now let him watch the video again. I forgot to say that while he was watching it earlier, he was also making a wonderful growl pur which I think he put extra effort into, because it was formed by him changing the shape at the back of his throat, I haven't heard such a well executed growl pur from him before, and I could read from his mind that this growl pur was a message that he was communicating to the fish.

As soon as Hamish sees me start to change the tabs on the windows to find the one that is the fish, he opens his mouth wide and makes two very clear palate clicks, expressing how happy he is that I am about to show him the fish again. (And of course that made me come here and type again.) So now for the fish.

Earlier today I copied in my mind the mental images I have been shown recently by the aliens depicting frogs. This made a Dinosaur say to me I think it said "Deb Deb" or was it "Dab Dab", and I copied back to the Dinosaur what it had said to me. I felt Hamish in the hallway of my home getting very stressed out. He always gets very upset and agitated when I am being friendly with the Dinosaurs. And I told Hamish to relax, I didn't want him to be feeling the uncomfortable emotion that he had, and I tried to send to him a feeling of calm and well-being and love, hoping that he could pick that up telepathically and feel that way instead. But I stopped with the frog images and I stopped with the interaction with the Dinosaur because I wanted Hamish to feel better.

My dear sweet beloved aliens

August 26-27 2017, 12:52 midnight - From the past few nights when I go to bed. One night they showed me Reptilian hybrids that were growing in water tanks. I have reported these before and made a drawing before see drawing. As seen before, also again this time, it seems to be the vertebrae of the spine that stick out at regular intervals along the back. I was also shown an adult blue-black colored reptile that looked like a salamander, it was not in a water tank, it wore no clothes, it showed me its hand it had three fingers on each hand. I showed it my hand and that I have five fingers on my hand.

One night I opened my eyes and Hamish stood in front of me and there was something said or done that I promised myself that I was going to remember to write down when I wake up in the morning, but I have totally forgotten what that was.

And the usual. Reticulans, Hamish guarding the eggs, he showed me his back several times today. The Dinosaur is still hiding in the corner by the mirror in the hallway as before, it is Hamish making him stand there. Hamish told me that "they are the bosses" this evening, meaning himself and perhaps the other Reptilians of course. He has tended to his scales today, and I am again sure that he pees on the sheets of scales and then washes them in the toilet water and places the washed ones on a rug to dry. I let him do what he wants to do. This is his home too.

At one point today Hamish went to an underground base and he told me that he was safe there. And this evening he said that he had taken my shoes and he stood by my shoes. It could be the usual claiming of things as his own to show dominance and power, or he could mean something else with it but either case I think it is cute that Hamish has taken my shoes.

Today I learned what Dib Dib means in the Dinosaur language. It is a friendly greeting, I forget now what exactly it means but it is like saying hello I am here to see you! I was saying Dib Dib to the Dinosaur and I could feel how saying it made the Dinosaur feel happy. So it is a friendly greeting that makes them happy. It was similar to saying Tok Tok in Hamish's language.

The other night when I went to bed the aliens were showing me mental images of erect human penises which I think belong to the various men who they ask to make women like me pregnant. And today someone asked me telepathically if I want to have a boyfriend or was it if I have a boyfriend, I said I do not have one but that I would want to have one.

Today I ate roasted peanuts that I break open from the shell and as soon as I began to eat the first ones, a Reticulan let me see itself and it said something about them not going to take that out of my stomach it seemed a bit snappy and upset. I told him that I know they don't want me to eat legumes, such as peanuts and chickpeas.

Just daily life with the aliens. And, as always, I am not remembering the abductions which based on what they talk about and how they behave should be happening more or less every night. I did something new yesterday I gave myself a regression hypnosis to remember the abductions and I recorded what I saw on audio and that will be a video available soon so you get to hear the weird things happening in the secret alien abductions.

Reptilians and Military

August 23 2017, 7:51 PM - Last night I was shown mental images of Reptilians, I'm sure it was other Reptilians and not my Hamish, and that it was more than just one Reptilian. They are really handsome to look at. I was shown closeup images of their scales. Hamish also let me see himself today in mental images that were clearer than usual. He is large, and gorgeous. Then he sat down on the sofa next to me. And when I got out of the shower and went over to the hallway mirror to brush my hair, I stumbled into a Dinosaur (who was in the other dimension but I can see them) who was standing there in the corner.

A few days ago General Patton seemed to be flirting with me that evening. He was asking me if I was a "hussy", which is not a word I use but I am sure it means a sexually liberal and promiscuous woman. I laughed at his use of the word and to me it sounded like something someone would say in the 1970's. He was asking me if I would do oral s**. I reminded him that he is married and I told him that I would need permission from his wife. He then thought about his future funeral, he saw it in a mental image of his, I saw from his thoughts the coffin being lowered into the ground, the American flag being folded, and at least two young men who were dressed in the same type of military uniform that I have seen in Patton's memory images many times that he once had worn as a young man. It is the uniform that looks like U.S. Marines with the red stripe along the side of the pants legs. And he thought about, or told me, that his wife was going to be at his funeral, which seems to have meant that he is staying with his wife, he wants his wife to be at his funeral.

Patton then told me that he does not have long to live. That makes me sad. I want him to live. I have gotten to know him well over the years. I know him intimately well, because when we are telepathically connected, I can feel who he is as a person, I can feel his soul. And so when I look at him the old man that he is today, I can literally see the young man he was in Vietnam, the young man he was on that Navy ship. I remember the images I saw of him when I remote viewed into his past, of him as a shy and a loner boy in the 1950's going into town to buy a soda from the soda shop back when soda was poured from a tap like how draft beers are today poured at bars. I know him intimately well.

And for some reason we started to talk about hobbies or movies and I asked him what his favorite genre of movies is, and he said old Western movies and I started to laugh, I thought it was so funny and cute that General Patton watches old Wild West movies you know with cowboys and Indians and gun fights. I chuckled about that for a long time, it was just too adorable.

I hate it when my guys die and they leave me forever. I am not finished with them when they leave. I lost Tyler "MacDaddy" MacIntyre who was my alltime favorite. And Derek. And now I am about to lose General Patton. And they are getting older. Assistant Carlisle is already retired and his daughters that he used to always talk so much about have gotten married and have moved out of his house. Carlisle is living in Orange County, California. And Captain Daniels has got a daughter now, and has probably or hopefully given up on his womanizing ways. Even Major Cunningham grew up and became more of a man. I want to meet them in real life before they are all gone, before the secrets die with them and I will never know. I don't want to lose General Patton.

Goddamnit! If they were hallucinations and all in my head they would not leave me and die! If I were imagining them, then I could really focus hard and bring back MacIntyre to life, and change it and make it so that General Patton is not going to die. Are they real? Were they always real? When can I meet them? Maybe it is time for me to start asking for the MILABS encounters to begin again. I want to meet them and have some answers.

Looking into an alien's eyes

August 23 2017, 2:39 AM - I was in bed it was dark. With my eyes closed I began to see another place. An alien being was there in the dark, I looked into its eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes I have ever looked into. The being was large and had a hunched body posture rather than upright standing. The eyes were black. It was perhaps Hamish in the dark but I was not sure. One of the most beautiful moments in my life.

Hamish and dream about grasshoppers

August 22 2017, 4:24 PM - I was woken up at 1 AM from a nightmare where there were grasshoppers everywhere just lots of them and on me! When I woke up I had to wonder if perhaps it could have anything to do with a Mantid encounter but there was no indication of that being the case.

When I went to bed for the night in the evening and the lights were off I was aware of Hamish sitting on the sofa in the other room. Hamish and me have conversations when I go to bed and when I wake up. In the night he made several times a beautiful click sound for me, when I asked him what it meant he said it means "Hello!". It really sounds lovely. He has a language consisting of various click sounds, the clicks all seem to mean friendly things. There are also growls, purs, and other sounds. He will mention many times throughout the day eggs, or that the eggs are his, or Toast, Snacks, Lunches and Snacks, or he mentions langoustines and lobsters, and sometimes he mentions hedgehogs. I love him he is a good friend.

Scales and Dark Lords

August 21 2017, 12:54 noon - The other day a Dinosaur told me that after he does the work he will get a bath and he explained that the bath is for cleansing their skin and for removing their waste material. Dinosaurs are rewarded with baths and food for their work, on the other hand they are denied frequent access to baths in order to blackmail them into working against their will.

Also the other night a visiting Reptilian told me that he was in another "overtune" or did he said "overture" or "overtone" when I asked him where exactly he is. I told him I wanted to go there but I was not taken to that other place.

Last night I was shown a clear mental image depicting a gorgeous piece of scales, as if it were a shedded piece detached from a Reptilian body though it was black scales and with a beautiful golden yellow zigzag stripe across it, and a black Reptilian in the room told me that it was from him (this was however not the "black Reptilian" who has the small head and soft purple skin). I suspect it was just an image and not a real piece, because shedded bits are supposed to be white aren't they, so I was probably just shown an image of the scales, but it was gorgeous, it reflected the light and the scales were very visible. They are beautiful animals, there is I admit something very gorgeous about Reptilians.

I had more Agenda related dreams last night but I forget what specifically they were. When I woke up in the morning I found a Dark Lord was in the act of whispering into my head. It is so rude of the Dark Lords when they do that, they are trying to destroy aspects of my life and to steer me into a sadistic relationship with a man of their choice so that Dark Lords can prey on me. I will resist it, because I know it will only lead to unhappiness and I would leave that life anyway and it would only be a waste of my time. I am almost 35 years now there is no time for wasting my time.

