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What is pale gray with a hue of pink? Floppy ears like the elephant, sharp beak like an eagle? Wings like a Dragon? Red eyes that shine in the dark? The delightful baby smell of leather skin on a puppy dog? My friend the Gargoyle, otherwise known as the North Port Devil.

In April 2012 the North Port Devil - whom I've lovingly dubbed Gargoyle - contacted me telepathically. An outrageous claim to say that it speaks to me from a distance, but isn't the creature itself quite a claim? Many people in the Florida area claim to have witnessed this being up close. My contacts begun when I read about him for the first time. That is when the image of him appeared in my mind and it spoke to me in English. It said that it had sensed me thinking of him, and that he had chosen to initiate contact with me.

I plan an Excursion trip down to see him. Gargoyle frequently speaks to me and is asking when will I come to see him? He and I have many fun activities planned. Will I actually encounter the notorious North Port Devil? And do we have a telepathic connection? I plan to find out down in Florida.


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