Hamish and me are having good quality time together. I really value and appreciate to have him as a friend. The other day he told me about hedgehogs again, he seems to think they are sexy, because whenever I think about what kind of a man I would like, Hamish mentions hedgehogs to me. He sometimes asks me if I have seen any or if I know where to find any, and I tell him that I do not know where to find any hedgehogs. He asked me about the spikes on the back and I told him that it is defense for the hedgehogs so that animals do not bite it. That made Hamish growl-purr, which yet again seems to be a sound he makes when he likes something.

Agenda topics

August 20 2017, 4:18 PM - Hamish was adorable last night when I went to bed. He talked to me about washing his sheets of shedded scales, and when I was laying in bed he came over to me with a large sheet and he was laying it over me. I asked him why and I forget how exactly he answered but it was that he does it because I am with him or that I am like him, it had something to do with him making a connection between us. However, I still do not know whether it means that he is claiming ownership of me and the eggs or if it can be interpreted as a sweet and kind caring gesture. He also talked about his goosebumps, he asked me if I knew that his mother did not have any. I told him that yes Hamish I have listened to you and I know that you inherited your goosebumps from your father. It is sweet when he talks to me and shares his thoughts with me. I told him that I love him and I tried to explain to him in words what that meant.

I had Agenda related dreams. First I dreamt about a war video game. Then there was a brochure with pictures of boys and girls who were young I think 3 or 4 year old and it was for pedophiles to choose them from. Then there was a Russian building falling and as it fell against the side it pierced through a man who I watched die. Then I went through a courtyard which was a building for Spanish people like an embassy and I went upstairs and found the office from where that brochure had come from. I noticed it was an American style of carpets and office. There were no people there at the time. I saw there a huge book on mind control it was the biggest book I have ever seen, I began to tear out the pages of that book and throw them on the floor, I saw the pages of the book as I was tearing them away. I took larger and larger chunks of pages at a time because it was taking me so long and I felt that I had to hurry before someone comes back. I finished with tearing up the book and I wrote something such as "child molester" with a pen on the pamphlet and I stuck that one hanging in the mailbox slot on the office front door and closed the door and headed toward the door that leads to the stairwell. As I went downstairs I saw that the Spanish building was in fact a hospital where people had come for treatment of broken bones, many had cascets on arms and such.

The Spanish people were getting to leave the place without a problem but I was stopped by an officer who wanted to see my passport. He took my passport and was inspecting it but when I wanted to look over his shoulder to see what he was looking at he would always take a few steps away so that I could not see what he was looking at or doing. Then he asked me what I had been doing in the building, and so I had to tell him because there were so many questions I said I had been there to give the brochure to the office that had made it and I told him what I had written on it. I maybe even said about tearing up the book on mind control. I figured that by now the person who had gone to the office had seen the mess I had made and I had been stopped at the exit. I figured the worst I would have to do is to apologize and clean up the papers from the floor and maybe pay for a new book. The woman behind the glass at the entrance who was like a receptionist I remember how plastic she was, she had clearly had breast plastic surgery and she wore just a black formal jacket without a shirt under it so that you could see a lot of her chest. And I knew that a man had been heading back to the office and that he was an American man with a business suit.

When I woke up someone human was talking to me about remote viewing Russia and Vladivostok again and asked me to tell them where Russians are keeping weapons, the word he used was "armery" a word I do not know or use. He asked where the main armery is and I told him again about the city in the far East of Russia in the mountains, they do not seem to believe me whenever I tell them about that secret city there. He asked me where Russian submarines are located I told him that I see two that are stored on land in Russia, I said if he wants me to scan all the oceans of the world for Russian submarines that it would take some time. I asked him why doesn't he remote view Russia himself if he is a telepath then he could do it, he told me that I am an "empath" and it seems that he is not. I told him that he probably wants me to remote view Russia so that he is safe and they would kill me or harm my family instead. I then told him about my past life in Sankt Petersburg in the 1600's and my loyalty for Russia.

He asked me if I can read documents in Russia, I said I probably can. I told him that first we should test if it he has a newspaper or a newspaper article for me to read that we can check my results. He said we are past that point already that they know I can remote view. So these guys are convinced I can do it and they do not even need a test.

Someone who talked to me said his name is Kristoff. And last night a Dark Lord said to me "I am nothing", but he was trying to make it so that I would think that I was thinking this about myself. So I told the Dark Lord, "I am sorry to hear that you are nothing, Dark Lord." Dark Lords want to break me down so that they could send me to another Agenda man.

Last night I saw clearly mentally the red Reptilian who has the tall head, I made a drawing of him before "the alien in my bedroom". The aliens have been showing me images of frogs and of Dinosaurs a lot the past several days in the evening. I saw a Reticulan type alien and then an Alpha Reticulan in mental images, the Alpha Reticulan said that they want my eggs.

All of this is the Agenda and their many projects they are working with. Aliens taking my eggs. Hamish guarding my eggs. Pedophilia is regrettably a large part of the work in the Agenda. Dark Lord trying to break me down and send me to a sadistic Agenda husband. And someone who thinks I can remote view and wanting me to remote view Russian military secrets. It's a lot of dark and sinister things, I try not to take it personally because a lot of it is uncomfortable, nonetheless I have an obligation to my The Orion Project that I write all of this down.

The husband they want me to marry

August 13 2017, 11:28 PM - I talked telepathically with the man the Agenda wants to hook me up with. He told me that he only needs to have a son with me and that once we have a son we would get a divorce and for me not to worry because I would have a lot of money from him after the divorce and because once we have a son he would want to go on with his own life and find other kinds of women. He also said that there is a debt to the "saturn goat" and I know that by that he means Dark Lord Baphomet. To spell it out for you guys, this is some deep Illuminati Agenda shit! The Agenda wants my DNA into the bloodlines.

Just now, I tell the man that I don't want to marry him if he doesn't love me. And he says:

Do you even know who I am? - the man
They tell me that you are a Diamond. - the man

From his thoughts, I read that a Diamond is a person who has the capability of shining with white light, which is the life force that Dark Lords and Fat Lizards prey on. A few years ago when General Patton first started to train me to sell me to Olav they were talking about paying for me with "diamonds", there was this whole talk about "diamonds".

Mr. Sleaze and Sweet Turtle
And my animal alter and arranged marriage

August 12-13 2017, 1:14 AM - The man who is with the Navy and has dark skin and short short white hair his hair is just a few millimeters long he is looking at me this evening. He was thinking about women and he was considering if I would be with him and if I were doing o*** s** to him, he also said that all I need is sexy underwear and I'm good to go. He also said that he did choose me once and he thought of me on that stage where the guys can choose who picks who. He is telling me that he and I have got a son together.

I don't just go out with women for money. - he says now
And also, I am not with the Navy exactly... - he says embarrassed
And I don't just like rude women, but you turn me on. - he
Do you know why we are doing this? Because they gotta pay me for it. - he
So you're a prostitute for the aliens? - me
We've got to eat. - Hamish says swaying his head side to side slowly and wide, he is at the harbor with the cargo containers stacked on top of each other most of the cargo containers are orange
I am not just here with Alain, and... - he, so he and Alain are there
Hiwdy ho! - Alain
Hi Alain. - me
The perks of this job are many. What are you looking for, in a man? What do we gotta do to you, to kidnap you? - Alain

So earlier when he said those things that I wrote about before he started talking again, I was being rude to him. Well he asked me if I do o*** s** I said sure if I like a man. But I told him that I don't like men who go with prostitutes. He also thought about or told me that a lot of women like that he is a military officer. I told him that women just want his money because I saw from his thoughts the kind of women he goes out with and it is probably prostitutes. I told him that women don't want a man who goes out with prostitutes I said to him I wouldn't touch him with a 20 foot pole I said that all the diseases that the other customers of the prostitutes he has been with are now in him so that he is disgusting. I also told him that if prostitutes are with him they are because of his money and that if prostitutes like him for his money it does not mean the same thing as that women like him.

So, you guessed it, this is the one who I think goes by the name Admiral Benson or Captain Benson but I am not sure. But you can find this sleaze on other posts, the one with the very tan skin and white hair who likes sleazy women.

Now for a wonderful news instead. Today while I was cooking I told my darling Hamish that I am proud of him and some other nice words I may have called him a langoustine and he likes that very much, and Hamish got so happy he did like a happy dance! He was squatting a little bit in his camel posture and he spread his fingers wide (fingers spread normally means a threatening stance but here I think not) and he started to slowly raise his flat red duck feet up and setting them down again as he slowly turned around in a circle where he stood, and he made his head buttons glow, and I was feeling his emotions and he seems to be really happy! So that cheered me up really a lot! I think my kind words made him really happy and I could feel how happy he was so that made me feel his happiness in me! Oh it was wonderful I love my Turtle.

1:57 AM - A few minutes ago the sleazy man said: "Are you really going to be a doll?", and I said: "Why? What does that even mean?", he said: "I am only asking because I am getting really worried about you." That refers to the doll programming. So the aliens need to produce a lot of babies, some of those are used in Reticulan hybrid research, others are used as food for aliens.

You really could be very beautiful. - the sleaze
I could be, if I wanted to. If I went out on a date. - me
Nah, she won't be a doll for us now. - Reticulan about me to others
She doesn't want to take their jizz or cum. - Reticulan about me to others

No she doesn't want to be their lady. - Reticulan

Women like me are used for the eggs and they need men to make us pregnant, that is one of those perks that Alain was earlier talking about. I don't get to remember those incidents except for with few exceptions. But the doll is a reference to something. They try to make some of these women into either the doll or the cat persona, this is known from MKULTRA mind control and is a widespread concept in the whole Illuminati network here on Earth. The doll is a woman who is basically a vegetable, has no thoughts, is non-responsive, and people can do what they want to her. The cat on the other hand is very sexual and thinks that it is a pet and an animal and lets people touch her.

I suspect that they are trying to turn me into the doll and into an animal alter and that they would send me to that man I wrote about earlier whom I suspect they want me to marry who is a member of one of the bloodline families. The animal for me is however not a cat. They tried with the cat several years ago back when General Patton first showed up and said that he was training me, remember I had that one episode where I bought tons of cat print clothes but luckily the cat thing went away.

Oh god, we won't take her to our hospitals then! If she cannot take her clothes off for us! - Thuban
I can take my clothes off in the hospital. - me
And do you let them touch you then? - Reticulan about white hybrid alien hands on me lots of hands
No. They are not allowed to touch me. - me
Grrr. Not allowed. - Hamish wanting to fend off the hands in question even though it is only rhetorical at this point, is he defending me or is it one of those times when he repeats a ruckuss by mentioning it again

My animal is something different and it is one that worries me. My animal alter is a white antelope. Which looks like a large white goat, which is suggestive of a sacrificial animal for the Agenda, the horns and all. Dark Lords love goats, if you read any of the conversations I have with Dark Lords they cannot hold a normal conversation for long without breaking into aahh gaaah we love goats and blood! Many goats have been sacrificed for Dark Lords over the ages, so much in fact that one of the shapeshift forms of Dark Lords which I call the Gremlin form, in the Gremlin form most of them have their own variety of goat horns, only a few have no horns on their head, and some have black hooved goat feet but others have like monster bear feet paws. The variety among their horns on the head is impressive, there are huge ones and smaller ones, straight ones and curvy ones, and one of them had one huge one. Sometimes a Dark Lord has very nice looking horns on his head and I compliment him on those, I recall one fairly recently who had horns that were proportionally of a good size and stylish so I complimented him on those.

I am a Crystal, Crystals are humans with an unusually high white light energy which is what the Dark Lords can prey upon. The white animal alter is a reference I think to that white light. Dark Lords are also aware of the white light, when they prey upon it they can see it shine with white light when they flare it up in the person. The antelope horns are a reference to goat horns or a similar type of being.

Anyhow, they are turning me into a doll alter and a white antelope alter. Sometimes I just wonder what is happening to me and where this is coming from. Anyhow I didn't mention it earlier, but, this is just part of life of being an alien abductee. I won't get upset, because I would do anything for my Hamish. In the Agenda I have found the best friend I could ever have known, I really care for this person who Hamish is.

Oh my god, what are you doing now? - one of the agents says he has a black business suit with a white shirt the jacket is unbuttoned and he has a tie and his hair is red brown he looks super American like a man from a family from the countryside from a small town
Hello? Who are you? What is your name? - me
What are you doing with that doll alter, Ma'am? And where does it come from then? And what are you doing with it? - the red-haired man
Do not tell her about the Battle at the Syracuse. - Dark Lord says to the man
It comes from the aliens I think. - me
Oh god, Ma'am. - red-haired man
We are supposing that she doesn't want to get raped. But we are going to help her with it. And we are going to suppose that she does want that now. - Thuban
Hey? Why don't you turn into the cat alter? What's wrong with that? - red-haired man
What's wrong with that? - Dark Lord adds, about what's wrong with the cat alter
The white antelope is more dignified. The cat is not. - me
Not dignified you said?! - Dark Lord
That's right. Not dignified. The antelope is elegant and graceful and has poise and self-respect, is more reserved and cautious. - me

The problem is, that as I find myself single after three or four years, well I have dated a few men there in between but nothing longer lasting, and I am nearing 35, I wonder about what kind of a man I should begin to search for, and for years I have been confused, because, and perhaps I can blame the aliens for it, they seem to be guiding me towards a fate that they had designed for me. Do they want me to only marry a bloodline man? They sent me to the Free Mason guy who was definitely the most stereotypical thing from this whole Agenda thing. Oddly I find that when I start writing about this topic my head goes all scrambled, I find that I am looking at two words and unable to choose which word to write and I forget entirely what I am writing about. Wait and hold on a minute, have I been under MKULTRA training, because I find this big white cloud when I write about this topic and this cloud is in my head and I go blank, blank, blank, and that is not normal. Who has done this to me?

We don't do voices like that. - Dark Lord about the questions I wrote and asked

I start to write about... what was I writing about. The man that they sent me to, the Free Mason who did mind control and slave D/s training to me and whose family is connected to the Bush family so it is very typical Agenda stuff that you hear about, it has got all of the elements of it what you can read about from elsewhere. Anyhow I have been breaking up with that guy many times over for the past six years, I hope again that he has left me alone this time around and that he doesn't come back. I am not afraid of him or anything and I do not have the feeling that he has hurt me but just that I am not in love with him and it is time for me to move on in life and find a man that I can be in love with.

So, over the years I keep thinking about what kind of a man I would like to have. And I start to make a list. I wrote a list on the computer again late last night. What would the perfect man be like for me. But then I do not know. And I keep seeing this man in my mind who has glasses and he is a bit short and I wonder why am I always thinking of him, I wonder if the aliens are putting his image into my mind, because before I met the Free Mason guy I was shown him exactly what he looks like in my mind too like that, and then he showed up in real life.

I could go into more detail about the doll and white antelope thing but I feel that it is too personal to talk about it. I normally write about everything Agenda related that goes on in my life, but this topic I will save for later. Anyhow just normal Agenda stuff like every day, nothing to worry about, and like I said I am in with this with Hamish, with Hamish I will go anywhere. I will never abandon my Dragon.

She likes my smell, also. She has said I have the right smell. - Hamish
And, Tok Tok. - Hamish
Tok, Hamish. I was with you. - me

I did tell him today that he smells like langoustines and that I like langoustines and that therefore he has got the right smell. I am trying to get him to stop being self-concious about his smell.

My Toast. About my snacks. My livers. - Hamish
Hamish's liver snacks! - me

Well, my luv. It looks like we are going to get ourselves acquainted. - !!!

Good grief! I don't want to say it, but I always say it like it is. Guess who I think said that? And of course I am trying to tell myself that no no no it wasn't him who said. At least I can comfort myself to say that all of this, my entire The Orion Project and experiences, could be just nonsense, even though I know they are not I know that other people reading this can always comfort themselves by rejecting all of it by saying that it is crazy and so why could I not also do the same? The one who said that was the man they keep showing me.

Ok now. So it looks as if she has now been activated. - someone saying to the man!

Did the Agenda turn me into an animal alter and are they sending me to an

Alright, then. And it looks as if she won't be so stubborn with you then, just grab her by the horns. - Dark Lord to the man!!!
And she won't be displeased to see me then! - the man
I am, probably, your right blood, line, she is saying. - Dark Lord to the man
Who is he? And can I meet him soon? - me
You won't just meet him, you guys will be married! You and me will have a son together! - the man says to me!
What is your name! - me
Oh, you wanna know my name now do you? I won't let you see me yet. But I know about you. - the man!
I have been shown you too! When do we meet? - me
Do you wanna see more of my pictures? Huh? And, do you wanna come here home to me? - the man
I want to meet you very soon. - me
You won't just meet me, you and me will have a son together. - the man
... Really. - me
And, do you like those goats, that they have been showing me? Huh? Do you like them? I like them a lot.. I have been conditioned to. So? What do you want to do about it then, dearie? When should we meet? And you know about my bank account, and money, I am loaded. And yes, I am a rich one. And I will not be sending you any money yet. - the man
I can't wait to grab a hold of you. - the man

This man is from a prominent European family, or I wouldn't say prominent but it's entwined with those few wealthy aristocratic families that are the Agenda bloodline thing. And it seems that the Agenda has been working on my mind and psychology to turn me into the doll and animal alter the white antelope and then they want to send me to that man in that condition so that I would be more receptable to receive him and to marry him.

Yes. She will be a good woman for me. And I have selected you out too. I will see you soon. - the man says and winks at me at the end
And I will have a son with you, you see. Because, we gotta eat, we gotta have our meals. Me and the Dinos. - the man
You know about the Reptilians? - me
No. - the man shakes his head
I am not just going to go silent on them. We do not talk about them here. And that is why I will go silent on that topic. - the man

You know, when I talked to the Free Mason guy about the Dark Lords and Reptilians he would always tell me this: "You know we don't talk about such things.", but he never denied knowing about them. In fact, the first time I ever met Hamish was during the days when I met the Free Mason for the first time, I also had a Dark Lord there then.

One night when I was shown the Free Mason man in my mind clear as day, that same evening he contact me in real life. If I am shown this man with glasses again and now we seem to even have talked together does that mean that he is now going to be coming into my life in real life?

So, don't be so stern! You are like a bull! - the man says to me and chuckles
That is why we gave you a new one, dimwit. And a man who can handle it. So you are the stern one. - the man or Dark Lord both

Dictionary: stern (of a person or their manner) serious and unrelenting, especially in the assertion of authority and exercise of discipline. So they thought that a horned animal was more appropriate for me because of my grumpy attitude toward men, they weren't able to turn me into the sweet cuddly cat. "That is why we gave you a new one, dimwit", he said this all to me and meant that I was given a new animal alter instead of the cat, and calling me a dimwit.

But you see this might end up being my life. If this man shows up I might end up marrying him.

There's a girl. There's a kid. - the man says to me, the Dark Lord overlapped our bodies so it was me, the man and the Dark Lord and one or both of these two made me grab my throat real hard with my hand and then the man said this

First the Dark Lords ruined my life in every way, back several years ago. Then they showed me the image of the Free Mason man and then that same evening that man found me on the internet and we got together and all of that. Now, I forgot what I was going to type because I ran into that cloud in my head again so there is something here that is making me forget.

You are not exactly a unicorn. You are something else. - the man to me
What am I? - me
Do you wanna take a crack at guessing? What do you think you look like now? Hm? And what do you wanna be? - the man to me
I don't want any normal women, who are like bitches. I wanted you, for a long time. So how is it? You want us to meet? Huh? Do you? - the man
I want to meet you for sure. - me
So do a little bit more of that belly dancing. You will need it. I need to keep you in good shape. You are coming home to me. - the man
So we don't want to send you out to some porn. But you are going to belong to that man. - a Reticulan says to me

I used to do belly dancing to stay fit and keep my figure, that is why he mentioned that. So am I going to be a wife in a marriage that was arranged by the Agenda between a Crystal and a bloodline families man and I am going to be a doll and a white antelope animal alter for him and we are going to have a son? Is that what the aliens want?

I won't grab a really strong hold of you, don't worry. - the man to me
It is just that you gotta give me a son. So that our families can breed. - the man, but Dark Lord is also here and is perhaps feeding words into the man so who knows
And would you love me at all? - me
Of course! I have loved all of my women here! But you especially! I won't give you any special pills anymore. So you know what? You won't throw up about them anymore. The pills make you vomit, and puke. - the man

What is going on? I hope to meet this man in real life. I hope to get some answers.

We need it for our blood, my little feline. - Dark Lord to me, I think this meant that the Agenda needs my blood into the bloodlines

About abductions

August 12 2017, 12:37 noon - Last night I was awake between 3 AM and 4 AM and a Reticulan talked to me and said it was the "butt doctor". I asked it "Are you a doctor? Have you studied medicine?", and that question made another Zeta Reticulan let me see it in a clear mental image and it replied yes. They also let me see a Mantid, the night before too. But if they bring me places they don't let me remember any of it so I don't like that.

The other night Hamish asked me for a glass of water that he wanted me to place for him on the bedroom floor. I got out of bed and made him a glass of water but I put it up on the bed endtable and I explained to him that I cannot have it on the floor in case it gets knocked over because I have all those electrical wires there that would get damaged. The next morning I took the glass to use it for some of my juice and he objected when I took his water glass, so whatever it is for he wants to have it there for him. My guess is that he washes his shedded sheets of scales in the water from the glass, so I told him I should probably prepare for him a larger bowl of water for that.

I just got a theory of how this dimensions thing works. Listen to this. We know that there are different dimensions that are parallel universes from each other. My theory is, that everything that exists in a dimension also exists in the higher dimensions but not in the lower dimensions. Then everything that exists in dimension 3 also exists in dimension 4 and all the upper dimensions, but things that are of dimension 3 complexity do not exist in dimension 2 and lower, that is my theory at least. That would mean that if Hamish and the aliens are in a higher dimension, then the glass of water, me, and everything in our 3rd dimension exists also in their higher dimension, but since they are of higher dimensional material then they do not exist in our dimension 3. It would explain how Hamish can be in my room, my room exists in his dimension. The glass of water I prepared for him would exist in his dimension too, and I would exist in his world too. I have many times had the experience that in the images I see of them it seems as if another version of my body exists there all the time. I do not know how it works. Let me ask Lasarus instead.

You cannot talk with him, but you can talk with a Mantid. - Mantid to me about Lasarus
Do you know about dimensions? How is it that Hamish can be in the same room as me but that I cannot see him. - me
We have a technology that also lets us go through walls. And we have not invented it. It has been, lingering around us for a long time. - Reticulan, lingering seems to refer to this technology that they use
How does it work? How do you go through atoms? That would mean that you somehow cancel the electromagnetic repulsion that is between the atoms of your body and the atoms of the wall, am I right? - me
No, it deals with gravity instead. It is an anti-gravity machine. And we have not designed it! I have to say that, because there are proprietary rights! - Reticulan
Who invented the anti-gravity machine then? - me
It was not given to us, we have stolen it. - a Reptilian
Who did you steal it from? Who built it? - me
We don't want you to say that to our team. Because we have built it ourselves here. It belongs now to our team. - Dark Lord
Dark Lord? Why can aliens be in my room and then I do not see them and their bodies are not solid? - me
We appear solid to ourselves. - Hamish a bit amused
Hamish? Have you been in my room where your rug is? - me
Yes. - Hamish, unless he said Yes-No
We are not here for the eggs anymore. I was not eating my liver snacks therefore. - Hamish
I want Hamish to eat liver snacks. Does Hamish eat liver snacks? - me
From your eggs, Yes-No! - Hamish
Why Yes-No from my eggs? - me

So when you pick me up to your hospital how do you take me out of my room? - me
We don't want to worry you. - Reticulan
But it happens without your consent. - Reticulan or the Dark Lord who I also saw
I need to understand the physics behind it. - me
She is asking about our machines! - Dark Lord, Hamish got startled from him saying this

I have to say something. The UFO or spaceship that the Dark Lords travel in are the cigar shaped ones. I have always been extremely terrified when I saw one of those on tv when there was a program about UFOs. I have never seen a cigar shaped UFO myself in real life only in mental images from the aliens. They have a very terrifying energy about them, and that feeling comes from the machines that are in them. I sense that there are machines in them that do something which breaks up the fabric of space around it, but some of that horrifying energy could also come from the beings that are in it too.

They are not from us. - says an alien that has pointy ears but is wearing a strange red padded helmet he looks like someone from the old Star Wars movies with clothes like that, he said about the machines
Hello. - me
We are waiting in our battleships, to fight them. - the pointy-eared man says
Are you a Sirian? What species are you? - me
We are part of a very great big fleet. - pointy-eared man
I wonder what your species is? - me

Dark Lord? - me
Yess. - DL
How are you? - me
Me?! - DL
Yes. You. How are you feeling today? What have you done today? - me
I have made battle plans. Because we want to battle our way out. And that is not the niceness that we are in, our team. - DL
Is that a lot of hard work to do battle plans? - me
Yes, and no. We can also not make it more difficult. - DL the last sentence I am not entirely sure of what he said there could be something similar but different or that he said "We can also make it more difficult."
What kind of battles? - me
We like them too. - a brown Reptilian unless Hamish, adds about the battles
So the Draconian Reptilians and Dark Lords are working together on battles. - me
Yes! We needed them! - DL about Reptilians
We are the goat keepers here. We herded them. We needed their blood therefore. - DL
Dark Lord? How do, how does your team take me to someplace else when my actual real body stays in bed here the whole time? - me
We use an anti-gravity application. It doesn't need to bother your mind. - DL
I want to know the physics. It won't bother me, I am a physicist. - me
How do you take me there to your hospital when my body stays in bed at the same time? Can you explain that to me? - me
We take your eggs. And yes, we do need your ovum. - DL
BUT HOW do you take my eggs when my body stays in my bed? It doesn't make sense. Explain the technology to me. Or are you a hallucination? - me
Are we hallucinating ourselves? - DL about himself and his people there if they are hallucinating themselves
I guess not. - me
Hello. I am like the police here. - Jack
Hello Jack. - me
I don't want you to talk to them. So, get out! - Jack
No, Jack. I talk to them all the time. I want to know how they can abduct me. How it works. The physics of it I don't understand. - me
Nor do you need to. - Reticulan about understanding

5:36 PM - Also last night someone named Sergej talked to me telepathically. "Hello. My name is Sergej.", the man said. "Hello Sergej! Who are you? Why do you talk to me?", I said. He did not reply.


August 11 2017, 3:59 PM - I was awake last night between 3 AM and 4 AM and the aliens let me know that they wanted to pick me up. I got to see mental images of Hamish and Dinosaurs and I think also Reticulans. I said yes I wanted to go there to meet them. But someone human warned me about going that it is dangerous. When I woke up in the morning someone human warned me about the aliens and I was shown a mental image of a human with their eyeballs and teeth all gone so that is what can happen during alien abductions. I know that if the humans would let my aliens do what they want then I would not survive such an abduction. You know how Reticulans did cow mutilations, they want to do that to humans but they are not allowed.

Some recent things

August 10-11 2017, 2:06 AM - The other day when I woke up a Reptilian informed me that the used bloody tampons that were in my trashbag in my room smell bad. This happens almost every time when I have my period. Reptilians love the used tampons while they are still fresh, but after about one day the blood in them is no longer fresh and I will find a Reptilian standing right next to them and is disgusted and tells me that they smell. It is funny how they stand next to it to tell me, I mean if it smells bad then just go somewhere else! Is it wrong of me to love Reptilians?

The other day there was a young Russian man who said telepathically that his name was Nikolai I was seeing him in a remote viewed image though it seemed that he had initiated the contact of course not me. He is young and has blonde hair and I have met him before too I recall in the past recent months.

Last night the aliens showed me images of frogs and I also got to see a Dinosaur in a mental image. I have gotten some good close looks at Dinosaurs and I have to say that they have dark green splotches of color on their back. The back is a brighter medium or lime green and has dark green splotches on the back that look as if painted on with a sponge.

Boy things. I am asked to remote view Russian military targets, Novgorod, Vladivostok, and to find the Russian "nukes". Please don't kill me. Thanks.

August 09 2017, 3:00 PM - I had long dreams last night where I was a soldier in the Russian Army. The dream started that I was in the dining area where they eat and someone handed me what looks like turkey with spaghetti and they wanted me to eat a lot of it and someone gave me more turkey on it. Then I was out on a path in a forest and it was during the day. Me and the other Russian Army soldiers were on the path and we already had opponents in the forest. To be clear I am not Russian and the opponents in the forest were from my home country. I was supposed to shoot at the opponents. The dream was uncomfortable I felt chased and in danger and then there was an opponent in front of me who knows Karate but that was a Russian but he was going to attack me so I made it in the dream so that I hid under ground to be safe because I didn't want to get killed. Ok so that was a dream at night.

When I woke up back in my room there was telepathic conversation going on the American guys and the Russian Korpral Olav Vetti were talking to me. They were in the process of talking to me a lot and I wondered do they even know that I have been asleep and they have been talking to me while I was asleep! I was really tired but the conversation was fascinating I wish I could have written it all down but I did take some notes on paper to not forget.

They were asking me to remote view into "Vladivostok and Novgorod" they wanted me to tell them Russian military information. They were asking me to tell them where are the Russians hiding their "nukes". One of them said to me and this I wrote down: "Come on, you are with the Santinians, you can do it." Santinians are a type of extraterrestrial, these military know that I am a Starseed and that I have psychic skills, at least these military think I can remote view, but I think so too. I also wrote down: "So we wanna talk about the nukes. Where are they?", this was said by the blonde Russian man I will tell you about and it sounded like "njukes" when he said it because of his Russian accent.

So I was sleepy and I was remote viewing a bit into Novgorod. I told them about the beautiful birch trees and summer there, I saw a big container without a lid that was filled with used bullets, I saw they were used because they had been distorted at the back of them from an impact. I do not know why they would have collected these into a container that was kept under ground. I told the guys these things but I did not go ahead to look at anything else in Novgorod. When they then asked me to remote view Vladivostok I was reluctant but they insisted so I took a look and I saw that Vladivostok was at the water I told them it has Russian Navy there and I saw a small hill there with a flag that is white on the bottom, blue on the middle, and red on the top, I told them that this flag says that I should not look for any other military information. The flag gives me a feeling that says that I should not, so I did not remote view any further in Vladivostok.

Ok if you go ahead and do an internet search on Vladivostok you see that it is at the harbor so damn, I really do remote view really good. I did not know about Vladivostok or about it being at the coast but when I remote viewed it I saw it. So I am a remote viewer and the military keeps asking me telepathically to remote view Russian military sites. I told them about the flag I see at Vladivostok and that I am not going to remote view anything else. Hahaha. Heheh. If you would have put me on "Who wants to be a millionaire" and it is my last question before the one million dollars and I have spent all of my lifelines and I am asked to describe the Russian flag, I would have said it was the all red one with the small symbol of the tools at the bottom left but heheh... that is the old Soviet flag but I would have literally with everything that is in me believed that to still be the Russian flag. But see what I saw when I remote viewed was... the actual current Russian flag but upside down, I said white blue red but it is red blue white.

This is what I fully believed the Russian flag to look like even at the time of remote viewing. I would have betted a million dollars on THIS being the flag, yet I saw the actual Russian flag in the remote viewing.This is the flag I saw when I remote viewed Vladivostok, on a flagpole, except that mine was upside down.

Let me get serious here for a moment. I am definitely a high skilled remote viewer. When I remote viewed Vladivostok I saw the harbor and that it is a Navy site and I saw the Russian flag even though my absolute belief was at the time that the Russian flag is the red Soviet flag. The military knows that I can remote view. I can remote view. I literally can I am really good at it! What I am saying is: if my remote viewing was in any ways imagination or hallucination or even lies, I WOULD HAVE SEEN THE RED SOVIET FLAG ON THAT FLAGPOLE because that is what my mind BELIEVED at the time to be the Russian flag. But SINCE I SAW that ACTUAL Russian flag which I knew nothing about...

Oh one more thing that I saw at Novgorod was a beautiful shiny steel colored metal object that was oblong like a missile and I told them that it is stored in a cool place and that the cover can be lifted like a lid and that it is hollow inside and mostly empty but for some wires. I also said I saw Russian writing on it.

I also told them two things. One that I had a past life in Russia in the late 1600's and that I love Russia and that I was not going to remote view their military secrets. And two I said why don't you guys do the remote viewing yourselves because if the Russians find out then what if they send someone to kill me.

I had the impression that it was Americans talking to me. But Olav was also involved. Olav did the overlap where it is as if his body overlaps with mine. I was still in bed at the time. It is as if his body is overlapped with mine it is really an intimate experience like being in each other's bodies and he turned me to the side and over on my belly and pinned me down like that for a while. It really wasn't me turning myself and I know that especially since after that my right breast hurt and I told Olav that he can't turn women around like that because my breast hurt.

I wrote down what Olav said to the others: "I will buy 200 hours with her at first.", Olav said to the others. There was also a second supposedly Russian guy, he talked to me in English but with a Russian accent, he kept adding "j" before vowels, for instance when he said "nuked" it sounded like "njuked", many words came out like that. This man I saw and felt very clearly. I felt that he had pain along the left side of the abdominal muscles and also such a pain at the back in the muscles but the two pain areas did not connect i.e. no pain on the side. I told him that he goes to his cabin to drink alcohol because he is sad about the pain, I also told him how to press with two fingers on the center of the pain area at the front and told him that will bring the focus of the pain to the center and the pain will leave the areas above and below the area and that it will also have his body send a chemical that heals the area just by pressing there. I talked to him for several minutes about his emotions and healing and I think it helped to make his life better. I think he was a military guy. He was maybe in his upper 40's, he was blonde and a bit tan and of a skinny build but muscular and fit.

And later one of the American guys told me: "My name is Alan Mark." and then someone I think the same guy said "Alain". Remember we met Alain before? Is that the same as Alan Mark then?

So what is going on. People who seem to be United States military and men in black suits are asking me telepathically to remote view Russian military sites, specifically missiles and satellites but today also to tell them where the Russian "nukes" are being kept. Oh and I also told them about the military site that is way to the East in Russia and I said it is for two reasons: one is that Russian civilians mostly live on the West side and this way this military site is away from the civilians to the far East and that keeps the people safe, but second reason of keeping it in the East is that the civilian areas on the West are also a target so if they are targeted then the site stays safe in the East. I did not tell them what is there in the East. They did not believe me when I told them about the military site in the East in the wilderness but I insisted to them that it is there, it is like a whole hidden city in the mountain.

The U.S. guys make it seem that they are preparing me to do remote viewing. They also make it seem that they are then selling me to Olav who is supposedly a Russian Korpral and missiles expert. Olav does seem to be legitimately Russian and to live in Russia, but sometimes I wonder if the American guys could have hired some Russians so that they can pretend I am remote viewing Russia for Russians but instead I would unknowingly be giving the information for the Americans. It does not matter, because I am not stupid enough to remote view classified Russian military information, it would be rude and respectless and possibly also illegal to do so. Who do they think I am? I could get in serious trouble myself if I remote view military targets.

Olav also told me earlier that he has a lot of education and he showed me a mental image of a school in Russia he went to. I told him that I know he is well educated because I can see and sense it. I told him that I know Russia has a high quality education at least in comparison to the United States, that I also get from impressions from remote viewing.

I also saw an apartment that belongs to possibly Olav or otherwise someone else in Russia. I could smell the meat stew on the stove it had a very exotic smell to it from the spices. I could see all the Russian things in the home, it is decorated very differently than for instance a home in America. Lots of colors and fabrics and woven rugs and Russian things, colors like orange and red in the decoration.

If Olav is buying 200 hours with me then why the hell am I not getting that money? These guys must be dealing with a lot of money and they think I am going to take all the risks of getting caught and meanwhile I cannot be traced back to them they think and they get away with it and I don't get any money either. Why are they talking to me when I sleep and asking me to remote view Russian military sites? What if I am talking to them in my sleep and revealing them the information? Why don't they remote view it themselves? Is Olav working for the Americans or for Russia?

Then there was also a Reptilian who told me that the Reptilians give weapons to the military in exchange that the Reptilians get food. I asked him if he is hungry and what he eats, he said that he eats "dismembered". I told him that humans eat "dismembered" too but only the muscle bits and that humans do not eat the internal organs. The Reptilians might be involved.

And last night Hamish was very talkative around the abduction hour between 3 AM and 4 AM, talking about the eggs and "buttercup leaves" complete with a mental image of bending open some bright yellow buttercup flower petals. He talked for a long time and I listened, mostly it was just about the eggs and such. He really is a sweet turtle, I love him endlessly.

Oh and one more thing Olav was talking to me about earlier. He said that the Russians have a rule book for the military and that in it they have the golden rule that states that they have the obligation to become the strongest military in the world, and that is why they are even looking into these remote viewing things he meant. Is my remote viewing skill better than that of others? I do know from earlier that Olav does have a whole team of Russian women who are doing these things but he has said that he needs my skills because those Russian women cannot do it to the level that I can. Note that we are all women doing this. Also note that I am not Russian so it would be like a risk for Russians to reach out to someone who is not a Russian national for these types of things, isn't that a threat to their national security? I am still confused about a lot of this. But I do know that I have no intentions of harming Russia. I had a wonderful past life there and there are Russian people there now who are my great-grandchildren from that life.

Anyway. That is today's story. Just thought that I would write that down, because I write everything down that happens related to aliens and military. I also fell back asleep after that and dreamt that Donald Trump was asking me to talk to his "Nana" his dead grandmother, but that is of course nonsense, I just ask myself why I have dreams like that. To be absolutely clear: I have no interest in politics or military. I like girly things. This is boy things.

And a note to Russian military: Please don't kill me. Thanks. If the U.S. military is trying to trick me into spying on Russian military then I suggest that I join the Russian military and turn it around and spy on U.S. military for the Russians. But then I would have to say, a note to U.S. military: Please don't kill me. Thanks.

The black-red modified Sirian?
The Nubians were Serpent humans and were Osiris, Ra, Anubis
Bloody tampons or breadsticks?

August 08 2017, 1:36 PM - The night before last night... I saw very clearly though he was in another dimension, still I saw him so clearly that it was almost like an apparition and the aliens do not usually show up so clear. It was the strangest alien creature. He had a humanoid build and I think he wore no clothes but now I am not certain. He was tall and slender with long arms and long legs. The head was narrow and his face he looked a lot like what I call the "unknown Alien" only this one did not wear the turquoise tight fit suit that forms a v-shape at the forehead. And this one had two narrow long pointy ears that rise up a bit over the head. It was an eery sight. I forget what his color was, I think he was a type of dark red black coloration. There was also something sinister and focused about his mind and so of course I thought that he looks a lot like a devil figure and I was a bit nervous to see him standing there in our hallway.

I said friendly things to the gentleman but it was time for me to go to my room and turn the lights off and my room was left in a complete pitch black darkness and as I headed for the bed all alone in my room and with this devil figure present I did talk to the fellow and I told him that I hope he is friendly and that I am a bit scared of him. As I was under the covers I asked him what species he is and he told me that he was a modified Sirian, keep in mind the modified part because that means that he is no longer a Sirian, because I have spoken with real Sirians and they are brown and do not look like that. I forget why I was then asking an Arcturian to tell me what species this guy was, but anyway an Arcturian told me also that this was a modified Sirian. The fellow came up closer to my bed and he spread his arms that had bat wings and he sure did look like a devil figure, he looked exactly like how someone would have written in the 1800's that they encountered a vampire devil I imagine some old book like that.

I wasn't here then, tell them. I wasn't here then watching, and guarding the eggs. - Hamish
Hello Hamish. Good morning. Do you have some nice scales there? - me
Only the ones that I have got left! - Hamish cheerfully
Which ones have you lost? - me
The best ones. - Hamish says and I smell from his senses how he remembers the smell of his shedded scales, remember that he enjoys their smell "they smell right" to him

I am a friendly person and I have encountered I think between 40 to 50 different alien species if I count the ones listed on my aliens list page, and many individuals of several of the species. I have seen all kinds of creatures and people but I have always greeted them friendly and treated them like a person. It is actually funny how even a Dark Lord (other people call them Archons) can show up in my room for the first time and I'm like "Oh, hi! Nice to meet you! What is your name?". If you read the first telepathy book "Real? Or Imaginary?" you see how friendly I am with beings who are acting dominating and threatening with me. But I have even talked to several Dark Lords who are in fact the Satanic overlords I have even chatted with Baphomet himself or herself or itself but I am always friendly and happy to get to know a friend. So if I am saying that feeling this fellow the other night was making me feel scared being all alone in my dark room then there may have been a reason. I am connected to their minds, I do not just see them I am also reading their thoughts and feeling their emotions. So there was something about the fellow that made me a bit uneasy, but everything went fine and no one was injured and I remained kind to him anyway. He can visit me again of course for sure.

The other day when I woke up Hamish informed me that while I had slept he had been showing his shedded scales to me. I thanked him for doing such a nice thing, of course I was only assuming that it had been a nice gesture who knows what it really means. But he does seem to just like to show them to me. "Tiik! TIIK! I am not angry.", Hamish says now, I can feel that wherever he is, he is enjoying being in the hunched camel posture and he is enjoying being aware of having his awesome back.

Last night when I went to bed at around 1 AM, a Dark Lord decided to talk to me. The topic was immensely fascinating, it was one of those times when a Dark Lord comes to me with a big block of information on history, but I was too tired to listen or to take notes so I begged him to please give me this information later when I am awake again, even though he did start to talk about it again and again several times, I kept kindly requesting that we do this another time and eventually he stopped talking about it. But I did do some quick drawings and take some small notes so that I would remember it today.

I was shown the image of an alien being that was standing in a desert that had some rocks there too. The alien was not particularly tall but could also not be called short either. It had a large head and large slanted eyes. The skin color was a dark emerald green, which means that we have now got yet another new alien. It wore black colored clothes. This alien was used to create a human, and those humans were called "Nubians". The Nubians were very tall and slenderly built, they have this antelope type of slenderness and elegance and grace. These original Nubians were not black people, their skin was not black and their head and facial features were not so round as on some black Africans. These Nubians had a very long and narrow face and head. The man I saw was bald on the head. The Nubian man looked human for sure, we would not look at him today and say that he would look alien, but he had a distinct beauty and elegance and grace about him.

The Dark Lord meant however, that this Nubian human that was created, was created out of Serpent material, which I know should mean that the alien it was made from should have Serpent material in it, although the emerald alien itself looked like a dark green Reticulan. Anyhow. These Nubian humans that had Serpent material in them, they were Kings, and they were Osiris and Ra and also Anubis, although perhaps Anubis was written in a different way, I recall that when he said the name I thought "Anubis?" but that he had said it spelled differently, perhaps he said Anebis, Anubes, or Anubise or something like that, I seem to recall an e there that there isn't in "Anubis". And so I was told that these people, the Nubians who were Orisis, Ra, and Anubis, were Reptilian hybrids. And then the Dark Lord said: "So we needed you to be their mother again.", meaning that I would be the mother for Nubians. Interesting story, and now we have another chapter for the page about how different human populations were Starseeded by different alien groups on Earth.

When I woke up in the morning I chatted with Hamish who was standing in my room near to the cup where I had been storing three used bloody tampons because that whole thing is going in the trash but I didn't have a trashbag until today so now it is sorted. I asked him, and these are from notes: "Hamish are you ok is everything ok?" And he said: "I was looking at my breadsticks. I was very popular with them. I don't want to fight with you over them." Badum-tish. Hamish likes bloody tampons.

Yesterday evening I had a MIB who told me his name was Agent Jones. That's a brand new name for the list. And today a MIB told me his name is Anthony and that he was here instead of Mark. I asked him if he meant Mark Fowler, who is one of my previous MIBs, but he didn't say if he meant Mark Fowler. Also yesterday because of the interest of a Dark Lord and Reptilians in my period blood (see Soup's Up!) there were military officers with rifles guarding me, one of the Reps even told me all sad about it that he was not allowed to come near me because the military had warned him.


August 05 2017, 9:59 PM - Last night was interesting. There was a Dinosaur, and I was shown images of frogs to introduce me to the Dinosaur. The Dinosaur's eyes were round and really bulging out of its sockets, it kept blinking with upper and lower eyelids, I could feel what it was feeling and its eyes felt uncomfortable, but maybe that was just normal for them. There were different kinds of Reptilians

Hey, and do not forget about me. - Hamish says and points to his back hump
I will never forget about Hamish. - me
Yes-No, mine, you said! - Hamish a bit upset, and probably about his back hump
Darling Hamish. My Sock Turtle. - me

Different kinds of Reptilians. And Zetas showed me a mental image of a toy or cartoon little elephant as if it were to my right side at the medical table and reaching its trunk over to touch my arm and belly, this, this time, was a reference to the little hybrid child probably a boy who was in fact there and it was a short child and he was reaching his hand up over the edge to grab at me, his head did not reach up above the level so all I could see was maybe the top of its head with yellow hair and one arm reaching for me. The Zetas wanted me to think Dinosaurs are frogs and this child's arm is an elephant with an elephant trunk.

That would be all. I do not remember anything more. Oh yes, there was also a human man who was there with the aliens and he was commenting, perhaps only in his thoughts that he thought would be his private thoughts I do not know if he meant to say these things to me, commenting on parts of my body and what I look like, so I didn't like that. I do not know who that man was. So that would be all.

Interview with Zegeta the Airship Person
and a show of Reptilian scales

August 04 2017, 7:07 PM - Did an interview with one of the Airship People. I asked for his name, his name is Zegeta. Another interview with him will be added to that later, and this will be made available as an audio file.

Last night I was shown several beautiful images of Reptilian scales by the Reptilians. It was quite a show, I enjoyed it, much detail and color, seen from Reptilian eyes with their enhanced color vision.

New Yellow Centaurian Alien but large
Hamish's ideas about toilet

August 04 2017, 2:52 PM - Earlier when I woke up I saw the mental image of a new species of alien that I have not previously encountered. He was a tall humanoid, the face has two eyes, nose and mouth. The face looks a bit shriveled, narrow and firm, and has many long lines like wrinkles but lines. The eyes are small and maybe had eyewhites and a dark pupil/iris or with green in the iris. He had no hair on the head, no eyebrows or eyelashes. The skin color is described as a mixture of matt mustard yellow and brighter citrine crystal yellow. He had two pointy ears that stand up clearly above the top of the head. I forget if he wore clothes or not but he probably did.

I would have guessed him to be Alpha Centaurian, and so when I asked him where he is from and what species he said Alpha Centaurian and I told him I would have guessed so because I already know the small yellow Alpha Centaurians who are similar. The little ones are similar on some ways, but different in other ways, so I will regard these large yellow ones and little yellow ones as two separate species. He wanted to talk with me but I had to ask him to come back later in the evening because I was way too tired to listen or to talk and that is also why I now have forgotten all that he has said.

When I woke up first time in the morning Hamish showed me the mental image of a beautiful white and yellow goldfish that he has seen somewhere, I thanked him for showing it to me and told him that it was beautiful (he now did a palate click about it). When I woke up the second time in the morning and I went to have a shower he was showing that same goldfish to me. He really loves goldfish, he finds them beautiful and mesmerizing because of their scales, but he is mostly drawn to the colors of red, orange, and yellow of course. Red first (color of power), yellow second (beautiful color), orange third (neither power nor beautiful like yellow but also one of the colors he sees).

Hamish poos and pees and as we already know he does that in my home in the other dimension, so there is no risk that I step on it. I am trying to figure out how he is dealing with his bathroom behavior here in my home so that I could make some arrangements with him to make it work. He is more of a forest animal who poos on the rocks at the shore of his favorite river, and as for pee if he is in an underground Reptilian base he can pee anywhere where he is standing and he does not seem to mind, the amount is small but it is concentrate. I have seen that Reptilian bases can have some mess like that.

Sometimes it seems that he does sit on the toilet for bathroom. Sometimes it seems that he pees or poos on a large sheet of shedded scales that he then washes with water here in the home, which it seems that he places into the toilet so that the water or flush there can rinse them clean, and he then places those washed sheets out to dry. He does ask to have a blue bucket every now and then and he has not said what it would be for but I have always wondered if it would be his waste bucket. I have yet to buy dragon a blue bucket. And yes he always wants it specifically to be a blue bucket.

I have known Hamish to first of all save his shedded sheets of scales and to tend to them and arrange them. He does many things with his scales, mostly that he builds a nest out of them on his snuggy rug, he also enjoys the feeling of rubbing them between his ankles, he steps on them which could be nest building behavior plus masturbation and sexual mating behavior because stepping like that on a female's lower back is part of the reproduction act. He also arranges them in bookshelves, and sometimes places a sheet down on my body and that seems to be territorial he is claiming me and our surroundings as his. But I have also known him to pee on his sheets and then to wash and dry them. It just never occurred to me that Hamish would be peeing on them because that is his solution of a toilet, I just thought he peed on them to keep them moist so that he can keep washing and drying them so they don't dry out and crack. But maybe that is his solution for having a place to pee on?

It does not seem that he poos on his sheets of scales, poo he has always in the past left in a chosen corner for instance on the bathroom floor in a previous home it was always that same corner, and then a Secretary Bird or Dinosaur came to clean it away.

We don't want you to write about this for the rest of your life. - the Pleiadian man with long blonde eyes who looks like a Nordic, he and a Pleiadian woman with brown hair have been around me for days and weeks now
I take a great interest in Hamish. I love him very much. - me

I have told Hamish not to wash his shedded scales in the toilet because I told him it is not clean. I mean even if a toilet is cleaned I do not consider it clean enough for my Hamish and his scales, and nothing should be washed with the toilet water we don't even wash our cups and plates with toilet water or our hair and clothes. But I guess it makes some sense, if he was peeing on his scale sheets then to rinse them out in the toilet makes more sense than to just wash previously clean sheets of scales with the toilet water.

I suggested again to Hamish that he can poo and pee in the shower cabin on the floor there and that the shower water will then rinse it out. Hamish's objection was, what about his feet then. He seemed to think that going bathroom in the shower cabin would leave some on his feet. Hamish is always concerned of having clean feet, sometimes he wipes his feet clean on rugs to wash his feet. I told him I could come in there and rinse his feet off with water and then dry his feet with a towel.

But, this is Hamish's home. He can make use and make sense of things the way he sees fit, and his logic and reasoning won't be what humans would think. What ever works for him and he is happy, but I am here to help and offer suggestions, and if in any way possible I would of course be thrilled to take care of my dragon if he would let me wash his flat red duck feet. I love this dragon.

Little Italy MIB rape thing for the Reptilians

August 03 2017, 3:45 PM - Last night after I had been flirting with General Patton, later I could feel Jack's thoughts and feelings and even though he did not say anything to me, he was feeling very jealous. More on the sad end and not on the angry end of jealousy. And this would have dire consequences, or so Jack thinks at least.

In the morning hours I had woken up and fallen back to sleep. That makes it really easy to experience lucid dreaming and to remember the dreams vividly. I had a dream that I was kidnapped by two guys they put me into a suitcase to bring me to a place where they could rape me. But someone did find out. Oddly, now when I write "suitcase" it makes me think of Hamish. Hamish always tells me that his back is a backpack or a briefcase. I saw the two guys in the dream as two young guys that I knew from my childhood, they were the troublemakers in the street. I will not include one detail of what I remember that was disgusting, for an internet-friendly version. Then I became aware of talking to two other guys who were different, adult or older and with dark hair, one had brown hair the other had black hair, they were two MIBs. They showed me the house I was in, it was an ancient wood house the wood had been imported there from Europe. It was a small and very narrow apartment, like that old 1600's Medieval wood that is moist to the touch and filled with splinters.

I dreamt that I woke up and reached over to my computer to write down the conversations that I heard them telling me. The brown-haired man was explaining to me that they needed to do this, meaning sexual predation, because it would accomplish three things: 1. It would enhance my psychic skills. 2. It would cause me to talk a lot to aliens. 3. It would cause me to stop masturbating, i.e. to suppress my own sexuality, not as a goal perhaps but as a consequence anyway. I think they also mentioned MKULTRA. But they also said that the Reptilians wanted these men to have sex with women like me, so there was that reason too.

The men let me go outside from the small apartment into the streets. This house was a narrow line of houses in the center, and was close to the corner of that narrow line of houses. You could then go to one street or around the corner to be on another street, these two streets on either side of this line of houses merged together at the point where this line of houses ends. These were not car streets, these were shopping streets for people to walk along, no cars. The people I noticed were really finely dressed, the men had pants and long-sleeve shirts that looked clearly to be very expensive, so it wasn't an ordinary place and it was not an ordinary random crowd.

When I woke up shortly after I was disappointed that I had not been taking all of the notes of what they were saying on the computer, it had been a dream within a dream. They continued to talk to me a bit even when I was awake and in my room. They said that this place was in "Little Italy".

A while later Jack showed up to talk. He explained to me that he used to be the one to have sex with me, and he had been doing this to be kind to me so that nobody else would do this to me, it would always be him. To spare me from the others. But now he had resigned from that and that is why these two men had instead of him. Of course this was because yesterday I had yelled at Jack to stop acting as if we are together in a relationship, I had said mean things to Jack after he had been jealous of me flirting with Patton, and so now I was no longer under Jack's protection. I responded by telling Jack that he was a rapist and that I choose my own men. I said to him and to the other guys that someone should rape their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters so that they would understand that rape is wrong. One of the other two guys told me that they have to do this or they, meaning the reptilians, would go after the general public. I was not impressed I said it was still rape and that someone should rape the women in their families to spare raping women from the general public, that it was the same thing.

Hamish was saying Tik Tok when I woke up, so it was clear that Hamish had brought me there and the Reptilians want me to get pregnant by these men. These men agree to it so that women like me can get pregnant for the Reptilians so that these aliens do not go after the general public, so these men think that they are doing a great service to humanity.

You know what bothers me more than the actual rapes most of which I do not even remember? It is how these men pick and choose among us women, how these guys try to choose the younger and prettier of us and prefer to reject the older or less pretty. I'm still attractive but there are women who are younger and prettier for these men to rape, so this constant mention of how I am being rejected like trash is actually hurtful. I mean, I don't need to hear from these men that I would not be their first pick, I mean who the hell do they think they are, I have NEVER met a man there (except for perhaps General Patton once) who I would have picked among a big group of men to date. I don't need to be told that I am on the rejected pile, and Jack sort of being nice enough to take pity on me and adopt me from the rejected pile.

It is like pouring corrosive acid into my soul, it really does damage to have to hear that so many times, from these guys who treat these women like trash anyway even if they do choose them. All of the dynamics of relationships, and all of that, which gets handled the wrong way, it is harmful.

I am thinking it would actually be better if the Reptilians just randomly chose different people every time. There are billions of humans on the planet, the chances that one woman gets picked would then be very small, and if every woman is only targeted once then it is once in a lifetime or never. Us women of Earth could share this burden together, instead of some women like me and my fellow sisters out there who ever they are to have to be murdered in this way time and time again.

At least I have got my Hamish, my Sock Turtle. I have told him already today that he is cute and that I love him. He has duck feet, anything with duck feet is cute. I would not trade away Hamish even to get rid of these rapist MIBs. No matter what happens, I will stay with Hamish. "Tik Tok!, no Sugar", Turtle says, I ate a bag of candies AND a chocolate bar yesterday, and today I want another one of those coconut chocolates that was just so delicious yesterday I woke up in the morning thinking about it.

Ok so now I will no longer have Jack doing this and Jack acting as if we are a couple somehow. When I told Jack today that what is he in love with me, he said no he is not but that Stephens used to be. I stomped my foot down hard and said but I was 17 when Stephens was talking like that! So Stephens actually did fall in love with me all those years ago. Jack then at most has a crush on me.

I don't know. Maybe I should try to get back together with Jack. There is something sweet and nice about him, he is a kind man and probably a scientist. The other guys are more scary.

I thought it was going to be a straightforward process to locate Little Italy and see from the pictures if it was it, but there are tons of them just in New York which is where I would guess it to be in. Little Italy in United States

I'm fine, I can sort these kind of experiences into the same place as I do my nightmares at night. When I wake up it didn't happen, it was just a bad dream, so it has no lasting effect on me whatsoever.

Infinite consciousness
Patton's ghost mom and dad
Patton sees me in the shower

August 02-03 2017, 2:17 AM - I was watching this David Icke interview, and as always when I look at David I see how he is different from other people. The strong white light in him. This time I thought about his other interviews where he described how it was in the beginning when he had undergone a change and been awakened to how reality was and how people had given him a hard time, I cried a bit thinking how tough that must have been and what a great gift David is for the world. I then noticed a higher dimensional being not just around him but in him, in white light and turquoise. I paused the video to work on editing one of my upcoming YouTube videos on Mars remote viewed.

The being from David came over to me. I looked at my arm and I gasped, I could no longer see my arm there, instead there were Mandala shapes of turquoise, bubbles interlocked in each other, the most beautiful intricate construction of turquoise shapes. I then experienced that my whole entire body vanished. I no longer felt the weight of my body sitting here in bed, I no longer felt that the center of my universe was the me that was formerly sitting here in bed. My body had dissolved into energy and I was equally much me in the energy of my human body as much as I was me in the energy of furniture and things in my home around me. My consciousness and sense of body and location was everywhere.

I said to myself, "I am free! I have been liberated!" The most wonderful feeling of being free. The being who had come over to me from David said without speaking in words to me that now I also had this or knew this. My soul or consciousness was in the other rooms at the same time, I was observing my whole apartment and my flatmate and her mother and I was everywhere and other people were part of that sea. I looked at the drink bottles (sparkling water and sparkling water with gooseberry) on the table next to me and I could see how I had brought them into my life, with a negative energy. I looked at my clothes across from the room and I saw that many of them I had brought into my life with love, and others I had created into my life with hate. I could see how every object in my room had come into my life, as if objects come into a person's life with the energy that we focus into them.

I am now back into my body, feeling the weight of it, my conscious presence is in my legs and body as usual, but I hope to never forget what I experienced. I even quoted to myself what David Icke always says: "I am infinite consciousness having a human experience".

Last night Patton remembered his father's funeral. I saw the image of the funeral from his mind, Patton had been wearing his Marines uniform the black white and red one. For one reason or another that led me to invite Patton's father's ghost to come and talk to me, and after a while his mother also. His father chose to wear his Eagles uniform, his mother came to me as a young lady in her 1920's outfit with an ankle-length skirt and the round hat that goes with it. I gave Patton a lot of information to him from his parents, as the parents showed me lots of memories from Patton's life with them. When he caught his first fish with dad and mom was at the shore watching. Lots of things. Patton seemed convinced that I was talking to them, because he forwarded to me questions to ask them, instead of getting furious that I would be pretending to talk to the ghosts of his parents. Today Patton asked me if he could say some things to his mom, so I forwarded his messages, that he loves her, and after a while, that he loves her and misses her, and his mom manifested as a ghost in my room in her 1920's outfit and she sat down on my bed.

Later I had a shower and Patton saw me naked, he said he would lift me up and f*ck me, of course he can't cause he isn't here. Here are two lines of his I wrote down:

Hell I even saw your nipple. And, your other things! But that's not what we came here to talk about. - GP
I like to go to Las Vegas and watch the girls. You look like some of them, and, I bet you taste just as pretty sweet. I bet you do. - GP

I was excited that he would talk like that and I reminded him that I once had a huge crush on him. But, with all this, I had a sense of the man from closer, and I must say he would be a difficult man to be intimate with. He is so full of memories that he is like a big block of stone or concrete. It would be difficult to try to make such a man happy, he is serious, deep, sad. Like if a woman was giggling or happy and cheerful it would not get to him, it doesn't change how he feels.

Just another weird but normal day of my life. Now back to editing an audio where I remote viewed into Mars and found the Anunaki Serpent Gods.

Toast from Reptilians
Compsognathus about their eggs
A MIB remote views me, the Unknown Alien visited again

August 02 2017, 5:18 PM - Yesterday I was bored so I told Hamish that I am hungry can he find me some snacks to eat. Hamish got concerned and it got his attention. He asked me if I had or if I needed Toast (Toast is his word for food). After only a short while Hamish shows me a mental image of a potato field and suggests that I can eat those that it is food for the Eggs. Of course Hamish would feed the Eggs if the Eggs were hungry. I thank him for finding me some food, and by now I tell him thank you Hamish I now have snacks so that he does not need to worry anymore.

Later in the evening I see a green Reptilian and I sense the strongest smell of barbequed meat, in his hands he has a dark red black roasted big slab of meat that smells really good for the human nose, barbequed meat. Turns out this is liver. I thanked them for bringing me food but I declined eating it, I said Hamish can eat the liver although I am sure that Hamish would not eat barbequed meats. I also asked from what species this liver comes from but they didn't say.

Pleiadians wanted to show me what Reptilians do to victims and I said sure show me but I don't know if they showed me anything. I reminded Pleiadians of how humans treat cows, pigs and chickens in the food industry and told the Pleiadians that after we look at how Reptilians treat creatures then afterwards we will visit human food farms. I don't like Pleiadian racism.

A little cute darling green Reptilian visited. "We wanted to show you some Toast.", Hamish says now about that visiting Reptile. It looked like a little raptor dinosaur. It told me loud and clear into my mind: "Compsognathus". This is the latin name of a small prehistoric dinosaur that paleontologists draw sort of like it looked like, only its head had more decorative detail in curves and grooves. This was perhaps the same as the Reptile that had offered me the barbequed liver, or another one.

Compsognathus told me that they do not want to eat chicken all the time, thinking literally to white feathered chickens that they are provided with that they can chase around, hunt, kill, and eat. It seemed that someone is providing them with chickens. He said that they like to fight with their food and chickens are not a good enough fight so they want to eat something better. He said that because they fight and do wars, their eggs were taken away so now their species has no eggs. He showed me the mental image of how the developing eggs look like on the inside of a Compsognathus female, there is a tube and several smaller tubes extend to one side and to the opposite side, at the end of each small tube grows an oblong beige egg, these would develop inside the body before being laid. I was also shown the eggs of inside a Dragon Turtle of Hamish's race, having a dark green tubing system instead of brown, and the eggs of Hamish's race are rounder and not as oblong but still a bit oval shaped, and with a dark green camouflage pattern like painted on with a sponge. I have seen Dragon Turtle eggs before, they have females and nests of eggs.

I suggested to Compsognathus that if they stop fighting, then perhaps they could have their eggs back from whoever that took them.

Please visit this link to take a look at Compsognathus dinosaurs

Today I was remote viewed by a MIB and I saw him clearly. I don't know who he is by name or identity or if he is one of my usual ones, perhaps a new MIB. He has glasses and I can feel that he has a huge background in studying technology. He reminds me of Andrew, but who knows if he is the guy. He knew that I have been remote viewing the U.S. Army Fort, he asked me aren't I afraid of the military guys there implying that they have weapons and they could get upset with me. I said I am not afraid at all because they are the ones who talked to me first (telepathically) and so I am entitled to find out who they are. I asked this MIB to tell me who he is and why he is watching me, I let him know that I can see him clearly. He did not tell me who he is.

He then asked me if I would work for them with remote viewing, I immediately said yes. He asked me when can I begin, I said today. He asked me what I can see about Iraq, perhaps since I had already been seeing images of the war in Iraq that were memories of Josh Bryant and I said I am not going to work for them for free without a proper contract and taxes paid and all and since I have $150,000 in student loans to pay I am also not working for free. I would also never spy on military or government for another nation. That would be just rude. Yes I have begun to remote view United States military sites and even saw a National Secutiry Agency man and the Washington D.C. Capitol Building and National Archives and the secret room where they can call the White House staff. But all of that just unfolds as I'm trying to figure out who are these military people who started the staring contest in the first place. If they spy on me I am going to spy on them back and get some answers. And once I have those answers I am fine and don't care anymore. Those stories can be found on General Patton's Phone Remote Viewed.

Last night one of these very interesting and fascinating aliens talked to me too, The Unknown Alien Race, it was around when the Compsognathus was interacting with me. The man looked like the same individual from the first time I met them, wearing that same turquoise tight clothing that forms a v down on the forehead. His skin is brown and the face looks dehydrated and slightly shriveled and there are wrinkles or lines on his face and he has a sharp nose. He could almost pass for a human but also almost not. I can't wait to one day find out who they are!

I had a lot of dreams at night I also dreamt that I got tired of looking to find a husband and I figured I would just marry with Jack. But that is irrelevant, and no I would not marry Jack.